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Notes: Tier Harribel or rather Tier Uzumaki has the full range of Arrancar powers as I feel honestly that it is incredibly stupid that she was seen only using a few of them in Bleach Canon and is far more powerful than in Canon. In the Naruto verse I am using the Template sort of established for my own Naruto verse in Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki though Naruto was killed by a angry mob when he was younger and was reborn as Tier. She retained a lot of Naruto's powers discovering along the way of her time as a Arrancar the Rasengan and many other powers Adepts wielded she has a powerful Water, Wind and Lightning Affinity. She does not need to enter her transformed state to use those powers she somehow retained them even during her time as a Arrancar.

Hollow's, Ghosts aka Plus's and Yokai exist in this Naruto verse in this story just so you know Obito is long dead as is Kushina unlike in my story Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki where she is alive.

Chapter One: Return of Naruto I mean coming of Tier Harribel

Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed as his vision ended giving to him by Kami apparently the boy he thought murdered by the heartless civilians an event which caused a great rift between the Adept Shinobi and Civilians. In the vision he received the boy he had viewed as a Grandson was coming back though in a different form and under a different name he sighed as he decided to break this announcement to the Shinobi Council and Danzo. Speaking of Danzo said Clan Head and ROOT leader had been very angered by the 13-year-old Naruto's death at Civilian and Civilian born Adept hands. Many executions happened that night as the Shinobi and those civilians capable of seeing past the Kyubi had demanded justice for Naruto Uzumaki and Hiruzen gladly gave them that Justice.

All participants in the Killing of Said Boy were brutality executed an act that satisfied those whom wanted Justice for Naruto but further divided Konoha. A year after Naruto's death Konohagakure had been visited by a now free Kyubi whom took it upon herself to confirm the boy's identity as a separate entity from herself and spared them only because it was Naruto's last words to her. This of course led to him and Danzo disclosing Naruto's real identity and leading to a lot of outrage from Konoha's civilians whom were now in denial about Naruto's identity as the son of their heroes. Now as for the vision he had to received he had to address the Shinobi council before this Tier Uzumaki arrived in Konoha in a month and she was brining friends

A Month Later Tier Uzumaki has she called herself ever since gaining the memories of her former home with her adopted clan members Rosa, Apacci and Sun Uzumaki following her. Following their respective deaths in Karakara town at either the hands of the Shingami leader or in Tier's case at that traitor's Aizen's hands Amazingly enough she did get even though and managed to kill Aizen after releasing her full power before dying from the wounds she had. Man this is boring and what a drag somehow we are alive but at least Kami Sama was gracious enough to give us a second chance and as your kinsmen to boot right Tier Sama said Apacci. They had been turned into Full Uzumaki Adept Teenagers by Kami Sama gaining Chakra and turning their former powers into a new Bloodline the Arrancar bloodline Kami Sama had explained everything to Tier and her former Fracction.

As they approached the gates of Konohagakure the four woman reviewed their powers while Apacci, Rosa and Sun were all Mid A Ranked Adepts right now Tier was a Upper S ranked Adept. Having Chakra and being human now felt strange to them but they swore to see it through to be honest they were kind of glad for this second chance at life even if the strange news that their lady was once an obnoxious loud mouthed but good hearted boy did weird them out a bit. Apacci, Sun and Rosa were all naturally outraged by how their mistress died in her first life not even a boy deserved to die the way this Naruto did and vowed to make sure no foolish Civilian would try anything against Lady Tier. It feels so strange to be here but in all honestly it feels like I am going home a pleasant feeling as that place never felt like home even when I had been a Hollow now I am a Human teenager almost the same age as Naruto when I died Thought Tier.

Suddenly a roar was heard in the distance and they felt the presence of a Hollow a Normal Hollow to exact but a Hollow all the same. They picked up speed and soon found themselves facing the Common Hollow all with determined looks on their faces as Tier drew her blade Tiburon a strange blade to be sure. Than Rosa drew the newly redubbed Reona now a No-Dachi, Apacci drew her newly remade Wakizashi Shieruba and Sun drew her enlarged Sai Anakonda. The Common Hollow resembled a Human sized Oni it Mask was located where the Oni's face would be they noticed its sizable spiritual power easily Low B rank but nothing compared to them.

Hey asshole leave Pinky alone and focus on someone your own size shouted Apacci a grin on her face as she quickly launched a Bala's or rather as they were now called Bara's at the Hollow. She loved the look of shock on the Hollow's face as it registered whom was attacking it but a look of pure confusion appeared on its face as it regarded Lady Harribel obviously recognizing them the most powerful former Arrancar's. Four Bara's struck the Hollow in quick sequence in different parts of its body greatly weakening it as the Pink haired big foreheaded girl got a quick look at her saviors and paled. Apacci smiled as her sisters and leader decided to let the combat happy girl to have her fun as she raised Shieruba and plunged it into the Hollow's mask.

