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"Just sit down and make yourself comfortable for me sweetheart, I'll return in a jiffy"

Gumball obeyed, he climbed onto his parent's mattress even when his curiosity stared to peak when Nicole asked to speak to him in her bedroom. He began to occupy his easily bored mind, by taking a peak under the bed.

"Whoa, Dad's secret comic book collection!" He swiftly grabbed the first issue, and started to flip through the pages. "Wait a sec" he said under his breath, "…this is Porn." Holding his dad's smut grossed him out, dropping it onto the floor. "Wow, I wonder if mom even knows about that" he said as he jumped on the floor to put it back.

Something else caught his eye, behind the comics there lied a rod like object behind the porno stack. He extended his arm out to reach said object. "It's a…oh GOD" He startled himself to realize he was holding Nicole's purple vibrator, making Gumball's face turn red. "My parents are freaks, I realize that now" he said as his childhood was forever ruined by this experience, he soon left Nicole's bedroom to wash his hands.

He was nearing the bathroom door… which happened to be cracked open.

Nicole is currently in there wearing her birthday suit, unknowing that the door was opened a little. The humid air meant she had just gotten out of the shower, and now she's brushing her teeth.

"Mom…?" thought to himself. Never once he's seen his mom without a single article of clothing before, but somehow he couldn't look away like her body has a hypnotic effect on him.

Who could blame him?

Nicole's body is a real prize, down to her vivid blue C-Cup breasts. They are very perky, Gumball thought as he leaned in to detail her light pink nipples that looked hard enough to cut through glass. Her washboard stomach tensed as she brushed her teeth making her breasts jiggle. The sight before him caused the young peeping cat stiff as a board.

Nicole caught a glimpse of Gumball starring at her when she went to spit into the sink "Like mother, like son" she thought, so she decided to give Gumball a peek at the goods. She willing dropped her tooth brush on purpose, "Oh shoot" she said out loud promptly bending over in front of the door giving gumball a very gracious show.

Gumball's mouth dropped wide seeing Nicole's privates. Watching her plump rump placed on top of her toned thighs. Gumball thought that ass is glorious, like blue honeydew melons, but that was not the most noteworthy sight to see. Nicole made her own anus wink at gumball, causing Gumball's mouth to drool.

She washed off the toothbrush placing it back into her medicine cabinet; she loved how Gumball was still there reminding her of how she peeped on him not to long ago. An idea crossed her mind; she wanted to scare the living shit out of him when he was at his most vulnerable. Without haste she grabbed a towel around herself and rushed to the door, and her plan worked. Gumball fell back into the wall behind him, as Nicole came out the bathroom catching him the act.

"Gumball!" Nicole screamed.

Gumball whilst laying on the ground rubbed his head lightly, "Mom, it's not w-what it looks like, I-I wanted to wash m-my hands because-, you looked so g-good s-so I couldn't…"

Gumball went into apology mode as he fell to the floor grabbing his mother's legs pleading his mom to have mercy on him. "I'm so so sorry; I'll never do it again!"

Nicole had her hands on her hips making obvious that she was disappointed in him, however her heart fluttered to fact that Gumball just revealed that she looked good causing her to giggle and blush right in front of him.

"Okay, if you are really sorry then come with me" she demanded.

Gumball wiped a single tear forming his eye and nodded his head.

They managed to go back to Nicole's bedroom, as she let out a brief sigh. You can do this Nicole, just talk to him. Gumball sat on the bed looking down at his feet, as if he was ready to be punished.

Nicole locked the door behind her. "Gumball"

"Yes?" he looked up at her, but immediately looked back down trying to stop himself from ogling his mother in her itty bitty bath towel.

"I'm not mad at you; I'm actually quite flattered that you took an interest in my body. Listen, I need to get something off my chest, I watched you masturbating earlier today." Gumball's face went from blue to bright red when she revealed this information.

"Y-You did?" He said, as Nicole nodded her head. She climbed onto the bed next to him and crossed her legs.

"It's okay Gummypuss, It is very natural for a man to have urges and I understand completely, I had some urges myself recently" Nicole said.

