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Chapter 3
The type of hero I will become so they can shine

Talking/dreams "The bonds we share shall never break no matter how hard you try to break them"

Thought/places/phone/sounds "then I shall cut those bonds we once shared"

demons/grail/Chant/Storybook/"There nothing I can't do with my friends beside me"

Gods/goddess/sing "Why will you not just give up"

{Flashback} {Play brave shine by Dima}

Sitting underneath a bridge sat a young girl with purple hair who was sobbing uncontrollably

"Hey, are you ok?" asked a voice in front of the girl, as she looked up she saw that the voice belonged to a boy a year older then her. He had blonde hair with red highlights. On his face were three whisker like marks on each cheeks. He was wearing a orange shirt with black shorts " Why are you crying? " the boy asked

"..." The girl said nothing, not even bothering to look at the boy

"Come on if you do not tell me what's wrong how will I be able to help you?" the boy then said making the girl look up at the boy again

"You want to help me... why?" the girl finally said in a dull voice

"Is it wrong to want to help someone who is crying?" the boy replied "It pains me to see such a pretty girl cry, ya know" the boy then said with a smile holding out his hand

"Pretty!?" the girl said to herself with a blush "I'm not pretty... not after what has happened" she then said softly so that the boy would not hear her

"Come on let me help you up" The boy said as he kept his smile "I am Naruto Emiya by the way, what's your name?"

"Sakura.. Sakura toh- I mean Matou" the now named Sakura replied taking his hand only to widen her eyes in shock at how warm his Prana was, even the worms that were inside her started to feel it as they wiggled around in happiness "Just like the sun... maybe he can be my light in this hell I call a life... yes... my sun... and no one else" Sakura thought to her self as she stood up

"Let's go and play Sakura-chan" Naruto said pulling on her arm

"Sure... Naruto-kun" Sakura replied with a bit of happiness in her voice

{Flashback timeskip-7 years later}

"HIII Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled running into the park after seeing Sakura on the swings. For the past seven years they would always meet at this park, after all Naruto was her first friend ever since she was given to the Matou, They even got into the same school even if he had to skip a year

"Naruto-Senpai" Sakura replied looking up at him "What are you doing here? you told me you had to work this week" she then asked looking up at him

"I just got back" Naruto said with a smile before it turned into a frown upon seeing the red mark on her cheek "He's been hitting you again..."

"N-no Senpai I just fell that's all" Sakura said trying to clam the blonde down after all news had just got to her grandfather that Naruto has became the new magus killer

"It's not fine Sakura-chan he is meant to be your brother" Naruto said with a growl "He's acting like a controlling boyfriend, someone need to teach him a lesson" he then said as he turned around to walk away to beat some sense into Sakura's brother but only to be stopped by Sakura who was now hugging him tightly

"Please don't Naruto-Senpai... just don't" Sakura said softly "You do not need to dirty your hands for me... just stay like this just for a moment"

"Sakura-chan..." Naruto said softly as he turned around to hug her back "Are you sur-" was all he got to say be for he felt something pierce his chest and grab his heart

"Senpai... Let's become one" Sakura said darkly as she started to dig her nails into his heart but the weirdest thing were her eyes, they were glowing red and the roots of her hair were turning white "Everytime I am near you they start moving in happiness"

"S-Sakura-chan... What are yo-AHHHHH" Naruto tried to asked only to feel something get stabbed into his heart as Sakura pulled out her arm

"Now we are the same" Sakura said evilly as she licked the blood off her fingers before passing out

"Sakura-chan!? Naruto yelled as his legs gave out forcing him to his knees "g-got to stop the bleeding.. wait this is not blood.. the hell?!" he then said seeing what was leaking out of the hole in his chest.
Coming out of the hole in Naruto's chest was a black like liquid similar to mud, Naruto could feel the corruption and evil from the mud that was trying to get to his core

"D-damn it what is this thing" Naruto said to himself trying to stop whatever was trying to corrupt him. As he kept trying Naruto did not notice the green energy covering his body. The energy was trying to heal and stop the corruption. inside Naruto head he could hear a voice before he lost consciousness

"HE MUST STAY PURE!" the voice roared

{end flashback} {stop song}

"Haven't had that dream in a while" Naruto said to himself as he sat up

"Nii-san your awake" Shirou said rushing into the room

"Clam down Shirou I'm fine, I've had worst you know" Naruto then said touching the mark over his heart "what time is it"

"About ten am,i was just about to go to school" Shirou replied "want to come?"

