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His last stardust
Chapter 1 part 1
The Will that never dies

Talking/dreams "The bonds we share shall never break no matter how hard you try to break them"

Thought/demons/grail "then I shall cut those bonds we once shared"

phone/flashback/Chant "There nothing I can't do with my friends beside me"

Gods/goddess "Why will you not just give up"


Floating above a endless forest was a blonde hair woman around the age of eighteen who was wearing a golden ballroom dress with golden high heels, her eyes were ruby red. she took a look down at the forest to see balls of light coming out of the forest

"In my left hand I hold the will and dreams of my people" the young woman could hear a voice all around her say as the balls of light start to shin greater until the light blinded her. When she opened her eyes again the forest had changed into a village with many people cheering outside of what looked like a round castle. On top the castle she could see a young man with short spiky blonde hair, on his face were three whisker like marks on each of his cheeks, he was wearing a white cloak with the Japanese words for seventh, underneath that he had a orange jacket and black pants. his right hand seem to be wrapped in bandages

"So that is what you originally look like... my darling," the woman said to herself as she looked at the man as if he was some sort of treasure before she had to shield her eyes once again from a bright light that had engulfed the man before her

"In my right holds the unbreakable bonds we share" the chant said as the light died down to show a beautiful field with a small house that sat atop a hill. In the middle of the field stood the same blonde man from before but this time he seem to be wearing pure white armour with his cloak tied to the back acting like a cape. Standing not to far from him was a young blonde hair woman with deep blue eyes. She was wearing a blue tunic with a beast plat and armoured gloves. In her hands was a wooden sword witch made it look like They were to be training. But what really got the red eyed woman was the look in the man eyes they seem dead like he had no emotions left within him it was noting like the time when she first saw him on that rainy night. As she watched she saw the two age and grow up, she watched as the young girl became a young woman and then became a young king. after all she knew who the girl was

"So you to know my darling... Saber" the woman said as she watched the now named Saber fighting alongside the blonde hair man on the battlefield before the light from the rising sun blinded her once more

"With those things in hand I shall forge Blades that shall never miss nor never break, with pain and sorrow those blades take from waiting to be used" the chant said as the light died down. The scene once again changed. This time around it had changed to a battlefield cover in corpses with the grass coated red with blood and weapons sticking out of the ground. All around the corpses lay littering the field like flowers as their blood slowly leaked out of them coating the very earth red. Atop a small hill was the same blonde man from before, but this time he was cover in blood his once white cloak and armour was now dyed chrisom red with the blood of his fallen foes. By his feet laid a blonde woman who looked just like Saber but only different was the red armour

"Mordred..." The man said softly as he got down on his knees to pick the fallen woman up holding her in his arms

"Papa... why... why did Arthur not accept me as his son?" Mordred ask weakly as tears rolled down her face "You did but why did... she not... dose she hate me that much"

"Arthur dose not hate you Mordred" The man replied

"Then why... was I not named heir?" Mordred asked

"I do not know Mordred, but I do know she could never hate you" the man replied bringing the dying woman into a hug as tears started to fall from his eyes "After all your part me as well" he then said stroking her hair as she broke down in tears

"Why... she was everything to me the ideal knight the perfect king... Why did she not love me like... you did... papa... Naruto..." Mordred cried as life left her eyes

"Rest now my little girl..." Naruto said softly standing up grabbing both his sword and Mordred before turning around to see an army "Now then let end this" he then said before running toward the army. Before the clashed a bright light engulfed the battlefield

"With the blades I forge we stand before god, unwavering, fearless" The chant said as the scene changed to an endless void with nothing, but Naruto in it in his back seen with countless arrows and blades in his back.

"Why did you betray us? Why spill blood on our shell!" Roared a voice from within the nothingness "We trusted you, you were to be our saviour/husband/lover/friend!" roared the voice that seem to be a collection of different voices now

"What done is done...? Gaia" Naruto replied weakly "Just... let me rest let me join them in the pure land" He then said as he felt his strength leave him

"NO WE SHALL NOT ALLOW IT" Gaia roared as a flow of green energy started to wrap around "We will curse you. You shall be reborn countless times until you pay for the lives you have taken or saved this is our curse" Gaia then said as Naruto body started to turn to light

"Now as we head toward the tomorrow we seek we roar... UNBREAKABLE BONDS" That chant finished saying as the ruby eyed woman felt herself waking up

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