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Astrid hadn't actually avoided him this time, not that she really could get herself to anymore, but the amount of work they did to search the ocean and plan defensive strategies against the hunters took up all of their time.

About three days after that moment in Berk, Astrid woke up that day knowing instantly it would be problematic.

The days had been steadily getting hotter as Summer intensified, and she had to wonder how completely polar opposite this place was to Berk! It was mind-boggling how humid and hot it could get here. Today was one of those oppressive days that made you just want to lay there. Unfortunately for Astrid, laying there in her bed only made her mind wander. If she wasn't doing something productive, training, flying, drills, chores around the outpost, that sort of thing, she was thinking about her situation. Would she ever get back? Then that thought would lead her to the reason she was stuck here to begin with, her emotional-handicap and of course, her amorous supposed boyfriend.

Gods in Valhala.

Normally Astrid would only think fondly of him, and occasionally fantasize... sometimes... well alright, maybe a lot more than she probably should. Today though, today was as though every hormone in her body was lit on fire by the blazing temperature around her, coating her skin like a cloak. It didn't help that Astrid hadn't had a decent night's sleep since... that first time with him, but the heat was just making it worse, making her blood boil, her skin slick, and her hormones rage in overdrive, forcing her to remember every touch, ever kiss, every bit of intimacy he showed her. She hadn't had a dream again, but that hadn't stopped her from ruthlessly remembering every detail of that night. Today was not a day to think about her softer side, she simply couldn't concentrate on anything other than how much her body was burning all over with so many different reasons.

Hiccup hadn't approached her in any way other than his usual way since that night. She had half expected him to make good on his word and either finish what he started, or 'make up' for what he almost did. He hadn't done either and Astrid was beginning to wonder if he was making her sweat on purpose. The beast. Usually, Astrid would be just fine with taking a break from the sexual tension, but today all she could think about was how much she had nearly let him fuck her like an animal in his workshop back at Berk. And how much she had wanted him to. Thor help her, all she could think of was how much her body screamed for relief.

Desperately needing a distraction, Astrid forced herself out of bed, deciding to forgo her armor this time, knowing how much the metal would burn against her, and made her way out of her hut. She went out to find something to do, anything to keep her mind off him. Wandering led her to the stables, figuring a refreshing flight would help cool her down. Unfortunately, no matter how much she tried to convince her dragon to get up, Stormfly just didn't seem to want to move, much too tired from the heat. Astrid groaned in frustration and left the stables.

Maybe training with her axe would help? No, that would require too much movement. A dip in the ocean? That sounded completely amazing actually, but it meant she'd have to walk all the way back to her hut to change. Sucking it up, Astrid headed back over, letting herself once again admire the beautiful design of the outpost as she did. As though her feet had minds of their own, and decided to betray her, she soon found herself at Hiccup's door. What was wrong with her? Was she honest to the gods really that bent on torturing herself? Or was this Freyja's idea of a twisted joke?

Like everyone else's on that unbearably hot day, his door was wide open, letting in whatever kind of ventilation they could get to air out their homes. The temptation to see him was overwhelming, even though she knew very well that if she was suffering with pent up sexual frustration, he was probably feeling worse. Astrid knew well that he had been holding himself back for the past couple months; she might have been virgin, but she wasn't stupid. Even so, her heart and her body were in like mind, overruling her brain and kicking her feet into gear again.

As she stepped into the hut, holding back an exasperated groan, she had to wonder if she was going insane. She let her knuckles tap at the archway loud enough to catch his attention, if he wasn't passed out that is, figuring she might as well let him know he had company. She heard a grunt from up in his loft and sighed in defeat, knowing she couldn't turn back now that she alerted him to a visitor. Walking in, she noticed Toothless laying by the door, the best place for that elusive bit of breeze he could get. She smiled weakly at how out of it he was, passed out on his back, splayed out haphazardly. Poor lizard.

Oh Astrid knew this was a bad idea, but even if she did, it didn't stop her from making the effort to climb up his ladder to his room. "It's Astrid," she announced as lucidly as she could manage. There was another grunt of acknowledgment from him again and she rolled her eyes at his noncommittal sounds. When she finally finished climbing the ladder and turned to look at him, she froze in her spot, gaping at him. As was completely understandable in this damnable weather, Hiccup lay over his bed, just as sloppily as Toothless was downstairs, arms and legs thrown every which way. His hair was in complete disarray, one of his arms covered his eyes and the other hung over his bed, his knuckles resting against the floor. That wasn't what caught her attention though. No, Hiccup couldn't just suffer like a normal person, could he? Hiccup wasn't just shirtless, he was shirtless and pantless, only his swim cloth covering him. Barely. All long limbs, lithe muscles, glistening skin, and hard breaths.

