Chapter 2 – Suspicion

"Hot damn..." Butch breathed, still trying to relieve from witnessing Buttercup and Blossom's little make-out session. Bubbles had only just recovered from her faint and both Brick and Boomer were in the same state as their brother.

"Honestly, it was a dare..." Blossom said, covering her face in embarrassment. Her face was completely dark red, unlike her sister who didn't feel any shame at all. "Do you feel any shame at all, Buttercup?"

"To be honest, no, not really." Buttercup simply stated, chuckling a bit afterwards.

"Wha-what? Just-happened?" Bubbles gasped, looking as if she was near to fainting again.

"Boomer, calm your girlfriend down." Buttercup instructed, after 5 minutes of soothing whispers in her ear, Bubbles was able to be calm again. "It was a dare, we did it, can we please move on?" Brick then cleared his throat, breaking the ice.

"Okay, Blossom, you know what to do..." She nodded and clicked the tablet, it picked on Bubbles. "Bubbles, truth or dare?"

"Truth please." She enthusiastically said, gaining a smile and a slight chuckle from everybody else in the room.

Truth: If you could date any boy from this room other than your boyfriend, who could it be and why?

Bubbles bit her lip as her mind began processing indecisive thoughts. "I don't know, it's tough..."

Butch scoffed. "Please, would you rather a hot dude like me or a Mr Average Redhead?"

"He is not an average redhead!" Blossom exclaimed, "He is just as hot, maybe more than you..."

"C'mon, Bubbles, just make a decision already! It's just a game, no one's going to care!" Buttercup yelled, her impatience severely kicking in.

"I'm going to care!" Boomer shouted to Buttercup.

"Okay!" Bubbles looked upon the floor and looked back to the crowd, with mostly eager expressions present on their faces. "I'll going to have to say Brick..."

"What!?" Butch exclaimed, "No, that's bullcrap!"

"Babe, not every girl will be head over heels for you..." Buttercup sighed at her girlfriend.

"But girls normally prefer me to Brick!" Butch shouted.

"Key word, Butch: 'Normally' doesn't mean always." Blossom scoffed at Butch with surrounding hisses which followed.

"Well, the truth asks why too, so why?" Butch hissed at Bubbles, making Bubbles gasp in disgust.

"Shush, calm down a little, you and Buttercup seem to be extremely jealous tonight." Bubbles stated, "To be honest, as sweet as you are, Boomer, I think that Brick would actually make my life that little bit more easier-"

"What do you mean he'll make life easier!?" Boomer exclaimed.

"I don't mean it in a harsh way but whenever I come around or you invite me around, you tend to make me do a lot of chores and make food for you-"

"I don't do that!" Boomer shouted.

"Boomie, to be honest, you do...And I mean, you do!"

"Bubbles, can you clean my room for me?"

"Hmm, okay...I guess."

2 hours later: "Bubbles, can you wash the dishes for me please?"

"I thought your brothers said for you to do it."

"Yeah, but I have important things to do..."

"Like what?"

"Babe, please?"

Bubbles sighed. "Fine."

An hour later: "Bubbles-"

"Boomer, I'm your girlfriend, not your housemaid."

"Bubbles, can you please do this for me?"

"Okay...But is there any part in this task that is too difficult for you?"

"Yeah, I have to make dinner."

"Boomer, that's not that difficult."

"Please, Bubbles?"

"Okay, okay, I'll do it."

Boomer chuckled nervously, everyone in the room was glaring at him in spitefulness and pity. "It was only that one time..."

"No, it wasn't..." Brick remarked.

"How would you know?" Boomer questioned, Brick raised an eyebrow at how Boomer was trying to be smart.

"Because I helped Bubbles a couple times with the dinner, the chores, everything that Butch and I set for you to do. I only helped Bubbles out because I felt pity for her."

"Why don't you feel pity for me!?"

"Because you are meant to do those chores! She wasn't meant to do your chores, I knew you were lazy but I never thought you were that lazy!"

"Bubbles..." Bubbles gasped in shock for Brick's presence.

