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Start of the Season

Normal POV:

It was that time of year again. The time that everyone in the Fairy Tail and Sabertooth guilds formerly dreaded: Dragon Slayer mating season. The time of year that the dragon slayer's abilities were at there peak, but at the cost of being taken over by their dragon instincts. Thankfully, much of that strife had ended when all of the dragons found their mates. That is, all but one.

Day 1

Wendy's POV:

"Wendy!" Carla called, "You sure you don't want to come to the guild today?"

"No," I yelled, "I'm *cough* *cough*, I'm too sick. You go on without me."

"Okay" Carla said reluctantly as she left.

I waited until I heard the door slam, then jumped out of bed. "Yes!" I cheered, "It worked!" I wasn't really sick, I just hated going to the guild under my current 'condition'. So far my symptoms weren't so bad, my already enhanced senses of hearing and smell have increased, and I can feel my magic power rising, too. It's what comes later that everyone fears and causes this week to be a living hell for both them and the dragon slayers.

This was the time of year that the dragon slayers would find their partners and, um, 'mate' with them. I don't know if the guild finds it better or worse when the dragons already have a select mate in mind. When they don't, they just perv on anyone of the opposite gender who can produce hormones, and when they do, that person usually tries to get away for the week. Fast. Either way, the guild felt the need to restrain the dragon slayers for the entire week this happened. I honestly hated some of the methods they used. I'm just glad that this didn't start happening to me the year they decided to put Natsu and Gajeel on a train for that time. They managed to escape, but they were barely able to make it back to Magnolia by the end of the week.

As for me, this didn't start happening until about three years ago. It started small, with me just noticing boys here and there. It annoyed Carla at the time, especially when I apparently spaced out for ten minutes looking at Gray without a shirt, which ended up happening a lot. Then came me starting to steal some of Erza's books out of a weird curiosity. I ultimately ended up being caught, and after a severe scolding from Carla, Natsu and Gajeel tried to explain to me what was happening. Or, rather, they tried to, and did really poorly at it. Thankfully, Levy had done some research and, with her and Lucy's own experiences with this included, prepared for when this would happen to me. I can still remember exactly what she said.

3 years ago:

"Okay Wendy, it's like this." Levy said, pulling out her magic air pen. She drew little cartoon versions of Natsu and Gajeel in the air. "During this time, dragon slayers become much more powerful than they are during other times of the year." The little dragon slayer cartoons began to flex and do their respective roars. "However, this is also the time of year they choose their mates. As a result, they become really pervy." Levy then drew some cartoon girls in the air, and the little Natsu and Gajeel both stared at them with perverted looks. "They act this way because of their instincts telling them to mate, but they only act upon those instincts once they choose who they want to mate with." A cartoon Lucy and Levy appeared opposite to where the cartoon dragon slayers were facing. They then turned around and each jumped onto their respective partner (Natsu to Lucy, Gajeel to Levy). They disappeared, but little images of clothing could be seen flying up from where they had been.

"Um, Levy-san," I asked timidly, raising my hand, "Isn't that technically ra-"

"Not exactly," she interrupted, "when a dragon slayer selects their mate,they start to produce pheromones to attract them." The cartoon Natsu, Gajeel, Lucy, and Levy were back. Natsu and Gajeel both had wave-like lines coming from them. "The pheremones only work, though, because they are combined with the chemicals produced by the brain when someone sees someone that they love." The Lucy and Levy cartoons then began to have little hearts come up from their heads, and the waves started to move towards them. "Therefore, both the dragon slayer and their selected mate have to be in love for it to work. This is probably because when actual dragons mated, both partners would produce the pheromones to each other, which would start the 'mating' process. On a side note, not really related to this, if one dragon didn't love the other one and the other produced pheromones around it, it would actually enrage that dragon and cause it to kill the one that was in love!" She said that last part with a little too much enthusiasm. "Don't worry, that parts not the same for humans. Anyways, even with the effects of the pheromones, they can't make a person do anything they don't want to. Which is good, because dragon slayers also mate for life. They can't move on once they find their mate. There are a few other effects of the mating season, too. Like an increase in appetite, easier to anger, and a few other things, but this is the main part."

