Chapter One: Sweet Tears

I was running around the house like a mad person, grabbing items as I went. I finally came to a skidding halt when I reached the couch.

"Okay, let's see if I got everything..." I took the notepad that I had stuffed into the back pocket of my faded blue jeans and the pencil I had stuffed behind my ear, "Popcorn... check. Three cans of * Tab... check. Tissues... check. Blanket and pillow... check. The entire first session of Shingeki no Kyojin that was borrowed from Rachel... check. Yep, that covers everything."

I had created this routine over the years. I knew that I wouldn't be getting up for anything once I started my binge watching. Scratch that. I only get up if my mother calls or if I need to use the bathroom.

And what am I watching you ask...

Shingeki no Kyojin.

All of my friends at school have been bugging me for years to watch it, but the answer was always the same. My parents at the time didn't want me watching M rated shows because they said they didn't want that in my head. But since I'm older, they finally caved and said that I could. You should have seen my reaction when they said that. There was a bit ear covering...

As soon as I double checked that I had everything, I plopped down on the old couch in my living room and hit play on the remote. I sang along with the theme song, singing at the top of my lungs since my parents went out for dinner tonight; leaving me with free reign over the sound waves in the vicinity of the house.

I had just finished the first episode when the power suddenly cut out.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me! I didn't even get to sing the song in a funeral march tune yet!" all I can tell you is that me and my friends do some wacky things when we're bored.

I stumbled to the kitchen and grabbed the flashlight my mom keeps under the sink. Once the pale light of the flashlight was on, I went out to the garage to see if it was the fuse or not. I opened up the fuse box and to my disappointment, it wasn't a blown out fuse.

"Sugar honey iced tea." I said under my breath, "If it was a fuse, I would have been able to fix it easily." we kept spare fuses lying around since a blown out fuse was very common in our neighborhood.

I retreated back inside and walked down a dark hallway to get to the living room, but... something was wrong. The TV was on illuminating the dark room, "What the heck... I thought the power was off."

I peered into the room and saw nothing unusual... other than the TV. I hesitantly walked farther into the room before crouching in front of the TV and touching the screen with my right hand. My fingertips had barely brushed the TV before I heard a cackle.

I immediately retracted my hand and fell on my butt, "What the-!"

"Greetings little human!" a disembodied voice said. The TV flickered for a second before a person appeared on the screen. It was a smiling boy who looked no older than a twelve year old. He had long black hair that went beyond what I could see since all I could see was above his shoulders. He had bright yellow green eyes that seemed to scream mischief and death. They gave off the feeling that if you weren't careful, you would either be his next prank victim or murder victim. He had a large grin plastered on his face that contained sharp canines. He was also as pale as a vampire.

He better not be a vampire... I joked in my head.

"W-who are you!" I said shakily despite the joke I made in my head. It's not everyday you meet an odd boy in your TV.

"Oh, me? I'm Mezu! I already know who you are! Your Mai Yume! An eighteen year old girl with exceptionally red hair and has only ever seen one episode of Attack on Titan!" he stated.


"How do I know this? Well that's easy, I've been watching you. You intrigue me." he explained.

"But why would you watch someone like me? I mean, I'm nobody extraordinarily exciting. The only thing people find extraordinary about me is that I'm at the top of my class and that I have bright red hair!" I screamed at him.

He chuckled at my outburst, "I'll admit, the hair is intriguing, but that comes at a close second to your soul."

"Eh, my soul? Beside the slight creepiness of that, why would you need to bother someone as intriguing as me?" I questioned.

"Another easy question! The reason is..." he paused looking down. When he looked back at me, their was a different look in his eyes. His eyes took on an evil glint and he no longer looked like that little boy I saw earlier. He looked like a demon in the guise of a young boy, "is because I'm bored."

My bright green eyes widened as I let his words sink in. This is not going to go well for me is it?...

"You see Red," Did he just give me a nickname!?, "due to how bored I am, I have decided to send you, the human I find intriguing, into another world, so that I will be cured of my boredom." he said licking his upper lip at thought of it.

"And that world would be...?"

He chuckled, "Shingeki no Kyojin." my eyes were wide with fear now as my body began to tremble.

He can't be serious!

"Now, I think it's best we be on our way now." he said coming out of the TV. He only came out far enough to grab my right hand (mid-torso) and pull me in.

I began to scream and struggle as he pulled me into the TV, but I could see that struggling was pointless.

For a scrawny 12 year old, he sure is strong, but that can chalked up to him not being human.

Before I knew it, I was inside the TV.

It was pitch black inside the TV, but for some odd reason I could still make out Mezu and myself floating in the darkness. By then, I had stopped struggling seeing as there was no winning this fight. All I could do now was cry as I mourned over not being able to see my parents or the few friends that I had.

Mezu turned back to me when he heard me cry. He watched in mixture of astonishment and unsureness.

"Umm... are you okay?" he asked.

I looked to him with tears in my eyes, "What do you think? I have been forced to leave my home, never to see my friends or family ever again. And on top of that, you're sending me to a place where the residence along with everyone else in my world call Hell! How do you think I feel!?" by the end of my rant, I was screaming at him and a new wave of tears were falling from my eyes.

Mezu's eyes were wide as he looked at my tear filled eyes. Hasn't he ever seen someone cry?

He halted our floating and fully turned towards me. He floated closer to me and looked at me with child like fascination and unsureness. I tried to wipe away my tears, but he grabbed the hand with his other hand that he wasn't already holding onto. He placed my left hand at my side and cupped my face with his left. I just stared at him with a mixture of fear and curiosity. What is he doing? He stroked one of my tears away with thumb. He then proceeded to lick it. Eh?

"Their sweet..." he muttered. He cupped my face with his hand once again and took the hand that had been holding my right hand and placed it on my shoulder. He brought his face closer to mine and licked the tears on the other side of my face. I was frozen in place as he continued to lick away my tears. He even went back to the other side of my face to get the remnants of the tears that he had wiped away.

"Wh-what are you-" I started to say, but stopped when he interrupted me.

"I have never seen a human cry up close before and I've never felt such a strong amount of emotions coming from a human before. Plus, this is the first time I've tasted human tears, let alone sweet ones." he said with a milder version of the evil look he had earlier on his face.

"Sweet...?" Why are my tears sweet?

He chuckled, "Come on Red. Were on a tight schedule." he said grabbing my right hand once again, pulling me along as we floated farther into the blackness.

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* Tab= a coke-a-cola product. Very tasty.

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