It's been five years since Nick joined the ZPD to be with his best friend and partner Judy. They've spent the days solving crime after crime and the city couldnt be prouder.

Both have been content with the deep, unbreakable connection they have as partners and above all else best friends. Both of them would likely akin their relatioship to life long partners, or soulmates, but the idea of love between them had never crossed the table to this day. Blissfully content with things just the way they were, they forged on to each new adventure. Until the day that everything would change forever. When Nick would learn some things about himself that he wasn't entirely aware of… when Judy brought home a prospective romance.

It was a beautiful Saturday, but Nick was not the get up and go type. At one time he would pound the pavement day in and day out to make his living, but those days were gone it seemed and Nick found himself uncertain about what to do with the new concept of "spare time."

Any normal mamal would sieze the opportunity to venture outside their four walls in search of a good time, but Nick had spent enough time outside his walls for one lifetime. Instead he would typically turn to the lazy day on the couch to relax his nerves from a long week.

So it was on this Saturday that he was doing just that, when he recalled he'd made plans…

"Nick why don't we ever hang out?"

"hmmm?" It was typical of Nick to respond in blunt and short fasion.

"Well, I only ever see you at work." It was also typical of Judy to speak whatever she was thinking, whenever she happened to think it. "It would actually be nice to do friend things with my friend… you're still my friend… right?" It was accompanied with a tilt of her head and a prick to her eyebrow.

"Sure babe whatever you want."

Her ears shot up and her brow furrowed. She took advantage of his absent mindedness to jump on his foot. With a look of complete satisfaction she watch him howl with pain and hop around on one foot for a minute.

" You've got a good hop slick, you could make a real decent bunny." She giggled.

Nick at that poin was on one knee trying to rub the pain out of his foot. He looked up at her from under his miserable scowl. He couldn't really hold a grudge with her. He knew because he'd tried on several occasions.

So, like a rerun of some old sitcom Nick turned to his ever successful quips.

He looked around with an astonished look.

"This is what they said it would be like to be short and annoying."

Well you can use your imagination as to what was Judy's response. It involved pain, enough so that it was with this memory that Nick snapped upright on the couch.

He heaved an exagerated sigh and flattened out his messy hair.

"Wait… was this a formal occasion?"

Nick scratched his chest for a moment and gave one of those "whatever" shrugs before throwing on his favorite shirt and tie.

He begrudgingly made his way across town on foot, momentarily cursing his inability to drive before remembering all the things that sucked about driving.

He paused for a moment before knocking out the tune of "camp town races" on Judy's door.

"Doo daa, doo daa!" Sang a chipper little brown bunny who opened the door…

They greeted each other with the same speechless expressions, for very different reasons…

"Uh um… yes can I h-help you Mr… fox?"

The bunny belted it out, giving away completely that he was terrified.

Nick retained his speechless endeavor for a moment while he thought. Then you could watch the lightbulb go off in his head, as it was narrated on his face.

"Hmm mm." Nick cleared his throat, and made sure it had an "official business" tone behind it.

"Yes good evening sir." Nick pulled his badge out of his pocket and flipped it open for the bunny to inspect. The reason he was always carrying it was that he lost it only once in the past. An impatient buffalo comes to mind…

"We've gotten word that a dangerous criminal may be hiding out somewhere in the building…"

The bunny quivered for a moment. He was already terrified, Nick was not making it better.

"Have you seen a cute little bunny about yeh tall with black tips?" He motioned her hight at about his mid chest and then rubbed the tips of his ears.

The bunny looked as though he'd just seen a ghost. "… J-judy?" He wimpered.

Nick raised his brow in alarm and leaned down until his face was level with the bunny's.

"Judy Hopps?" Nick inquired, in a hushed tone.

The bunny slowely nodded his head in confirmation.

"Sir, Judy Hopps is a deranged criminal recently escaped from prison." The bunny gulped. "She's considered armed and extremely dangerous…"

"What did she… do?" The terrifed new bunny could only whisper it.

"Well…" Nick thought for a moment until he'd come up with something.

He put on a campfire ghost story tone…

"Well… she lures prospective mates to her burrows… kinda like you." The bunny was slowly shrinking towards the floor.

"She acts all sweet and innocent and funny… but it's all an act." He looked around for a moment so he could laugh to himself and for added dramatic effect.

"… And once she's got you alone, she turns off the lights…" Nick was staring the petrified bunny right in the eyes from above, driving down almost to the floor at this point.

"AND CUTS OFF YOUR MANHOOD!" Nick let out a blood curdling scream that was followed by an equal scream from Judy's as-of-yet unintroduced "friend."

With that the bunny took off full speed down the hall. He yelled back at Nick "She's in there officer!"

Nick fell to the floor laughing hysterically as the bunny's screams slowely faded down the hall. Eventually he wiped his tears and stood up holding his stomache.

He very quickly realized that he just screwed himself.

"Judy's gonna destroy me!" He grabbed his cheeks and started off down the hall after him when he heard Judy come out of her apartment.

"…Nick?" She looked around perplexed. "Where'd Charly go?" She was wearing a towel around her waist and drying off her ears with another.

Nick kind of forgot everything at that moment. He took the oportunity to take in Judy almost nude, then it dawned on him….

"Did you just sleep with that guy?"

"What!?" She grabbed her towel even tighter and flushed as red as a stop sighn.