"Question," Carla, who was sitting right next to me, said, "You used to lock up Natsu and Gajeel during this time, right? So how exactly were they able to ah... 'claim'... you and Lucy?"

"Well..." Levy said, nervously, "they broke out...?"

"Did you just say that like it was a question?"


Carla raised her eyebrow. "You let them out, didn't you?"


"Wait," I interrupted, "You locked them up?"

"Yeah," Levy said, scratching the back of her head, "Which kind of brings us to the awkward part of this..."

That's all I remember before passing out.


I had to stay in a little room they made out of enchanted anti-magic stone that was located in the guild's basement for the remainder of the week. At least the food was good, as it was all hand-made by Mira. But it was sooooooo boring. The next year I had to endure the same fate. I wished that I at least had some company back then. Carla would visit, but then she would leave as I started talking about boys. Damn hormones. At least Natsu and Gajeel had each other during this time, even though I heard that they tried to kill each other every ten minutes.

This year I decided would be different. While mating season starts around the same time each year, it never starts on the same exact date. Most of the time the guild just looks for the early warning signs in Natsu and Gajeel before doing anything, and with them already having mates, those signs won't be as prominent this year. So, if I just avoid the guild and keep this from Carla, they probably won't decide to lock me up.

There was another reason for me staying home alone, though. It was because I had already selected my mate: Romeo Conbolt.

Romeo's POV:

It was an odd day at the guild so far. There was a bar fight going on, which was normal, except for the fact that Natsu wasn't joining in. Instead, he was sitting with his girlfriend Lucy, and he seemed to be a bit more clingy than normal. The same was going for Gajeel. I was like he was magnetized to Levy. I was sitting with them, but I was still bored without the company of a certain blue haired mage.

Wendy Marvel. I had known her since I was about seven years old. Well, technically she disappeared for seven years. But she returned, exactly the same age she was before. I, of course, had grown up during that time, and was actually a year older than her now. We started to hang out more after that, much to the dismay of a couple dragon slayers and especially a certain talking white cat. We went on missions(with Carla included), hung out at the guild, occasionally she would come to my place (and we would have to leave the door open when we went to my room, thanks to a certain pink-haired idiot and the previously mentioned cat).

"Hey, Romeo," I snapped back to reality at the sound of my name.

"Romeo," Natsu called, "What's up buddy?"

"Yeah," Lucy said, "What's going on? You've been staring at nothing for the past ten minutes."

"Oh, it's nothing..." I stated.

"You sure? Are you sure it's not because you're missing your cute little blue-haired dragon slayer girlfriend?" Levy teased.

"She's not that little anymore, she's eighteen. And... she's not my girlfriend."

It's true. She was my best friend and most trusted teammate, but not my girlfriend. It's not that didn't like her. In fact,it was quite the opposite. It was just that I would get too nervous to ask to be anything more than friends. I did try to ask her out, one time about three months ago. I even dressed nicely and everything. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of asking Natsu for some advice right before.

About 3 months ago:

"Natsu," I called, "I need your help with something."

"Sure," he said, "What is it? And what's with the clothes?"

"Well... I was wondering how you get a girl to like you." I blushed slightly.

"That's simple!" he cheered, "Just break into their house and sleep in their bed."

"That sounds like horrible advice." I sweatdropped.

"It is," Lucy said as she approached, "Natsu, what are you teaching this poor child?"

"Hey! I'm nineteen!"

"I was just telling him how to get a girl to like him."

"Natsu, that would never work." Lucy shook her head.

Natsu then gave his famous grin."Worked with you!"

"I fell in love with you because you were you." Lucy responded, "And, Romeo, that's what you need to do too."

"Be Natsu?" I asked.

"Hell no!" Natsu's shout of 'Hey!' went ignored. "I meant be yourself, and hope they like you for who you are. If they don't, that's their loss." With that, Lucy began to walk off. "Good luck!" she called back.

"Thanks, Lucy!" I called. Honestly, I don't know why I didn't just go with that to begin with. I mean if someone like Natsu can get someone like Lucy, I think I have a pretty decent chance of asking out Wendy without being rejected.

