A/N: After reading Ruth Baulding's amazing fanfics, I decided to write a little Star Wars oneshot inspired by her fics about Jedi younglings. I hope you enjoy!

Field Trip

The Jedi Archives was a place of peace and serenity. One could find himself entranced in the gentle harmony of its halls. In the quiet tranquility, hours could be passed undisturbed, deeply immersed in a yearning for knowledge, wordlessly pouring over ancient volumes, absorbing information in the placid calm.

And so, when Master Troon strode through the entrance, troop of unruly younglings marching in behind, the harmonious, soothing atmosphere shattered into a thousand pieces. Disgruntled jedi masters shuffled away, heading deeper into the library where they would not be disturbed by the constant clamour and shouts that followed the tiny younglings wherever they were led.

Madame Nu was not amused. Hands thrust upon hips, poised like an adder preparing to strike, her cold eyes pierced through the ruckus like a knife. The bustle of little bodies died in an instant. All eyes were glued on the librarian, waiting for whatever sentence that was to be issued- all except for Tirrsl, who had wandered off to a corner and somehow fallen asleep among all the hub-bub.

Silently- or as silently as an assembly of younglings can be- the supervisors herded the troop into a (formerly) quiet corner. Tirrsl, accidentally forgotten, was fetched by one of the padawan helpers and deposited back in the group. Upon which, they discovered that Xam and Kalor had gotten into a fight and had to be pulled apart.

Finally, the librarian returned, hosting a pile of holo books that she deemed "highly educational" for this age group. The tablets were distributed, and at last, the clamor was subdued. Deciding that her attentions could finally be devoted somewhere more worthwhile, Madame Nu departed. Not a few moments later, Rin-tu had the urgent need to use the 'fresher and was quickly escorted out. Meanwhile, bored of reading more literature, Xam, Kalor and Reeft had started a contest for who could levitate his holo book the highest. A quick scolding was delivered before it was discovered that Wyla had wandered away and had to be guided back to the group again.

By now, the contest had become even more extreme when Xam finally decided that he could get his holo book higher by simply throwing it.

Pandamonium ensued.

Holo books flew everywhere, younglings running and screaming with delight at this newly invented game. Xam was lead away on a time-out, but by now, it was complete chaos.

Finally, with several roars, and an extravagant use of the force, all the younglings were seated on the floor quietly, Troon hosting a fearsome glare. He was soon joined by the ice cold stare of Madame Nu. There was silence. Except for the subtle snores coming from the corner- Tirrsl had fallen asleep again. Punishments were handed out. Realizing they had crossed the line, the younglings slowly filed out of the archives and back to the creche in silence. Rin-tu returned and Tirrsl was carried and deposited on her bed. It would be a while until they took another trip to the Jedi Archives.