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Once more, it was a peaceful day at the Titans tower. Beast boy on the other hand wasn't that peaceful. He was being beast boy level peaceful. As we all know, Beast Boy, without any mental stimuli will start wondering things. Things like the mysteries of the tower. Things like where Silkie slept, things like where Robin gets his gadgets refilled, things like why the they have a backup generator that can completely power a skyscraper, things like why social services hasn't called them out on being underage and fighting crime.

All of these questions were a bad idea to get an answer to. For everyone knows the more you try and find out about Silkie the more trouble you're asking for.

Beast Boy knew this fact, yet a vague curiosity pulled at him.

And what better way to quench his thirst for answers with a game of 20 questions?

Upon discovering a new purpose in life, the young changeling sets off to find the leader of the Titans.


"No." The answer that the leader of the Titans gave was to be expected.

Beast Boy sighed, they had been going at this for about 20 minutes now, and he was ready to play his final card.

"It will be good team bonding….." Beast boy said, stretching out the o in bonding.

Robin seemed to consider it for a moment, finally giving in.

"Fine. But this better not end up like your game night, which as I recall, was supposed to be team bonding."

"Great! The game will start after dinner!" Beast boy, finally was satisfied, about to gain some answers to his problem.

Now only 3 hours, 36 minutes, and 45 seconds counting until dinner.

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