Chapter 18: Epilogue

(Two years later)

Plains outside Troyares, afternoon, 268 ADF

Grass was waving slightly in the cool afternoon breeze. A bird touched down and began digging in the ground looking for some insects to eat. All looked peaceful on this small patch of grass. But the truth was far the opposite.

The bird was scared away by a thunderous bang nearby and a small cloud of smoke and dust spread itself. Several more bangs were heard and one could hear the whizzing of projectiles flying through the air. About ten meters further a large cannon was anchored to the ground and its crew were working tirelessly firing more and more shells. Overhead flew several wings of dragon riders while on the ground hundreds of other troops were steadily marching onwards, cutting down the occasional enemy in their paths while the bombs impacted further in the field or on the ruined buildings of the nearby city. Every single one of them wore the same type of armour and marched under the same banner. The Draconian Imperial flag.

Along the line of artillery cannons was a small table with some maps on it surrounded by more troops in Draconian armour and some dragons. One of them was a rider in green-brown camouflage tinted gear looking over the map while waving hand signals and shouting orders to his fellows. Behind him stood a sleek black dragon that was feared all around the world watching him and the battlefield. This man, was Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III together with his loyal companion Toothless.

It has been two years since he and Toothless went to the Barbaric Archipelago, saved a tribe from a coup and while there discovered his long lost family. He even found out he had a little sister who was just like him. However he was forced to leave to fight the war, but he didn't leave alone.

"Alright! All forward, follow the Juggernauts! We're breaking that wall today." Hiccup ordered.

He then cast his gaze at the sky and searched for that unmistakable screech of a Skrill. You see his biological sister who goes by the name Hicca decided that she wanted to fight alongside them during a brief visit to the capitol. He found her flying together with his friend and fellow commander Valentine, and the riders of the fourth legion. After he and Hicca returned to Draconia she was immediately put into boot camp and trained for the fight. Hicca always recalled that those were the six most hellish months of her life but that she was grateful for the training received.

He saw them dive down and the Skrill Hicca flew, named Elysia released a devastating blast of lightning onto the enemy battlement. Throwing some of the enemy off the wall. Afterwards the entire wing swung around for another pass. Hicca was inducted into the fourth legion by request of Hiccup himself. He wanted his sister be safe and in the hands of someone he trusted.

Over the span of two years they changed, he got a little larger and gained some more features of maturity but Hicca changed the most since they left Berk. The Vikings there wouldn't even recognise her anymore. Gone was the quiet fourteen year old who used to live in the shadows on Berk. In her place was now a tall and proud young woman with unbreakable resolve. Gone is the all-white cadet armour as well, in its place was now the white and yellow variant used by the fourth legion. Complete with pauldron on the left shoulder, Kama at the back of the hips and a lot of weapons on her belt, back and chest. During the fight she even managed to make a name for herself. The troops call her the Viking, due to her unbreakable resolve in the fight and outside of it.

It has been a long two years. Ever since the deployment of the Juggernauts the Empire has been pushing back relentlessly on the frontline, scoring victory after victory and driving the Norn back. Up until their most important stronghold and a painful memory for the Draconians. The now ruined city of Troyares. The first city to fall at the start of the invasion 92 years ago. The offensive on the city had been raging on for four days now. But Hiccup and the rest were motivated to break them today.

"Alright keep firing! All forward, this battle ends today!" Hiccup shouted as he mounted Toothless. "FOR DRACONIA!"

"FOR DRACONIA!" was shouted all over the battle field as a war-cry.

Hiccup and Toothless took off with their rider wing close behind while the rest of the ground troops and raptor squads joined the charge forward towards the wall. In the distance to his left he could also see one of the three Juggernauts currently operational. Truthfully two of them were actually present in this battle while the third was doing patrols along the newly liberated coastlines. Imperial command had decided to throw everything they could spare at Troyares while the rest secured the borders.

The giant, ten-wheeled tank rolled forward flattening a few Norn who couldn't jump out of the way fast enough and fired its cannons for the city wall. They shook under the impact of the explosives. Four days of bombardment had done a number on the structure, it was barely holding together at all. The defending Norn on the battlements were desperately trying to repel the attacks. Using anything to be flung over the wall with makeshift catapults and javelin throwers, pieces of rubble, old furniture, ruined remains of houses even dead bodies were loaded up and launched towards the Draconians. Some of the larger pieces got a lucky hit but it did next to nothing to slow them down.

However the next strafing run from a nearby wing of dragon riders proved to be too much for the already crippled wall, which crashed down with a thunderous bang.

Hiccup and Toothless levelled out together with the rest of the dragon riders to observe the destruction of the wall after four long days of sieging. Victory was within grasp. Hiccup then searched for his sister amongst the riders and found her not so far off.

Hicca was holding her large crossbow in hand and snapped the firing ropes backwards, then she noticed her brother was watching her. She held the weapon in her right hand while she used the left to give a thumbs up to Hiccup, letting him know she'll be fine.

Hiccup grinned underneath his helmet, he then waved his arm downwards to begin the charge for the inner city. All the wings dived down and spread across the ruined building or the ravaged ground. They weaved around the ruined building picking of enemies who were spread everywhere while the gunfire still rained down from above. Hiccup and Toothless landed on the edge of one of the ruined towers and Hiccup dismounted, taking a second to see the ground troops stream through the fresh hole in the wall.

He then turned to Toothless. "This is going to turn into a battle of attrition Toothless. We need to split up. Keep to the air and take out as many as you can. I'll hunt them down on the ground." He ordered pointing up into the sky and the buildings to his left.

Toothless whined and butted his nose in Hiccup's chest saying that he didn't like it one bit.

"I'll be fine Toothless, go!" Hiccup said giving his friend a rub on the nose. Toothless nodded and took off again whilst Hiccup drew his sword and charged inside.

