Warning: very short one shot, also in Gil POV

When I was little, I had plenty of nicknames.

I was called so many, some sounded the same.

For example, "the" turbo-charged boy, or TCB for short.

I was given that nickname for being so hyper and giddy.

I was always pumped up, ready for adventure

I called myself, "purple thunder", when we raced in the crayon prix

I ended up being "pink thunder" after i dropped wet pink paint on my helmet.

Honestly, I love all these names, they simply described me, my personality, my clumsiness and my humor.

However, there was one name I loved in particular.

Whenever she said it, I was loved struck, it sounded so sweet and perfect.

Gilly. That is my favorite nickname of all.

Hearing it come out of her mouth is something to die for.

That's only her nickname for me, nobody else can call me that, if you try, well you'll have to go through a very furious Latina woman, and me of course.

Only one person can call me that, the girl I fell in love with in preschool.


She only called me that, when I hear her calling me by her special nickname, I obey right away.

My ears perk up, whenever she calls me Gilly, it means she's in a great mood.

I love to hear her say it, even when we're older.

I'm currently 26, and being called Gilly isn't an embarrassment.

I love that nickname, especially when it comes out from my beloved wife.

"Gilly, I'm home!"

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