Oh for Odin's sake!

Astrid simply couldn't get any peace of mind, could she? Did Hiccup not even realize how completely sexually alluring he was? Actually, probably not. Knowing Hiccup, he was most likely oblivious to how attractive he had grown and completely unrepentant to what she firmly decided was a crime. Astrid had thought of him as a demon before, when he had sexually tormented her, and she had to admit, at this point, that description was kind of accurate. If she were the poetic type, Astrid would compare him to an incubus, a sexual demon drawing her in and taking her willpower from her with merely a glance.

And of course, as soon as she thought of it, the bastard had to prove her right. Hiccup was staring at her now, his arm having shifted a little to regard her. His eyes were smoldering, though that was probably the actual heat around them. What wasn't simply the heat though, was that damn little smirk tilting the edge of his lips up. Gods, maybe he did know he was attractive... or maybe he knew he was attractive to her. Astrid wasn't sure which was worse. Either way, he was taking great pleasure in flustering her. Astrid wasn't sure whether she wanted to hurt him or kiss him at this point.

Gathering up as much of her will and Viking obstinacy she had, Astrid forced herself to snap out of it and pretend she was more relaxed that she felt. Leaning against his table, she crossed her arms and prepared to act casual, while of course trying to ignore her raging hormones and how his eyes trailed to her chest at her movement. "So..." she began lamely. "You going to just lay about like a lazy slob all day?" she asked him.

Hiccup merely smiled as lazily as she accused him of being, but made to lift himself up, groaning at the effort as he shifted over his bed. Hearing the sound reminded Astrid very mercilessly of the other night once more, making her throat shrivel up and eyes lose focus. As he moved to sit over the edge of his bed, Astrid became captivated by his sweat slicked form, shining golden with the light of the sun streaming through his window, again, reminding her of how his clothes had stuck to him when he was working at the forge. Alright, this was definitely a bad idea. This was very bad. She needed to leave now. Why wasn't she leaving?

Hiccup saw the absolutely heated look she was giving him, even with the influence of the actual heat around them, and even if she didn't realize it herself. Unable to keep himself away, Hiccup used her distraction to buckle his prosthetic back over his stump and lift himself up. Astrid blinked back to focus and her breath hitched at his earnest approach, not having noticed him get up. Despite herself, she couldn't help raking her eyes over him in appreciation. Hiccup's chest puffed with male pride at the obvious interest in her eyes. He wasn't sure how someone like her could desire someone as thin as him, but he was damn glad she seemed to.

Astrid forced down the urge to moan with shameless anticipation as he got closer, the look in his eyes dark and inviting, and for the moment didn't give a damn about her reluctant reservation with him today. The moment passed though, it was simply too hot to... do anything. If they did anything in that weather, they could very likely have heatstroke. Thinking it over quickly, weighing the pros and cons, trying to ignore how amazing the pros were, Astrid decided then that she liked living. Firmly deciding she had made up her mind about not doing anything, Astrid attempted to back away from him. "Hiccup..." she said in a warning tone. That usually worked on him, but this time he kept on going, his brow hiking up. It was clear he was having none of it.

As soon as he reached her, he walked her into his wall like he had before, placing his hands splayed out on either side of her where he trapped her. "Yes Astrid?" he asked, half honestly curious, half playful. Astrid frowned at the familiar smug look in his eyes and attempted to duck under his arms. He caught her before she could even shift herself under his hold though. He pressed her gently against the wall, pressing very lightly against her, giving her the option to push him away if she really didn't want his attention. "Where are you going?" he asked completely mischievously this time.

Fuck. Godsdamnit. When had Hiccup developed such a cocky attitude? The urge to hurt him, wipe that smug look off his face was growing. All the same, the stifling heat in the room seemed to have tripled and intensified between them, and gods was it in the good way. "We can't..." she told him, her words trailing off as she watched beads of sweat slide down his temple, to his jaw, over his neck and along his spectacular chest. Astrid forced herself to look away from him, her breath completely lost, groaning inwardly at how much she craved him. If she continued to look at him, she'd be hopeless.

Astrid felt him shift against her, felt his hands trailing up her arms, his breath as hot as the air around him on her neck. Her eyes shut tight as one of his hands went to her cheek, turning her back to him. "Astrid?" he said softly, trying to get her to look at him again. Not able to keep up her resistance, Astrid opened her eyes again and saw how hooded his eyes were, how intensely he stared at her, how much they told her he desired her. Then he dove in, crushing her lips with his, pillaging her mouth with his tongue with the desperation of a dying man. Months of repressed need was doing exactly what Astrid figured it was to him, slowly clawing at him until he stopped being Hiccup and started being a man kept away from his desires for far too long.