He smashed the door and quickly dispatched the two Norn hiding inside as another shell hit nearby and send rubble flying everywhere. This stunned another Norn warrior on the balcony outside, Hiccup moved fast and kicked him square in the chest sending him off the building. He fell to his death impaled on a broken wooden beam. Afterwards Hiccup took off running again.

About five minutes later he came at another building where several Norn had entrenched themselves and were shooting at the ground troops down below. They were trying to scale the building to get to them but they were pinned down by the enemy archers. Some of the troops sadly didn't survive this far. As Hiccup said in the beginning, a battle of attrition.

Hiccup hid behind a corner up on top of the roof and took one of his grenades. He primed it and flung it inside the windows of the room their enemy was entrenched in across the street. The resulting explosion blew out the room and silenced the Norn inside. Afterwards Hiccup ran to the edge of the roof and helped his fellow soldiers up.

"Thanks for the help sir." One of them said.

"We're far from done here soldier. Let's get moving." Hiccup said.

"Aye aye sir." They responded.

For what seemed like hours Hiccup kept going through the city, slaughtering every Norn in his path. Making his way up and down building helping out his brothers and sister in battle. Every once in a while he would hear and see Toothless streak by and another patch of rubble would blow apart from the plasma blast. Not like that wasn't happening by the artillery shells already. Bathing the once proud city in a blanked of smoke and dust.

At one point he ran into Hicca, his biological younger sister. She also had dismounted and was fighting on the ground. The only difference was that Elysia kept very close to her, flying in circles around where she was or perched on a nearby rooftop providing fire support. If anyone ever said that Hiccup was unconventional then that was a family trait. Like her brother before her Hicca didn't necessarily use the standard issue weapons, instead opting to use the ones she designed herself. She had taken a liking in using an axe on the field, maybe this was because of her Viking heritage. And while Hiccup was technically a Viking as well he has never known anything of their culture up until a few years ago. Hicca grew up in it. But of course her axe had to be special. It was in essence an axe-staff, a double bladed weapon that was folded into a normal one sided axe when not in use. But when used Hicca folded it to its longer state via a hinge build in the centre, making the weapon longer with two blades on opposite sides.

Hicca used this weapon with expertise having had over two years to perfect her technique. The oncoming Norn berserker felt this when he made the mistake to charge her and had his head sliced off by said girl spinning around the axe-staff. Hiccup nodded to himself knowing she could hold her own and moved further in the city. Him and the rest of the Draconian forces slowly but surely reaching the coast and the docks.

Five hours after the walls fell Hiccup had managed to get on the tallest building left in the city. Well, at least what was left of it. Great black smoke plumes were rising all around him but now he could see clearly what was happening all around him. On the docks at the coast there was what was left of the Norn invasion fleet. Big wooden transport boats they used to ferry men across the seas to invade new lands. Sturdy, but old. Many had fell in a state of disrepair and were hardly seaworthy. Yet they were now being used for one last purpose,…evacuation.

The Norn did now finally understand that this was a conflict they couldn't win. Over 92 years ago they awoke something they had no chance to defeat. They may have had some early victories but in the end Draconia pushed back and threw them in the sea. In essence they were already defeated, this was just the final push.

Overhead flew the thing that would make that final push, every airship they had present was flying towards the docks to make the final hit. By now the Norn were in full retreat and the Draconians made chase with a thundering war-cry.

Within the hour it was all over and in the distance what remained of the Norn fleet could be seen while an eerie silence hung over the ruined city of Troyares. On the tallest building they could find a flagpole was planted and slowly the Imperial flag was raised. It was done,… the war was over. Hiccup looked as the flag was raised overhead. When it was all the way at the top and flying proudly he turned around and gazed at the men and women on the ground. Amongst them people and dragons he has known for years, other he had just met a few days ago. H saw friends he'd known as a child and lost family he found far away. All of them different yet with a common purpose, a purpose now fulfilled.

He looked to Toothless who had landed next to him. He nodded to his friend, raised his sword and looked to the crowd below. "VICTORY!" He screamed as loud as he could.

The response was deafening. The dragons roared to the sky while every single trooper, be it land or air returned his cry that would be remembered for years to come. A thunderous cry of victory was carried over the land.

After 92 years… it was finally over.

Troyares inner city, evening, 268 ADF

A small campfire crackled at the top of the building where the Imperial flag waved in the wind. It was already dark but in the streets there was an abundance of light. A celebration was held by the troops to celebrate the end of the war. Hiccup however didn't participate in this, he kept to his small fire high up. The war might be over but someone needed to keep watch, so the higher officers volunteered to stand guard while the normal soldiers had their celebrations. They deserved it.

So now Hiccup was leaning against a sleeping Toothless next to the campfire while observing the vast ocean in front of him and the starry sky above. Opted to remove his blood splattered helmet to clean it a little. It now rested at his left flank.

After a while he heard footsteps approaching but he made no move to get up as he knew who would come to him now.

"Shouldn't you be down celebrating with the rest of the soldiers sis?" Hiccup asked leisurely.

He could hear a chuckle behind him. "What is a party without family?" Hicca asked as she stepped in front of Hiccup, helmet in hand.

As previously said she had changed. She's become taller and more defined over the years. Armour wise she wore the standard issue fourth legion equipment. White and yellow armour covering her entire body added with a pauldron on the right shoulder and the yellow Kama on the hips. Her axe and crossbow were sheathed on her back and her belt was filled with the many devices and pouches used in combat and beyond.

"You? Not going to a celebration? I somehow don't believe you." Hiccup said sarcastically.

"Alright, I had some fun for a while. But now I just wanted to come find you." Hicca said as she sat down next to Hiccup. Elysia lay down near the fire. "Are you having a problem with it?"

"Not at all sis." Hiccup said smiling.

"Good, it's not like we can't hold our own little celebration up here." Hicca said as she pulled a small metal bottle from her belt.

Hiccup raised an eyebrow in mock surprise. "Already drinking? What would mom and dad say?" he joked.

