At this moment in time, I'm not sure if "Fluff A-La-Mode" will be Haku x Neru only, or Vocaloid ships in general.

So... I wrote this chapter in 30 minutes. And while I was sleep deprived, miraculously. Usually I can never write anything that fast. I'm a slow, unmotivated writer most of the time.

Haku acts very strange in this. This might be considered OOC, but at the same time, this is meant to be a gag-story. This Haku's personality is used a lot for comedy when I write it. She wouldn't act like this in a serious story :p

Also by the way, I do often imagine Haku's personality being a quite a bit like this when she's not wistful/depressed, and when she's around people she really loves (or have a crush on), like Neru. So to be honest, I don't consider it to be that far off the mark. Also, Haku happens to not be adult in this particular story. I personally imagine adult Haku to act more mature, sophisticated even. (Well, until she gets drunk for the purpose of comedy, in some cases.)

Haku had a bad habit of cuddling everything that was cute. Like kittens. And stuffed toys. And especially Neru.

"Haku..." Neru said one day in Haku's room, blushing, as a compassionate Haku snuggled her. "I'm not... a cuddle toy, okay?"

"But you squeak when I squeeze you, see?" Haku giggled and gave Neru a tight squeeze. Neru yowled like a kitten.

"But Haku, I'm not even cute." Neru breathed out shakily. She was in denial, but deep down, she liked when Haku squeezed her and babied her.

"I think you're adorable, Neru!" Haku chirped. "I feel happy whenever I look at Neru."

Neru felt tingly inside. Haku was charming when she was happy. Her smile was the eighth wonder of the world, like music to Neru's heart. She cared for Haku too much and couldn't stand to see her sad or crying. But when she smiled, the world was a miraculous place. Why? Why did Neru feel this way?

"Haku, you do realize you're the cute one, right? Not me..." She said inside her mind.

She just couldn't admit it.

"S-silly Haku." Neru said, biting her lip. "You're... so embarrassing!"

Haku began to whimper animatedly like a puppy. Neru sighed and began to pat her head, and Haku closed her eyes and faked a purring noise. Haku's snow-white hair was super soft, even though her long bangs were always flying in different directions, as if they were wisps of winter wind. Neru couldn't admit it, but she thought it was cute. She thought everything about odd little Haku was cute. She just couldn't spit it out. She was too flustered and embarrassed.

Haku put her face close to Neru's, closed her eyes, and licked her on the cheek.

Excited tingles shot down Neru's spine and caused her to blush again.

"H-Haku!" She exclaimed. "Why'd you do that for?"

"Because..." Haku blushed. "My kitten licks me, to show that she loves me. So I licked you to show I love you too Neru!"

Neru was so happy, blissfully happy. She bit her lip, and crossed her fingers. She wanted to embrace Haku...

But instead, she hit Haku on the head.

"Haku, you weirdo!" Neru was super-flustered. "Only cats do that! Humans d-don't lick other humans, o-okay? So stop that..."


Haku looked at Neru again, with shining eyes.

"By the way, Neru, I have a present for you."

A present? Neru grew fidgety wondering what Haku could be talking about. Could it be... another hug? Or even... even a kiss...?

Neru was about to melt, when Haku reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of cat ears. Neru caught herself fantasizing and brushed it quickly out of her head. She imagined herself wearing the cat ears and grew flustered for the hundredth time that day.

"Come on, wear them!" Haku chirped, "You'd look so cute!"

Neru sighed and put on the cat ears. Only because it would make Haku happy.

Suddenly, everything paused. Haku's mouth was wide open.

"A kitten!" Haku exclaimed, stroking Neru's neck.

"Haku... I-I'm not an actual cat." Neru stifled a grin.

"Why are you meowing, little kitty? Are you lost? You must be hungry."

Haku went into her cabinet and pulled out kitty treats.

"Haku, you're silly." Neru laughed.

"Aww, you're excited, aren't you." Haku shook some of the treats out on the carpet. "Eat up, little kitty!"

"Haku, you aren't expecting me to actually eat these, right?" Neru sighed.

Haku hugged Neru and began to pet her head so hard, the cat ears slipped off.