"Brick, I thought you were out with Blossom?"

"She had to cancel last minute, something about helping Dexter with a science project. Why are you doing the dishes?"

"Ha, well you see, um-" Brick took a step towards Bubbles who in return, would take a step backwards. That was until Bubbles backed into a counter who Brick then cornered her at.

"And where is my brother?"

"If you think I kidnapped him, you're heavily mistaken!" Bubbles exclaimed, making Brick take one step back, "He said he had a couple of errands to do so he asked me to clean his room, wash the dishes, basically the chores he was set because I didn't want you guys getting mad at him."

"Is that why you're wearing that cute little blue apron?" Brick asked, smirking, making Bubbles blush.

"I don't like to get dirty when I do things like this..." Brick sighed at Bubbles, hating how his idiot brother got stupider when he thought he couldn't.

"Has he done this before?"

"Actually, as much as don't want to admit it, he's been doing this for the past two weeks. And it's been making my whole body hurt. Why do you give him a lot of work?"

"First of all, he does as much work as Butch and I do, he's just lazy. Second, you're his girlfriend, not his maid, you know it's in your nature to help others but this is taking it too far." Brick sighed, "You know what, Bubbles? You'll help you out." Brick said, grabbing his red apron.

"No, Brick, it's fine. I'm used to it-"

"Bubbles, I'm going to help you out whether you like it or not."

"Brick, I know you're my friend and all but I can't let you do that, I don't want Boomer getting hurt because of this."

"Bubbles, I'm not only doing it to teach Boomer a lesson to stop being lazy but to give you a bit of a break. He's been making you slave away for two weeks straight, Bubbles! At least if I help, you won't have as much work to do."

Bubbles sighed deeply, "Fine, you can help me out." Brick smiled and pulled her in for a hug which she gladly accepted.

"Two weeks, Boomer, really?" Butch remarked.

"I'm sorry, there was this gigantic teddy bear at the arcade-"

"That doesn't mean you can use your girlfriend to do your chores, Boomer!" Buttercup shouted, "Bubbles has chores to do here too, you know!"

"I know, I know, I'm sorry, babe." Boomer pleaded to Bubbles.

"Boomie, I told you I forgive you, many times." Bubbles giggled. Boomer smiled, extremely grateful for his girlfriend's sincere forgiving nature.

"Is that it? Is that why you'd choose Brick over me?" Butch snickered.

"No, he's also very loyal and trustworthy. We've also been friends with over 6 years and he's protecting me from a lot of bullies which shows he can be caring. He's practically my ideal boyfriend if I didn't have Boomer..." Bubbles smiled, although Blossom wasn't very happy as she grabbed Brick by the arm and pulled him towards her.

"Bubbles, he's mine!" Blossom threatened, resting her head on his shoulder. Bubbles simply smiled at Blossom's threat.

"It's okay, Blossom, I've got Boomer."

"Okay, can we please carry on with the game?" Butch moaned in frustration. Bubbles cleared her throat and nodded. It landed on Blossom.

"Blossom, truth or dare?"

"Give me a truth."

Truth: Have you ever kissed anyone in this room other than your boyfriend?

"Uh, yeah I have..." Blossom chuckled nervously, Brick looked puzzled.

"I thought you said I was your first kiss?"

"You were..." Blossom sighed. "It was only a one-time thing..."

"Who was it?"

"Boomer..." Blossom sighed, looking down.

"Boomer!?" Everyone expect Boomer shouted. "Since when!?" Brick exclaimed.

"It was a few months ago."

Blossom was by her desk, studying for her science project when the door bell rings. No one was in the house so she was very cautious as to who was at the door. Fortunately, it was only Boomer so she opened the door.

"Oh, hello, Boomer." Blossom greeted politely.

"Hey, Blossom, is Bubbles in?"

"Sorry, no, she isn't. She's out with Buttercup and I don't think she'll be back until midnight."

"Oh, okay..." Boomer turned away and about to fly when he heard Blossom shout for him.

"You're welcome to stay here until she comes back?" Boomer turned and smiled.

