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Natsu will know a few things even though he was not there to see it in this story.

Also this first chapter takes place before the Key of the Starry Sky arc.

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Chapter 1: History and Truths Revealed

It was another beautiful day in the City of Magnolia, as the Fairy Tail are now celebrating over the fact that their core members returning after a seven year absence. And now let us see what is currently happening inside the Fairy Tail.

" What did you say you to me Flame-brain!?" a raven haired man growled.

" I said that you should work in a strip club and not in a guild!" a pink haired man laughed out.

" Shut your mouth Natsu!" the raven haired man growled again.

Natsu was a 21 year old man wearing an open-collared, one-sleeved on the left, exposing his guild mark on his right shoulder, gold trimmed, black waistcoat, a gold trimmed, black cloth around his waist that reaches his knees, held by a brown belt with an oval-shaped silver buckle, with white knee-length trousers, a thick black wristband on his left wrist, black open-toed sandals and the scale-patterned scarf around his neck.

" Gray your clothes!" a blonde hair mage shouted at him.

" Ahh! Where did my clothes go!" Gray screamed out, embarrassed as Natsu continues to laugh at the Ice Mage.

" Like I said you should work in a strip club. You literally stripped in the fastest time ever!" Natsu said as Gray then blushed in embarrassment and rage.

" Why you" Gray then charged at Natsu who dodged to the right before getting slammed in the head by a fist.

" Natsu! Gray! Stop acting like little kids!" a scarlet haired knight said as she bonged both Natsu and Gray's head.

" A man shall not stop fighting!" a man with white spiky haired screamed out before getting whacked behind the head by a paper fan.

" Not everyone is a man you big nincompoop!" a brunette said as she kept whacking him with a paper fan in the back of his head constantly.

" * sigh * it's always going to be as loud as this forever huh?" the blonde hair mage sighed as a 17 year old female with long wavy blue hair sipped her drink beside her.

" But without all of this, the guild would be boring, right Lucy-san?" the blue haired girl said as Lucy just smiled at her.

" You are right Wendy. You know you really have grown up both physically and mentally which is surprising since you're the only one to grow" Lucy commented as Wendy just blushed at what the blonde Celestial Mage said as she was right.

Wendy had grown drastically physically as not only her hair but she has grown taller and her chest has gotten bigger as well. All in all she has grown into a beautiful female.

" I don't know how to explain it as well, Lucy-san, but it's very annoying how almost every guy just walks up to you and asks you on a date even though you don't know him, it's actually very annoying" Wendy said with an annoyed tone as Lucy chuckled.

" Haha well that never happened to me before so maybe your right" Lucy said as Natsu then crashed at a chair beside her.

" Damn that hurt my head" Natsu commented as he rubbed the back of his head.

Just then Levy ran through the guild towards the Master's office on the second floor, and Natsu could see the worry and fear in her eyes.

" What the-" Natsu was unable to finish his sentence when he was knocked over by something or someone.

Natsu then turned around to see a naked, laughing Gray behind him.

Natsu then growled at him before jumping at high speed towards the Ice Mage.

But before he was able to reach the raven haired male, a giant fist was slammed at the pink haired male, knocking him unconscious.

In the infirmary

Natsu's POV

" Oww, that hurts" I said as I got up, I looked around me and noticed that I was currently in the Guild's infirmary.

I then looked down to see my injury and noticed a large bruise on my body.

' Wait wouldn't Wendy just heal my bruise every time I get one? I wonder why she didn't heal this one' I thought as I heard soft snoring near the bed and saw none other than my partner, best friend and 'son', Happy the Exceed.

I smiled softly as I placed the blanket over his sleeping form.

I could remember the day I got his egg like it was yesterday.


Normal POV

Currently we see a younger version of Natsu in the Magnolia East Forest punching on a tree that had drawn pictures of both Erza and Gray on it.

" One day I'll beat the both of them!" Natsu yelled out as he continued on punching the pictures.

Natsu then gave one last cry before sending a very hard punch at the picture.

Natsu then held his hands in pain as he mumbled out " That does not hurt!"

Just then a large egg then fell from the sky and knocked Natsu on the head, causing the Dragon Slayer to fall on the ground.

" Huh, what's this?" Natsu asked himself as he looked at the egg in confusion.