Hicca took a swig and turned to her brother. "What?! Like you're any better Hiccup." She said as she looked at Hiccup's flask on his belt.

Hiccup chuckled and took his own. Taking a swig. "I guess you're right, just know your limit." He said.

"I know the limit." Hicca said as she waved her flask around. "One for you and two for me." She said as she gestured to the second one on the other side of her belt.

"Drunkard." Hiccup quipped.

Hicca laughed,… freely. Not like she used to on Berk, now she could show her emotions freely. Once she stopped laughing she looked up into the night sky. "It's been over two years now. When we left Berk I never imagined we would come to where we are now." She said.

"We've come a long way indeed. And so have you." Hiccup said.

"Hmm…, did you ever think about mom and dad back home?" Hicca asked.

"I did sometimes." Hiccup answered.

"Are you ready to go back? Now that the war is over we are free to go." Hicca asked.

Hiccup signed. "You know in the past I always planned to go on an expedition to find you. I never planned to stay however. Though now that I've been there and met you, mom and dad, Astrid and all the rest. I'll think I'll take my chances with staying on Berk indefinitely." He said as he smiled towards Hicca.

Hicca smiled back and the two joined in a hug between brother and sister.

When they released each other Hicca spoke again.

"So when do we leave? We could be there in about two weeks from the capitol." She asked.

"Woah, not so fast sis. There are still some things to be done. We aren't leaving yet." Hiccup answered.

Hicca chuckled. "As long as we do it together." She said.

"On that we can agree." Hiccup answered.

(About a week later)

Draconian capitol, just after noon, 268 ADF

Hiccup heard the shouts of celebration all around him. With the end of the war the entire nation was thrown into a state of complete euphoria and celebration. For the first time in almost a century parents knew that their children would grow up without knowing the horrors of war. For the first time parents didn't have to say goodbye to their sons and daughters only to get a message back that they perished on the front. For the first time they had hope for a better, more prosperous future.

And so Hiccup and the rest of the troops who fought the final battle at Troyares were welcomed as heroes in the capitol. In honour of the victory a grand parade was staged leading all the way through the city up to the steps of the palace. Each legion that participated in the battle marched through the streets on the steady rhythm of the music and the joyous cries of the population. The Imperial flag waved proudly on every building and the dragons flew in formation above them, for once without their riders.

As per custom Hiccup marched in front of the 250 active troops while they followed in rectangle formation behind him. Somewhere behind him Hicca was doing the same with Valentine leading the charge. They marched through the entire city till they eventually came to the main square in front of the palace. At the entrance they passed underneath a monument archway that was still under construction. Hiccup signed quietly when passing it, the monument would serve as a reminder of the cost of war and a memory to everyone who was killed. The names of everyone who died in battle over the past 92 years. And that were a lot of names.

They marched on for another minute or so before stopping at their designated position and standing in parade rest, waiting for the rest of the army to reach the main square. The dragons meanwhile were making circles around the palace.

From his position Hiccup could just make out his adoptive parents, the emperor and empress and his adoptive older sister Mae on one of the lowest balconies ahead. They were supposed to give a speech in celebration of the victory and announce the future of the empire. As soon as all legions were at their positions and the marching sound had stopped Dytaldir, the emperor stepped forward. His voice was enhanced by a loudspeaker like device rigged on the side of the balcony.

"My fellow countrymen, soldiers of the Imperial army! I am humbled to be standing in front of you today." He began. "Today is a day that will be remembered for generations to come. For almost the entirety of the last century our nation has been ravaged by war. Invaded by a foreign enemy who destroyed our land and slaughtered our people for mere conquest. As of today that war is finally over. Due to the efforts and sacrifices of every one of you, especially the men and women I see here before me. Their courage and sacrifices ensured peace for our nation. I am truly humbled to be in your presence."

To this statement all the troops made a simultaneous salute to the emperor. They held for a moment before he continued.

"We as a people must ensure their courage and sacrifices are never forgotten. The monument now being constructed will be a testament to that." Dytaldir said as he gestured to the victory arch being constructed. Hiccup hung his head a little in memory of fallen friends, and he was hardly the only one. "We will also ensure that such a conflict will never take place again in Draconia. The Iron Shield network and The Wall will make sure of that. A construction that will be completed very soon, ensuring the safety of our empire for the next two centuries." He proudly proclaimed. "I thank you all, and have a great victory celebration!"

The public shouted in celebration again while the troops turned around and began making their way back to the barracks. Hiccup very much knew what his adoptive father was talking about. For he had seen parts of it being constructed. The wall was an idea implemented a few years back. It consisted of a series of fortifications along the entire length of the Draconian coastline, a giant wall keeping out any hostile invasion forces. Combined with The Iron Shield the border should be almost unbreakable. The Iron Shield was a defence network build around repurposed Imperial artillery companies, now that the war was over they had become slightly obsolete just like the massive military. The empire had decided that it was best to reduce the size of the military, so the artillery companies were dismantled and the cannons were used as artillery turrets alongside the wall. A network of large and smaller guns to keep the border safe, operated by the former artillery companies. It was the best course of action in these times of change.

But Draconia wasn't the only place times were about to change.

(Several days later)

Imperial palace, afternoon, 268 ADF

Over the next few days the two sibling retreated into the palace to spend time with the Imperial royal family and prepare their return to the Archipelago. Which the rest of the royal family was kind of sad about. They were very fond of their adoptive son and their love for the young Viking girl had also grown with the years. Mae and Valentine were especially sad to see them go and tried to persuade them otherwise now that they were about to leave.

"Are you sure you want to back? You know you're both welcome to live here." Mae asked hopefully for the hundredth time in these past few days.

Hiccup signed, she had been asking for days. He knew she had a hard time saying goodbye. "Yes, we are sure Mae. I know I used to say I would always be here but times change. And right now my place is out there, with the Vikings." He said.