"Huh?" Haku said. She looked around. "Neru?" Haku asked.

"Yes?" Neru responded.

"Neru, there was a cat here just a second ago. What happened to it? As soon as you came back, it disappeared. Neru, did you scare it?" Haku scowled at Neru.

"Haku, there was no cat." Neru said.

"B-but it was meowing and everything!" Haku whimpered.

"It wasn't a cat." Neru said.

"But it was so cute! Until you scared it away!"

"Haku!" Neru growled. "The cat was ME."

Haku's mouth fell open in wonder. Innocent bliss.

"You can turn into a cat?" Haku gasped.

Neru brought her palm to her face.

"No... You told me to wear those cat ears, and I did. You must've mistaken me for an actual cat... if that's even possible."

"Oh." Haku said. "But... Neru is better than any old cat. Because Neru cheers me up when I'm sad, is always there for me, and has been a very great friend to me."

Haku leaned close to Neru, swept her bands aside and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead. She leaned back, gazed into Neru's eyes, with the most evocative smile Neru had ever seen on her.

"I love you, Neru."

"Haku..." Neru felt all the emotions flooding forth. "You're so weird. But I... I love you too. I love when you smile, and when you squeeze me... and do all these weird things. But it makes me happy. Because you're happy. You really are a... wonderful person, Haku. I want you to know that... o-okay?"

Neru bit her lip, wiped her red face with her sleeve and looked down at the carpet.

"Neru, are you crying?" Haku pulled out a soft handkerchief and wiped her eyes. "Don't cry."

Haku gave Neru a soft, warm embrace, and Neru wrapped her hands around Haku as well.

"Haku... I'm crying because I love you." Neru said. "I mean... No, I'm not crying! There's just... some fluff in my eye, that's all."

After Neru was no longer shaken up, she suggested she and Haku go watch a movie.

"I know you don't like scary movies, Haku." Neru said. Secretly, she was scared of such movies as well. "How about we see the one about the lost kitten?"

"But those movies make me sad..." Haku whimpered.

"What? But it's okay? The cat makes it home at the end!"

"Neru, you just spoiled the entire movie!" Haku hissed. "You spoiled it!"

"Come on, really? I was trying to cheer you up about the ending so you wouldn't spend the entire movie crying your eyes out for the kitten."

"You cry more than I do at movies." Haku said.

"I do not!" Neru roared, "It's just the bright movie screen getting in my eyes!"

"That's the worst excuse ever." Haku said.

"At least I'm not the one who told Mr. Hiyama that I didn't have my homework because I accidentally put it in my sandwich."

"But I really did! For real!" Haku said. "I mistook it for a piece of baloney!"

"How do you even mistake white paper for baloney?" Neru asked.

"The homework was printed on pink paper that day!" Haku insisted.

"I think YOU'RE a bunch of baloney, Haku." Neru stuck her tongue out.

"W-well... at least my ponytail doesn't look like a banana!" Haku crossed her arms.

"Where... did THAT come from?" Neru asked.

"Len Kagamine told me the other day." Haku said. "He thinks your ponytail looks like a banana."

"I... can't even think of a comeback for that." Neru said.

"Yay, I win!" Haku giggled.

"That's because you're probably the only person who thinks banana-hair is an insult." Neru said.

"Well... Neru? We can still watch the movie about the lost kitten if we want to." Haku said.

"Nah, I want to see the one about the pets who are superheroes!" Neru suggested.

"Alright." Haku smiled. "By the way... I love you."

Haku's eyes were gleaming.

Neru smiled and took Haku's hand, walking out of the room together.

"I love you too, you little fluff ball."


Neru was still wondering how Haku mistook her for a cat, just because she was wearing cat ears.

"Am I really that cute to Haku?" Neru puffed up one cheek. "Cute enough to look exactly like a kitten?"

While Haku was taking a nap, Neru slipped the cat ears on her head.

"Wha..." Neru stuttered silently. "Haku... looks exactly like a newborn kitten now! I can't explain it, but..."

Neru slipped the cat ears off Haku's head, and things returned back to normal.

"Is it because we love each other? Or..."

*Neru pauses, the camera zooms into her face.*

"Are these... magic cat ears?"