"You do?" Gumball replied.

"Yeah, you have you grown so much lately and seeing you pleasure yourself made me very excited"

"Really, what would dad think?"

"I wouldn't worry about Richard dear, besides he's been very careless to my sexual needs recently"

"Oh goodness" That's all Gumball could say at this point feeling confused on why she would tell him this.

"When you find that special someone I want you to care and love for her as much as you can, Gumball, and I think I should teach you 'somethings' today" She placed a single hand on his lap copping a feel of his erect member.

"I don't know about that, mom" Gumball said to her.

She hopped off the bed and knelt down in front of him slipping his pants to the floor, "I'm not your mother right now, I'm your Nicole"

Gumball began lay back as Nicole slipped his underwear off for him causing his dick to shoot straight up to his abdomen. She began to inhale his musky boyish scent as she inspected his genitals, down to his sack along his thick shaft, up to his pink head. Seeing Nicole look at him made feel a little embarrassed causing him to close his eyes.

Nicole dropped the towel onto the floor, climbing on top of him, "We will discuss foreplay later, but right now I need you" she said watching Gumball slowly opening his eyes. The weight of Nicole's thick ass made his legs tremble as it gave off tremendous heat.

"Mmmmm" Gumball said, as Nicole placed her puss on top of him wiggling her hips.

"That feels so, nice" Nicole said as she tribbed her pussy along his exposed shaft. She got more careless as she rocked her hips more vigorously, pushing her ass back and forward rubbing herself rampant.

"Does this please you -mm gumball, do you –mmmmm feel how wet I have become for you"

Gumball pleasured soul stayed still as Nicole kept bucking on him, she didn't want to be penetrated just quite yet, making her the ultimate tease at this point, but her skillful rubbing was about to get them both off. All of this playful teasing kept the young kitty mute as he moaned louder in unison with Nicole, as they both escaped into a world of lustful dreams and sinful entrapment.

"Nicole, I-I I'm going to, AHHH" Gumball said but that reaction came from Nicole grabbing her son's balls twisting them only lightly to rile up the kitty under him. "Wait lets both finish on each other, sweetie"

The two blue felines sat up and faced each other waiting to reach their climax by opposite hands.

Nicole laid her beautiful thighs on top of Gumball's legs and said the following, "I want you to put your fingers inside of me" she spreads her legs making that familiar wet sound as her flower separated right in front of him, Nicole gave him the nod of consent allowing Gumball to graze her opening earning a very lustful moan. Nicole latched her paw onto his large shaft jerking it downward as Gumball inserted two curled fingers inside of her.

"…right—RIGHT THERE" Nicole gasped as the virgin kitty quickly pinpointed her G-Spot and began play with her clitoris. Nicole reacted by viciously by jerking him in both directions, causing to move faster within her, keeping eye contact on him nearing her release.

In an instant Nicole's hips rose to Gumball's face, "That's it honey, ahhhhHHHH HERE IT COMES!" In a flash Nicole Orgasm was achieved all over his face, the scent was much like her own while Gumball gave it a taste and fell in love with the flavor. "mmm you're so good at this, but now its your turn" Gumball nodded and slipped his fingers right out of her making her shutter as her cum left her sensitive.

"Watch this hun" Nicole said as she slowly licked his dick all the way up to the tip. "Woah!" Gumball said, that action made him ejaculate immediately and he couldnt believe his eyes. His cum hit Nicole's face as it dripped down to her bouncing breasts rubbing them accordingly, tasting his creamy goodness, the force of his orgasm made him pass out in immense pleasure.

"Gumball?" Nicole said shaking him, but it was no use her prestige tongue skills took a lot out of him. Nicole carried Gumball out of her bedroom, "What a great man, you've become Gumball, I haven't had this much fun since we made your sis" She entered her son's room and placed him onto the top bunk, kissing his forehead lightly.

"We should go all the way next time, Gummypuss" She said to the comatose kitten. Her actions caused her to go back into her own room, for a great night of sleep awaiting her.