Master Fu was a troubled man. He paced up and down in his little room, with much on his mind.

He'd just finished off his final yoga session of the day, and was concentrating on a very important matter: The distribution of the Miraculous.

The ones representing the Ladybug and Cat had been handed out months ago, and Fu couldn't be happier with the way things were going for their holders, Marinette and Adrien.

But, just recently, the Akuma attacks had increased, both in frequency and ferocity, and now it was time to start consider sending out the other magical items in his possession, each one symbolising an animal.

Including... The bee.

Fuu had earmarked the new owner of the comb which summoned the creature behind the Miraculous, and transformed the recipient into the superhero who'd wield the valuable power against the forces of evil.

But he had more than a few misgivings over the girl who stood to benefit from this magic. Mainly because, having observed her from a distance for a considerable period of time, he'd discovered a few not-so-comforting truths about her.

Namely, that she was a bully. A spoiled brat. A person who seemed to care little for the feelings of others. An individual who thought the world revolved around them.

Oh, and the girl seemed responsible for at least half of the Akuma attacks thus far, as a result of her haughty attitude and insulting demeanor towards others.

He'd tried to find a way out of it. Uncover some loophole he could exploit, to give this precious artifact to someone more deserving. Anything, but the worst option...

Sadly, rules were rules. He couldn't deny destiny, and time was running short. He had no other choice, but to entrust the miscreant with this mystical comb.

But, not without having a word with the magical creature residing within the item first.

Without further ado, Fu opened up the Miraculous box, and took out the relic which was represented by the bee.

All of a sudden, a strange insect shape appeared in the air, the yellow and black figure was about the size of the old man's head, and began hovering next to him.

"Hello there, master." The creature buzzed with joy. "If there anything I can do for you, on such a fine day?"

"Actually, yes there is..." Master Fu tried to smile as best as he could. " I do believe it is time for you to leave me. The world isn't getting any safer, and your powers will soon be needed to nullify the new threat that lies just beyond the horizon."

"Wait, does that mean..." The bee-type figure's wings slightly diminished in sound, as if it were waiting for a big announcement that it didn't want to be drowned out by it's own noise.

"Yes, I have found your next holder..." Fu meant to carry on, but was stopped by an extremely excited large insect, as it let out a huge cheer, before alternating between flying around the room with wild abandonment, and hugging the old man with barely restrained vigour.

It's not like the yellow and black creature liked leaving Fu. In fact, it loved the Master as if he was it's own father. It's just that it had heard stories from the other Miraculous of the recent brave deeds of Cat Noir and Ladybug, and was extremely eager to replicate them out in the wider world again, rather than be cooped up in a small box for the rest of it's long life.

"Wait just a second..." Fu used his surprisingly sharp reflexes to grab the insect gently, bringing it's heedless flight to an abrupt halt. "There's some things I should tell you about the young lady who'll be your new owner, and you might not like what I have to say..."

The creature smiled skeptically at the old man. What could he possibly tell it, to dampen it's enthusiasm? What news would stop it from feeling on cloud nine? It had been waiting literally years for another holder, and now it had found one, nothing could crush it's spirit...




The large insect listened in utter dismay as Fu regaled it with tales of thievery. Manipulation. Lies. Bribery. Verbal and physical attacks. A prima donna attitude. The personality of someone who doesn't give a hoot about anyone, besides themselves.

This girl sounded, in short, like a complete nightmare.

And, she was the yellow and black creature's new wielder.

Somehow, the cramped confines of the box didn't seem too unwelcoming anymore.

It's smile became a frown. The wings dropped. The whole body seemed to almost fall out of the air...

Fu watched this reaction with a sense of growing unease. What if it refused to go? Would he have to order it to head out? It would be the first time he'd have to force a Miraculous to leave, not that he could blame the creature's hesitancy...

"I'll do it."

The old man looked up, surprised at the bee-like being's change in tone. The wings were humming as quickly as usual. The posture was straight again. Most of all, there was a steely look in the eyes, almost as if it knew what it had to do.

"Are you sure about this? I think you'll find her a handful..." Fu added a note of caution.

"Well, I'll just have to be even more of a nuisance then." The insect sounded very determined indeed. "She'll have no choice, but to accept me. As for her behaviour, well we'll just see what we can do about that somewhere along the line..."


"... Get me an organic fruit smoothie from the kitchen, with a twirly straw this time! Or, I'll have you fired just as quickly as the last cretin to have your job! Bring it up to my room in five minutes flat! THAT'S AN ORDER!"

"Yes, Ma'am! At once Ma'am! Whatever you say, Ma'am!"

It had been a good day for Miss Chloe Bourgeois. She had not only managed to frame her most hated rival Marinette for putting a tack on the teacher's chair, giving the pigtailed girl at least a week's worth of detention in the process, she'd also managed to cuddle up to her childhood friend, now boyfriend (although, he would tend to disagree) not once, but twice during recess. Yes, life was indeed good...

Now, it was about to get even better. Her father, the lord mayor of Paris, had just informed her he was holding a special party for the upcoming visit of the Prime Minister of Britain, which she of course was invited to attend. And the best bit was, she was allowed to pick a brand new outfit for the occasion...

With unlimited credit!

