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"Neru sure is a heavy sleeper!"

Haku had tried everything to wake her up, but not even a mariachi band could.

"Sorry guys," Haku said to the mariachi band she hired, "She just won't wake up."

The mariachi guys took their instruments and left sadly.

"Well, if not even a mariachi band could wake her up, then what will?" Miku asked, worriedly.

Haku began to submerge herself in thought. Suddenly...

A dramatic piano chord started playing.

"Ah! Oh no..." Haku whispered softly. "I may have got it! B-but could it be? The only way to wake Neru up is..."

Haku lifted her hand to her face. Her hair began to flow dramatically in the wind.

Wait, since when did this hotel room have any wind?

"Sorry, I was farting." Len said.

"Len, you ruined the moment!" Gumi said, "Haku was having an epiphany!"

"When did you two even get here?" Miku shouted. "Go on, Haku."


Haku closed her eyes, and prompted herself to repeat her dramatic moment.

"Could it be?" Her voice echoed, "The only way to wake Neru up is..."

The subtle wind began to lift her hair, and the view zoomed into her face, yes... perfect...


Haku put her hand to her lip, and whispered.

"...With a... kiss?"

The entire room's jaws dropped. Even the cabinets opened their jaws wide.

"Oh my..." Miku whispered.

"Oh... don't be silly, Haku!" Piko appeared out of nowhere. "That is scientifically impossible!"

"Actually," Gumi put in her glasses, "The sensation of a kiss could very well send stimuli to the brain, therefore triggering a response bringing forth an awakening to the organism receiving the aforementioned kiss."

Meanwhile, Miku was flipping through a dictionary to try to understand Gumi's words.

"Stop using big words to sound smart!" Piko crossed his arms.

Len popped into the conversation.

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" He shouted. "Yay, I'm the smartest of all!"

"Get outta here, Len." Rin appeared from a puff of smoke.

"Speak for yourself Rin, you weren't even invited here!" Len growled.

"Yoo-hoo, am I missing a party, or what?" Yuma suddenly sprung forth from one of the cabinets.

"Party? Somebody said party!" Gakupo entered the room with balloons and a cake, and a piƱata that looked like Len's face.

"Wh-where are all these people coming from!?" Haku yelled through the chaos. "And Neru still won't wake up!"

Gakupo began to tap-dance on the bed, blowing a noisemaker. Neru wouldn't even budge. She snored loudly and rolled over to the other side of the pillow, all while in a deep state of slumber.

Kaito fell fantastically from the ceiling, and Luka casually emerged from the toilet.

"What's going on in here?" Haku's head was spinning.

All the uninvited guests started dancing on the bed.

Miku shrugged, waved goodbye to Haku, sprang up and began to join them in dancing as well.

"No, not Miku too!" Haku cried. She had felt betrayed.

"Wait a minute..." She then thought, "Maybe if I dance on the bed too, Neru will wake up!"

Haku jumped onto the bed and started dancing badly. Then suddenly she fell over with a supreme somersault, and...

Her lips landed on Neru's. Softly and subtly.

It happened in slow motion. Neru's blonde-curtained eyelids began to flutter open like the delicate wings of a clumsy butterfly taking its first flight...

And the first thing Neru saw when she opened her eyes, was Haku's sweet face, and coy-looking eyes.

Haku began to softly stroke Neru's hair as an apology.

"Haku..." Neru moaned through the kiss. Her face was turning bright red.

"My, my, my..." Luka began to blush.

"Well, this is starting to get intimate." Len made a face.

"Maybe we should all get out." Miku said. "I think they need some privacy now."

"W-wait, no!" Haku reached her arm out, "Come baaack!"

"It's not what you think this is!" Neru squeaked.

But alas, everyone in the room had left fleetingly and as randomly as they had arrived, leaving Haku and Neru toppled on the bed together in sudden, solemn silence.

In the silence, a cricket began to chirp.

"That cricket must be a fan of girls' love..." Haku whispered.

"Get outta here, bad cricket! Or I'll crush you!" Neru growled. The cricket stopped chirping.

Neru got up, sat up on the bed with Haku, and sighed.

"B-but Haku, that wasn't a real kiss though... was it?" Neru covered her lower face with a pillow and hid away.

"Um..." Haku began twirling her hair. "It was an accident, but then..."

Haku's face began turning a royal red. Neru had looked so cute as she was kissing her! The way she squeaked a little, and her eyes got all big...

"To be honest... I kind of like you Neru." Haku said.

"Oh..." Neru's eyes fell. Haku could tell she said something wrong, but what...?

"Actually..." Haku said, everything spilling out, "I really l-like you, and... maybe we... c-can kiss some more? B-but only if you want to...?"

Haku closed her eyes and clenched her hands. She felt as if she were on the verge of tears and she was doing everything she could to not run away...

Such shame...

Then suddenly...

Something warm and sweet met Haku's lips... melted into hers as if it were cocoa butter. Haku felt her hands unclench, her tightly closed eyes relax. Her arms didn't know exactly where to go at first, then she decided to wrap them around Neru's smaller body. She was surprised to feel it tremble. Perhaps Neru was feeling the exact same way... a whole mix of aching emotions.

"Is that... why she's kissing me?"

They parted from the kiss and gazed each other, both with utter passion in their eyes, the morning light from the window shining between their silhouettes.

They were still shaking.

"Well..." Neru blushed and finally looked away, bashfully. "You said you wanted to. Don't be scared Haku, because... the truth is... I really like you too, okay?"

"R-really?" Haku squeaked.

"You mean so much to me." Neru said straightforwardly. "O-okay?"

"Okay!" Haku answered to Neru's tendency to add "okay" to her questions when she was nervous. Those were one of the many little things about Neru which Haku knew... and loved.

"Now... let's go to the beach." Neru said. "No matter what happens in between us, we will always still be best friends too, underneath it all. So what do you say, best friend?"

Haku grabbed Neru's hand and made it out of the hotel together, walking down the lobby as casually as they could. However, their discreet, fond glances at each other made it rather clear that they had something between each other.

"Neru, look!" Haku excitedly pointed to the lucid blue sky, once they stepped outside. "It's..."

"A rainbow!" They said together.

Gazing upwards at the ring of color, they both blushed again.

"This rainbow... did it appear because we kissed?" Haku and Neru both thought in unison.

"Hehe..." They laughed nervously. "Hehehe..."

"Neru... what if Miku and the others see this rainbow...!?" Haku whispered in Neru's ear.

"We can't let that happen!" Neru said, "She'd get ideas about us!"

"Run!" They both said, and scrambled down the sandy path, towards the beach in the resort, leaving a rainbow trail behind them.

Just kidding, they weren't really leaving a rainbow trail.


"Len, have you been eating Skittles again?" Miku asked.

"No..." Len held a family-size pack of Skittles behind his back, and covered his mouth to hide his rainbow tongue. "Why would you... possibly think that?"

"Because you just burped a rainbow!" Miku shouted. "The evidence is right there in the sky!"