"Sure just give me a minute" Naruto replied

{Homurahara Academy}

After getting to the Academy Naruto was met by many of the students ,a result of his popularity after all he is the vice president of the student council and also the one who has scored the highest marks in every subject in the history of the academy. He had to thank Caster for that after all without her bring him all his school work when he was out on a job, he was sure he be dead last again in this life as well.

"Naru-chan!" came a voice from down the hall

"Hi taiga-nee" Naruto said as he took a step to the side making the woman known as taiga miss him and hit the floor face first.

"So mean Naru-chan" the woman named taiga cried as she stood up. Taiga was a twenty-four year old woman with short light brown hair and eyes. She was wearing a green dress with a yellow and black stripe shirt and white shoes. "Is that anyway to treat your big sister after not seeing her in so long? where my hug!"

"Now Taiga-san what do you think you're doing?" came a voice from behind them, that voice belonged to Caster

"N-nothing Medea-san" Taiga replied standing up straight

"Don't you have a class to get to?" Caster asked taiga

"Oh thats right, I'm going to be late" Taiga then said running off again "see ya later Naru-chan"

"Ya see you later Taiga-nee" Naruto replied waving his hand

"I better go as well Nii-san" Shirou said walking off to his class "I'll see you after class"

As soon as Caster and Naruto were sure they were alone, Caster started to talk again

"Are you alright master? I felt your Prana disappear and reappear last night" Caster asked with worry in her voice "did Gaia get a hold of you again?"

"I'm fine Caster... its just... I ran into Rin with Shirou as well as the servant of the sword... it seem Shirou is mixed up in this damn war as well" Naruto replied sadly as his fist tighten "I'm not going let this war clam his life like it did father's"

"I'm sure things will work out Master" Caster said putting her hand on his shoulder "after all you are here to keep him safe"

"Yeah... you're right... I have to look for Sakura now" Naruto said walking off "There is no way the Matou will stay out of the war".

{Outside the gym storage room}

As Naruto walked towards the gates of the school something caught his eye

"Is that Shinji?" Naruto asked to himself as he saw the young Matou run away from the storage room "what is he up to now?".

As Naruto walked into the gym storage room he saw a site that shocked him to the core. In front of him, laying out in the middle of the floor, was Sakura Matou as naked as the day she was born but that was not what got Naruto's blood to boil, no sir, not even the red marks all over her body have ever got him this mad before. No, what made him so mad was the fact that she was covered in a white liquid that also seemed to leak out from in between her legs.

"S-Sakura!?" Naruto said in shock at the sight of the naked girl in front of him, Shinji's seed covering most of her face and leaking out of her

"N-Naruto-Senpai n-noooooo" Sakura screamed as she tried to cover herself up,"H-HE saw" she then cried, her heart breaking into pieces, as her only ray of light had just seen how tainted she was.

"Where is he?" Naruto said softly, his hair covering his eyes

"W-what?" Sakura asked still not looking at him

"WHERE THE FUCK DID SHINJI GO!" Naruto roared as all his magic circuit lit up, lighting shooting out of each and every one of them, his eyes glowing bright yellow. On his chest, the weird mark, seemed like it was glowing and pulsing like a heart beat. From the mark red veins like markings started to stretch outwards from the wound slowly covering the whole of his chest.

"To the Matou house" came a voice from the shadows

"R-Rider!" Sakura said in shock at the voice, not expecting rider to reveal herself.

"Thank you" Naruto replied taking out his phone "It's me, I have got a job for both you and Souichirou... The Matou... You do not need to know... I WILL use a command seal if I have to... thank you tell Shirou that I will not be able to come home tonight" Naruto said putting the phone away then thowing his jacket to Sakura "Take her to Shirou's home, I'm ending this tonight" he then said as the vein like marks started to go up his neck and towards his eyes.

"N-no please st-" was all Sakura got to say before Naruto disappeared and reappeared behind her, Chopping the back of her neck to knock her out.

