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Chapter 1


They heard them before they saw them. In fact the pops of dozens of people appareting around the house were deafening loud in their ears. Ron and Hermione jumped hastily to their feet and looked instinctively for an escape route. Quiet curses filled the room as they saw how futile that would be. The whole house was surrounded.

Harry, startled from the sudden loud noises and the quick glimpse of Death eater masks through the window, promptly fell from his position standing on a chair. In an attempt to prevent falling on the neatly sorted book piles behind him he leaned forward and fell towards a bookshelf. Reaching out with his hands to catch himself he took hold of two of the books on the shelve.

A strange tickling sensation went through his body before the bookshelf swung inwards and Harry found himself sprawled on the floor.

Slowly stumbling to his feet he was quite stunned as he was met with the view of a room, which looked like it was owned by a mad scientist.

Ron and Hermione had their backs turned to Harry and the cracks of new arriving Death Eaters were too loud for them to hear anything, so they were completely unprepared when Harry suddenly dragged them backwards.

Hearing footsteps approaching Harry grabed Ron and Hermione and rushed through the hole where the bookschelf once was. He was so focused on getting them inside as fast as possible that he failed to notice as he cut himself on a sharp instrument on the way in.

As soon as they were inside Hermione glanced around the room before taking Ron by the arm and making him help her to push the bookshelf back to its original place.

Seeing as he couldn't help them at the moment Harry took the time to take in his surroundings. It was a mess. Shelves littered with strange broken glass vials were placed at all sides and strange instruments and paper everywhere making it near impossible to walk without tripping.

Looking closer he noticed that some of the vials had little notes pinned to them with neat writing on it. Most of those had highly curious labels on them. There were "hairs of a skin-walker", "Gurdyroot Infusion" and "Tears of a Crumple Horned Snorkack".

The last one made him frown as he remembered Luna telling him how she went on an expedition with her father in an attempt to find a Crumple Horned Snorkack and ultimately failed. It was a creature very few people believed in and for which existence there was no proof...and yet right in front of him there was this vial, which supposedly contained tears of the creature.

Walking further in Harry saw something glowing on the table in the middle of the room. Curious he stepped closer despite better judgment and promptly slipped on a ritual knife he hadn't noticed poking out under the papers. Flailing with his hands in an attempt to regain his balance he knocked one of the few unbroken vials over and was covered in a sticky glittery substance.

Shocked as he was he only just managed to catch himself on the table noting with mild horror that his hand had landed directly on the shining thing that had brought him to this position in the first place.

His panic increased however when he saw that the ritual knife wasn't the only thing hiding beneath the papers.

Harry was only dimly aware of his skin starting to prickle too focused on staring on the increasingly bright ritual circle he had managed to get himself in the center of.

His gaze shifted as he felt hot waves of magic rushing up his arm. Time seemed to stay still as his eyes locked onto the blood that was slowly dripping right on the now pulsing glowing object beneath his hand. In the background he could hear Hermione screaming, but he couldn't bring himself to look at her.

Instead he closed his eyes and wondered why. Why the FUCK did this bloody shit always happen to him. It wasn't his fault that the wizarding world decided that he was to save their whining sorry asses! Didn't he get a break? Wasn't he allowed a tiny bit of peace once in a while?

Wasn't their oh-so-beloved savior allowed to have one bloody day without something going terrible wrong? Was this another of their precious prophecies - made by a seer filled to the brim with alcohol – biting him in the arse? Was he doomed to stumble from one fucked up situation into the next?

Of course, the Potter luck was infamous, but this - THIS right here? That was NOT normal. He was just able to suppress a resigned sigh as the burning started to feel like someone was replacing his blood with boiling needles.

It was strange, but after all the time he spent at the Dursleys and later at Hogwarts - with its Basiliks, murderous professors and life-threatening tournaments - he had built up some kind of immunity to pain. He still could feel it alright, but he had learned how to block it. Had found a way to simply retreat into his mind and only take in the pain with a sense of detachement.

It was not healthy, but it was the only way someone could go through the hell Harry went without losing their mind. Though this was probably only possible, because he had a natural high pain tolerance and due to his body being so used to the injuries he went through on a regulare base.

So, instead of screaming in pain like most other people would Harry snorted as he thought that Voldemort was just outdone in his torture methods by a shining piece of parchment. He even chuckled a bit as he thought about how much of a clear win this was for the Parchment.

