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Prologue - Everything Falls Apart

I stared at my comforter, burrowing deeper into my bed. I couldn't seem to block out the shouting that was coming from the living room though. Tears threatened to leave my eyes, but I tried my hardest not to let them fall.

After ten more minutes, I sat up and then slid off of my bed. I left my room and made my way down the hallway, towards the voices that I knew belonged to my parents. Peeking around the corner, I found Mama standing in front of my Papa as he sat on the loveseat, his hand loosely gripping a bottle.

"Really, Spirit?" Mama glared down at Papa, her sage green eyes seemed to burn with anger. "You promised."

"I'm sorry, Kami. It meant nothing," Papa went to the floor, his hands on Mama's hips and he kneeled in front of her.

"Of course it didn't. It never does. You may not care for those women emotionally, but you sure as hell care about their bodies. I'm tired of this, Spirit."

"I'll stop. I swear."

"I don't believe you. I can't. I've tried to forgive you, but you've hurt me too many times."

"Please, Kami. Don't do this."

Mama threw Papa's hands off of her and stepped back. "No. I'm leaving, Spirit. I can't handle this anymore."

"What about Maka?"

That seemed to silence Mama. I watched as Papa finally stood and looked down at Mama.

"Are you going to leave her? Really, Kami? She doesn't deserve that."

"She doesn't deserve any of this, but I can't take it anymore, Spirit. I've been hurt too much by you." Mama turned around to leave, but her gaze landed on me. "Maka…."

"Why're you leaving?"

"Um, well…." She had nothing to say.

"Maka, why don't you go back to bed. Your mother's not going anywhere. We just had a bad day," Papa stated, giving me a small smile.

"R-right! Work's been so tiring these past few days. Just go back to sleep, dear."

"But, I don't want to."

Mama came over to me and picked me up. She smiled down at me as she carried me back to my room. Looking over her shoulder, I saw Papa following us close behind, his head hung as a frown formed.

"Everything will be fine, Maka. I'm sorry we woke you." Mama placed me on my bed and pulled my covers over me, tucking me in.

"But, are you sure?"

"Positive. Now, goodnight." She placed a kiss on my forehead and then pulled away, letting Papa come over to me.

"Sleep tight, Maka," he whispered, kissing my forehead too.

"Goodnight," I mumbled, turning away from my parents and staring out my window.

The duo left my room, making sure to close my door. I listened, but the house was silent for the rest of the night. When it was finally around four, I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, I fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning, I hurried out of bed, needing to get ready for school. I changed into a simple pink dress that I knew was Mama would approve of and then went to my parents' room, two ribbons in my hand. I knocked on the door and then went inside, only to see Papa balled up on the bed.

"Where's Mama?" I asked.

Papa bolted up in the bed and stared at me. His face was a deep pink, his eyes puffy and his nose runny. Papa sniffed and then forced a small smile.

"Maka, why are you up?"

"I'm getting ready for school. I need Mama to do my hair." I held up the ribbons, as to show my point.

"Ah, yes. Well, Mama already went to work, dear. How 'bout I do your hair today?"


I walked over to the bed as Papa went to sit at the edge. Handing him the ribbons, I turned around so that he could make the pigtails. It took a few tries, but he soon got my hair into a somewhat presentable style.

"Thanks, Papa. I'm almost ready now, so we can leave in about five minutes."

He smiled again, this one a bit more genuine, and nodded. "Of course. I'll get your lunch ready."

I skipped out of the room and went to brush my teeth, grabbing my backpack afterwards. Entering the kitchen, I took the metal container Papa held out expectantly and followed him out into the car, ready for school.

"Maka, your god demands that you pay attention to him!" Black Star cried as he stood at the top of the monkey bars.

"Black Star, that's no fair. We're playing hide and seek, not tag! Shouldn't you be hiding?" I yelled up, stomping my foot in the progress.

"And take away the chance to see my godliness? I'm not that cruel, Maka."

I glared up at my best friend, but couldn't help the grin that was starting to grow. Black Star was only ten, yet he was already trying so hard to achieve his dream of one day surpassing god.

"Sure. Anyways, get down. You're breaking the rules."

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are. You're supposed to hide, not be in plain sight."

Black Star rolled his eyes, but jumped down onto the ground. I smiled and turned to start looking for the others when suddenly, the bell rang.

"Race you to class?" I challenged.

"Your god cannot lose!"

We both laughed as we began to run towards the building, out feet flying off the ground.

"Hah! I beat you!" I cried, victorious.

"Only because I let you. A god can't let his followers always lose."

"Sure, whatever you say."

"It's the truth!" Black Star argued, pouting in the process.

"Fine. I believe you."

Black Star smiled and then we both made our way towards our seats, ready to finish the last hour of the day.

"How was school?" Papa questioned once I had gotten into the car.

"It was alright. I passed the physical test today."

"That's great."

"Yeah. I just hope I get to be as good as Mama."

"You're already better, Maka."

"Really?" I gazed up at Papa, hope growing.

"Of course. You'll be a great meister when you grow up."

"I hope so."

Papa chuckled, but the laughter didn't seem to reach his eyes. The cobalt blue eyes had darkened to a navy blue, the usual glimmer gone. I stared out the window the rest of the ride home, not feeling up for a conversation anymore.

Arriving home, I rushed inside, wanting to tell Mama about how well I had done on the physical test.

"Mama! Mama! I passed the test. They said I did a really great…." I entered my parents room to see that she wasn't in there. I noticed how there were clothes strewn everywhere, but then again, it was like that this morning.

"Maka." Papa walked into the room. "We have to talk."


He sat on the bed and pulled me onto his lap. I waited patiently, wondering what was going on.

"Your mom's not gonna be home, Maka."

"So she's still at work?"

"No. Well, you remember what she was talking about last night?" I nodded. "She was serious, Maka. Mama left. She didn't want to be here anymore."

"Why? I thought she liked it here."

"She did. And don't think it was because of you, dear. I pushed your Mama too far and she had enough. She left so she wouldn't be hurt anymore."

"Is she gonna come back?"

"I'm not sure." Papa started to cry. "I'm sorry, Maka. I made your mother leave and now she won't be around."

I didn't have anything to say as I watched my Papa fall apart. I slowly jumped off his lap and walked out of the room and into mine. Closing the door, I tried to comprehend what I had just been told. Tears threatened to fall from my eyes as I layed on my bed and stared up at my ceiling. I thought of what Papa had said. He said it was his fault, but I didn't understand at first, until I thought it over. Mama had been talking about Papa and other women. My eyes widened as realization dawned on me.

Papa had been cheating on Mama.

She had left because of him.

Anger coursed inside me, but it wasn't only for the man who was in the next room, even if most of it was. Some of it was for the woman who had left us; left me.

Tears were streaming from my eyes now as I turned to bury my face into my pillow. I wish that things could've been different.

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