Her own blood rushed with the same intensity, her heart beating with the same rhythm. Astrid let herself fall against the wall, her grip in his wet hair tightening, not even remembering having slipped it through his locks in the first place. Despite herself, Astrid tugged at his hair hard. Forgetting for a second about the need to get away before it was too late, Astrid wasn't able to stop herself from losing herself in him. "More," she demanded huskily, her mouth open wide to suffocate herself with his kiss, torn once more between needing to stop him and really not wanting to. Hands spread over each other, exploring, reaching, gripping, desire and painful heat making it impossible to think rationally.

Hiccup was vaguely aware that his door was wide open, knew anyone could walk up to his room, but right now he couldn't care less. All he cared about was how hot his girlfriend was, how she was asking him for more, how she had been steadily driving him out of his mind for far longer than she ever had. Hiccup liked to think of himself as patient and honorable, but there was only so much a man could take. Astrid felt Hiccup's desperation drive him, felt him pushing her skirt up, folding it so it didn't hurt either of them, then she felt his hand slip over her thighs. She knew she was letting this carry on too far, but she parted her legs willingly for him anyway. She shivered hotly when he cupped her, letting her feel hit large, rough hand resting there before he began to slide over her seductively.

Astrid arched against his touch, knowing they couldn't do this right now, but needing more. He removed his hand then, making her pant with the effort to not protest. She felt his hands rest on her hips, and then felt him press himself flush against her, much like had that day at the stables forge. "Astrid..." he whined, his forehead resting against the wall behind her. He began to move then, pushing his body hard into her, the thin, wet materials between them acting as though nothing was there. At the rush of pleasure the friction caused, neither of them were sure who moaned the loudest.

Maybe it was an attempt to try and seduce her or maybe it was because he was partially aware of how public this was during that time of day, but Hiccup hadn't made to remove his constricting cloth again this time. Part of Astrid was glad he chose to keep their clothes on, even as it made the heat so much worse. The other part of her raged, still very much overheated for completely different reasons, needing the relief he so obviously was willing to give. Hiccup wouldn't remain still for long, and soon enough he was gripping her tighter, lifting her up slightly so he could thrust against her.

The excruciatingly pleasurable feeling of him pitching religiously into her body, panting as he carried on mindlessly, forced white-hot torrents of pleasure to melt her nethers and rapidly bring her to the edge of orgasm. Astrid groaned against him, her breasts pressing against his chest, her hardened nipples scraping tortuously against her shirt with each shove of his surprisingly solid body. One of his hands slid down her leg, pulling it up, giving him further access to desolate her throbbing center. The evil material made it easy enough for her to feel the tip of his erecting once again almost pushing into her slightly with each thrust, viciously reminding her of the other night again. In her minds eye she could see herself pressed down over his table, his hot length pressing into her ever so slightly. Her vision blurred with lust, hating and loving how easily he could make her lose it.

No, this... this was bad, he was wrecking her and she was letting him. Oh but she was so close, she burned so bad! What was worse was that she could actually feel him swelling as he ground against her, knew he was not far off either. Oh Freyja, she wanted this so badly, but she knew they couldn't do this in this heat! If she didn't stop him now, they wouldn't stop at all. Astrid did all she could to ignore the visually stimulating sight of Hiccup sinking into her body, ignore his scorching breath against her, his hands sliding over her thighs, hoisting her leg up further, slipping a hand under her binding to her ass, squeezing enticingly. Astrid couldn't stop the needy whine from leaving her, a torturous little orgasm rippling over her soaked sex again. Just a little more and she would fall to pieces. No.. no... she had to... stop...

"Astrid, please..." Hiccup moaned, having undoubtedly sensed her need to stop him. He reached between her legs again, sliding beneath her bindings to slip a finger into her, doing everything he could to entice her to stay. By now Astrid knew he got her off first on purpose, the slickness of her arousal giving him a natural lubrication to work with. Astrid's head rolled to the side, moaning mournfully as his persuasion began to do its dirty little job. She fought to shut away the aching feeling of him slipping another finger in, pushing her up further against the wall so he could pump properly, his hips still grinding against her thighs. She shook against him, her willpower slowly leaving her when he was touching her like that, the heat bearing down on her mind.

