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Bold - Hallucinations/Visions/Memories

Italics - Thinking

"My name is Thea Queen, a girl who went from being a spoiled little rich kid who got everything she wanted, to a girl who now had to fight for survival after everything and everyone in her life was taken from her. Now I fight beside my brother and his team in order to help keep our city safe from Damien Dhark, but in order to do so, just like with Ollie I had to become someone else...I had to become something else...

Previously on Driven To Murder - "I don't know what to do." I replied softly. "I feel like everything I've worked so hard for is now falling apart." I felt Felicicty beginning to rub my shoulder for support but it didn't help. "I've let Thea down. I should've been there to protect her from Ra's."

"Do you have any idea what's like to be out floating on the sea and watch as your own father shoots himself in the head in front of you so that you could live? or to watch as your mother sacrifices herself for you as a madman murders her in front of you and your little sister?" I saw tears starting to well up in Felicity's eyes from behind her glasses as she shook her head. "My parents may not have been the ones that Thea and I thought they were, but they didn't deserve to die the way they did. And I'll be damned if I'm going to just sit around and watch as my little sister is executed in a damn jail cell, because of something that happened that was out of her control."

Tommy was alive? How? What in the world was happening here? The last I had heard from Ollie was that Tommy had died during the Undertaking along with the other unlucky 500 innocent people that got caught in the crossfire of Malcolm sick and twisted plans to avenge the death of his wife.

"I was just looking for your brother." Tommy continued as though I was listening. "Have you seen him?" I shook my head to clear away the memories of that horrible night, and tried to focus on other things. "You okay Thea?" Tommy asked in a concerned voice. "You seem a little distracted or something." I tried to nod my head, but an overwhelming nausiating feeling began to overtake me nearly causing me to fall to my knees. "Thea!" I heard Tommy's voice calling out my name as I felt him catch me before I could fall to the ground.

"Please wake up sis, I need you. The team needs you. Come on Speedy." I let out a sigh and leaned back in the chair trying to obviously wrap my brain around what could possibly be happening to her, but then a thin line of blood suddenly appearing on Thea's chest caught my eye. "What the?" Upon closer examination I could immediatly tell that it was a self inflicted wound as though Thea was trying to harm herself. "Come on Speedy!" I whispered to her urgently praying that somehow she could hear me. "You can do this. Come on Thea, Fight! Don't let it win against you!"

Suddenly I could see the wound on her chest beginning to grow and the blood now began to seep out onto the bed. I could hear her breathing starting to become shallow and labored, and immediatly I began to panic as a wave of fear ran through me. Intensified only by the sudden alarm in her heart moniter spiking, and I felt the blood in my veins rush cold with terror as a group of doctors and nurses now began to swarm inside the room to aid her. Their voices became distant and my vision began to waver almost as if I was far away from them. "Sir, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave now." Said a nurse with long blonde hair as she led me outside the door of the room. "We'll come and find you in the waiting room once your sister is stabulized."

"Please, I can't leave her." I said pleadingly. "I'm sorry Mr. Queen, but I can't authroize that." The nurse continued as I took a glance at my little sister's lifeless body, and could see the steady rythym of her heart moniter beginning to slow before finally ceasing all together as a steady hum reached my ears. "No..."

"I love you Thea." Tommy said as a blinding flash began to overtake me. "Take care sis, and keep Ollie in line for me would you?" I nodded and smiled a sad smile as the blinding flash of light consumed me and when I opened my eyes I found myself surrounded by several doctors and nurses all staring at me with wide expressions etched on their faces. Complete and utter disbelief. "How is this possible?" One doctor asked. "I could've sworn she was dead." "Someone go and get Mr. Queen and get him in here right now!" Another doctor ordered.


Chapter 7 - Siblings In Arms

I must have blacked out a second after waking up because the next face I saw once I awoke was Ollie. A warm smile lit up on my face upon seeing him, and I immediatly thought of what Tommy had said to me. I had to be strong not just for myself but for Ollie too. I had to face whatever consequenses were coming for my actions no matter the circumstances of the crime I had committed.

"I'm so glad you're okay Speedy." Oliver said smiling as I saw tears pooling in his eyes. "I was so scared I was going to lose you." I pushed myself lightly into sitting posistion on the bed and for the first time since I had passed out inside the interogation room with Quinten at the Police Headquaters, it was then that I finally took the time to notice just how weak of a condition I was in.