"It's not like we can't come to visit right?" Hicca said standing with Elysia nearby. Her bag already packed.

"That's right, we'll only be about a week's flight away." Hiccup added.

"But…" Mae began.

"Mae please…, you know we can't be around all the time. And you'll have Valentine with you now." Hiccup said.

That was a sentence Hiccup had wanted to say for years actually, for it had finally happened. For months he and Hicca had been pushing Mae and Valentine together until Valentine finally confessed his feelings for the princess. This prompted Mae to do the same and they've been together ever since. It also made for some very awkward situation which may or may not have been purposely caused by the Haddock siblings.

"You're never going to let us live that one down are you?" Valentine said.

"Nope, never going to happen Valentine!" Hicca said.

"You do realise I am your senior officer Hicca." Valentine shot back.

"Yes Commander, what do you want me to do? Storm the gates of the palace and kill everyone inside? I can do that." Hicca joked back.

Valentine laughed. "Let's keep that one for another time." He said.

Hicca smiled. "I'm going to miss you Valentine." She said.

"Me too Hicca, me too." He answered.

"So how are you planning to go?" Mae asked.

Hiccup, just finishing his backpack slung it around onto his back and secured it. "We were thinking to do some island hopping. Flying during the day and resting on a random island until we arrive on Berk." He said.

"It would take us about a week to get there." Hicca continued.

At this moment the empress and emperor walked into the room the four young adults were in. Hiccup greeted them first.

"Hello mother, father. Come to see us off?" He asked.

"Yes, Yelena and I would hate it to see you both leave without saying goodbye." Dytaldir said.

"Not to mention that I still hate to see you both leave." Yelena said.

"Come now dear, this is their choice. We can't keep them here without them wanting to stay." Dytaldir said.

"I know…" She said sadly. "But we're not going to let you both leave without a gift."

Hiccup shifted his backpack a little and Hicca looked at the different packs on Elysia and herself. "Uh, thanks for the offer mother but I'm afraid we won't be able to carry anything more." Hiccup said.

Dytaldir chuckled. "You won't be needing to carry anything son. Come on, all of you." He said as he waved everyone to follow him.

Hiccup and Hicca looked at one-another and shrugged. They had no idea what they were on about.

The group walked through the corridors of the palace making their way towards what both siblings knew as one of the airship docks. When they rounded the corner leading to the outside dock they saw one bastion-class airship landed without any crew present. Dytaldir was smiling at the sight.

Slowly it dawned on Hiccup. "Wait, you're giving us that? An entire airship for just the two of us?" He asked incredulously.

Dytaldir chuckled along with Yelena, Mae and Valentine. Seems like they were all aware of this. "It's all yours. And your village's by extension. It's fully stocked and the Fireworm colony is yours to use as you see fit." Dytaldir said.

Hiccup looked at him with wide eyes while Hicca was flabbergasted. "F..father, I can't take this. It's way too much, the Empire could use these!" He said.

"Nu-uh Hiccup, no returns. It's yours." Valentine chimed in.

"You know Hiccup, that ship is stocked with enough ammunition to level a sizable village. Could be fun." Hicca said.

"Oh don't make me think about what could happen with that amount of firepower. Sometimes I worry about you Hicca." Hiccup said.

"So will you take it?" Mae asked.

Hiccup thought deep for a moment. "The safest hands are still our own. As long as it remains with me or Hicca nothing too bad can happen. Plus I have some ideas for Fireworms." He said before looking at the four members of the royal family. "We'll take it."

The royal family smiled while Hicca silently celebrated behind Hiccup's back. She had always wanted one of those since she had flown in one. Granted she had ridden one of the Juggernauts but flying was still cooler.

Mae then stepped forward and enveloped Hiccup in a tight hug. "I'm going to miss you Hiccup…" she said sadly.

"Me too Mae, I promise I'll visit." He said while returning the hug.

After Mae released him and moved over to Hicca it was Valentines turn. The two men grabbed each other's forearm and Hiccup laid a hand on Valentine's shoulder. "It's been an honour knowing you Hiccup. Both as the prophesised one and as a friend." Valentine said.

"Farewell my friend. Take care of Mae now that I won't be able to do so anymore." Hiccup said looking back at Mae and Hicca. Then he turned back to Valentine. "And let me know when the wedding will be." He whispered.

Valentine turned bright red for a moment and looked at Mae. "Yeah… I'll do that…" He said awkwardly.

Hiccup smiled and patted him on the head. Then he turned to his adoptive parents who were already saying goodbye to Hicca. Hiccup turned to his adoptive father.

"Father, I wish to say thank you for all these years. Even if you weren't my real father I still see you as one." Hiccup said.

"The pleasure was all mine son. Come and give this old man a hug." Dytaldir said opening his arms, an invitation Hiccup gladly accepted. After they released each other Dytaldir pulled two document cylinders from his clothes and gave them to Hiccup. "Please give these documents to the Chief of your village. One is a diplomatic treaty you might enjoy. The other is a personal letter from myself to your biological father."

Hiccup stashed away the letter to Stoick and opened the cylinder containing the diplomatic document and read it.

"Seriously?!" Hiccup asked after reading the letter.

"Gaining a diplomatic foothold in the archipelago would be advantageous. An alliance and trade agreement between both our lands would be mutually beneficial. Maybe a little more for Berk though." Dytaldir said with a grin.

Hiccup chuckled. "I'll see to it that it is signed and send back here." He said.

"Good, we also took the liberty to stock the ship with plenty of building materials and gear. Seeing that you will be making a lot of improvements to your island. It's to get you started." Dytaldir said.

Hiccup nodded. "Thanks."

"My pleasure Hiccup." Dytaldir said.

Afterwards Hiccup said goodbye to Yelena and the last of the supplies in the airship. All of them shared one last hug before both siblings embarked on the ship. Hicca proceeded into the cockpit while Hiccup made his way to the engine room.