Flashback ends

Normal POV

Natsu then chuckled to himself at that memory as he recalled calling it a Dragon's egg and asking the Master if he could make the thing inside the egg hatch out faster and he learned something important that day.

" Using magic for such a purpose would dishonor the miracle of life. Life is born of love and love alone, no spell can transcend that power."

And although he had said he couldn't understand it, as he grew older he finally understood those meaning and would always listen to it.

Natsu then realized that ever since he had Happy in his life, his whole life had changed. He couldn't help but remember all of the memories he had with his nakama.

He used to be a loner who would not talk to anyone and after getting Happy's egg, he had spent more time with Lisanna Strauss, Mirajane's youngest sister.

And even after Happy had hatched from the egg, he and Lisanna still hung out witch each other, and Gildarts then came into his life as he would hang out with him and Lisanna if he were hanging around in the guild. The Dragon Slayer had always looked up to Gildarts as his father figure.

And a few years later, Lisanna and her siblings went on an S-Class mission and 'died', making it one of the saddest days in Fairy Tail history.

And a few years later, Natsu had met the runaway Heartfillia daughter, Lucy Heartfillia at Hargeon Port, saving her from the fake 'Salamander' aka Bora the Prominence from sending her to slavery. Later, Lucy joined Fairy Tail and together they saved Macao and made Team Natsu together.

A few days later, Erza came back from her mission and had asked both Gray and Natsu on a mission with her to take on the Dark Guild, Eisenwald and one of Zeref's creation, Lullaby. And during Natsu's fight with Erigor the Shinigami, Natsu discovered his ability to use his fire for different purposes aside of destroying.

And together Natsu and the rest managed to destroy the Lullaby, saving the Guild Master's of Fiore.

Later on, Natsu and Happy had managed to take one of the S-Class mission made for S-Class wizards only and convinced Lucy to join them. Gray was forced to join and learned of the dangers in Galuna Island. Gray's hidden past was revealed as another creation of Zeref, Deliora, the same monster that Gray's master, Ul had sacrificed her life to seal, was being freed.

Natsu and the rest had realized that it was another student of Ul, Lyon Vastia and his gang trying to free the demon.

Erza then joined the mission after some convincing but unfortunately they couldn't stop Deliora from being freed. Gray defeated his fellow rival and attempted to sacrifice his life only to be stopped by Natsu who also destroyed the physical form of Deliora.

After returning from the guild, Natsu and the rest learnt that Phantom Lord had attacked their Guild base, and after that they had attacked Team Shadow Gear that consisted of Levy, Jet and Droy.

Makarov then choose to start a Guild war and resulted in Fairy Tail's bitter defeat with Makarov losing his magic. Lucy was also kidnapped by Juvia Locksar and Sol, two of them are from the Element 4.

Natsu managed to save her and Fairy Tail managed to learn that it was Lucy's father that had sent Phantom Lord to attack Fairy Tail in order to get his daughter.

It was starting to get worse for Fairy Tail as Phantom Lord brought their remote headquarters and used the Magical Convergent Cannon: Jupiter which caused Erza to use her strongest armor, the Adamantine Armor, to shield the guild, and also injuring her in the process.

Natsu, Gray and Elfman then entered the headquarters and had to defeat the Element 4 in 15 minutes to prevent the Jupiter Cannon to fire again.

Natsu managed to defeat Totomaru with the help of Gray and Elfman, Elfman defeated Sol, Gray defeated Juvia, and the injured Erza managed to defeat Aria, which caused Jupiter to stop functioning.

Sometime during the fight, Lucy was captured again by Phantom Lord mages and was later held by Gajeel who constantly attacked her.

Natsu then encountered Gajeel, the Iron Dragon Slayer and the two Dragon Slayers had a massive fight with one another where Natsu pulled out victorious.

Master Makarov made a recovery and had used one of the three Great Fairy Magic's, Fairy Law and defeated Jose, Guild Master of Phantom Lord and made Fairy Tail to pull out as the victors of the war.

Later, Loke was then found out as Leo, the Leader of the Celestial Spirits and gave them four tickets to Akane Beach Resort where they would have some relaxation.

