Hi guys! So, I understand it has more than a year since I last updated this story…so I deeply apologise for this happening. I know a lot of you have been anticipating the next chapter and it broke my heart not being able to do it because my study load has been immense. And unfortunately there is more that I have to say. I have been studying ridiculously hard these past months because I want to get the best grades that I can possibly get in my A-Levels. In addition, my A-level exams are fast approaching and I have to work harder than ever, since for one of them, my teacher is practically useless.

In lighter news, though, I can say that the next chapter will be, hopefully, released in late June – early July. My A-level exams are between early-mid June and I have been working on the next chapter in little snippets, so it won't take long to write. Also, since I have been writing these stories, I never had been betaed before and I don't know how it works, so if there are any volunteers, I may take you up? Also, off-topic, I managed to get an A in AS English Language and Literature (the best grade possible as there is no A* at AS Level) so I do hope this gives you a perspective on why I want to do so well. Again, guys, sorry for the inconvenience but please stay tuned.