"Gods, Hiccup," Astrid groaned in protest. "We... have to... stop..." she whimpered, biting her cheek to keep her from crying out as he squeezed into her clit. Hiccup unrelentingly probed her, sliding his thumb rapidly over her wet slit, forcing her body to surge with angry ripples of erotic hunger, her orgasm hitting her hard and long. "Nnnng..!" she whined in both protest and ecstasy, twisting against him as her body surrendered to him. Her thighs shook, completely wet with the effects of his persuasion, his fingers still digging mercilessly into her.

No, no, she wouldn't give up just like that, she wouldn't let him have his way. Just because he could make her cum so utterly, didn't mean he would get what he wanted from her, damn it! Hiccup must have felt like he was winning though, and didn't let up. His mouth found her neck again, sucking on her right where he knew would render her apart the quickest, continually grinding his bulge against her and wrecking her with his long, seductive fingers, steadily making her body ache and burn for his touch again.

Astrid's eyes rolled, panting hard and fast, trembling with the effort to not shove herself into his hand. She inwardly scolded herself as severely as she could to stop him, it was just too hot for this and she was already beginning to feel unbelievably exhausted. The heat was almost unbearable and she knew their hearts racing the way they were was not only from sexual excitement. The cold shiver on her overheated skin warned her, this could actually kill them.

Despite this, Astrid bit out another throaty, helplessly lustful moan as he ruined her concentration again. She felt her walls give away again to his ruthless ministrations, fluttering closed tight and agonizingly pleasurable around his wet fingers and trapping him there. His fingers didn't stop sliding in and out of her, even as she clenched down on them. Astrid moaned hauntingly, hating and loving what he was doing to her and hating herself for what she was about to do, even as her body screamed for more.

Gathering as much of her Viking will as she could muster, Astrid finally managed to shove him away before he could decide to just go ahead and fuck her anyway, chances of getting caught be damned. She was pleased she was still strong enough to make him stumble back at least, he didn't fly back like she was used to, but it was enough to get her point across. Astrid slumped against the wall shakily, whimpering as the fire deep in her belly still pooled between her slick legs. Breaths burning her lungs, her legs nearly gave out as her latest orgasm made her weak and sluggish.

She had nearly no time to recover however as Hiccup was just as stubborn a Viking as she was. Astrid had to force her legs to obey her, to duck away from him when he tried to capture her again. Standing firm, she held her hand up. "Stop," she said firmly and to her surprise he immediately stilled, panting and shaking but holding himself back. Astrid blinked in astonishment, not having realized she actually had control like that over her friend turned sex-fiend. Astrid bit her lip, seeing how painfully aroused he was, the dark cloth tented brutally. She cleared her throat awkwardly, and tried very hard not to let her eyes wander over him. She took a second to try to calm down, even as she still ached almost blindingly with desire for him. In as calm a voice as she can manage, she spoke again. "I'm sorry, Hiccup, I truly am, but you know we can't do this in this heat," she told him.

To her surprise, Hiccup actually whined in protest, pouting at her almost cutely. "Astrid, you're killing me," he moaned painfully.

Astrid very nearly gave in to him, seeing the hopeless, pleading look he gave her. "Hiccup," she sighed, hating herself for making him suffer for so long. She knew she would have to let him have his way sooner or later... not that it honestly bothered her at all at this point, but today was not that day. "I'm sorry... babe..." she said, testing the pet-name for him and trying not to flush in embarrassment. Fortunately, the affectionate term seemed to work and she could see his shoulders relax almost instantly.

Hiccup groaned. "I know," he sighed, rubbing his neck. "I'm sorry I got carried away..." he said. "You're right, of course, it's way too hot," he reluctantly agreed.

Astrid relaxed slightly. "I was actually going to go get ready before I ended up here. I thought a dip in the ocean would be great to cool off," she told him, willing herself to resist breaking her own request to stop them. Damn heat was messing with her in ways it shouldn't be!

Hiccup lifted a brow and smirked then. "Are you saying I overheated you?" he asked flirtatiously.

Astrid turned from him then, proudly managing to playfully scoff at him. "You wish," she said teasingly.

Hiccup's eyes narrowed dangerously and she saw the predatory look reach them once more. Her own eyes widened when he began to run toward her. With a shriek, Astrid took off, Hiccup hot on her trail. Despite how tired she felt, she couldn't help laughing as he chases her, knowing he wouldn't force himself on her, though she couldn't be sure he wouldn't tickle her. Toothless blinked awake when he felt a human hurtle over him and looked over in time to see his human and his mate rushing out the door. Snorting with disinterest for the moment, he rolled over and went back to sleep. When Astrid reached her hut, having managed to keep away from her pursuer and his freakishly long legs, she hurriedly shut her door. "Hiccup! Behave!" she called out and grinned when she heard him sigh in defeat behind her door, but didn't pursue her further. Well what do you know? Astrid really did still have power over him after all.