"So, Romeo," Natsu said while nudging me, "Whose the lucky lady?"

"Ah, Wendy," I said dreamily.

"Hm, Wendy."

"WENDY?!" Natsu's eyes turned deadly serious as he grabbed me by my shirt. "Listen here. Everyone in this guild is my nakama, including you. But Wendy's like my little sister, and I'll do anything to protect her. I don't want to have to hurt you, Romeo, but if you do anything, and I mean ANYTHING that either upsets Wendy, or that I don't approve of, I swear to Mavis that I'll shove my flaming fist so far up your ass you'll be able to do the 'Roar of the Fire Dragon'. Understood?"

I nodded, fearing for my life.

"Good" Natsu said with a smile as he put me down, brushed me off, and began to walk away. "Well, good luck with that."

I ultimately didn't end up asking her out after that. The reason why? Let's just say that one of the few good decisions I made that day was the one to wear dark colored pants.


I was getting a call on my Lacrima phone(they were invented sometime between the manga and now and do everything a real phone does). I took it out of my pocket to see that it was Wendy calling. I got up from the table and answered it.

"Hey," I said, "I thought you were sick?"

She coughed into the phone before she answered, though for some reason it seemed a little forced. "I am," she said, then coughed some more, "I was wondering, would you mind visiting me here at Fairy Hills? And could you come alone?"

"I thought guys weren't allowed there unless they were accompanied by an exceed?"

"They're not. But ever since Erza moved out, there hasn't really been anyone to enforce that rule. And besides, I'm sure Carla and the others are busy with other things."

"Okay. I'll be there soon." I was about to put away my phone, but then she shouted;


"What?" I asked, slightly startled.

"Don't tell anyone what you're doing." she frantically said


"Well... uh... like you said, guys aren't allowed at Fairy Hills," she nervously replied, "You don't want to get caught, do you?"

"But I thought you said no one-"

"Just don't tell anyone what you're doing okay!?"

"Okay! Jeez. I'll be right there." I hung up and went back to the table. "Guys, I think I'm gonna go."

"Aww, why?" Natsu whined.

"I uh... just got to do some... stuff." Nailed it!

"Oh, okay. Bye Romeo." They all waved me off.

I started to make my way out of the guild, when I got a great idea. I turned around and headed to the bar counter. Lisanna had taken Mira's place at the bar, which included everything from barmaid to matchmaker to demon. I didn't think it was possible, but I think some people, myself included, actually missed the days when Mira was the one who messed with our love lives.

"Hey Lisanna," I said, "Can you make me a pot of chicken soup? To go."

"Sure," she said with a smile, "Who's it for?"

"My dad," I lied, "He's at home and he's really sick. He could really use some of the Strauss family's famous cooking."

"Okay." She began to start making the soup, but then she looked back at me. "But wait, I thought your dad was on a mission."

"He was. He just returned this morning with a cold. He was too sick to come back to the guild, so he just went home."

"How'd he catch a cold at the Akane Resort?" she asked as she went to go prepare my order.

"Maybe he bumped into someone else there who had a cold?" I shrugged.

She gave me a quizzical look. "Maybe. Anyway, your soup'll be done in five minutes."

I waited the five minutes and she brought out a thermos with the soup in it. "Here you go." She handed it to me.

"Thanks, Lisanna." and I started to head out of the guild.

Wendy's POV:

I didn't like having to lie to Romeo. Especially considering the real reason I asked him to come (phrasing). But I figured the less he knew as he made his way here, the better. That way, even if he gets caught, he can say he was just visiting his sick friend and won't be lying because that's what he thinks is happening. And, even if Carla or Natsu found out about my plan, they still couldn't kill Romeo because he was completely oblivious to it. It's foolproof! Though, I suppose there aren't that many guarantees to his safety if this plan works, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

So far, Wendy's plan seems foolproof. To bad it all goes to hell in the next chapter. Then it just continues to spiral from there.

If you don't like the way I said dragon slayer mating season works, remember the entire concept of it and dragon slayers mating for life both only exist in fanfiction. Nothing like that has ever even been mentioned in canon, so I think I can do what I want with it.

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