"No more, They took it too far this time" Naruto said softly as he walked out of the room "After all I must walk this path so you may shine... my brave sakura, so brave yet so broken" he said sadly walking out the room and toward Caster's house so he can get his gear.

{time skip night time}

Standing outside the gates of the Matou house were Naruto, Caster and Souichirou. Souichirou is a tall, slender, handsome man with glasses who is currently wearing a green suit.

"Caster do you sense anything?" Naruto asked as he started to trace his gloves to reinforce them. Unlike normal times ,where his magic circuit would glow yellow when tracing anything, this time ,for some unknown reason, his circuits were glowing red which worried Caster as she could feel an unknown force within the flow of mana that her master was using.

"Hai I can feel one human, two servants, and something not human" Caster replied as her master walked towards the front door

"Good I'll leave the servant in the shadows over there to you two" Naruto said before smashing the door open. "knock knock bitch" Naruto said aloud with an evil grin, as his eyes started to pulse along with the mark on his chest "I'm coming for you... SHINJI MATOU"


"Hmmm... he is letting that thing gain control of him again" said Gilgamesh as she looked down at the house that Naruto had just entered. "However you handle this task my darling, please do at least make it entertaining" she then said before taking a sip of wine only to stop when she felt a force not far from her, "So you too wish to watch... Lady Gaia"

{Inside the hallway}

"Somehow I knew you would be here... Rider" Naruto said as he looked behind him at the woman "Why are you not with your true master?"

"My true master asked me to stop you... she doesn't want you to face that thing" Rider replied as she got ready to attack "It's my job to follow my master's orders and her orders are to return you to her safely, even if I have to use force to do so"

"Really now... sorry but I can't stop now, this is the path that I have chosen" Naruto then said smashing his fists on Rider's spikes making her move back an inch. "And once my mind is set, there is nothing in the entirety of Nasuverse that can stop me!" he yelled as he punched the spikes again pushing Rider back even more.

"Why... why do you look so familiar" Rider thought to herself as she blocked another incoming fist

"Out of my way!" Naruto said as his arm glowed red while his magic circuits lit up forming a small blade attached to a chain. As Naruto started to swing the blade, Rider quickly jumped back landing on all four.

"That was close" Rider said to herself as she looked at her opponent who had just traced another blade "Better end this now before that thing comes" she continued as she removed her blindfold.

"HERE I c-" was all Naruto gotto say before his body came to a stop "W-what!?"

"Mystic eyes" Rider said to Naruto as she got up " there is no point in trying to break free, my eyes can stop anyone I look at" Rider said as she walked towards him.

As she got closer to him, she could see the red markings on him glow "so you too are corrupted, just like her" she thought not seeing the glow in Naruto's hands.

"Come now let get back to-" was all Rider said before a slash appeared on her back, blood shooting out everywhere "W-what!?" she said in shock as she looked behind her to see another Naruto with a snake sword in his hand dipping with green liquid, while the Naruto in front of her disappeared in a cloud of smoke

"I-I can't move!" Rider thought as she fall to the ground "T-that blade is covered in poison"

"I'm sorry but I cannot let you stop me here" Naruto said as his blade broke "I know Sakura means well, but I have to do this... if I don't, then how am I going to ever be able look at myself in the mirror" he then said turning his back to her.

"N-no way" Rider thought in shock as the person in front of her disappeared and was replaced with a tall blonde hair male wearing a orange tunic with his right arm covered in armour and a armour like sandals with wings on his feet "y-you look just like him"

"By the way, I think your eyes are very beautiful" said the person whose voice mixed with Naruto's. And with that said the person/Naruto ran off.

"Díni..." Rider said reaching out her hand towards Naruto's back as he left "Once again, the gods mock me"

{Shinji's room} {warning this is going get dark}

"What's taking Rider so long ? Emiya should not take that long to deal with, he is just a human" Shinji Matou said to himself as he paced around his room

"Don't worry I am here now" came a voice from behind him

"What took you so-" was all Shinji had time to say before a yellow spear pierced his left hand forcing him to the wall.

