Chapter Twelve: For That, I Am Thankful

Once inside Wall Rose, my first priority was to find a safe place for the three of us to sleep and take shelter for the time being. After searching for a while, I found an abandoned store house that would suite our needs. That night, we slept on the hard floor of the store house huddled together for warmth.

When morning came, I for once awoke before Mikasa. I sat up with a yawn and rubbed my eyes. I was soon greeted by the effects of sleeping on the hard floor of the store house.

"My gosh, my back is killing me..." I mumbled to myself.

"Well of course it does. You slept on the floor all night." a voice said behind me.

My eyes widened at hearing the voice. I wiped my head around and spotted a young boy with deathly pale skin and ridiculously long black hair.

"Mezu!" I exclaimed in fright.

He was suddenly very close to my face putting a finger to my lips, "Nuh uh uh.~ We mustn't wake the poor dears. They've been through enough already don't you think? We wouldn't want to add a delusional sister to the mix." he said in a playful tone. Now that I was able to get a good look at him, he was the same as when he dragged me into the TV.

He long flowing black hair that stopped about at his ankles. He was wearing ripped black jeans with the hems shredded exposing his ankles. He wore a tattered white button up top and no shoes which exposed his toenails which were painted black. When I looked down at the finger that was still on my lips, I noticed that his fingernails were also painted black.

I swatted his hand away from my mouth and gave him a heated glare, "What are you doing here Mezu?"

"Didn't I tell you that you would see me again. I had some business to take care of that's all." he huffed.

"I didn't forget. What kind of business did yo have to take care of?" I asked him.

"I had to go get new contacts." he stated matter of factly.

I gave him a deadpanned look, "You had to get new contacts?..."

He nodded his head, "Hai, my vision had gotten worse so I had to go get new contacts. It takes a week in my realm to make them, but due to the difference in how our different dimensions' time works, it took a year in this dimension's time." he explained.

"Okay... Wait. Back track. What do you mean different dimensions?" I inquired.

"All I can say without making your puny human brain explode is that the universe is made up of many different dimensions. I can say how many since that's not my department." he answered.

"Okay, next question: A normal person is incapable of just venturing between dimensions let alone float off the ground like you are now, so let me ask you this Mezu; what are you?" I questioned.

"I was wondering when you would ask that Red.~ To put it simply, I'm the arbitrator of this dimension. A God of Death though, the Japanese like to call us Shinigami." he answered in his care free tone.

"So your a God of Death..."

"Yep!~" he said with a grin showing off his pointy canine teeth.

"Why would a God of Death have interest in my life?" I asked him.

"Well," he pulled a black binder from out of nowhere, "According to your record here, you would have died that night I came to see you."

My face grew exceedingly pale, "W-What?..."

"You were supposed to die 2014 February 21, but because I'm a God of Death, I get to choose three things upon when it's time for someone to die: One, live; two, die, or three, go to another dimension."

"Why?" I asked wide eyed.

"Because it's not everyday you meet someone who has hair the color of fate." he said with a grin.


"W-What do you mean by hair color of fate!?" I screamed at him. I heard a groan from Mikasa. I wiped my head around to see if I had woken her up, but thankfully she fell back into her deep slumber. I let out a sigh of relief, "What do you mean by hair the color of fate?" I asked this time in a whisper.

"Every now and then throughout history, someone will be born with bright red hair. Said person will be an extraordinary person who has a life that will be filled with adventure. Unfortunately, your soul got lost on it's path to greatness and you got plopped into a boring life in the suburbs. Have you ever felt as though your life was lacking something? That for some reason were meant for more than just the simple life?" he asked me after giving me the history lesson.

He's right... I always felt out of place back home. I loved my parents and cherished my friend Rachelle, but I always felt like I didn't fit the role given to me in that life style. That's why I turned to anime. They always had adventurous lives filled with sword fights and danger. I was drawn to it. I felt a yearning to do something like that. I wanted to be the hero of my own story.

"It seems as though everything is clicking into place, isn't it?" Mezu's voice drew me out of my thoughts, "Because your soul had strayed from the path it was meant for, I decided that I would lead it back on course." he said with a smile.

"Um... before you sent me to this dimension, you said my tears were sweet. Why is that?" I asked.

"Oh yeah!" he said bringing his down onto his palm, "I knew I was forgetting something! The reason your tears and blood taste sweet is because of the whole switching dimensions thing. Nothing too big, just make sure people don't go tasting your tears and blood, got it?"

"Got it." I responded.

He cast a glance towards the two sleeping children, "You should probably wake them up. I have to go Red."

"What do you mean you have to go?" I asked.

"I am still the God of Death. I have to go help people cross over to the other side and what not. See ya later Red!~" and with that, he shimmered out of there.

I looked down at the two sleeping children on the floor next to me. Eren was on my left while Mikasa was on my right.

They look so peaceful. If one things for sure, I would never have been blessed with being with the two of them had Mezu not sent me to this dimension. For that, I am thankful.

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