Riley drops a bag of her things onto the kitchen table and takes in her new living space for the first time. The carriage house is a single room that contains all the basic necessities for the life. The bathroom is a little small, but the clawed footed tub more than makes up for it and she figures she can find a vanity to make up for the lack of counter space. A small kitchen rests in one corner; complete with fridge, oven, and a porcelain sink, and an old antique table rests in a nook beside a window.

"Are you sure you want to live here?" Maya asks, wrinkling her nose as she takes in the layers of dust.

"I am completely, positively sure that this is where I want to be," Riley replies, flipping on the light and returning to the car for another box.

"It's just an awfully long way from the city," Maya continues, trailing along behind her best friend.

"It's a new experience, an adventure," Riley corrects her, grabbing a box filled with her clothes and turning back towards the house.

"You don't even have a bed," Maya points out, her optimism waning as Riley refuses to be talked out of her plans. Riley has it on good authority that she has been told to talk Riley out of this using any means necessary.

"Roy says that there's one at the house he'll bring down," Riley informs her, adding her box to the stack.

"You're moving to a place with people named Roy, don't you see anything wrong with that?" Maya asks, letting her own box drop to the floor with a loud thump.

"No, I do not and be careful, there are breakable things in some of these," Riley chastises, moving over to check the box for damage.

"It's not like you brought your mother's fine china," Maya rolls her eyes, sinking into the old wooden rocking chair and coughing as she sends up a wave of dust.

"I did bring my framed medical license," Riley groans, holding up the cracked frame.

"You're not going to last six months out here, Riles. There are outlaws and hoedowns and I'm pretty sure I saw campaign posters for town coroner on our drive in," Maya waves her hands, a diamond engagement ring sparkling, even in the muted light.

The ring reminds Riley of the pit that's been hanging out in her stomach for the past six months, years if she wanted to be honest with herself, and she resists the urge to move a hand to her chest to check for the aching wound that has yet to heal. The basics of first aid says that you keep stacking layers on a wound and don't remove them until a professional can manage the bleeding. Unfortunately, in her case, the layers she's been packing on the shredded remains of her heart, just keep adding up.

"There are a lot of opportunities here," Riley forces herself to focus, keeping her eyes trained on the box of pictures that Maya has allowed to shatter on the ground.

"You may be amazed by this, but there are people having babies in New York, too," Maya points out, her sarcasm familiar and oddly comforting.

"Peaches, I love you, but I need to do this for me," Riley says gently, leaving out that she can't be around when Maya becomes one of them.

"There isn't a bay window here," Maya observes as she glances around the room.

"We left the bay window behind a long time ago," Riley reminds her.

"How are you supposed to be my maid of honor from halfway across the country?" Maya continues and Riley shoves the box under the table letting her eyes trail along the hardwood floors.

"I'm the voice in your head, right? Even though I'm not there, I'll always be right beside you," Riley promises her.

"It's just, not the same," Maya sighs and Riley can't help, but silently agree. Everything has changed and Riley doesn't think that they can ever go back.

"Doctor Mathews," a voice snapped her out of her memory and her attention turned to the door of her office.

"Sorry, Blake, I'm a little out of it," Riley apologized, dropping the envelope onto her desk and straightening her lab coat.

"Marsha's just here for her appointment," Blake informed her, hesitating on the edge of her doorway, "Are you feeling okay?"

"When is it that people die from hypothermia?" Riley asked, pulling her hair into a ponytail as she moved out of the room.

"When they're body temperature drops and they can't recover," Blake suggested, looking at her as though she had somehow lost her mind.

"It's when they stop moving; when they decide to sit down and die," Riley corrected him, putting hand sanitizer on her hands and grabbing the chart from outside of the room.

"You think you have hypothermia?" Blake asked her skeptically, his eyes trailing over her.

"For a minute, I stopped moving," Riley replied, ducking into her patient's room and leaving Blake to ponder her words.

The envelope sits in the middle of her desk, looking entirely out of the place, around the organized office supplies. Riley knew that she had become obsessively tidy over the last little while and she pretends that this is why the envelope sitting in the middle of her desk bothers her so much.

She had updated Marsha's file and even spent a good five minutes staring at the single ultrasound photo that Marsha had accidentally left behind. She had then proceeded to replace Marsha's file in her cabinet and pulled everything that she would need for the next day. She'd restocked the exam rooms, despite it being a part of Blake's job, and sorted all of the magazines in the waiting room. Unfortunately, the envelope was still waiting; the fluorescent lights reflecting off of the glossy white paper and standing out against the dark wood of her desk.

"Blake says you've been having an off day," Roy knocked on her door, leaning into her office. He was wearing his own white coat and a nice suit that brought out the blue of his eyes.

"Do you believe that someone can be the love of your life, even if you don't end up with them?" Riley asked, looking up at him as though he held all of the answers.