"Rider what's the meaning of this I am your mast..." Shinji started to say before his eyes growed in shock "N-NO STAY BACK I AM WARNING YOU EMIYA, MY GRANDFATHER WILL NOT STAND FOR-AHHHHHHH" Shinji started to yell before another spear pierced his other hand, only this time the spear was pure white with a skull on the tip

"That thing is not going save you bastard..." came Naruto's voice from the corner of the room, his eyes glowing brightly in the dark

"W-what do you want!" Shinji cried "Oh I know this is because of that whore ha-" Was all he got to say before five spears appeared out of nowhere, piercing his dick and balls,

"AHHHHHHHHHHH" Shinji cried out in pain

"HAHHA THAT'S RIGHT CRY, scream for mercy, pray to the gods, because nothing is going save you from my rage, you damn rapist" Naruto laughed in glee, acting as if he was a kid in a candy store.

"S-stop, please, no more" Shinji begged. only to see Naruto lift his right hand as a crown like mark appeared on it

"Did you stop when Sakura begged... did you help her when that so called grandfather of your's forced her into a pit full of blood worms... WELL DID YOU?" Naruto roared with a crazy look in his eyes, a look that should belong to berserker

"No one can go against grandfather, he is..." Shinji was about to say, as fear over took him at what was happening in front of him.

The crown like mark on Naruto's hand started to glow as it got brighter and brighter, golden ripples started to appear in the air behind him.


"HAHAHAHAHAHA YESSSSS FINALLY" Gilgamesh yelled in happiness as she watched Naruto use her gift, a gift that she gave him two years ago. "you finally used the ring that I gave you, my darling" she then said hugging her self "now show that mongrel what it means to stand in front of the king's most precious treasure"

{Back with Naruto}

As Naruto brought down his hand, thousands upon thousands of spears shot towards Shinji, piercing his whole body but thanks to the two demonic spears imbedded in his hands he could not die or be knocked out

"I can't let you die just yet, I still have so many toys to use on you" Naruto said evilly as he pulled Shinji's head up by his hair

"I would have to ask you to not to kill my grandson... boy" Came a voice from behind Naruto

"Grand...father..." Shinji said weakly before his head was blown off by Naruto smashing his fist into his face, brain matter going all over the wall

"Zouken... Matou..." Naruto said as he turned around to look at the thing that has been the source of Sakura's pain

"Naruto Emiya... it is good to finally be able to meet the man who is feared among the Magus as well as the clock tower" Zouken replied with a mock bow

"Wish I could say the same but as you can see, I am very VERY annoyed right now" Naruto replied staring at the old man

"I can see that... care to tell me, why you found it necessary to not only take my granddaughter away, but to also kill my grandson?" Zouken kept mocking as he watched the young blonde shake in anger

"Haha... you know why you old shit bag" Naruto replied as a evil grin appeared on his face "do you not find it odd that I waited until night to attack"

"No it make's-" Zouken replied before he went into shock "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU FOOL, I CAN'T FEEL MY WORMS NOT EVEN THE ONE IN SAKURA'S HEART" he roared as shadows shot towards Naruto ,only for them to be blocked by a magic barrier.

"In my left hand I hold the hope and dreams of my people" Naruto started to chant as the barrier kept Zouken's attacks from hitting him

"In my right I hold the unbreakable bonds we share" Naruto continued chanting,

"With those things in hand I shall forge blades that will never miss nor ever break even with the pain and sorrow they take"

"With the blades I've forged, I'll shall stand before god unwavering and fearless so that my loved ones may shine"

"I ask not for glory nor for forgiveness for this is the path I must endure... for our bonds are... UNBREAKABLE" Naruto roared as the earth under him cracked open, lighting up the room


"Seem like Assassin got away Caster-san" Souichirou said as he returned ,only to see Caster trying to hold her tears back "what's wrong?" he asked the woman only for her to point at the Matou house that was now covered in a thick orb of dust

"N-Naruto-sama is using his reality marble" Caster replied with worry in her voice "Why... why is he using it, is he trying to kill himself!" She then yelled as tears ran down her cheeks

"I'm sure he will be fine-" was all Souichirou got to say before Caster grabbed a hold of him

"You don't get it, his body can't handle that much prana output, the last time he used it he was put into a coma for a week" Caster cried as she tightened her hold on the other teacher "He's going burn up all his magic circuits or even worse if he push farther then that.. he will.. he-" Was all Caster said before Souichirou patted her head