Needless to say, as soon as she got in from class, she made a beeline to her laptop on her bed, in the luxury hotel where she lived on the best suite. It was her intention to spend the rest of the evening scouring the Internet, looking at what all the celebrities were wearing, and picking the latest and greatest designer dress with accessories that her humungous budget could afford. Nothing was off limits for Daddy's Little Princess, after all.

It was when she dived onto her duvet, she discovered it. Huh? What was this underneath her legs? She rolled over to the side to discover a tiny box, replete with archaic writing and odd symbols engraved on it.

It must be a present from Daddy. Chloe surmised, with a wide grin. He's always doing things like this for me, and don't I just deserve it? She lifted up the lid with aplomb, wondering what expensive trinket lay within...

It was a comb . A measly, pitiful yellow comb. Sure, it was quite a nice looking comb... But, just a comb nonetheless. It didn't even look like it was made out of anything valuable.

Chloe rolled her eyes in disgust. She'd got all excited, over practically nothing. She threw the useless item onto the floor, and was just about to start her search for the perfect evening-wear when her phone rang.


"Hello, who is that?"

"H-hi, Chloe! It's your best friend, Sabrina!"

"Oh, you. What do you want?"

"U-um... W-well I was just wondering... You know what I told you last week?"

"What, that my new eye foundation looked perfect on me? Yes, Sabrina. But I knew that already."

"N-no, not that. I mean... About my grandmother dying..."

"Oh, that. Well I am sorry, but we've all gotta go at some point. Is that really all that you rang me about?"

"O-oh, no, no. I-I was wondering... Just this once... I'll never ask you again..."

"What is it, Sabrina? Spit it out, I'm extremely busy!"

"S-sorry! I do have a tendency to go on, don't I?! That's what my mother is always telling me, anyway. She says..."


"O-oh n-no, I did it again didn't I? I-I apologise. I'll get straight to the point now, Chloe. Did you hear the funeral for my Nana is tomorrow?"

"No, I didn't. Why on Earth would I need to know about that?"

"W-well, as I was going to say, you know I've done your homework every day for the last few years, d-do you think I could... T-take that day off from it tomorrow, please? I promise I'll do double the day after. Triple, even!


"C-Chloe, hello? I-is that a yes? C-can you hear me? H-have we been cut off...?

"...Sabrina, can I tell you a little story?"

"O-oh, Chloe! I can still hear you! For a moment there I thought..."

"The story is about a useless, red-haired, ugly girl with four eyes and no friends. Well, she had one GREAT friend, but she lost that girl because of her thoughtless SELFISHNESS."

"C-Chloe, y-you c-can't m-mean..."

"Yes, Sabrina I'm talking about you. You DARE to call me, on the eve of one of my biggest fashion crisis in YEARS, to bother me, with THIS?"

"S-sorry C-Chloe, I-I j-just t-thought... "*SOB*.

"Well, the answers NO, Sabrina. NO, NO, NO, NO! Get the message through your thick skull, yet? And just for that little attempt at rebellion, you know that smart little table at the best restaurant in the city we were due to be eating at soon?"

*SNIFF*... "Y-yes?"

"It's looks like I'll be eating solo there now. You need to buck your ideas up Sabrina, and realise that I can either make your life unbelievably comfortable, or unbelievably uncomfortable . So, which is it to be?

"I-I d-don't..."

"Well, when you've figured it out contact me again. Just not tonight, because I have to decide how to spend thousands of my daddy's euros. So, go away."

"B-but C-Chloe..." *CLICK*"

The wealthy Bourgeois girl hung up. She sighed a bit at having to treat her best friend so harshly, but she deserved it. Honestly, such a lot of fuss, over nothing. No-one reacted like that when Chloe's mother died, least of all her or her father.

Of course, she felt like crying like a little baby at the time, but her Daddy soon taught her how pathetic she looked, so such behaviour was soon curtailed. She owed so much to him...

"Well, it looks like all the rumours about you were true. Talk about heartless..."

What? What was that noise? Chloe looked around the room in consternation. She saw nothing. It must be just in her imagination. The stress of dealing with her annoying bestie, and picking out an ensemble on such short notice. Now, where was that idiot with her smoothie...

"And, you call yourself her friend. Disgusting. I can't believe I got stuck with someone like you..."

Chloe's eyes widened in shock. That definitely wasn't just in her head. The voice sounded female, and came from above her. She looked up, slowly, in growing horror...

The figure above her looked like a massive wasp, but with a few major differences. It had four legs, and two arms, folded in exasperation. Rapidly flapping wings, emitting a loud humming noise. A cute little head, with two small antenna on top, but a very cross expression on the face. As Chloe cuddled her pillow in terror, it continued to speak.

"Hello, my name is Zzubo. I would like to say it's a pleasure to meet you, but from what I've just witnessed, I'm afraid that would be a fib. First of all, please treat my Miraculous with respect. Don't dump it on the floor, just because it's in your way. Pick it up, and perhaps we can discuss why I'm here, as well as a few other things, like your attitude problem, which is most unbecoming of a superhero..."

But 'superhero' was the last word Miss Chloe Bourgeious heard, before she fainted dead away.

Zzubo sighed in frustration, her antenna twitching irritably. "It's gonna be a long night..."