Astrid had to take a few minutes to calm down, very tempted to relieve herself, but knowing if she started, she'd be too tempted to drag him into her hut and... well, she didn't want to think about what she'd do to him. It was amazing how a few months of being exposed to this version of him could ease most of her insecurities and inhibitions away. So Astrid stayed perfectly still, willing herself to relax, to ignore the pounding, plaguing throb between her legs. The heat was making it difficult, but it was uncomfortable enough to help a little. Once she was relaxed enough, she hurriedly got ready, slipping out of her sticky clothes, trying to ignore the smell of sweat and her own arousal that Hiccup had inspired out of her, several times in a row. Maybe she needed just a few more minutes extra to relax. Damn him.

When she was finished, having to summon all of her will power to keep him out of her thoughts to actually function, she exited her hut again. Astrid jumped in surprise when she found him standing there, leaning against her hut with his arms crossed as he waited, still utterly covered in sweat and hair sticking up wetly in the most arousing way possible. With a flick of her eyes, she noticed that his arousal was gone... which either meant he had more willpower than she gave him credit for, or he had relieved himself... which was honestly most likely what he had done. The thought made her shudder hotly, the tingle of desire relighting within her. Gods damn heat was driving her mad.

Hiccup grinned then. "You're not getting rid of me that easily," he told her casually.

Astrid's eye narrowed. "Hiccup," she bit out a warning, trying to keep him at bay.

Hiccup's hands shot up. "I only meant I'd like to join you for a swim, that's all!" he said rapidly, wary of her ire. "I'm in my swimcloth, anyway," he shrugged, smiling innocently.

Astrid noticed Toothless a little bit behind him, staring out toward the beach with interest. Great, he got his 'wingman' to help him again. She sighed in defeat then, knowing she wouldn't be able to keep him away today after all. She groaned inwardly, wondering what she did to deserve his relentless attention. It was cute when he was younger, it was not cute at all now. When he was in 'business' or 'adventuring' mode, he was easy enough to handle. When he was in 'boyfriend' mode though, impossible. Still, she didn't stop him from following her. As they walked over to the beach, Hiccup lazily talked about plans for the Dragon Eye. Astrid wondered how much she should listen to his plans; if she ever got back to her own time, it might spoil too much. She snorted to herself then. As if what she had experienced so far wasn't a Typhoomerang sized spoiler already.

Astrid was a probably a little more relieved than she should have been at the sight of their friends and their respective dragons at the beach too. From the distance, she couldn't tell what they were up to, though they seemed to be discussing something excitedly. Knowing them, it was probably some type of destructive game... which actually sounded like a fantastically distracting idea. Toothless bounded out ahead of them, splashing into the water with a blissful rumble of appreciation. Stormfly squawked in irritation at the wave the Night Fury caused, snapping at him in retaliation. Toothless reared back and whined in apology. Both Hiccup and Astrid's brows rose at the somehow familiar interaction. After a few moments of playing, Hookfang and Barf and Belch must have irritated Toothless somehow because in an instant, they could see the Night Fury chasing them in annoyance. Meatlug watched on with a look of both confusion and worry. Like dragons, like humans, indeed.

"Hey guys!" Fishlegs waved them over.

"There you are, we thought you'd never decide to come down here! What, were you two too busy to cool off?" Tuffnut grinned lewdly.

While Hiccup frowned in confusion, obviously still not knowing that the twins knew about them, Astrid flushed deeply, trying not to look like she was avoiding eye contact. "If you must know, I was taking a nap... Astrid woke up and we made our way down here," Hiccup responded as calmly as he could. Gods, he was getting better at lying about messing around with her and Astrid wasn't sure whether to be impressed or reluctantly worried.

"We just thought of an awesome game!" Ruffnut said then, clapping her hands in excitement.

"It's alright," Snotlout agreed, obviously feeling his pride stinging from not having thought of it first.

"So what is this 'awesome' game?" Astrid asked curiously, crossing her arms.

"We each board our dragons and stand in the middle of the water, then we create tidal waves toward each other and try to knock each other off. No flying allowed," Tuffnut explained.

"What? No ripping and tearing at each other?" Hiccup asked with a lifted brow.

Both of the twins shrugged then. "Nah, not this time. Blood is way too hot. Just water is fine," Tuffnut grinned.

"Right..." Hiccup sighed. "And teams?"

"Not this time, H," Tuffnut snorted. "We have to level the playing field somehow!" he said, figuring he'd team up with Astrid and their dragons, who already worked so well together, would demolish them.