"He will be fine... That kid is to stubborn to die on us" Souichirou said as he patted her head

"I hope you're right... please be safe... Master" Caster then said looking at the space

{In the reality marble}

As the light died down Zouken took in his surroundings. No longer was he in his grandson's room, now he stood in an open field with hill and grass everywhere. But what really stood out was the countless weapons around him, He could see swords, axes, spears and even bows. Off in the distance he could see a small house on a hill as well as the einzbern castle and what look liked a Greek statue with the head missing

"A reality marble... This kid could be a real handful if he is left alone" Zouken said to himself as he looked at the blonde in front of him

"beautiful is it not?" Naruto asked as he looked around "I really love my reality marble it feels so... peaceful" Naruto then said as a jar appeared next to him

"It is, I have to say boy... your very skilled at tracing, to be able to use a reality marble at your age is nothing short of amazing" Zouken replied "But I am sorry to say this is where I'll have to kill you"

"Really now... Zouken Matou" Naruto said while opening the jar

"It is-" was all Zouken said before being pulled into the jar "W-what is this!" he roared as his whole being was sucked into the jar

"This is the kohaku no johei" Naruto replied as he slammed the top back onto the jar "This was the only thing I could think of in order to kill your tricky ass" he continued as he looked around

"..." Naruto said nothing as he sat down, finally being able to take a minute to think "Why... why did I do this..." Naruto asked himself as he looked at Shinji's dead body

"Even he doesn't deserve that..." Naruto said bringing his hands to his face

"Felt good right, killing them" came a voice from behind him "watching him beg for mercy as you slowly drove spear after spear into his body" the voice mocked, as Naruto looked around

"Whose there, show yourself" Naruto ordered before falling to his knees in pain "AHHHHHHHH" he then roared as he felt his magic circuits starting to burn up

"HAHAHAHAHA look at yourself, you used to teach kings" the voice mocked "Now look at you, nothing more then a dog.. but that's alright after all there are many timelines, some even like mine" the voice then said as Naruto's shadow started to rise up

"W-what" Naruto said in pain as he watched his shadow rise

"You see thanks to some outside force we are not linked" Naruto's shadow said as he stood over Naruto "I mean come on you must have seen it in your dreams how we killed the gods of Olympus and took their throne or how we betrayed Arthur and took hers as well as use her as our play thing" his Shadow then said before being cut in half

"That's not true" Naruto said in pain "I'm nothing like you" he then said as he traced Excalibur-luna

"HAHAHA it's going to be fun watching you fall to darkness" Shadow Naruto then said as Excalibur-luna started to light up

"BEGONE" Naruto roared as he swung his sword, lighting up everything.

{Outside} {play fate zero memoria}

As the light broke though the orb Caster had to cover her eyes. Once the light died down Caster looked around to see the Matou house no longer standing and her master in the middle of it with his whole upper body covered in burn marks

"Naruto-sama!" Caster cried as she rushed to his side

"C-Caster..." Naruto said as rain started to fall "Haha... I'm really a monster huh" he then said as his hands started to shake

"Master..." Caster said sadly as she looked at Shinji's body which was full of demonic spears meant to keep the person alive unless their head was blown off

"I made him suffer... I made him stay alive just so I could hear his screams" Naruto then said as the rain started to cover his burned up body "and the worst thing is... I enjoyed it" he then said slamming his fist on the ground "I was not even in control of my own body at the time and yet I still enjoyed it"

"Your not a monster, Naruto-sama" Caster said to him as she hugged him close to her chest "Can you hear that, Naruto-sama?" she asked as she stroked his hair

"Y-yeah it's your heart beat" Naruto replied as tears started to build up in his eyes

"That means your in control" She then said happily as she moved his hand to his chest "can you feel your heart beat pulsing with mine?"

"Yeah... I can feel and hear it" Naruto said looking up at her

"That mean you are here and yourself, not some monster that is meant to be feared" Caster said with a smile "After all my master is Naruto Emiya, a human" and with that said Naruto finally broke down in tears.

Off to the side watching all this was Souichirou, seeing the two act so close remained him of a married couple. Looking up at the sky Souichirou could only think one thing as the rain fell

"He might have chosen the path of blood but deep down he's still just a kid" Souichirou said sadly looking at his co-worker and student

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