Hicca sat herself down in the seat of the pilot and first officer and spoke in one of the tubes leading to the engine bay so Hiccup could hear her. "Alright Hiccup, I'm at the controls. You can start her up." She said.

"Roger that." He said back. He flicked a few switches and pushed a couple buttons before moving to a lever to link the dragon powered engine to the drive system to get the turbines going. "Stand by… ignition!" He said as he pushed the lever in its socked and the ship shook for a moment when the already running parts connected with the still static ones.

When watched from the outside one could hear a soft mechanical bang and the whirring up of the turbines as they got up to speed. The royal family watched as the drawbridge was raised closed and the turbines began pointing upwards and gaining speed.

Hiccup walked in the door of the bridge after he left the engine bay. On the bridge he saw Hicca sitting in the pilot's seat being flanked by Elysia and Toothless whom were already present from the beginning. He walked up to the bridge's windows and looked upon the royal family, their adoptive family for a final time.

Hicca chuckled. "Permission to take off Captain?" She jokily asked.

Hiccup laughed. "Granted first officer. Take us home." He answered.

Hicca did as she was ordered and punched the accelerator. Slowly the ship came oose from the ground and rose up into the air. Once they were two to three meters up Hicca flicked a switch which caused the landing legs to retract back into the hull. Afterwards the ship swung around and made a heading north. Hiccup made a final wave out of the cockpit before moving out of view from the palace docks.

Hiccup walked past Hicca and sat down in the captain's chair behind her, gazing out of the cockpit over the capitol city.

"So, we're finally heading home huh." Hicca said.

"Yes we are. Raise the angle by five degrees, he need to gain some height. After we're outside the city perimeter we'll have two weeks of flying ahead." Hiccup said. "Father said he had some extra stuff loaded in. want to go check out the hangar bay when we're out of the city?" he asked.

"You bet. Huh, two weeks. It'll be dead winter when we arrive in Berk." Hicca mused.

"That sounds about right. Wait, wasn't there some Viking holiday in the dead of winter? Like the one around the same time as dragon nesting season, what was the name again? Snugglehog?" Hiccup asked.

Hicca laughed. "Close but not quite. It's called Snoggletog. You really need to work on your Viking culture big brother." She said

"Well excuse me if I can't pronounce the name of a holiday I never celebrated." Hiccup exclaimed as he waved his arms around. "What is it with Vikings and strange names anyway?" he asked.

"Looks who's talking." Hicca said.

"Well like your name is any better. On second thought you were kind of named after me. Then why did mom and dad call me Hiccup?" He asked.

"Vikings believe a hideous name will scare off gnomes and trolls." Hicca explained absent minded.

Hiccup frowned for a moment. "Then what about Astrid? If I recall correctly her name literally means divine beauty. How is that going to scare of mythical creatures?" he asked.

"Bro, this is Astrid we're talking about. She could even scare you away." Hicca laughed.

"Fair point." Hiccup said.

"Speaking of her. Are you looking forward to seeing her again?" Hicca asked with obvious amusement in her voice.

"Oh please don't start another Mae/Valentine crusade please." Hiccup said with obvious embarrassment.

"So you are looking forward to seeing her again?" Hicca asked again.

"Of course! There hasn't been a day that I haven't thought about her since we left Berk. But don't tell anyone I said that." Hiccup said quickly.

Hicca chuckled. "I solemnly swear your secret is safe with me brother." She said as she held up two fingers.

"Why do I have the feeling you won't be keeping your word?" Hiccup asked.

"That my dear brother is for me to know and for you to forever wonder about." Hicca said.

"Like always huh. How on earth is the village going to be able to deal with us?" Hiccup said.

"They could deal with the twins right. They'll manage." Hicca said.

"But can they deal with us on top of the twins?" Hiccup joked.

"The question is, can they deal with the twins on top of us?" Hicca corrected.

Hiccup chuckled. "I call chaos and insanity." He said.

"True that." Hicca concluded.

(Two weeks later)

Berk village, evening, 268 ADF

It was Snoggletog on Berk and like one would expect at this time of the year Berk was white due to the snow, and even more was still falling as a semi-blizzard was raging over the island. The houses and the Great-Hall were lit with warm fires and in the centre of the village stood a Snoggletog tree made out of green wood planks decorated with Vikings shields. In short the mood was festive.

Astrid, Ruffnut, Tuffnut and Fishlegs were at the village square helping with the final touches before the feast that was about to begin in about half an hour. The last two years had been very kind to them, all four had matured and become more defined in their adolescence. Most of them had become a little bit taller and Fishlegs had begun developing a slight beard, something he was very proud of.

Their attire had changed slightly as well. Stepping off from her blue-greenish tunic she now wore a red one. Her skirt had now more leather added to it and her general appearance consisted of a lot more fur. Specifically on her arms and boots as well as the new fur hood to keep her warm. Some things, like the shoulder guards however never changed. The twins had chosen a more ragged look. Tuffnut opting for blonde dreadlocks while Ruffnut wore her hair in three long braids. Both added fur to their outfit as well though Tuffnut opted to use a bit more spikes. Okay a lot more.

And speaking of more fur the record holder was without a doubt Fishlegs. With his current size and all the fur he wore people could mistake him for an actual bear. A gentle, kind-hearted one but a bear none the less.

Together they were working making small but jolly conversation though they all knew this was merely a distraction for what was really going on.

Snoggletog was a holiday about family, friends and good times. It was also the occasion to remember the ones who weren't with them or couldn't anymore. This had weighed heavily on the four friends for the past two years, and it weighed even heavier on Stoick and Valka.

"Do you think they'll return this year?" Ruffnut finally asked being brave enough to tackle the issue.

Astrid just hung her shoulders and signed but didn't say anything.

"They'll return eventually." Fishlegs said solemnly. "At least we know their still alive. They have been writing."