"I guess I'll do that then." He chuckled as Blossom opened the door to let him in. Once she let him in, he took a glimpse around the house and then at Blossom. It was until Blossom snapped his fingers in his face.

"Boomer, you were staring at me for like 5 minutes straight, are you feeling okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry." Boomer laughed, Blossom shrieked and smiled.

"Do you want anything?"

"What do you have?"

"We only have pink lemonade..." She chuckled. 'I know I have a girlfriend and all but Blossom in that pink pyjama shirt is goddamn sexy!' He bit his lip, once again staring at Blossom. "Boomer, can you please stop staring at me?"

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Do you want pink lemonade or not?" He nodded. Blossom then poured two glasses of pink lemonade and gave one to Boomer. They then went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"When will Bubbles be coming back?"

"I told you, around midnight."Boomer looked towards the clock, 11:30pm, it read.

"Perfect..." He grabbed Blossom by her shoulders and pressed his lips to hers. The feeling of her lips was different than Bubbles but he indulged it nonetheless. Blossom was shocked at first, trying to pull away, but found herself melting into the kiss whilst falling back into the couch with Boomer on top. It was as if they weren't in any relationship at all, as their lips moved in perfect sync. While Boomer was sucking on Blossom's bottom lip, he began to unbutton her shirt. Little did Boomer know, that and her panties were the only pieces of clothing she wore, fuelling his lust further than it was. Feeling that she was close to being nude, she quickly removed Boomer's shirt, he was skinnier and while he wasn't as toned as his brother, she was still turned on by it. Right when Blossom pulled him down for another lustful kiss, a high-pitched voice shouted through the door.

"Blossom, I'm home!" Bubbles shouted. Blossom and Boomer looked at each other with shocked expressions. After 5 seconds of frozen posture, Boomer quickly got up to put on his shirt while Blossom hurriedly buttoned up her shirt. Boomer straightens out his hair and they both sat on the couch appropriately just when Bubbles entered the room. "There you are,Blossom! Boomer, I didn't know you were here." Boomer got up and embraced his girlfriend, putting his head on her shoulder.

"I came to visit you but you weren't there..." He winced, "But Blossom kept me company."

"Oh yeah, Blossom, I bought a box of your favourite doughnuts from that new bakery downtown, they're in the kitchen." Bubbles smiled. Blossom jumped up, smiling as she ran into the kitchen.

Blossom and Boomer were blushing while Bubbles and Brick were left in a state of confusion and Butch and Buttercup showed deeper expressions of confusion.

"Wait, so Boomer came around to see Bubbles, she wasn't there so he decided to wait for her but because of Blossom's lack of clothing, led to the two of you making out and almost fucking?" Butch tried to recap the events, Boomer and Blossom slowly nodded. Butch then turned to Boomer. "Another reason why you make a terrible boyfriend, you don't know when to keep it in your pants and you use your girlfriend to slack off!"

"Um, Bubbles, I know this sounds bad but I deeply apologize-"

"Don't worry about it, Boomer, its fine..." She said sternly.

"No, it's not fine, Bubbles!" Buttercup shrieked, "I mean he uses you to do his chores and while you're at it, he makes out with your sister! Stop letting people walk over you like this!" Bubbles looked down.

"Buttercup, when I say its fine, it's fine! Let's just carry on before this turns into a dreadful debate..." Bubbles sighed. "Besides, she said it happened once..."

"No, it didn't..." Butch breathed before covering his mouth after realizing what he had done.

"Wait, what!?" Brick and Bubbles shouted towards Blossom and Boomer.

"Yeah, I caught them making out on at least seven occasions, by the park, in town..." Butch sighed, "Blossom and Boomer, I'm sorry but they have a right to know."

"Blossom, is that true?" Brick whispered, pain and sorrow was clear through the tone of his voice.

"Yes, Brick, it is...I didn't want to find out this way but it was going to, anyway."

"I see." He breathed, "Well, I never thought I'd be this kind but I forgive you..." Brick smiled, Blossom gasping as a result.

"Really?" Blossom breathed.

