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DISCLAIMER: I am sad to say that I do not own any of these characters, as they are the sole properties of Doctor Who and BBC.


A successful team requires many different components in order to function. Vastra the Silurian is disciplined, strong, deadly, and possesses an advanced intellect that is as sharp as any sword she wields. Jenny Flint, match girl turned ninja maid, flourished under Vastra's wing to become an accomplished fighter in her own right, and whose cunning wiles and street smarts proved to be invaluable when navigating the London underground. Commander Strax is a tough as nails veteran of countless battles he fought in on behalf of the Sontaran Empire, and what he lacks in social grace he more than makes up for it with his unlimited courage and vast military knowledge.

Together, these three form the Paternoster Gang, the most awesome team of misfit heroes that you'll ever meet. They are strongly united under one common goal, which is to fight crime and defend the British Empire, all while pretending to be a regular Victorian household. That can be difficult, however, when you are constantly getting pulled across time and space by a madman in a blue box on wild adventures to save the world.