"Yeah, but the last letter was about five months ago. After that we haven't heard anything from them." Astrid said sadly.

"Come on Astrid, you know how bad communication is between here and the Empire. They'll be fine." Ruffnut encouraged.

Astrid signed again and looked up into the dark and stormy sky whilst the snow was falling down. "I just wish they'd come back soon." She said.

The four teens nodded in agreement. "We all do Astrid, we all do." Tuffnut said. Before mumbling. "Even chicken does, and she never even met them."

After this they finished their work and made their way towards the Great-Hall. The sun was almost behind the horizon and pretty soon it would be very dark outside. On to another Snoggletog without the Haddock siblings they thought.

Little did they know that they were closer than they thought. Above in the clouds not very far from the island was a Draconian Bastion-class airship teaming ahead through the raging blizzard. It had been on its way from the Imperial capitol for two weeks now and its passengers were eager to see Berk again.

"Nice weather don't you think?" Hiccup said sarcastically as he looked out of the cockpit into the snowstorm outside.

"Yep, that's Berk for ya." Hicca said as she leisurely rested her feet on the pilot controls. "We honestly should be almost there." She said.

"Good, though I think we'd better turn on the lights. Otherwise we won't see where to land." Hiccup said.

"Yeah, I think we should." Hicca said as she took her feet of the pilot controls. "Otherwise we might accidentally plough Gothi's hut off the top of the Great-Hall."

"We wouldn't want that now would we?" Hiccup asked sarcastically.

"No, I have only heard stories about Gothi's temper, I really don't want to be on the receiving end of it. On another note, you still up for the dramatic entry plan?" Hicca asked.

"Of course! You know how much I love my dramatic flair. Though I suppose you're equally good at it." Hiccup said.

"You got that right!" Hicca said.

"Indeed. Now, you can begin lowering the ship. I'll ignite the search lights." Hiccup said before he left the bridge Toothless in tow.

"Well, here goes nothing." Hicca said to herself before pushing the levers and guiding the airship downwards. The lights, which were slow burning, magnesium based fires reflected by mirrors came on several minutes later. Burning two bright beams in the dark and stormy night.

Great-Hall, evening, 268 ADF

The entirety of Berk was seated inside the Great-Hall, all were cuddled up with their families around warm crackling fires. The teens had all joined their respective parents and the twins were once again seated with the Ingermans. Mostly out of their son's fondness for the female twin and because the two adolescents needed somewhere to turn to. Stoick was seated at the central table with Valka and Gobber. The mood was cheery but in the back of his head he was sad. Sad because his own children weren't here with them and that he hadn't heard anything from them for the past five months. Previous Snoggletogs they had always received a letter from Hicca giving them and the rest of the village the bests of wishes and some vague updates on the war effort. She also told them she was trying and sometimes failing to teach Hiccup something about Viking culture and habits. His reactions always brought a smile on his and the rest of the village's faces. But this time there was nothing.

Stoick stood from his seat to give his annual Snoggletog speech, as was tradition.

"My fellow Vikings, I hereby welcome you at our annual Snoggletog feast. Today we celebrate the beginning of a new year and the good times we may share with our loved ones. I am proud to announce that last year was one of the best yet. The harvests were excellent and we've had the honour to welcome new villagers." Stoick said as he gestured to some of the new-borns in the hall. "We thank the gods that we may celebrate this holiday with those we love." He said before his visage turned solemn. "And we remember those who aren't with us anymore. …or couldn't be here."

Many a Viking nodded as almost all of them knew whom he was talking about. The only ones who didn't were the children who were too young to know who he was talking about or didn't understand the reasons they weren't here.

"Today will mark the third Snoggletog both my son and daughter couldn't be with us. I admit I haven't heard from them for the past five months but I keep hope alive that they will return one day. And in turn we all must celebrate, for their sacrifices make the archipelago safe." Stoick said as he raised his tankard. "I wish to bring the first toast of this night. For my son, my daughter and all of Berk!" he proclaimed.

"HERE HERE!" the rest of the Vikings toasted.

Stoick and the rest of the hall drank but even before anyone could put down their tankard the doors were almost smashed open by one of the guards stumbling in as fast as he could bringing the frigid outside air with him.

The guard panted from running so fast through the snow. He had barely caught his breath before stuttering. "CH…CHIEF!"

Stoick's eyes went wide, he put down his tankard and spoke to the guard. An interruption on Snoggletog like this was rare if non-existent, whatever it was it was urgent. "What is it?!" he asked.

The guard was barely able to form words and pointed to the open door. "Ou…outside…lights…they…c...came out of the clouds!" he managed to explain.

Several people's eyes went as wide as dinner plates. Astrid even dropped her tankard. Those exact words were uttered by a guard over two years ago just moments before what many recalled as the Draconian invasion of Berk.

Stoick was static for a moment. He turned to look to his wife who had equally wide eyes as him. She looked up at him before giving a small nod. Almost instantly both Haddocks flew from their chairs and barrelled out of the Great-Hall. They were closely followed by Gobber who only took a second longer to realise what was happening. After him were Astrid, Fishlegs, Ruff and Tuff together with the respective families all thinking the same. Soon the entire Great-Hall poured empty as everyone huddled in thick fur clothes and stepped in the cold outside air and sank their feet in the thick blanket of snow that covered the island.

Once outside they looked up to see two white beams of light piercing the dark and snow-filled sky. Both beams originating out of the silhouette of a monstrous flying machine the Berkians had come to know as a Draconian airship. The snow howled around the flying machine and was blown in all directions by the force exerted by the ship's turbines as they lowered the vehicle to the ground.

Many a Viking watched in awe and some people even got tears in their eyes. Astrid both her hand in front of her mouth, she was beyond happy to see just a glimpse of what could mean a return of the Haddock siblings.