"When I was seventeen, I met Laura Hansen. She had family in the area and was just spending the summer. I was convinced that the sun rose and set on that girl. It may have been the single best summer of my youth," Roy replied, entering the room and sinking down in the chair across from her.

"What happened?" Riley asked, leaning forward.

"She went home and we lost touch. The next time I saw her, I was married to my Nora," he replied, his eyes distant.

"And you could see everything that could have been, running on a reel in your head?" Riley pressed when he didn't immediately go on.

"For a long time Laura was the standard that I held every relationship up to, but one day I realized that if it didn't last, it wasn't nearly as great as I had made it out to be. Nora gave me three beautiful children and twenty-eight wonderful years together. Part of being the love of someone's life is that your time together is filled with a lot of life," he replied, giving her a gentle smile.

"Shouldn't it count if you spend a lot of your life loving them, even if they don't love you back?" Riley questioned as she processed his words.

"You still have an awful lot of life left to live. I wouldn't rule out finding your Nora just yet," he counseled her, rising from the chair, "Are you going to leave soon?"

"I just have a couple more things to do and then I'll head home," Riley replied, her eyes drifting back to the dreaded envelope.

"Alright, make sure to lock up before you go," he smiled, leaning over the desk to squeeze her hand before he disappeared from the room.

Riley grabbed her letter opener from the top drawer and eased it under the flap of the envelope. Carefully sliding it across it, she made a perfect incision and set down the opener before she emptied the contents. The first thing to slide out was a picture that made her breath catch in her throat.

Maya stood wrapped in the arms of her fiancé. They both wore red flannel and they appeared to be standing in a meadow somewhere. Her engagement ring was visible from where she was resting her hands on top of his and they both smiled dazzlingly at the camera. There was something about the picture that seemed posed and not as natural as Riley thought an engagement photo should be, but she shook it off, turning the picture over so that she didn't have to look at their smiles anymore.

She pulled out the next paper and found the invitation, which was written out in delicate calligraphy. The words seemed to burn themselves into her mind, but she forced herself to read them anyway, needing to feel the door slam in her face before she could move on.

Maya Penelope Heart, daughter of Shawn and Katie Hunter, is pleased to announce her marriage to Lucas Friar, son of Travis and Rebecca Friar. Scheduled for…

The words blurred together as tears gathered in her eyes and she allowed several of them to fall before she placed the invitation over the picture. She knew there was one last thing in the envelope and she figured that she might as well get everything out in the open at once. Reaching inside of the envelope she found a carefully folded letter, with her name written on it. She would know the handwriting anywhere, but it didn't matter anymore. She shoved everything into her top drawer and grabbed her purse from under her desk as she got up to leave for the day.

She paused once, in the bathroom, to fix her mascara and check that her eyes hadn't become red and puffy from crying. Slipping out of her lab coat, she hung it on the hook next to Roys' and locked the practice door behind her.

"Doctor Mathews, you're looking awfully nice tonight," a voice called from across the street and she raised an eyebrow, Liam Vaughn was nothing but trouble.

"Considering I've seen the standards that you have, I'm not sure that I take that as a compliment," Riley replied, unlocking her car and tossing her purse inside.

"I don't suppose I could interest you in a drink," he ignored her brush-off, crossing the street and stopping in front of her.

"It smells like you've already had one," she replied, wrinkling her nose.

"It's one of those nights where I wouldn't mind another," he said, his tone become oddly sincere.

"While, I can definitely relate to that, I don't drink," Riley replied, crossing her arms across her chest as a gust of wind hit her.

"Right, your health and all that," he smiled and she couldn't help but return it.

"I do have to set an example," she sighed.

"Well, I'll drink to your liver," he suggested.

"The vital organ that doesn't feel chewed up and spit out at the moment," she mused, enjoying the conversation more then she would have any other night.

"You want to know the best cure for a broken heart?" he asked, oddly intuitive in his inebriated state.

"Lay it on me," she said, leaning against her open door.

He leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers, and she froze in shock for several moments, before her hands hesitantly wound around his neck. She could hear Roy's words echoing through her head, as she felt Liam's hands moving from her face down to her waist to pull her closer.

She spent a good thirty seconds convinced she was in the midst of an epiphany, until another face flashed through her mind and she was suddenly hit with images of a subway car and another kiss that had been full of promise. She gently pushed him away and the two gasped for air in the pale moonlight.

"I'll see you around, Doc," he smirked, moving down the street without a backwards glance.

"Great," she groaned, letting her head hit the outside frame of her car, "I've reached complete and utter insanity."

So, this is my first attempt at a Girl Meets World fanfiction. I do plan to eventually have it be a Riley/Lucas and probably Maya/Josh story, but it will be slow building. I really want to explore the different relationships and characters that are so important to the show and how, I believe, that they would have evolved and changed over time. I would love it if you would leave me a review and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!