But unsurprising as the vacation turned out to be another fight as Erza's childhood friends came and captured her and brought her to the Tower of Heaven, where another one of her childhood friend was waiting, Jellal Fernandez.

Natsu and the rest then journeyed to the Tower of Heaven and encountered Erza's friends.

Jellal then expected their arrival and told them that the Trinity Raven was here to ensure of their defeat.

Gray managed to defeat Fukuro, Lucy and Juvia using the Unison Raid, managed to defeat Vidaldus Taka, and Erza managed to beat Ikaruga.

Erza then faced Jellal who tricked her and with the help of his 'twin brother', Siegrain convinced the Magic Council to use the Etherion on the Tower of Heaven, making it complete. Siegrain was actually a thought projection of Jellal and the two merged, restoring Jellal's Magic Power.

Natsu then appeared and fought Jellal, Jellal then used his most powerful attack, Altairis, and unintentionally killed Simon.

This made Erza to cry and for Natsu to enrage, Natsu then ate parts of the tower as he activated his Dragon Force.

With this, Natsu managed to defeat Jellal, and the tower was destroyed.

They also said their goodbyes to Erza's friends.

When they returned, they were shocked to see both Juvia and Gajeel from Phantom Lord as new members of Fairy Tail.

Though there were some small arguments, no one complained about Gajeel's presence any further.

Laxus then came to Fiore during the town's Harvest Festival on the October 15th every year. He disrupted the peacefulness in the town and made Evergreen turn the females to stone, causing the other members to participate in the " Battle of Fairy Tail".

Laxus also had Freed to make prevent anybody older than 80 to pass the runes which meant Makarov was unable to pass through, Natsu and Gajeel was also unintentionally unable to pass through.

Natsu had still been wondering about it, why was it that he and Gajeel were unable to pass through the runes anyway?

Continuing on, Natsu and Gajeel managed to free Erza from Evergreen's spell and the redhead defeated Evergreen, freeing the females of Fairy Tail.

Laxus then activated the Thunder Palace and was keen on destroying Magnolia.

Lucy managed to beat Bickslow with the help of Loke and Happy, and Mirajane activated her Satan Soul and defeated Freed, which meant Laxus was the only enemy remaining.

Mystogan arrived and faced Laxus as Natsu and Erza arrived as well.

Laxus then destroyed Mystogan's mask, revealing the face of Jellal, shocking both Natsu and Erza.

Erza then left in order to destroy the Thunder Palace, leaving Natsu to fight with Laxus.

Natsu was pushed back by Laxus and it was Gajeel that had to rescue him and the two pushed the Lightning mage back that he was forced to activate his Lightning Dragon Slayer Mode, which shocked the both of them, literally.

Laxus then attempted to use Fairy Law on them but failed and Freed explained that Laxus still loved Fairy Tail deep within his heart and with that Natsu and Gajeel defeated Laxus.

A few days later, Lucy then questions about the number of Dark Guilds there are in Fiore and Mirajane explains to the Celestial Mage about the Baram Alliance and how there are three Dark Guilds that are the most powerful and that is Oracion Seis, Grimoire Heart and Tartaros.

Later, Makarov had told everyone in the Guild how they and a few other Guilds will be sending a team to take on the Dark Guild, Oracion Seis. Natsu, Happy, Gray, Lucy and Erza were chosen to fight for Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus had sent Ichiya and the Trimens. Lamia Scale had sent Lyon, Sherry and Jura, one of the Ten Wizard Saints. Lastly Cait Shelter, had sent Wendy and Charles.

The four guilds then discussed their plans and strategies on how to beat their enemy and ran straight to their enemies base. Unknown to them, Jura and Ichiya were both taken out already.

As soon as they arrived at the cliff of the East Forest, they were ambushed by Oracion Seis and were crushed and defeated, Brain, the leader of the Oracion Seis managed to capture Wendy who he recognized as the " Sky Sorceress" and Happy by accident.

Erza was badly poisoned by Cobra's friend, Cubellios who had bit her shoulder during the fight.

Charles then told everyone about Wendy's ability and her being the Sky Dragon Slayer. Everyone then decided to split up and find Wendy, while Oracion Seis were trying to get Wendy heal Jellal.

Everyone was then held back by Guilds that support the Oracion Seis and in one of those Guilds were the Naked Mummy which Natsu and Gray easily beat.