Hiccup shrugged. "Alright then, it sounds good to me," he agreed. Of course, the dragons were more than happy to splash around in the water and watch their silly humans fly off them.

Soon enough, they were on their dragons and in the water, casing waves in order to decimate each other in the most refreshing way possible. Astrid had to admit, this was a magnificent idea and the benevolence of the cool water soothed her overheated body. Laughter and joy rang clear in the air as the friends enjoyed the game.

Of course, Hookfang being the biggest dragon there, was working to very quickly turn the tide his way. Snotlout cackled gleefully on his perch, directing his Murderous Nightmare to propel copious amounts of water toward Astrid and the twins, flushing them right off of Barf and Belch. The twins flailed off their dragon, yelping in surprise as they tumbled and sunk. The two headed dragon warbled in surprise, crossing its necks to see where their riders went. Astrid had just managed to hang on, when Stormfly trilled in surprise, feeling a tail swipe at her feet.

"Y'er out!" Snotlout crowed.

Meanwhile, Toothless and Hiccup had entirely too innocent expressions on their faces. Astrid saw this and both she and her dragon growled at them. "You little twerp! That's cheating!" she snapped, instantly forgetting how easily and how many times he had made her break apart, hard and helplessly against him earlier. Right now she only felt competitive irritation and the need to get him back.

"The twins only said no flying allowed," Hiccup chuckled, then sputtered when another wave of water from Snotlout hit him. Fortunately, Toothless was smart enough to stay low, and Hiccup's latched on prosthetic made it a little more difficult than the average person to get him to fall off. Fishlegs, who had been behind him, was not so lucky and both he and his dragon rolled with the wave. Miraculously though, Fishlegs had managed to hang on, coughing and wheezing but still fit to play.

Narrowing his eyes, Toothless fired at the water then before rising up on his hind legs and flapping his wings hard, sending the wave directly toward Snotlout. The surprise from the plasma shot startled Hookfang, who was then unprepared for the water, jerking back and knocking his horn against his human's head. With a yelp of surprise, Snotlout went down, splashing hard. "Hookfang!" he shrieked. "Hey! Hiccup you little cheat!"

"Why does everyone keep calling me little? I'm taller than all of you now!" Hiccup grumbled back.

"You're still a skinny twerp though," Astrid shot back, smirking at his pout.

Hiccup and Toothless turned to Fishlegs then. "Oh Thor, oh Thor..." the rotund man whimpered. Toothless and Hiccup mirrored a grin and began bounding toward him. Meatlug was properly spooked, backpedaling quickly, stumbling and falling over. "Meatlug, no!" Fishlegs cried as he and his dragon went under. Toothless gave Meatlug a nudge and Fishlegs fell off.

When the two lifted their heads back over the water, Toothless warbled and nuzzled into Fishleg's face fondly while Hiccup chuckled. "Sorry, 'Legs," he apologized.

"You're not sorry..." Fishlegs grumbled, giving Toothless a friendly pat to let him know he wasn't actually upset. He couldn't help feeling relieved that the game was over. He didn't think Meatlug could take so much pressure!

Hiccup shrugged. "Maybe not," he relented, and smiled when Toothless shot blasts victoriously into the air.

They stepped out of the water then and decided to dry off at the clubhouse before lunch. They all headed up and Astrid made sure to stay a safe distance away from Hiccup. At this point, at least that day, Astrid hardly trusted herself being too close to him. Once they made it to the clubhouse, they sat around the unlit hearth, lazily talking about the game and complaining about the heat. No one had it in them to do much more than sit and talk, even the Twins were subdued. As the sun mercifully begins to finally set, they split up to wash up from the hot day and get dressed. Once back at the clubhouse they could only lay there tiredly, falling asleep before being woken again by their hungry dragons.

Each of them split up for different tasks. The twins gathered water, Astrid making sure they actually did so, Snotlout brought in the meat, Fishlegs gathered the various roots and vegetables he foraged from the woods, and Hiccup stoked the fires of the hearth back to life. As they dined happily together, relaxed from the fun and in some of their cases intense day, they joked around and teased each other as they normally did. "So, where have you two been lately?" Ruffnut asked, glancing over at Hiccup and then at Astrid some ways away.

"We went to Berk, remember? We needed to deal with rank issues with the A team," Hiccup reminded her.

"Sure sure, but was that all you did?" Tuffnut smirked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Hiccup narrowed his eyes, this time getting a funny feeling they might know something.

Snotlout chose then to snort, having heard the innuendo in the question as well. "As if they'd actually sneak off together," he chuckled. Astrid's brow rose at his confident observation.

