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What Happens When Your Nails are to Sharp

Lucy stared at the clock behind the guild bar. She had been away on a mission for the past few weeks and she was nervous. While she was gone she had left Jackal alone with their daughter. While she was sure that Jackal was fully capable of taking care of Fox on his own, it was him taking her to school that made her nervous.

Fox was a great mixture of the two of them. She looked like Lucy, but most of her facial expressions were her father. She had his ears and tail as well. She was as sweet as could be, innocent and wide eyed one moment, but also a little trickster. She loved Lucy's spirits, mostly Plue and Vulpecula. She loved people and tried to make friends with everyone.

Sadly most people didn't want their kids near her because of who and what her father was. Lucy saw the looks people gave her daughter and the heard the whispers. The facts were they considered her daughter a monster and though she tried to protect her daughter she knew she couldn't always do that.

Inside the guild she was safe, but outside Fox had no friends. Parents didn't want their kids associating with a half demon. Their prejudice was reflecting on their children, who mocked her constantly.

It was almost every day that Fox came home crying. The kids pulled her hair and tail, they took her chairs from under her. They said she looked funny and didn't fit in. Yet when Fox was at school she held it in and pretended she didn't care.

Jackal and Lucy had gone to the school and asked if there was anything they could do, but the teacher made it seem like Fox was the one at fault. This had led to Jackal threatening to blow some things, including the school, up. Which had ended making things worse.

Lucy had even had to deal with the fact that Fox knew what people were saying about her. She had come home one day asking what abortion meant because she heard one of the parents say she was a failed one. Lucy was about to storm the place along with the guild.

Lucy sighed. She didn't know what to do, she knew it wouldn't be any better anywhere else. She didn't want her daughter to be lonely like she was as a child.

Lucy did her best to make her daughter seem safe to the school. She had to file down Fox's nail once a week with an eleven inch nail file. Fox hated it and Lucy hated having to do it but they grew back so quickly. If they didn't do it she might hurt someone with her sharp nails. Jackal often commented that it was stupid and Lucy worried he hadn't done while she was gone.


Lucy smiled as her little girl jumped into her arms. She had a huge smile on her face.

Jackal walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek as Fox jumped up and down.

"Mama guess what happened at school!" Fox smiled.

"What?" Lucy giggled. She hadn't seen her daughter this happy since the time she had been given too much sugar.

"I made a friend!" Fox yelled. The whole guild seemed to hear and a bunch of them chuckled. "And his papa said that he would bring him and his brother to the guild later today."

Fox ran off to find Mira saying how she wanted a special snack made for them.

"She made a friend?" Lucy asked her husband happily.

Fox nodded. "They got a new student today and the two hit it off."

"And his parents are okay with the whole half demon thing?" Lucy asked watching as Fox followed Mira around.

"Yep," Jackal chuckled.

"Why were you called to the school?" Lucy asked folding her arms and glaring at Jackal.

Jackal froze and gave a forced smile. "What do you mean?"

"Mira told me that you were called to the school during the recess, the one after Fox has her lunch." Lucy told him. "You didn't file down her nails, did you?"

"No," Jackal admitted. "She scratched her new friend at school, enough he bled. Then she went and hid. They called me down to find her and talk to the principle and father of the other kid. I filed down her nails."

Jackal still insisted that it wasn't his fault that her nails grew so quickly and long, but her new not to test Lucy at the moment.

"She made the kid a gift in art class and they were friends again. The father and I had lunch," Jackal told Lucy as Mira handed him a beer. "They just moved here because his wife died and I invited him to join the guild."

"Ooh, a new member?" Mira smiled.

"So Fox isn't the only one to make a friend?" Lucy smirked.

"Best part is you already know him." Jackal smiled.

"Really, who is it?" Lucy asked with surprise.

"Guess," Jackal smirked.

"Jackal I know way too many people," Lucy told him. She wasn't in the mood for a game.

"Here is a hint," Jackal seemed determined to play this game. "It is some who has tried to kill you."

Lucy snorted. "That doesn't narrow it down."

A little boy with black hair burst through the guild doors. He had green eyes and a huge smile on his face.

"William!" Fox yelled as she rushed to hug him. He hugged her back.

Many girls in the guild let out ahhhs and said how cute it was. Mira squealed and Lucy held back a giggle as she heard Fox let out a growl.

A man entered the guild. He had black hair in a ponytail and black eyes. In his arms was another little boy with black hair and green eyes, he looked about a year younger than the other boy.

"Mard Geer," Lucy muttered in shock.

"How are you still alive?" Natsu asked angrily.

"How are you?" Mard asked with an amused look.

"Jackal found a way that we could kill Zeref but keep Natsu alive. This meant that Jackal, you and all the demons stayed alive," Mira said cheerfully. She looked at the four year old. "And who is this little guy?"

"That's my younger brother Levi," William said.

Fox went up to Levi and smiled. Levi blinked at her and then reached out to touch her ear and scratched behind it. Fox giggled.

Mard set Levi down and Fox led him over to the table where there were snacks and apple juice for the kids. William quickly joined him.

"So you're the Fairy that Jackal talked into marrying him," Mard mused looking at Lucy. He sat down and Mira gave him a glass of wine.

"Yep and then like a fool I reproduced with him," Lucy smirked. There was a pause and they laughed.

"So where are the other demons?" Mira asked.

Mard shrugged. "I lost track. I left the country as quickly as I could."

They watched as the kids played, all three of them seeming to get along well.

Lucy smiled happy that her baby girl had found a friend.

"So why Fox?" Mard asked.

Lucy shrugged. "A fox is a member of the canine family and it is the first key Jackal ever gave me. Her middle name is after my mom. Why William and Levi?"

"Their mother threatens me," Mard muttered.

Lucy laughed at that. The leader of demons was afraid of a human woman.

"Stop staring at them like that." Jackal growled at Mira, how was leaning on the bar and looking at the kids with a dreamy smile as her head rested in her hands.

"Can't help it, their children are going to have such wonderful hair." Mira smiled.

Lucy sighed as she realized Mira was already in shipping mode. Lucy smiled as she watched the little ones play. Such a cute friendship started by some sharp nails.

I wanted to do something different for sharp. I noticed some people went with Jackal's nails and sharp objects. I thought of the little kid scratching someone and how cute that would be. Also someone pointed out that Jackal can't be alive if Zeref is dead. I knew this but I can't have a shipping week with a member of the ship being dead. Some of the other demons will be returning in later chapters.