He smirked as the light-headedness forced him to his knees his hand still stuck to the blasted – obviously magical - object.

At this point Harry started to wonder what exactly the vial contained that he accidently dumped on himself. After all even though he was used to pain this was a bit much. Maybe he was even going into shock that would explain his strange train of thought at least.

He briefly opened his eyes to see his friends' frantic attempts to get through a barrier that had been created along the circle.

Harry forced a strained smile at them hoping to let them know without words how thankful he was for everything they had done for him. He didn't know what exactly the effect of the ritual was, but he knew that it was already changing him. Whatever it did he had a feeling that he wouldn't be able to see his friends for a while, if ever again.

So, he wanted to know - to be absolutely certain – that they knew of the love he held for them; the gratitude. He also wanted them to focus on themeselve to make sure the Death Eaters wouldn't find the secret entrance instead of on him. They needed to be quiet and banging against a magical barriar was everything but quiet.

Seeing the determined stares Hermione and Ron fixed at him, he felt amused despite himself as he closed his eyes again. Sometimes they were too stubborn for their own good, not that he was one to talk.

As he kneeled there doing his best not to scream he wondered what his life would have been like, if more people cared so much about him as his friend did. Maybe the Dursleys' wouldn't have hurt him then. Maybe Dumbledore would have been more honest to him, if he cared just a tad bit more about Harry than the Greater good.

Hmm...That was a nice thought. For a moment he allowed himself to dwell in this world of rainbows and unicorns he made up for himself. The pain was unable to reach him in this safe heaven just for him.

Harry pushed the reality and the pain away as he gave himself this moment. It was his mind after all and if it was the only place that he could ever feel truly loved, protected, cared for and safe in, then he had the damn right to enjoy as unrealistic fantasies there as he wanted to. Jup, this single second in time was for just Harry and no one else.

He felt truly happy as he felt himself sink deeper into his own little world completely detached from anything going on around him.

So, Harry was completely unaware of the magical storm building around him. He also didn't notice as his body convulsed and cramped as it changed. What he did feel however was the soft embrace of his magic when his body went limp.

Hermione and Ron were on their knees on the other side of the barrier and could only watch as their best friends appearance changed. Where previously there was a skinny and tall tanned young man with short messy black hair there was now a small child with wavy long midnight black hair and alabaster skin. His skin was radiating its own glow as he floated in the air with the parchment in front of him.

They gaped as the child's eyelashes fluttered open and they were met with bright emerald orbs. Harry looked straight at the parchment. Emerald eyes glowed as he reached out his hand and touched the paper floating in front of him.

Hermione and Ron were thrown back by a sudden burst of magic and witnessed through hazy view as another parchment appeared right next to the first one. Words were slowly scribbling themselves on both.

They were forced to close their eyes as the magic storm that raged within the circle broke out and started raging within the room. As they chocked on the magic soaked air they were barely able to hear the soft musical sounding "I love you" over the sound of shelves crashing to the floor.

There was a loud scream emitting from an unknown place and suddenly the magic howled and a lightening like light lit the room forcing them to shield their already closed eyes with their arms.

The magic tore at their clothes and pressed them against the wall. There was a loud thumb heard from the middle of the room and suddenly everything went quiet and still.

Only their heavy panting could be heard as they carefully lowered their shaking arms. They had to blink for a moment to get rid of the black spot dancing in front of them, but once their view was half-way clear they saw a figure slumped on the floor where Harry kneeled before. The storm had completely vanished and the magic that had previously filled the room so thoroughly had left leaving them feeling strongly tired and drained.

Hermione and Ron stumbled to their feet and nearly fell again when they saw that Harry, their beloved friend, was gone. The only thing left behind of him was one of the previously glowing parchments lying innocently on top of the fallen figure.

Ron went a few steps closer steading him against the wall and nearly tripped over one of the strange instruments, which had fallen to the floor when the magic tore at the room. Hermione was just behind him and reached a hand out to stop him when he was about to step over the circle. She just managed to grasp his arm as the circle suddenly glowed brightly again and sent a shockwave of magic through them.

They screamed in agony as the pulsing magic drained their own and fell unconscious to the floor just as the figure on the floor started to move.

The sheet vanished and reappeared once again empty lying exactly where Harry had found it: On the middle of the table buried under various other items.