Fishlegs' head tilted slightly. "Why are you so sure they wouldn't ever?" he asked, attempting to be teasing, but flinching at the look the smaller man gave him.

"As if! Why would Astrid want to be with a loser like Hiccup, when she could have all this?" he asked, flexing his bulging muscles.

Hiccup rolled his eyes, very much relaxed and unfazed by the direct attack to his character, clearly unaffected by him by now. Astrid, however, was not only sick of Snotlout's shit, especially in the way he played her off to sound like a thing and not a person, but also at the offending way he referred to Hiccup. She knew he wasn't bothered by it anymore, could see it in the way he was so casual about it, but she came from a time when Snotlout wasn't just joking about that and honestly believed Hiccup was worthless a lot of times. The combination of her resentments toward Snotlout caused her to snap. Her fist slammed hard against the table, making it crack and groan, making everyone else jump in shock, wincing at the sight of her legendary anger.

Astrid knew well she would be attracting way too much attention by scolding Snotlout, but she was honestly sick of it. "Do not call him that again, do you hear me, Snotlout? You better knock it off or else," she growled angrily.

Snotlout cringed, his head ducking slightly. "Yes ma'am," he answered quickly, becoming instantly subdued, to the great amusement of the others.

After a moment Astrid relax again and regarded him curiously. "Do you really think he's a loser?" she asked, truly wanting to know if he still felt that way.

The old Snotlout would have either nervously said no, or proudly kept to his word. This time, however, Snotlout shuffled uncomfortably and let out an aggravated sigh. "No," he admitted with a scoff, then turned to his cousin. "Sorry, Hiccup," he grumbled.

Hiccup shrugged and smiled a little. "You're good," he forgave him. Astrid nodded in satisfaction and leaned back into her seat, blushing slightly when Hiccup shot her an appreciative smile.

Tuffnut decided to speak up then. "Well then. It's established, everyone," he began, rubbing his hands together in a thoughtful manner. "No one here will call Hiccup a loser... around Astrid," he added mischievously. With a yelp of surprise and gut-wrenching fear, he ducked quickly as a familiar axe went flying over his head. As soon as the axe struck the wood, the dragons all squawked and chose then to scurry out.

After a long day, the air mercifully began to cool down for the night. As everyone headed out, Hiccup paused at the exit, whispering Astrid's name to catch her before she left. Astrid turned to him and saw the familiar longing look in his eyes, the look that let her know he wanted her with him that night. Astrid swallowed nervously, shifting from foot to foot. Would tonight be when she let him...? Hiccup walked over to her, taking her hands in his when he was sure the others were out of sight. "I miss having you in my arms," he said softly.

Astrid bit her lip, trying not to smile at how charming and persuasive he could be. "You had me... in your arms just this morning..." she reminded him, trying not to think of exactly how he had her earlier, having finally managed to completely relax that evening.

"I know! That was so long ago!" Hiccup said, his eyes shimmering with mirth. "I miss you..." he cooed, stepping closer to nuzzle his cheek against hers.

Despite herself, Astrid wasn't able to stop from giggling at his antics. "Hiccup..." she said, unsure, once again completely conflicted with being alone in his hut with him. Oh she knew well she wanted him, and quite a lot, but she wasn't feeling the best, completely drained from the heat and the water war and she was certain he was just as tired.

Fortunately, Hiccup seemed to mirror her sentiment, at least this time. "I just want to spend time with you, that's all. I'll be a perfect gentleman, I promise," he told her.

Astrid wasn't sure if she actually believed him at this point, but she couldn't get herself to deny that she very much wanted to spend more time with him too. "Alright," she finally agreed, earning a splitting grin from her friend turned boyfriend. As they walked casually out of the clubhouse, Hiccup laced her hands with his, smiling almost shyly at her blushing face. "It's been so peaceful lately," he mentioned idly.

Astrid's hand tightened around his. "Don't jinx it, Hiccup..." she warned him, not liking how cocky he seemed nowadays.

Hiccup shrugged carelessly and smiled that impossible smile of his. "I'm not worried," he said calmly.

Astrid rolled her eyes at his cursory attitude, but didn't call him out on it. Once inside the hut and up the stairs, Hiccup set out to convince her to settle against it with him, tugging her to his bed, backing up and pulling her with him. Astrid didn't resist nearly as much as she thought she would, letting him guide her, unable to refuse the temptation. Astrid let him pull her against him, arms wrapping around her as he settled her over his lap. "I promise, I'm a man of my word," Hiccup told her, rubbing her arms lovingly.

"I know," Astrid mumbled contentedly, relaxing against him.