Natsu and Charles then entered the cave that Wendy was in and Natsu had the shock of his life when he saw Jellal.

Natsu then attempted to attack him as Jellal stopped Natsu's attack and walked away.

Natsu wanted to chase after him but he had to bring Wendy to save Erza.

On their way back, they encountered Racer who was stopped by Gray.

Natsu successfully brought Wendy back and Erza was healed.

Gray and Lyon then teamed up to beat Racer.

Later, a pillar of light could be seen and Natsu instantly charges towards the light stating that Jellal was there.

Natsu then saw an unconscious Gray on a raft and Natsu tried to help him only to realize it was a trap as Natsu's motion sickness kicked in.

Lucy then appeared and saw Natsu on a raft and later, Angel, one of the Oracion Seis appeared before her and the two Celestial Key Holders have a battle where Lucy pulled out victorious.

Later, Nirvana's second stage was activated and took the form of a gigantic building moving on six, large spider-like legs.

Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Gray then held on to the legs of Nirvana and Natsu starts having his motion sickness problem and the Dragon Slayer had his partner to carry him to the top.

He then encountered Cobra, another member of the Oración Seis and his snake companion, Cubellios.

The two then fought as Cobra revealed to Natsu that he too was a Dragon Slayer, The Poison Dragon Slayer. He also called Natsu the "Old style" while his was new and better as he had a Dragon Lacrima implanted inside of him.

But even with all that Natsu managed to beat Cobra by roaring extremely loud like a Dragon which is very effective to someone with superhuman hearing like Cobra, Cobra then fell to the ground, unconscious.

Gray, Lucy, and Jura came and Jura faced off against Brain and beats him easily.

Natsu, Wendy, Lucy, Gray, Happy, Charles and Jura then walked to the top of the tower after they were told that Midnight would be there, Wendy and Charles then ran away somewhere else, and as Team Natsu and Jura were exiting, they are caught in an explosion which causes Jura to save everyone but himself as he took the full blast of the explosion.

Meanwhile, Midnight manage to beat Hoteye and Erza later defeated Midnight.

They were then encountered by Klodoa, the stick of Brain and it realized that every member of the Oración Seis had lost and Brain's alternate, Zero, was released and encountered Team Natsu. Zero effortlessly beat them all.

Nirvana was about to fire at the Cait Shelter Guild but it missed after Christina, the magical bomber was flying in the air again, attacked it.

Hibiki then explained in order to stop Nirvana they have to destroy the six lacrima crystals that empower it, each placed on a different leg in twenty minutes. But Zero heard everything and sent a telepathic message to everyone that he will be waiting at one of the lacrima.

There were only three mages capable of fighting as Wendy claimed to have no offensive ability whatsoever. Their problems were solved as everyone sent their telepathic messages to Gray, Lucy, Happy and Natsu which caused them to stand up and fight again. Natsu claims to have heard everything and that they will fight on.

Natsu chose Lacrima 1, Gray chose Lacrima 2, Lucy chose Lacrima 3, Ichiya chose Lacrima 4, Erza chose Lacrima 5 while Jellal told Wendy to take his place and to destroy the 6th Lacrima for him.

Natsu then reached the lacrima and saw Zero waiting for him.

The two then battled it out with Zero countering Natsu's every move.

As Natsu was about to charge an attack towards Zero, flames were shot at him by Jellal, Natsu then raged seeing the blue haired male's face and reprimands him for his past actions.

Zero then used his Dark Capriccio on Natsu but Jellal then stepped in front of Natsu and took the attack reminding the Dragon Slayer about the same thing that Simon did for Erza.

Jellal then offers Natsu " The Flames of Rebuke" which causes Natsu to activate his Dragon Force and was able to fight Zero on par.

Later, Natsu and Zero both charged up their final attack and Zero's ultimate attack, Genesis Zero overwhelmed the Dragon Slayer.

Natsu who was about to give up, heard his father's voice and devours the attack, shocking Zero in the process as everyone else was about to launch their attacks on the lacrima.

Natsu then proceeds to hit Zero and finished the Oracion Seis's leader with his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade.

Natsu and the rest managed to destroy the lacrimas, destroying Nirvana in the process.