There was a thin line of blood on my chest as though I had gotten sliced with something, and all at once flashes of Ra's Stabbing me with his sword back in my appartment shot through my head, and a fresh new stab of pain hit me full force in the chest causing me to start gasping for breath.

"Easy Thea," Ollie's voice was right beside me as his hands wrapped around me calming me down. "Take it easy Speedy, it's all going to be okay, just take it nice and slow."

More flashes of pain shot through me followed by images of Ra's and how much I wanted to get my revenge on him for what he had done to me, but then I thought of Roy and what he had to go through while he was overcome by the Mirakuru and I started to calm down.

"Ollie, What am I going to do now?" I asked drawing in a deep breath as I calmed down and pulled gently away from him as he helped me lie back down on the bed.

"Let me worry about that alright? You just rest up and try and get some descent sleep right now okay?" I nodded slowly and started to rest my eyes just as Ollie rose to his feet and started to leave the room. Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, visions of Sara's death started to flash through my head again, and that's when I could see My father Malcolm staring at me followed by sudden blasts of pain as my eyes started to see nothing but red.

"Thea?" Through the red haze that slowly filled my vision I could sense the gaze of concern that was laced in Ollie's eyes but it didn't matter, and as I flicked my gaze of anger toward my father I could hear a low growl of repressed fury emanating from my throat.

"Thea? listen to me Speedy." I could hear Ollie's voice calling out to me gently and reassuring trying to bring me back to reality, but all that was running through my head was vengeance. Vengeance not just for the deaths of my parents or Tommy or Laurel but vengeance to clear my family's legacy as my mother's daughter.

"He has to pay Ollie." I didn't reconize the sound of my own voice now it sounded almost inhuman and I began to feel myself start to panic as I tried to keep myself under control. Thoughts of Lyla and baby Sara's deaths filled my head and as Iooked at Ollie with a worried expression on my face. Only one thing came to mind and was out of my mouth before I knew what was happening, "Ollie...It's too strong...I can't fight against it..."

"Thea? are you okay sweetheart?" The sound of Malcolm's voice shot through my panic induced brain as I felt a hand on my shoulder and flinched slightly at the touch but relaxed the moment I heard Ollie's voice say in a low firm voice, "Stay the hell away from my sister. Or I'll kill you."

"She's my daughter Oliver." Came Malcolm's voice that seemed to shift slightly to nothing but pure cold and angry.

"Only by half." Oliver reminded him his blue eyes not trailing away from Malcolms's in case he decided to take drastic measures.

"My mother was a fool for trusting someone as cold and heartless as you. You let your own wife to die when you could've done more to save her. Your'e the reason My best friend lost his life for your own selfish needs. You should be the one six feet under instead of Rebecca."

"Then why didn't you kill me that night when you had the chance Oliver?" Malcolm's words came back at Ollie and I could feel my anger rising as I looked at Ollie and could see his face contorting in waves of anger. I could see him gritting his teeth trying to remain calm as I could see the look of pain flash momentarily in his eyes as he thought of Tommy.

"Tommy's final words to me as I cradled his dying body in my arms were not to kill you." Oliver replied cooly. "I simply let you live for that reason so that my best friend wouldn't have to keep watching over me from the heavens to see me as a killer. I wanted to honor his memory by only killing when it became absolutely necessary."

I tore my gaze away from Ollie and started at Malcolm as a wave of intense emotion overcame me. Thoughts and images of Tommy, my mother, Sara, Lyla, and baby Sara all filled up inside my brain. These were people I cared about. People that were my family and friends that were dead because of me, and I had to make Malcolm pay for what he made me become. My own father had turned me into a killer, the one thing Oliver fought to supress to keep Tommy's memory alive and here I was destroying that very same memory because of Malcolm Merlyn.

This has to end tonight. I thought. Tonight has to be the night Malcolm dies if Ollie wouldn't go through it then I guess it's up to me. Time to for you to see what all your training has given me Malcolm. Time for you to see the monster killer that you've turned your daughter into.

I saw nothing but flashes of pure rage now as my vision became a hazy red with bloodlust and before I knew it, I found myself ontop of Malcolm with one hand wrapped around his throat while my other hand searched for a weapon to use against him. All the while as this was happening I could bearly hear Oliver's voice calling my name before everything around me went black.

TOO BE CONTINUED...What will happen now? Will Thea do whatever it takes to take down Malcolm once and for all? Will Oliver be able to bring his little sister around in time to stop her from killing again? Stay tuned to find out more...