A/N: I'm finally posting a multichapter fic. This hasn't been betaed, and I wrote it on my phone, so it's probably going to have some silly autocorrect mistakes.

Warnings: Mentioned injuries, violence in future chapters, OOC characters.

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Quick, hurried breaths interrupted the night. The distinct sound of heeled shoes hitting cobblestone echoed through tight alleys.

"Brother, I'm sorry," she gasped, nearly coughing out the words. The golem next to the girl was flying quickly in an attempt to keep up with her, but it was slowly being left behind.

"Lenalee?! What's going on?" Her brother's voice cackled from the golem.

Behind her, her pursuers, several level 3 and 4 Akuma cackled, one roughly using it's whip-like weapon to grab her arm. She pulled roughly on her arm, tugging at the burning whip, tears running down her face. The crimson anklets encasing her legs glowed weakly, but ultimately fell back against her legs, useless.

"Oh? What do we have here." A teasing voice asked from above, apparently pleased by the turn of events.

Seconds later, the connection was severed, leaving her brother to hear nothing but static from his own golem.



A boy sat on a large rock, gazing at a small pond. Larges bushes and brambles separated him from the rest of the world, while the small number of people nearby made it painfully peaceful. Somehow, the boy felt like this was the first time, in years, he had sat in nature, undisturbed and alone. A faint wind rustled the brush, and a bird quickly flew off into the cloudy sky.

"Nea~" A girl whined as she stomped through the plants, sending several more birds flying. She mumbled something about "stupid thorns" and her dress, but continued approaching him.

"What now, Rhode?" Long white hair slid over his back as he turned to look at her. "Sorry," he paused, frowning, "That was rude of me."

"It's fine!" She said, smiling despite his attitude, "I just wanted to see how you're feeling." He stared for a moment, before sighing.

"Confused, I guess. I can't remember much... It's frustrating," he admitted, before quickly forcing a smile onto his face, "I'm fine, though." Rhode sat next to him on the rock, listening thoughtfully.

"It's okay. I know it's hard to deal with, but we're your family. If you need anything, we'll help you. It'll sort itself out in time," she told him, sounding far older than she looked. Rhode was good at that. She rarely acted her age and it was disorienting.

"You're weird," he stated, unable to stop himself from making the comment.

"Hey! I'm not weird!" Rhode said, communicating her anger by lightly whacking his torso. He winced, reminding her of his injuries.

"Er, sorry." He leaned away from Rhode.

"It's fine," she decided. He nodded, looking to his left. Whether he realized it or not, his hands were clenched into fists.

Rhode glanced at the family's newest member, wondering how he would adjust to their... More violent side. Despite his lack of memories, he still retained his sense of justice and determination. They had done their best making sure that he remembered bits of his life. If they erased too much, it would leave them with nothing more than a child. Still, he only remembered things that Rhode had personally selected, which was limited enough. He couldn't be allowed to recall the Order as it would ruin everything. She hated doing this to her Allen, but they had no other options.

"The scar on my chest... How did I get it?" He broke the temporary quiet tentatively. Rhode was thinking and he still felt uneasy around her. She was odd and he got a bad feeling when around her.

"You got stabbed." Her answer was curt. Apparently it was a complicated subject. "Tyki got stabbed by the same weapon once."

"... Does it still hurt him?"

"Yeah." Understatements like that one were almost painful for Rhode. Tyki was tortured by the wound and there was nothing she could do to help. It wasn't like a Noah transformation, it wasn't temporary.

"I see." She didn't respond out loud.


"Come on, Nea!" Rhode begged, dragging the boy towards the dining hall.

"I-I'd only be intruding! I'm fine eating alone anyways!" Allen replied, tugging on his arm.

"But you're part of the family!" She responded, tugging back. Allen reached up with his gloveless left hand in an attempt to pry her hand off. It worked, Rhode pulled her hand away quickly, almost as if he burnt her. She hid her hand within the folds of her dress, carefully preventing Allen from seeing the damage he had inflicted while it healed.

"Rhode, I'm not. We both know it," Allen sighed, before turning around to return to his room.

"Nea! Please, for me?" She ran in front of him, pouting. He shook his head and walked around her.

"I'll have one of the servants bring dinner to my room," he insisted, continuing towards his room.

"Tomorrow?" She interjected, hoping to convince him. They finally has gotten him to stay with him, yet he still refused to join them, despite being incapable of recalling his previous relationship with them.

"No," he said, turning around a corner. She jogged to keep up with his quick pace. "They don't like me."

"The others? Why wouldn't they?"

"I don't remember," he hissed, turning to glare at her. She stopped running in response. After a moment he stopped as well and groaned, realizing that he was being rude. "Sorry, I'm just not ready for a dinner with all of them."

"Okay," she conceded, "but you better buy me candy tomorrow to make up for it."

"Sure," he agreed, knowing that denying any of Rhode's candy requests was a bad idea.


"Look at this one!" Rhode exclaimed, running to another case of candy. Allen stared at the pile of candy she had thrown in his arms in shock.

"First time buying candy with her, boy?" Tyki chuckled, casually smoking next to him.

"Y-Yeah. She really likes candy..." He stammered as Rhode dumped more candy into his arms. "Do you think they have any bags?"

"None big enough to hold all that."

"W-Well, how do I stop her?"

"So much candy~!" She sang from across the store, practically dancing from spot to spot. The store was losing stock quickly, at this rate she would leave the shelves bare.

"Don't know," Tyki responded, watching her with amusement. Rhode dumped more candy in Allen's arms, before returning to gathering more.

"Help me!" Allen whispered, his eyes wide as he glanced at the taller man. The Earl had graciously lent him plenty of money for the trip, but he expected Allen to pay him back. He had no money, with no memories to tell him how to earn more, meaning that he owed the Earl. Likely until he regained his memories, if that happened.

"I can't, boy," Tyki said, apparently happy to watch.

"Tyki! You hold some, too!" Rhode grinned as she dumped candy into Tyki's arms. "Don't you dare drop any of it."

"Er, Rhode, don't you have enough? I think Nea is getting rather tired. Holding all this candy must be making his wounds ache." Tyki spoke up, earning a glare from Allen.

"Hmm. Is that true, Nea?"

"Yeah." Allen nodded, excited at the idea of escaping.

"Let's check out then!" She dragged them to the counter, letting them dump her candy onto it. The cashier stared at the amount of candy, looking up at them uncertainly.

"Humor her," Allen hissed, hoping Rhode didn't hear. The cashier nodded.


"Your total is..."


"Good luck paying the Earl back, boy."


"Err, Earl?"

"What is it?"

"I'm not sure that I can pay you back..."

"That's okay, Nea! You can always join us for dinner every night instead!"


She planned this.