I grab Nora before she can say anything, knowing it could very well lead her to a fate much like her father's. I remember watching the light leave his eyes. I refuse to watch her go through the same thing, and I know if I let her speak, she will be destined to the same torturous demise.

Her murderous glare turns to meet my own gaze, and I roll my eyes in annoyance. "Just go to class. I'll talk to you later," I murmur in a soft voice, but she only throws my arm off. I sigh and shake my head ever so slightly as she makes long strides out the door. I can practically feel the waves of hatred rolling off her, but I cannot bring myself to care now that I know she is safe.


He defended him, and left me alone. I have done nothing but help him, and he turns his back on me just because his father said I was the reason he is not prosperous in his classes. After what happened with Marcie, and now this, I do not know if I can continue perusing him or my feelings for him.

The day passes slowly, and as I am making my way out to Vee's car, I notice Patch leaning against his jeep. I flick my eyes away swiftly and pull my bottom lip between my teeth. I walk past him, and I have to stop myself from groaning when he grabs my arm, forcing me to turn and look at him. "What do you want?" I ask and try to jerk my arm away.

"Calm down, please," he says and drags a hand through his obsidian tinted locks. "If you would just let me explain, I promise this would all make sense."

"Explain what? First you go and screw Marcie Miller, and then you let your dad treat me like I'm a whore off the streets!" I say, getting angrier by the second, though I cannot place why.

"You don't know anything, Nora! Not about my family. Yeah, I slept with Marcie, but what right do you have to be angry about that? You were just my tutor at that point."

"At that point?" I ask, my eyebrows knitting together in misunderstanding. "So what am I now?"

"You're more than that," he murmurs and I feel his hands twining around my waist, my body melting into his for a few glorious moments before I move away.

"I can't keep doing this," my voice comes out softer than a whisper. "Not just because of our situation with Marcie, but because I can't deal with how you let him treat me."

"Nora, you have to understand, that's not my call. I can't fight him when it comes to situations like this. Just try to ignore it. He's never around for long."

"You're not comprehending what's wrong with this! The fact is you let him treat me like I mean nothing. If it was someone else, you would let him walk all over me, too!"

"Not everyone else is involved in your dad's murder, Nora!" He yells, and I feel the world shatter into a million pieces around me, hardly noticing the color draining from his cheeks. Black spots spiral into my vision, clouding everything in sight as all feeling leaves my body.

Just before I lose all consciousness, I feel his calloused hands gripping my waist.


I didnĀ“t mean to say it. I was in a blind fit of rage. Now that she knows, Dad will do anything to keep her quiet.