Chapter 1: It had been foretold

During severe turmoil, the great four-wing shall come

Carrying a child destined to end a long conflict

A warrior, leader and rider of lightning and death

A bringer of peace to the known world.

Berk, early morning, 248 ADF (after draconian founding)

The dragon raid was tearing through the village like a fiery hurricane. Like it had been doing for the past three centuries. This night held something foreboding however, something terrible was about to happen.

"Get them away from the food storage and great hall! Box these devils in!" boomed the chief' s voice over the village.

Stoick 'the Vast' Haddock had been chief for a few years now and had gained the respect and loyalty of his villagers in this time. He was a battle hardened man, willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the village. In other words there was nothing he wouldn't do to protect his village.

The same could be said for his recently born son. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third was born only a few weeks ago to the chief and his wife Valka. Born to early he had a small and frail stature. Some even believed he would die very soon, but Stoick never doubted that his son would grow up to be the strongest of them all. And he would be proven correct, although he wouldn't see it for himself.

For indeed something would happen tonight that would shake Berk and the rest of the northern world for the next few years.

"Were driving them back Stoick, it won't be long before the beasty's retreat" Gobber reported to his superior. Those who didn't know the village blacksmith known as Gobber would say he had no place on a battlefield as he was missing both his left hand and right foot. However looks can be deceiving. Gobber was still in his prime and an excellent warrior. And the chief's best friend.

"Good, when this is over I'll be happy to go back home and…" Stoick war rudely interrupted by a loud crash and people screaming. He turned around only to see a sight that made his blood run cold.

A massive dragon with four wings has broken in his house and was crawling inside. He saw his wife running back to the house in pure despair. At that moment the always stoic chief visibly showed fear. His son was still inside, with that massive monster. He wasted no time and broke in a sprint towards his home. Desperate, he would not lose his new-born son to these devils.

By this time Valka had already reached the house and rushed inside grabbing the nearest sword whilst running to the room little Hiccup was laying in his crib. She didn't dare think what this dragon would do to her little boy. She always believed dragons and people could coexist peacefully but all those thoughts were out the window right now, she would stop at nothing to protect her son.

She bursted in the room where the crib was and stopped dead in her tracks at what she saw. She almost dropped her sword in surprise. This dragon wasn't attacking her son. It was playing with him and Hiccup went along with it. He and the dragon were cooing at one another, like they could understand each other and were having a quiet conversation. She shifted the weight on her feet making the floor under her crack slightly.

This sudden sound startled the dragon turning his head to Valka and causing it to slightly cut the infant Hiccup' s chin causing him to wail out. The dragon looked back to Hiccup immediately and it's facial expression changed from what looked like surprise to… Guilt?

Valka didn't know what to think anymore. This dragon had just confirmed everything she believed about dragons to be true. She watched this dragon making distinct sounds to Hiccup as if trying to apologise. To her surprise Hiccup seemed to understand it was an accident, stopped crying and looked at the dragon with wide eyes.

Then Stoick almost literally bursted through the wall and like acting an instinct chucked his battle axe towards the four-winged dragon. The axe missed its target and embedded itself into the wall. The dragon now scared for his life began spraying the room with its fire. Effectively setting the entire house ablaze. However in doing so it knocked Valka against the wall knocking her slightly unconscious. Stoick was boxed in by the fire but seeing his wife knocked out propelled him to leap through the fire towards her. Ready to defend her to the death.

This gave the dragon the chance to escape but it doubted for a second. This child was special, he knew it to be true. But he also knew that the child's potential would be wasted or destroyed if he grew up in this barbaric village. He made his choice.

The dragon stretched his wing preparing to take flight but while doing so he took the infant Hiccup with his blanket in his talons and launched off into the night sky.

Stoick only stood still looking at the sky with a horrified expression. He just witnessed his only son being carried off by a dragon. Never to be seen again.

"Hiccup, no…" he whispered to himself in defeat. The raid was over and the village was safe again. But he paid the highest price a father can ever pay.

(several hours later)
Berk, morning, 248 ADF

The morning after the raid everyone in the village was trying to attend to their daily duties. However everyone did so with great sorrow. After the events of last night nobody was in the mood for anything. Al the village felt along with the chief and his wife for the loss of their son.

Angus Hofferson was at the docks monitoring the outgoing fishing boats to replenish the raided food storages from last night. But his thoughts were also to the now lost Haddock heir. He was particularly sad because of the apparent bond the young boy and his new-born daughter seemed to share. Astrid was only a few weeks old as well being born only a week after Hiccup. And she already possessed the spirit of a Valkyrie.

Whenever she was put together with other children she would act threatening towards them, sometimes even throwing light punches. All but one suffered from this treatment. Little Hiccup.

When they were first put together his mother feared for the consequences as the little Hofferson's temper was already known throughout the village. To their surprise however she wasn't treathening at all. They even snuggled together.

At this moment Angus knew that the two were meant to be friends, and he silently hoped for them to become something more.

But all that hope was now lost.

Just then Spitelout Jorgenson walked up next to him. "A pity the boy got taken isn't it." He said to Angus with clearly faked sadness.

"You sound like you are actually happy that the boy is gone Spitlout?" Angus said irritated. It was no secret he didn't like the Jorgenson patriarch. He always had an ego bigger than his head and was power-hungry. But hearing him speak so resentful about the boy disgusted him. He was still Spitelout's nephew after all.

"We both know the boy wouldn't have lived long Angus. He wasn't strong or Viking like. Were better off without him as an heir." Spitelout scoffed.

Angus couldn't believe his ears. Spitelout was always a bastard but this trumped everything. "You don't know that Spitelout, he could have grown up to be the most powerful Viking in the archipelago for all you know. And he was your nephew for Thor's sake, don't you care at all?!" He angrily almost shouted.

"Berk would be better off with a strong, Viking like heir. Like my son. You know your daughter could serve as an excellent wife." Spitelout said almost smugly.

"Over my dead body Spitelout, I will never agree to that. And neither will my daughter." Angus seethed angrily. "I will also never allow you to take power or defy Stoick. Mark my words Spitelout this will come to haunt you later."

Angus then left the docks steaming, leaving a steaming Spitelout behind. He went straight home to speak with his wife about this. He had a feeling Spitelout would try to overthrow Stoick in the future and he would not let that happen. But he also knew he couldn't do it alone. 'I should speak with the Ingermans and Gobber about this. We need people we can trust' he thought to himself before entering his home.

Who knew the death of such a young boy could divide an entire village.