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Summon and Gifts

Lucy walked up the steps to her apartment with a sigh. During her mission with Team Natsu her share had gone down the drain, again. She checked the front of her door step for any "gifts" before entering the door.

She chuckled as she thought back to how this all started.

Lucy had been summoned by the newly formed magic council for some reason, which annoyed her seeing as she had a lot to do preparing for the Grand Magic Games that were a week away. Now that they told her why she was here she wasn't sure if she was more angry or shocked.

"You're asking me what?"

"As you may or may not know the demon known as Jackal was captured and brought here," the council member explained. "Due to good behavior he is being brought up for parole. Due to the acts he committed to against you we decided to do something unique and allow you to decide if he should or shouldn't receive it."

Lucy sighed, she was a long way from forgiving him, but agreed to see him. The guy had cost her everything.

The cell was dirty, hell there wasn't even a bed. There was moldy bread outside the cell, out of the reach of whoever would be in it.

The dog demon looked up as she entered. His eyes were curious.

Lucy couldn't help but gasp at the sight of him. He was thinner than before, pale, and his clothes were falling apart. His hair was longer, tangled with dirt clads and dried blood. There were marks all across his body that looked like he had been beaten.

"What do you want?"

"You know the guild was dissolved," she snapped.

Jackal looked at the blonde human mage. "So?"

"Because of you I lost everything," she told him. "I lost my family. I lost my oldest friend. Don't you feel any remorse for what you've done?"

Jackal watched her as she began to cry. He shifted uncomfortable, his ears going down. "Like I care."

Lucy sat down. "So what is it like here?"

Jackal snorted. Might as well talk to her, seeing as he didn't have anyone else to talk to. "I didn't have much before but at least I had a bed. Not to mention they don't feed me, I'm lucky to get water once a week. I'm guessing they only brought me some today because you were coming."

Lucy had sat there for a few hours talking to him. After hearing about how he was treated she decided that he should be let on parole. She hadn't forgiven him, but she guessed he just reminded her of puppy in a pound. She had only recently begun to forgive him.

After facing Zeref, which he had helped out in by helping them defeat Zeref without killing Natsu, he had come into the guild and demanded that they let him join. They let him seeing as he had helped them out. He was now officially off parole, though living with Gajeel. He had started watching her and becoming rather protective of her. He got pissed if anyone upset her or if Natsu touched her.

Then he had started leaving gifts at her in front of or in her apartment. Some were okay, like strawberries and jewelry. Others were just plain weird, like dead animals. She didn't like finding dead rabbits in her bed. Honestly she expected stuff like that from Happy, not a canine. Sometimes she wondered if he was more cat than dog.

In recent months he had started asking her to go out with him, which she kept saying no. Sure he was cute, but she wasn't sure if it was a good idea. She didn't know if he could be trusted or if he just saw her as a new toy.

She opened her door and smiled at what she saw. Jackal was curled up asleep on her couch. His leg moving a little as he made a noise and one of his ears twitched. His ears looked so soft and interesting. She kind of wondered if they were like a dogs ears. She kind of wanted to touch them.

She slowly and quietly walked over and placed a hand on each ear, rubbing them. She beamed, they were soft.

"Having fun?"

Jackal chuckled as Lucy jumped, blush spreading across her cheeks. Honestly she was so adorable and full of sunshine. So refreshing to the darkness that was his soul. He liked Lucy, she didn't let stuff get her down, she always saw the good in people, she was smart and not to mention hot. He had never thought someone like him was capable of loving someone or even knowing someone like her.

"Why does everyone I know have to break into my apartment?" Lucy sighed sitting down next to him.

Jackal shrugged. "Levy came over."

Lucy nodded, understanding. Gajeel and Levy had been dating a while and she guessed that it was best to leave when you had enhanced hearing.

"So why the ears?" Jackal asked. Honestly he was shocked it wasn't the tail, everyone seemed obsessed with his tail. The little cowgirl had kept touching it and pulling it. He noticed a few people stare at it.

"They looked so soft and interesting." Lucy smiled. "Sort of like your tail, only less fluffy."

Jackal honestly took great pride in his tail and ears, in his appearance in general. He brushed his tail often.

"Is that why everyone wants to mess with it?" Jackal asked.

"No, it's because it reminds them of a cat." Lucy giggled. "You twitch it when you're annoyed, not when you're happy. That is a cat trait."

"I'm a canine not a cat," he growled, his tail flicking back and forth.

"Debatable," Lucy told him.

"Says the girl with a snowman for dog spirit," he pointed out.

She playfully hit him with pillow.

"Want to go out for dinner?" He asked with a grin.

Lucy sighed. "Are you ever going to give up on that?"

"Come on, just one date." He asked. He placed his ears back, stuck out his lip, and made his eyes. He doubted she could resist a puppy dog look.

"Fine," Lucy sighed.

Jackal felt his tail move and his whole body perked up. He resisted the desire to cheer. Honestly he knew he would win her over sooner or later.

"By the way I got you something," he reached into the bag he had placed on the floor.

He heard her sigh, "You know I don't need all these gifts."

It was a statement not a question. He smirked. She was going to like this one. He pulled out a small package.

"I don't need more jewelry." She told him as he looked at her, her eyes stern.

"Good thing that it isn't a bracelet." He told her. He handed her the box. "I know it won't replace the one you lost, but I'm trying to find it and found this one instead."

Lucy frowned and opened it, her eyes widening. Inside the box was a key that looked silver, but Jackal's noise told him it was something else.

"Do you know what this is?"

"A key?"

"A platinum key." Lucy told him. "They're not as common as silver keys, but not as powerful as the gold ones."

He felt pride swell in him, he had found her something rare and that she would like.

"You're looking for Aquarius?"

He looked into her big doe like eyes and nodded. "Yeah, I mean Bitch Fish meant a lot to you and I feel kinda bad that because of me you lost it."

"She isn't a bitch," she corrected.

He raised an eyebrow with a spectacle look. "In every story I've heard she tried to drown you when you summoned her."

Lucy bit her lip, something he wanted to do. "Okay, she was mean but she loved me in her own way."

He rolled his eyes. "What key is it?"

"Vulpecula, the little fox." Lucy smiled.

I thought it would be different if I had her summoned by the council instead of summoning of a key.