Stoick watched with equally tear filled eyes as his greatest wish for the past two years was fulfilled right on Snoggletog. He put a hand around the shoulders of his equally happy and tearing wife as the ship got closer to the ground.

As the ship lowered the six mechanical landing legs were deployed with heavy churning of the metal gears. Moments later the airship touched down on the snow covered ground kicking up enough of it to make several Vikings' hair white for several moments. Afterwards the Vikings heard the sounds of the engines powering down and the turbines losing speed. The ground in front of the ship still being illuminated by the two lights on the front.

The drawbridge unlocked and was lowered down onto the ground, though no-one exited the craft when the door was all the way down.

The Vikings were confused as to why no-one came out of the vessel and others held their breaths in anticipation. They were rewarded when the silhouette of a person in armour appeared in the door opening. Followed seconds later by the silhouette of a dragon.

Hiccup walked off the ramp with Toothless right behind him. He was in his full armour and had his helmet on, otherwise they might have seen him grinning. He stopped walking when he was on solid ground and looked straight forward to the Vikings in front of him.

Stoick and the rest were about to step forward and meet them but he stopped when Hiccup stood still at the end of the ramp and no-one else exited. He didn't understand. After a few moments a thought dawned on Valka however. "Oh no…" She whispered as she put a hand in front of her mouth.

Several other Vikings started whispering as well. All of them questioning why it was only the man whom they thought was Hiccup who had exited the transport. Several began muttering the unspoken question. Had Hicca… died?

Before anyone could burst out into tears or question the whereabouts of the younger girl the man who was now definitely identified as Hiccup due to the Nightfury behind him started chuckling. The Vikings looked up at him and wondered what he was laughing about.

Then Hiccup stopped laughing and turned his head around looking behind him.

Out of the darkness of the Draconian airship emerged a second figure, clad in white-yellow decorated armour used by the Imperial military. The second figure was definitely female and heavily armed. Being only a little bit smaller than Hiccup she stopped next to him, the recognisable silhouette of a Skrill resting next to Toothless.

Hiccup raised his left fist and Hicca graciously bumped in as a celebration for a dramatic entry well done. Then they both removed their helmets.

The Villagers of Berk watched in awe as any memories of the awkward little girl known as Hicca Horrendous Haddock IV were washed away and replaced by a proud and tall young woman who in their opinion could match Astrid in beauty and if all the weapons she carried were an indicator maybe even battle.

At the moment Valka didn't even care if the tears were flowing rapidly of her cheeks, whilst sobbing in happiness she launched herself at her daughter who against some of the other villager's expectations was perfectly able to catch her mother's momentum without toppling over. The young woman now almost reached her mother height.

"Hey mom." Hicca said with a smile.

"You're alive… both of you are." Valka said as she refused to let go of Hicca.

Hicca chuckled and Hiccup spoke. "What? Did you really think we'd die so easily?" he joked.

Seconds after he'd said that he was hit on the arm. Hard.

"Yow!" Hiccup screamed out before looking at Astrid beside him who had delivered the punch. "Wa what is it with you? Is it always going to be violence?" He asked incredulously.

"Oh shut up you…" Astrid said before grabbing Hiccup's collar and planting a firm and long kiss on his lips.

When she released she made a small giggle at Hiccup's dazed face. "I could get used to this." He said eventually.

Chuckles ran out through the Viking crowd that rapidly evolved in full blown laughter while Stoick stepped forward and lifting his son, daughter and wife in a bone crushing hug. All while Hiccup and Hicca were protesting and saying something about air. Meanwhile Toothless head-butted Astrid in the side demanding attention.

"Hello Toothless." Astrid said as she petted the black dragon much to his delight. Over the years she had come to grow less afraid of dragons and tough some mistrust remained she could manage Toothless.

Meanwhile Stoick had released both siblings and Hiccup had noticed Toothless cuddling up to Astrid. "I think he likes you." He said to Astrid.

"Seems like it. Is it just you two this time? No hidden armies inside that monstrosity?" Astrid asked.

Hiccup chuckled. "No, no invasion forces this time. There's no need right?" Hiccup answered.

"I do hope so." Astrid said taking a step closer to Hiccup and hugging him again. "I missed you Hiccup."

Hiccup wrapped his arms around her as well. "Same here Astrid. Same here." He said.

"So, son?" Stoick asked causing Hiccup to release Astrid and turn around to look at his dad. "Are you staying?" Stoick asked.

Hiccup chuckled. "Yes, the war is over so this time we're staying. Now I don't mind this conversation but could we continue it inside. Is it not Snubbletug?" he said.

"Snoggletog!" Hicca corrected him.

"Right, sorry!" Hiccup said as Stoick and the rest of the village were laughing.

"Everyone back to the Great-Hall! Tonight we feast like never before!" Stoick proclaimed.

The villagers roared in approval and made their way back to the Great-Hall. The two siblings smiled and Hiccup nodded to Hicca signalling her to close up the ship. Hicca nodded back and moved around the boarding ramp to pull the outside release lever. It could both be used to open or close the front ramp. It also shut off the searchlights. Afterwards she again joined Hiccup and the rest moving for the Hall.

"I hope you're not going to make any remarks if we bring Toothless and Elysia inside with us dad?" Hiccup said.

Stoick did look a little wary for a moment but signed in the end. It's not like he would be able to stop them. "As long as you can keep them under control it's fine by me." He said eventually.

"There's only two of them right?" Gobber asked.

"Uh, no actually. There is a third one." Hiccup said making the group stop in their tracks. "We noticed him flying with us around the second day of our travels. Wait, I'll call him." He said.

Hiccup put two fingers in his mouth and let out a high pitched whistle. One that was answered by a roar in the sky, a roar that sounded eerily familiar to Stoick and Valka.

"I know that sound…" Valka said.

Suddenly a large silhouette could be seen descending from the sky, its four wings spread mimicking the insignia of the Draconian empire and a shadow that had haunted both Haddock parents' nightmares for years.