This broke the mask and making an upward slashing motion with her buried blade Apacci completely destroyed the mask. Having been giving the purifying powers of an Adept when they do this the Hollow de transformed since the Plus had been evil in the first place the gates of hell appeared and ghastly hands dragged the evil plus former Hollow into its depths. Three Other Plus's were freed from the Hollow's body as it had yet to fully absorb them and using her new Konso ability that both Adepts and Shingami share Apacci sent them on their way. Thank you for saving me miss began Sakura Haruno as she was called despite her jealously of the other woman's bodies she was grateful enough for being saved that she thanked them.

Apacci Uzumaki, that's Lady Tier Uzumaki she is Rosa Uzumaki and she is Sun Uzumaki said Apacci Sakura's eyes widened as she heard Tier's name she like the others had heard the announcement of the Hokage's vision of Naruto's impending return as that woman. She felt a lot of anger in her gut at seeing the dobe's new body it wasn't fair that now she knew the Hokage was telling the truth that a former boy had gotten a better body as a female than herself. Just so long as the witch doesn't go after Sasuke Kun I guess we can get along I have enough trouble with Ino as it is thought Sakura silently not noticing Tier approach until she was in front of her. Take me to Hiruzen san Sakura I don't have much patience with you giving Naruto's memories of you so be quick about it it should be noted That Tier stood at 5'3, Apacci at 5'1, Rosa at 5'2 and Sun at 5'0 all were 15 years old once more but for the most part had their former bodies.

Fine but don't think saving me makes us friends said Sakura with bitterness in her voice she was not happy with these turn of events and knew she had to inform the Civilian council of the Demons return just in a new form. So they all headed for nearby Konohagakure Sakura angrily berating herself for allowing herself to get nearly devoured by the Hollow she encountered while returning from a small errand for the Civilian council. As much as she disliked these girls Sakura knew they were all powerful she could sense Tier's easily Kage level power and the other girls Jonin level power. She was smart enough despite her immense dislike of all things Naruto now Tier to realize that these girls were untouchable by most in Konohagakure and knew she had to report that fact to Konoha's rightful leaders the Civilian lead by her mother Aki Haruno.

End of Chapter

Now for Questions and answers hurray!

Question One: So why is your story formatted like this I mean your grammar sucks because I don't like how you write your stories especially all those underlined words you have can't you write stories like the rest of us?

Answer: If you have a question like this to put down in the review section I am giving you this answer I write my stories my own way and deliberately separate standard dialogue and conversation dialogue via those underlined words it is not a grammar mistake on my part. I have my own unique writing style and would much appreciate it if no reviews pop up criticizing my style of writing. We all have our own styles hopefully in community of writing even if most of us like to write a certain way I have my own unique way of writing things please respect us.

Question Two: So you are bashing Sakura in this story why?

Answer: Though I normally don't character bash there are some characters I dislike immensely as even in canon it is hard to find redeemable things about them. Sakura is one of those characters at least in her first incarnation before Tsunade gets her hands on her and somewhat reforms her. I dislike how violent and petty she can be I dislike how useless she is giving she is supposed to be a lead female character and should be a better Ninja I mean she is the smartest of her generation so why is she so damn weak. My guess is because of all her faults that is why Kakashi doesn't bother training her I mean whom would want a girl like that in their military? And giving how she and other girls treat Sasuke in Part One I am not surprised it took so long for him to fall in love with any girl.

She and mainly other civilian and Civilian born's will be the targets of any "Bashing" in this story

Question Three: Will any other characters be bashed in this story than those mentioned already?

Answer: No Kakashi for all of his faults for instance I find a genuinlgy good person I can understand why he doesn't train Sakura reasons already mentioned and Naruto. The reasons I feel Kakashi didn't train Naruto where that he probally saw no potential in Naruto and Naruto didn't help make that much cases for himself to be trained by a elite Shinobi such as Kakshi throughout the story. Must I list canon Naruto's considerable flaws? Even if I like Naruto's character I can understand why many would find him annoying in a world like the one he lives in. As for Sasuke Uchiha I feel that Sasuke has legitimate reasons for turning out the way he did if you look at his life without committing yourself to the attitude he is the bad guy and must have always been evil.

In Danzo's case I feel that the man despite the many questionable things he did in his career and life as ROOT Leader was genuinely loyal to Konohgakure he just is a product of the enviorment that Shinobi live in. I feel he turned out the way he did because he may have geuinly believed that his methods helped Konoha out which usually they did to varying extents even if one couldn't see how they would.

Question Four: Why did you make Tier Harribel Naruto's reincarnation?

Answer: Because I felt like it and honestly if you look closely I can see the similarities between Naruto and Tier Appearance wise she almost looks like a Dark skinned female version of Naruto Uzumaki. Personality wise of course even in canon Bleach Tier is very different from Naruto I guess it took Hueco Mundo for her to mature into what she is now. Tier is Naruto Reborn in this story and that is that please try to deal with that fact.

Question Five: What are the pairings in this story?

Answer: Wait and find out folks