The Magic Council then arrived and took Hoteye and Jellal to prison as everyone then went to Cait Shelter to celebrate.

But it was less of a celebration as Roubaul, Guild Master of Cait Shelter, reveals to everyone that he was the one who created Nirvana and he only lives because of his regret and everyone that was in the Guild were all fake.

Wendy and Charles then joined Fairy Tail and everyone started celebrating about having new members to the Guild.

A few days after joining Fairy Tail, Wendy and Natsu were tricked by Gray who told them of someone who knew the whereabouts of Dragons.

And it started causing the destruction of Magnolia as Daphne, the certain someone who 'knew' the whereabouts of Dragons created a machine that needed Natsu's energy to work and with the help of everyone, they managed to destroy the robot and saved Magnolia and Natsu.

Later, Gildarts then returned home and told Natsu of a black Dragon that caused him to fail his mission.

A few days later, Fairy Tail was then sucked into a portal called Anima and Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Charles were the only one that were left.

Charles then told them of another world at the portal called, Edolas, a parallel universe that is somewhat similar to Earthland.

The four then entered the portal and the four realized that they didn't have any magic.

They then noticed the Fairy Tail guild and thought that as their own.

They then realized that it wasn't their Guild but a different Fairy Tail in Edolas.

They also learn that Erza was helping the Royal Capital, also known as the one responsible of the death of many guild members and destruction of many guilds.

With knowledge of the Royal Capital being their target, they journeyed there with Edo Lucy accompanying them.

They entered a small town where Lucy was in and she explained that Horologium had saved her and Mystogan had given her a Magic Pill that allowed her abilities to be used in Edolas.

The group then managed to enter the Kingdom of Edolas with the help of Edo Natsu.

They learn that the king planned to destroy the lacrima that contained their guild mates for magic which enraged them.

Charles then brought them to a cave which was a pathway to the King's palace but they were ambushed by Edo Erza.

Charles and Happy were brought to Extalia and were known as heroes by everyone. But the two escaped and hid at a farmer's house, where he and his wife lives.

Meanwhile, Natsu and Wendy's energy were being sucked out by Byro at the bottom of the castle.

Happy and Charles were the able to use their Aera magic and they not only saved Lucy but got the whereabouts on the Dragon Slayers.

As they were heading towards Natsu and Wendy, Erza Knightwalker stopped them and was about to kill them if not for Gray and Erza appearing, telling them that Gajeel rescued them and gave them a bottle of Magic Pills.

While the two Erza's were having a fight, Gray and the others gave Natsu and Wendy the Magic Pills, letting them gain consciousness and their ability to use Magic again.

Natsu, Gray and Lucy were encountered by Hughes and Sugarboy while Wendy and Charles flew towards Extalia to warn them.

Byro then joined the fight, after failing from getting the key from Coco. Natsu and Lucy managed to not only take out Hughes but Byro as well.

Meanwhile, Gray managed to beat Sugarboy.

While Gajeel and Panther Lily were fighting, the Dragon Cannon was then sending the giant lacrima towards Extalia.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Charles were failing trying to convince the Exceeds about the dangers and Queen Shagotte revealed that she was only able to call out one wing because of her lack of magic power and she could predict the future.

But it didn't waver Charles determination as she flew out to help the others in moving the giant island back.

In awe of her determination, the Exceeds went in to support them as well and in the end the lacrima disappears and Mystogan appeared saying that the lacrima was sent back to Earthland safe and sound.

It was also revealed that Panther Lily was kicked out of Extalia for trying to save a little kid, that kid was Mystogan.

But it wasn't over yet as Erza Knightwalker attacked Panther Lily and Faust activating the Dorma Anim, a Dragon-like machine and the three Dragon Slayers decided to fight it.

They pulled out victorious but when the ground started shaking they started getting confused.

It was Mystogan and Panther Lily in the Anima Chamber and Mystogan then used the Anima Chamber to send anyone with magic AND magic back to Earthland.

Mystogan then told Lily that they need a hero and a villain and that Lily needs to be the hero while he'll play the villain.

They then exited the castle and saw Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers acting as destroyers of the area as Mystogan runs to stop him.

