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Chapter Thirteen: Shingami in Konoha and some other Things

Tier Uzumaki was slightly annoyed as she gave Shingami Yoroichi Shihoin, Sui Feng, Rukia and Byakuya Kuchiki a tour of Konoha on Tsunade's orders but she dealt with it So what are you doing here? Asked Sui Feng in a annoyed voice. Sui Feng was annoyed because of the facts she learned from her Yoroichi Sama about her family's interactions with this world even before this mission. Tier sighed and gave them a run down on what happened after she fell at Aizen's hands and her previous life as Naruto Uzumaki and Shingami Yoroichi smiled before she spoke. That's good to hear and just so you know some of the surviving Arrancar have been offered asylum in Soul Society due to your actions against the traitor said Shingami Yoroichi.

Tier smiled at that before she spoke So how's that Ichigo fellow doing if I hadn't defeated Aizen I am sure he would have been the one to do so based on the amount of power I had always felt from him said Tier. Rukia smiled ignoring the stares and in quite a few cases whispers and glares from the normal Humans Aka Civilians Fine though he is relieved that this whole thing is done with said Rukia a blush coming onto her face as she thought of Ichigo. Is he still a substitute Shingami? Asked Tier calmly this time Byakuya spoke up Kisuke used a ritual to make him into his own Shingami rather than relying on my sisters borrowed powers he spoke those words with annoyed hiss. Rukia winced at that reminder as Sui Feng's face also grew cold at those words and Shingami Yoroichi rolled her eyes at her companion's overreactions to what happened that day though technically Rukia did break one of Soul Societies most highly held laws by giving Ichigo her powers.

So find any guys your interested in surely a woman of your beauty attracted somebody either a guy or girl said Yoroichi with a playful smirk her smirk turning into a grin when she was Tier freeze up and a slight blush cross her fellow dark skinned beauty's face. Well there is one guy that my former life had a relationship with despite both being males but I don't see how that's any of your business lady Yoroichi said a now annoyed Tier. Yoroichi was about to speak up when she was silenced by a look from Byakuya whom in turn was glared at by Sui Feng for daring to silence her lady. Me and my fraction are staying here she said pointing at an elaborate mansion that had the Shingami gawking and Byakuya staring at Tier with interest as such a mansion was clearly fit for a noble such as himself.

Apparently when I was alive and sort of am now at least by Kami's modifications to myself I am now technically the daughter of the last of two powerful Humans one of whom ruled over this city for a while and the other the last of a very powerful clan like her husband said Tier. Meanwhile as Tier showed off her house to the Shingami a secret meeting was once more going on between Aki Haruno and her civilian council friends though a few on the civilian council weren't corrupt politicians most were. WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FALSE SHINGAMI VISITING OUR HOME THEY ARE CLEARLY ALLIES OF THE DEMON HOLLOW BITCH AND MUST BE DEALT WITH shouted or rather Shrieked Aki. Her daughter stood at her side thinking of how best to deal with her arch nemesis and threat to her dominion over Sasuke Kun.

But how it is obvious they are very powerful being that the Demoness summoned to her aide spoke a fat merchant whom sat on the civilian council and one of the men Aki had slept with over the years. This slight voice of reason in their numbers made the others and Aki think Easy we find someone powerful enough to dispose of them for us mother like Missing Nin said Sakura using her brain for something other than planning to snare Sasuke Kun she was after all the smartest of his Fangirls. YOU'RE A GENIUS LIKE USUAL MY DAUGHTER shrieked Aki making all wince at the volume and Sakura smiled at her mother's praise basking in it. But Aki Sama where can we find missing Nin powerful enough to take on the Demoness and her friends? Said another member of the civilian Council a skinny nerdy looking guy.

How about Orochimaru Sama he is bound to be able to help provided of course we give him something in return said the same nerdy looking guy (not Kabuto) whom had just spoken up earlier and was another one of the guys Aki had slept with. Aki stared at the man and a cruel smile appeared on her face as the pink haired woman laughed evilly before speaking well actually shrieking out her next words. YES THAT'S BRILLIANT AND WE SHALL OFFER HIM HER HE IS BOUND TO BE INTREATED IN HER AFTER ALL shrieked Aki as her daughter began to think. Sakura briefly looked at a spot covered by her shirt on her arm that held a cursed seal the same that was giving to Mizuki the Cursed Seal of the Beast but unlike Mizuki's it was not flawed as it had been perfected since Mizuki originally got it by Orochimaru whom had also fixed Mizuki's as well.

Glad mother didn't offer Sasuke Kun it is not time for us to join with our master yet it I am so sick of appearing weak and using a Henge to disguise my true appearance I am after all one of my master's greatest apprentices thought Sakura. Though she appeared to be only Mid D ranked in power she was actually quite talented when motivated and had trained to a certain extent with Kabuto while he was here and though in truth was as powerful as her mother she hid a lot not just from Konoha but also her mother. Granted she wasn't as strong as she thought herself to be but not as weak as others thought her to be Soon Demon Hollow Bitch you will get yours and Sasuke Kun will be mine thought Sakura laughing evilly in her mind. In the Uchiha District Sasuke Uchiha sneezed as he guessed one of his fangirls was talking about him and shivered at that thought.

He sighed as he thought of his feelings for a certain reincarnated Uzumaki and cursed them as unbecoming of a Uchiha but there was in his mind that he was in love with Tier as much as he was in love with that idiot. He was currently eating lunch with his remaining family as Shisui had moved in with them and saw them look at him before reassuring them that everything was fine and returning to eating as he kept his thoughts to himself.

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