"Yeah, if Bubbles can forgive Boomer, I can forgive you..."

"Alright, can we carry on with the game, please!?" Butch yelled, Bubbles nodding and clicking the tablet to see who gets picked next, it was Butch. "I'll take a dare, hopefully, it won't be as bad as giving Mr. PEFAB a hickey?" Boomer looked confused

"What does PEFAB stand for?"

"Poor excuse for a boyfriend..." Butch rolled his eyes as he sighed, Boomer opens his mouth in shock. "Don't give me that look..."

Dare: Give Brute a call and flirt with her for 5 minutes.

"Oh my gosh, why do I get these sick dares!?" Butch shouted, everyone in the room chuckled to Butch's dismay.

"Do you want to skip, Butch?" Buttercup taunted, "I'm sure Princess would love you nude..." Butch shivered.

"Hell no, I'm going for the dare." With a deep breath, he dialled Brute.

"Hi Butch~" Brute whimpered flirtatiously.

"Hi Brute, I was just calling you to tell you how amazing you looked at school today."

"Oh really, did it turn you on?"

"Oh yeah, it had me really in the mood." Everyone was trying their absolute best not to burst out laughing as to ruin the phone call.

"Butch, when will dump this sweet, innocent little Buttercup and go for someone who can really give you pleasure?" Buttercup overheard her Powerpunk girl's comment and was held back by Blossom as she was prepared to rip the phone off Butch.

"Darling, I don't plan to break up with her soon. You see, Buttercup is far from innocent, the second she wants to be dominant, she'll tackle me down like a tiger..." Buttercup gasped, hearing her boyfriend talk about her this way.

"Butchie, I was born bad, if Buttercup can do that, I can do that 10 times better..." She snickered, "Besides, when was it since the two of you last *ahem* did the deed?"

"Last night," He stated, Buttercup widens her eyes at how her boyfriend was being so open about this, "And may I add, that it would be impossible to get as feisty as Buttercup does."

"Whatever," she scoffed, "So why did you call anyway?"

"I wanted to know how you get so gorgeous, I mean I'd bang you if I wasn't with Buttercup."

"Butch, you cheeky bum!" Buttercup hissed quietly so Brute wouldn't hear her voice.

"Why don't you bang me now!? Buttercup doesn't have to know..."

"I would but I'm not an unfaithful boyfriend..."

"Butch, hang up right now, it's been more than 5 minutes..." Buttercup hissed.

"It's been a pleasure talking to you, Brute, but I need to hang up."

"Wait-" Butch hung up before Brute had another opportunity to speak.

"You better not talk to her again..." Buttercup hissed.

"Look at who's getting jealous now..." Butch whispered, making Buttercup blush.

"Alright, next turn." The tablet then chose Bubbles.

"Bubbles, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Butch then clicked dare and smirked evilly.

Dare: Remove one piece of clothing.

"But I'm only wearing this pyjama shirt as well as my bra and panties!" She winced.

"You know, you'd think the three of us would have different pyjamas by now but we still wear the same pyjamas as each other." Buttercup pointed out.

"So what's it gonna be, Bubbles?" Butch smirked. Bubbles sighed, reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. She then threw it towards the middle of the circle where Butch quickly grabbed it, 34D it read. "Damn, Bubbles, nice rack you got there~" Buttercup then smacked Butch around the head.

"Moving on," Bubbles then tapped the tablet to see who would be picked next, it landed on Brick. "Brick, truth or dare?"

"I'll go for truth." Butch then picked truth.

Truth: Have you been slept with any girls other than Blossom?

"Well, it's not possible because he's still a virgin." Blossom stated proudly.

Brick then chuckled nervously, making Blossom raise an eyebrow and cross her arms, looking at Brick in suspicion. "Brick, are you hiding something?"

"Well, babe, I kind of have to admit something quite bad..."

"What might that be?"

"I...I..." He then took a deep breath, "I slept with Bubbles..." Everyone expect Brick and Bubbles gasped in shock with Boomer looking at Bubbles with desperation as she had looked down into the floor.

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