Natsu then recites the Fairy Tail Farewell Ceremony to Mystogan who sent one last punch to Natsu, who fell to the ground, making it seem that Mystogan won.

Magic power then started floating away from the land, as did the people who had magical powers within them.

After returning to Earthland, everyone realized that the Exceeds was in Earthland as well.

After saying their goodbyes to the Exceeds.

Panther Lily then appears as a small cat similar to Happy and Charles and said that he will join Fairy Tail and Gajeel will take him.

Panther Lily also commented that he caught someone suspicious and it revealed to be Lisanna who tells them that she never died and woke up at the Fairy Tail in Edolas.

Later, Lisanna then met up with Mirajane and Elfman then cried tears of joy at seeing their sister again after so long.

A few days later, the S-Class announcements were made and Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Freed, Elfman, Cana, Levy and Mest were chosen.

Natsu's partner was Happy

Gray's partner was Loke

Juvia's partner was Lisanna

Freed's partner was Bickslow

Elfman's partner was surprisingly Evergreen

Cana's partner was Lucy

Levy's partner was Gajeel

And last but not least, Mest's partner was Wendy.

Together they travelled to Tenroujima Island by boat.

Makarov then explained the rules of the exam on the boat and that the S-Class wizards, Erza, Mirajane and Gildarts will be there to stop their progress.

Freed and Bickslow were the first to exit the boat next were Levy and Gajeel and next were Elfman and Evergreen.

Natsu and Happy had the fortune(misfortune) of facing Gildarts, Elfman and Evergreen faced off against Mirajane and Juvia and Lisanna were facing against Erza.

Lucy and Cana had to battle Freed and Bickslow, Gray and Loke had to battle Mest and Wendy.

Gildarts allowed Natsu and Happy to go through and gave Natsu a piece of useful advice.

" Fear is not 'Evil'. It is good to know your weakness. If you know your weakness, you can become stronger and also kinder. That is necessary to becoming an S-Class wizard."

Elfman and Evergreen managed to beat Mirajane, Lucy and Cana beat Freed and Bickslow, Gray and Loke beat Mest and Wendy while Levy and Gajeel got the lucky path.

Unknown to them, Grimoire Heart was heading towards Tenroujima Island as is the Exceeds.

Natsu, Happy Elfman and Evergreen then met Zeref at a small clearing and the latter sent a wave of black miasma at Natsu, not killing him, but able to turn his scarf to black.

Makarov then stopped the Grimoire Heart ship as Hades or better known to Makarov as Precht, the Second Guild master of Fairy Tail.

Hades then sent the "7 Kin of Purgatory" to Tenroujima Island to defeat Fairy Tail.

The two Guild Master then fought and Hades pulled out victorious.

While the other Grimoire Heart members fight with Fairy Tail members.

Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Charles encountered Azuma.

Meredy encountered Juvia and Erza.

Kain was lost and didn't encounter anyone.

Gray and Loke were encountered by Zoldeo.

Rustyrose encountered Elfman and Evergreen.

Ultear however, met Zeref on the island.

Azuma then left and Natsu and the rest met Zancrow.

A battle between Dragon and God occurred in Tenroujima Island and Natsu managed to eat Zancrow's flames and defeat the God Slayer.

Meredy faced off against Juvia and Erza but the latter left, allowing Juvia to beat Meredy.

Cana then cast a spell on Lucy, making her sleepy and Kain Hikaru appeared before her.

Natsu then joined her and together they were able to beat Kain.

Not everyone had such a great time as Rustyrose beat both Elfman and Evergreen and Azuma defeated both Mirajane and Lisanna.

Lucy and Gray then ran away as Loke took on Zoldeo.

It was later revealed that Zoldeo was the holder of the Celestial Spirit Key, Capricorn and the two fused together by a forbidden magic spell.

Capricorn then left to the Celestial Spirit World along with Loke.

After the defeat of 4 from the 7 Kin of Purgatory, Hades decided to let Bluenote join the battle.

Bluenote managed to defeat Cana and later he fought Gildarts.

Erza encountered Azuma and Azuma used his magic to uproot the Great Tenroujima Tree which weakened all of Fairy Tail members except Erza.

Erza managed to defeat Azuma and every Fairy Tail member's strength returned.

