Okay, so this is my first story with the Powerpuff Girls and I've seen a concept done before, but I wanted one with more depth and story than all fun and games. Hope you enjoy this first chapter...

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Narrator's POV

It was around 5 in the evening in the city of Townsville, among the beautiful city stood home for the city's superheroes, The Powerpuff Girls who were inside the living room of their beloved home. With them, were the 'once-before' enemies, The Rowdyruff Boys. You see, over the years, the girls grew and so did the boys, with their gained maturity left no room for their childish idea of 'cooties'. A few months later, they began to acquire feelings for one another and so began their blooming romances for the Reds, Blues and Greens. From here begins the story...

Blossom's POV

We were all sat in a circle on the living room floor, the order went: Butch, Buttercup, Boomer, Bubbles, Brick, and me. It didn't bother me, at least it was next to my boyfriend. I cuddle up to his arm and he begins to run his hands delicately through my hair.

"Can you guys finish your little cuddle session so we can start?" Butch exclaimed, I sighed painfully and let go of Brick.

"Okay, the rules are simple: The tablet will pick someone at random and then they decide to do either a Truth or Dare. If they refuse, they receive a strike. If the dare involves another one here, refusing to do the dare will earn you both a strike. You get 3 strikes, you either miss out a round or you pick a card from the hat." Bubbles explained.

"Just curious, what exactly are on those cards?" Butch idiotically asked, receiving a smack from Buttercup.

"Very bad dares, I remember one of them is to send either Princess or Mitch a nude pic."

"Oh god!" Boomer exclaimed.

"Yeah, before we go, does anyone have any questions?"

"Is there any difficulty on the dares set?"

"No, I set on random so it's fair." Without further ado, the game began. The picker had landed on Butch. "Butch, truth or dare?"

"Dare, I'm feeling lucky." Once Bubbles had picked dare, she was dumbfounded at what the dare was, a deep crimson colour was becoming more present on her face. "What? What's the dare?" Bubbles then showed Butch the dare.

"No, No! I'm not doing that!" Butch yelled.

"Quiet, you're lucky the Professor is at a business trip otherwise we would be in major trouble!" I exclaimed. "Now, what's the dare that's got you so flustered?" Bubbles passed the tablet over and the rest of us managed to see the dare. It had Boomer blushing furiously, Brick laughing hysterically and I completely confused.

Dare: Give Boomer a hickey.

"Oh, coming in hot already!" Brick shouted, smirking.

"Getting a strike in the first 10 seconds of the game is far from a good start, Butch." I snickered. Butch sighed aggressively then turned to his blonde-haired brother.

"Are you okay with this?" Boomer looked away for a brief moment then nodded.

"Just get it over with." Boomer stated, with that, Butch leaned up against Boomer's neck. Knowing his brother's sensitivity to pain, he began to lick besides his neck with complete tenderness. From the looks of it, Boomer was trying his hardest not to scream or moan, the feeling his brother was giving him was beyond amazing, much to Bubbles and Buttercup's dismay. Soon later, Boomer's bliss was cut off after he felt a sharp pain and the feelings of desire that came from Butch.

"There, the dare's done, moving on."

"You sure you're not a bit gay for your brother, Butch?" I asked in suspicion, this made Boomer and Butch grow a very visible blush.

"No, I'm not! It was a dare!"

"That's what they all say..." Brick snickered. Bubbles rolled her eyes and went to the next person, it then landed on Brick.

"Brick, truth or dare?"

"I'm going for truth, I don't want to do anything daring just yet." Bubbles nodded and clicked truth.

Truth: Who would you rather date, Buttercup or Bubbles?

Brick began to grow a light blush, only to get a serious smack from me. It may be a tempting question but I'm right here, you know!

"To be honest, I'd rather go with Bubbles..."

"What!?" Buttercup shouted. "I'm sorry but Miss Crybaby over someone like me?"

"Calm down, Buttercup, you seem a little jealous." Bubbles remarked, making it Buttercup's turn to blush from embarrassment.

"Yeah, but if she does cry or upset, she'll let me cuddle her. You would just push me away." Buttercup gasped, seeing that her tomboyish attitude had a disadvantage, "Plus Bubbles seems like the person who you'd want a relationship with, unlike you."

"Oh please, what does she have that I don't?" I started to become a little concerned and a little suspicious, Buttercup really seemed to be taking this too much to heart.

"A kind heart, for starters, She's also a great cooker. Someone who is willing to hug someone at a movie, she's willing to be there and do anything without anything in return. No matter what hard you get, she never breaks and always looks upon the brighter side of life. I'm sorry, Buttercup, I'd rather date Bubbles but it doesn't make you any less of a friend though."

"Oh, shut up." Buttercup scoffed.

"You really mean that, Brick?" With a slight blush, he nodded. When Bubbles began to show the same shade of red on her face, Boomer growled and pulled her close to him.

"Watch it, Brick, she's mine! Get your own girlfriend!" He growled towards Brick, who then pulled me towards him.

"Don't worry, I've already got one..." He looked at me, with his sweet smirk, the smirk that made me fall in love with him...

"Okay guys, enough drama, let's move on." Once again, the tablet picked someone. This time, it was Buttercup. "Buttercup, truth or dare?"

Dare: Make out with Blossom for 2 minutes.

"No, no, no. That's not happening..." I gasped, completely shocked at the dare. This game is completely twisted!

"I'll have to put a strike on you if you don't, Buttercup..." Bubbles warned.

"I don't care! I'm not making out with my sister...no offense, Blossom."

"None taken." I gutty replied.

"You sure, Buttercup?" Bubbles asked, Buttercup held a slight pause before speaking again.

"You know what, screw it! Blossom, get over here!" Buttercup shouted, leaving me in a state of total disbelief.

"Do you actually expect me to make out with you?" I exclaimed.

"To be fair, Blossom, you'll also get a strike if you don't do it." Bubbles quietly said. I sighed, and rubbed my temples.

"Fine, I'll do it." I sighed, only to get 3 corresponding howls from Brick, Butch and Boomer.

"Woo hoo, lesbian action between Blossom and Buttercup, let's go!" Butch shouted. As I got closer, I felt a slight blush grow upon my face. I never kissed anyone other than Brick, let alone one of my sisters. I felt her arms move around my waist as there was only had a small distance between us. "Get on with it already!" I hear Butch scream. Before I knew it, Buttercup's lips were pressed against mine. I gasped as I felt her tongue slip into my mouth, I never knew my sister's lips were so soft. I felt my hands grip her hair as she pulled me closer. After two minutes of Buttercup and I's lip-locking, we pulled away. As soon as we turn around, we see Bubbles had fainted and all 3 of the Rowdyruff Boys were sweating rapidly, blushing harshly. We rolled our eyes at them and waited for Bubbles to get up, once she did, we began the game again.

"Alright, moving on..." I said before picking the spinner again...

Author's Note: That's the end, for now, I'm afraid. Unfortunately, I won't be able to update soon as I have my exams starting tomorrow, starting with English Language. I'm not going to beg for reviews, favourites etc. Or make it so I'll only update if I reach a certain amount of reviews, that's just ridiculous. I do promise to make these chapters a bit longer but if you have any suggestions for any dares or such, I'll try to implement it into the story, no promises though. Until then, I hope you have a pleasant day and see you soon.