"Mom, dad. Meet Cloudjumper. Although I think you might have already met, about twenty years ago." Hiccup said. "You know I actually can't think of any way to properly introduce you guys to each other. Seeing the… history…. All you have to know is: I don't blame him for his actions for they made me who I am today. Please try to look beyond past encounters." Hiccup almost pleaded.

Stoick was static, right in front of him was the creature that had haunted his nightmares for years without end. Had he not been a changed man he would have charged the beast h then and there. Letting nothing stop him. Now however he felt as if he couldn't move, rooted to the ground by something he couldn't explain.

Valka was equally rooted to the ground not knowing what to do, but there was something about the way that dragon looked at her. It had something mesmerising. As if beckoning her to come to it. But she wasn't the only one who saw it.

Hiccup and Hicca had realised what was happening and while Hiccup motioned the other Vikings to take a step back Hicca went to her mother.

"You should go to him." Hicca said.

Valka made a nervous side-glance at her daughter, though never taking her eyes of the dragon. As mesmerised as she was she was also scared.

"Don't be afraid. He won't hurt you, he never would." Hicca said.

Trusting her daughter's judgement Valka stepped forward towards Cloudjumper. Stoick tried to say something but he was stopped by Hiccup holding him back and promising she would be fine. This was something she had to do alone.

Valka approached the great beast although wary of what it could do and what it did. But seeing it in front of her reminded her also of the fact that this mighty creature had disproven everything they thought they knew about dragons as a whole. She saw it playing with an infant Hiccup and it didn't kill her on sight that day. It… no he didn't kill her. The beast in front of her didn't look like a born killing machine either. Instead she saw a kind and gentle creature. A creature that helped make both her children what they were today.

Somewhere in the back of her mind something compelled her to extend her hand towards the dragon and close her eyes. Vaguely she could hear Stoick shout her name but she paid no heed to it, instead she was surprised and mesmerised by the warm scales that touched her hand and the bond that was formed. She opened her eyes looked in the diluted ones of Cloudjumper.

"Hello Cloudjumper." She said as she stroked the warm scales. "Nice to finally meet you officially."

After some awkward introductions and some arguing with Stoick about Cloudjumper all the Vikings were finally seated inside the Great-Hall. A lot of things had happened today already and the night was far from over. All the village opted to form a wide circle around the warm fires with food and drinks within reach and listen all night to the amazing stories the two had to tell. However this time it wouldn't be Hiccup who was talking. No he was comfortably sitting next to Valka with his arm slung around Astrid and his helmet on his lap. Toothless, Elysia and Cloudjumper opted to stay behind him, the latter still keeping some distance with Stoick. Hiccup had ensured him he just needed some time to adjust, he would come around eventually.

Hicca had gone to fetch a few tankards for herself, Astrid and Hiccup. She gave each one and Hiccup tried Viking mead for the first time.

Hiccup winced and pulled a face when taking a sip. "Alright, not something I'm used to. Little strange of taste." He said.

"Maybe you should spice it up a little." Hicca said as she patted the flask on her belt.

"Good idea." Hiccup pointed out as he put his tankard down and reached in his belt to remove the flask and open it. He then put some drops of the liquid in his tankard.

"Uh Hiccup, what is that?" Astrid asked.

"Oh this? It's an alcoholic drink from Draconia. Want to try?" Hiccup asked.

"Sure." Astrid said before she was handed the flask and took a sip. Which promptly caused her to wince and couch once she swallowed the liquid.

Hiccup and Hicca chuckled. "Too strong for you milady?" Hiccup asked.

"No! I can handle it. It's just…different." Astrid said.

"Sure Astrid." Hicca said as she turned around making Astrid see the weapon on her back.

"Wow, Hicca what is up with that axe?" Astrid asked.

Hicca smiled and grabbed the axe from her back. "Pretty nifty isn't it. Has been my primary weapon during the war." She said as she tossed it to Astrid, who examined it with great interest.

"Why is the shaft so wide? It's like I'm holding two axes in one hand." Astrid said.

"Oh I did some modifying. Can I have it back for a moment?" Hicca asked.

Astrid gave back the axe and got Hicca's tankard in return. "Hold that." Hicca said. Moments later she swung the axe around, bending the hinge so it became an axe-staff. Then proceeded to twirl it around.

"Whoa, I want one." Astrid said.

"Now, I think we're all very excited you guys are back but I'd like to hear some stories." Gobber suddenly said.

Hicca shrunk her axe-staff and placed it back and turned to the crowd. "You all want to hear about our great adventure." She asked.

"Yeah!" The crowd called.

"Hiccup?" Hicca asked. Asking if he wanted to take over.

"Nah, you're doing fine sis. The crowd is all yours." Hiccup answered.

"Alright where do I start?" Hicca asked the crowd.

"What about the beginning lass?" Angus Hofferson said.

"Right then. After we left Berk… it all began with boot camp…"

For the rest of the evening and eventually night Hicca told her story. She began with the hellish six months in boot camp of which multiple of the older and more hardened Vikings thought she was exaggerating. Too her first deployment with the fourth legion. She told about the more child friendly battles she either fought alone or together with Hiccup and the third legion. She left out most of the brutality to protect the young and innocent minds of the children present. She told them about the wonders of the wider world, the places she had been. Sometimes Hiccup cut in to tell a small story for himself of what happened when the two split up or to reinforce Hicca's stories. They told them of the good times when not in combat, the funny situations they got themselves in, even that time when they accidentally blew up a room in the Imperial palace. Stoick got some cold sweat at that moment realising they now had to deal with a double dose of insane siblings. Only these were ten times smarter and a hell of a lot more dangerous. He briefly wondered what the future may hold and for how long the village would survive.

Hiccup and Hicca had only one thought on this matter. The future ahead of them was bright, filled with adventure and family. They would make it better. They would decide their own course for the future.

Together as family…

The end

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