Hiccup smirked playfully. "Besides, I'm way too tired to try anything right now," he grinned slyly. Astrid snorted at his lame humor, her lip tilting up slightly as she leaned further against him, taking comfort in simply being there with him. They settled and sighed blissfully, letting the peace they felt together soothe them. Neither of them forgot the desperation from that morning, but perhaps the activities afterwards had dulled them to it a little. It was only a matter of time however, for something to bring them back to that state.

This time, when things sparked back up, it hadn't been Hiccup's fault. Astrid had shifted to get comfortable and felt his hands on her hips hold her still. "Astrid," he said in soft, almost pleading tone. Of course, Astrid had no idea what she had done this time, and frowned in confusion, batting away his hands, trying to get comfortable again.

"What?" she asked as she shifted again. Hiccup shuddered beneath her, his head back. "You're really bony still, you know that?" she asked, oblivious to the torture she was giving him when she moved again. This time Hiccup pitched forward, his grip tightening as a moan escaped him, and that's when she felt him pressing hard and hot against her leg. This time Astrid did still in shock, but the effect had done its job, and it was too late. She bit her lip, hearing him breathing hard, trying to keep control... but he didn't seem to have much of it these days.

Hiccup grabbed her then, making her squeak in surprise as he nudged her around so she was straddling him. "Are you trying to kill me on purpose?" he wheezed.

Astrid opened her mouth to respond, to say no, no, not on purpose, but his hands settled over her hips and he rocked her against him, showing her what he meant. Astrid felt his arousal brush harshly against her, making her gasp and shiver. With a whimper, she rested her cheek on his shoulder, shaking with the effort to keep from grinding right back against him. "I'm sorry I did that to you..." she panted. "I might just pass out though," she told him apologetically.

Hiccup chuckled, groaning in half arousal and half fatigue. "I didn't know I had that kind of effect on you..." he teased. Astrid realized again how her words came out and punched him as hard as she could manage, embarrassed and unwilling to admit it was actually funny. Hiccup groaned in pain this time, but then sighed and relaxed beneath her. "I agree though..." he murmured. As arousing as it was, they were simply too tired to carry on and lay there against each other instead.

As they lay there, tangled, with Astrid still straddling him, pressed right up against his body, they couldn't think of a better way to relax with each other. Astrid fuzzily listened to him sleepily drone on about his second or third version of his flight suit, how it could save them if they got separated from their dragons. He rumbled about his new armor he was working on with the suit built in and how he thought he had figured out how to implement it but he had to test the material.

Astrid listened to his voice, feeling it rumble in his chest where her cheek rested, eyes drooping, arms lazily wrapped around his torso. Being in his arms and listening to him talk softly was as hypnotic as always. She absolutely loved these moments with him, just as much as the heated ones. He warmed her in ways she never knew a person could, soothed her to the point she felt like she was floating on the purest bliss. She could stay just like this for as long as the universe would let her and be completely content.

She hadn't realized how intense being with someone like this could be, how intense he could be, and a part of Astrid's sleepy mind drifted back to her time again. The familiar longing for her best friend made her heart ache, missing him more than she realized. Hiccup's presence, wrapped around her, chased away any negativity in her heart though, just as it always did. Before they knew it, they had fallen fast asleep in each others arms, resting against the headboard, the heat of the day having mercifully sapped them of their energy that night.

This time, when Astrid dreamed, cocooned by the arms of the man she was falling inescapably in love with, it was of all the happy, fun experiences she ever had with him. She dreamed of both versions of him, a longing for them both so strong and so confusing, it made the tight grip on her feeling completely disappear. With a sigh of profound relief, a relief she never realized she needed so badly, Astrid let herself fully fall into Hiccup, letting him hold her and never let her go.

When the time came, Astrid knew that she would have no resistances left to deny him. She would welcome him, and she would slip into his love with an eagerness that she knew would scare her... but she would not turn him away this time.

End A/N: They can't catch a break, can they? First Astrid's dad interrupts them literally one hard thrust away from finally getting busy, now the heat is bordering on deadly! Can you feel the tension? Can you? I love how impatient you guys are lol, cool your jets, you'll get your gut-quivering smut soon. Also, some of you mentioned Hiccup's "dominance" is kind of strong. Well my answer to that is it's a matter of perspective. Specifically, Astrid's perspective as she tries to get over the fact that Hiccup grew up so much and is still trying to get used to him. He might seem dominant only because she isn't pushing right back. Trust me, I know Astrid's character well lol.


choochoo420: Aww, thanks! All I can say to that is experience and a lot more time during the day than I probably should have lol.

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