Bluenote was having an easy time fighting Gildarts after the Tenrou Tree fell and when Gildarts felt his strength returning, the Ace of Fairy Tail pulled out victorious.

Freed, Bickslow and Elfman worked together and beat Rustyrose.

Gray managed to beat Ultear.

Leaving only Hades.

Team Natsu then rushed to Grimoire Heart's ship and encountered the Guild Master.

The fight began and Hades dominated the fight, just as Hades was about to kill Natsu, Laxus came and saved him.

Laxus seemed to be on par with Hades until the older man unleashes his full power, making Laxus unable to fight back.

Laxus then gave the remaining of his magical power to Natsu who eats the Lightning and is now able to use his new Lightning Flame Dragon Mode.

Natsu then overwhelmed the older man with his new power, Natsu then used his Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar and looked as if he had beaten the old man.

However, much to everyone's dismay, he got up and removed his eyepatch, unleashing his Demon Eye.

Hades then creates demons from the rubble and Team Natsu started shaking in fear. Natsu, remembering Gildart's words in his head, persuaded his friends to not give up and together with the help of the Exceeds, Natsu managed to beat Hades with his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade.

With Grimoire Heart defeated, the S-Class exam was cancelled.

A few hours later, everyone was prepared to leave and after a battle the worst thing happened, Acnologia, the Dragon of Apocalypse appeared.

It managed to defeat all of the Fairy Tail core Guild members. It defeated the strongest mages from Fairy Tail and flew away.

And they then woken up after 7 years thanks to Mavis's spell, Fairy Sphere.

After returning to the guild there were many things to learn about such as the Guild being the worst guild in Fiore after being the best, most of the members had left and more.

Later on, Lucy found out sad news as she hears that her father passed away. It was a sad day for her but she got over it, knowing that he cared for her and will be always be watching over her.

Natsu then chuckles quietly, not wanting to awaken his partner, at his memories.

He used to be a kid that was raised by a Dragon in the forest and now he was one of the mages in a Guild that cares about him and treat him like family.

He loved those memories, the memories of their adventure, the memories of their fun, the memories of everyone smiling together, laughing together and showing that they were a family.

But meeting Acnologia was truly a memory he would definitely forget, yet at the same he would not want to forget.

It's as if he was really happy to see the black Dragon, a reason he could not understand.

Was it because he was happy to finally see a dragon after so long, or was it for a different reason?

And deep inside he felt a feeling of love towards the Dragon which Natsu shudders to himself sometimes.

Natsu then sighed, not wanting to think too hard.

Just then, Happy started stirring in his sleep as he yawned tiredly.

Happy then saw Natsu awake and he quickly jumped onto the Dragon Slayer's face.

" Natsu!" Happy cried out happily as he cried out some tears of joy.

Natsu smiled as he petted his partner's head.

" Don't worry Happy, I'm fine." Natsu reassured his partner as Happy got off of his face.

" Natsu you really worried me" Happy said.

" Like I said, I'm fine." Natsu said again.

Happy just nodded his head as silence filled the room.

" By the way Happy, who attacked me?" Natsu asked curiously.

" It was Master that attacked you, and he looked quite angry when he did it" Happy responded as Natsu turned to his partner curiously.

" I wonder why would he do that? I didn't go for any mission these past few days so I didn't cause any damage." Natsu explained.

" I don't know, Natsu, he also told Wendy not to heal you" Happy explained as Natsu winced in pain.

" Yeah I definitely still feel the pain as well" Natsu said.

" Yeah, but somehow I don't feel very good about this Natsu, I feel like something bad is about to happen" Happy stated worried as Natsu shook his head.

" Don't worry Happy, it'll be alright, we're in Fairy Tail nothing bad will happen" Natsu grinned but Happy didn't smile back.

" If you say so" Happy replied and the blue Exceed helped his 'father' off the bed and the two walked out of the infirmary.

Natsu then saw everyone partying around the guild like he was in it.

Natsu looked on and saw a perfect opportunity to attack Gray and was about to jump off the railing but was then punched in the face and before he could fall from the ground he was lifted up into the air.

" Natsu!" Happy cried out as he looked to see who had attack his 'father' and partner and saw none other than Master Makarov.

" Master! What are you doing?" Happy cried out in shock as Makarov ignored the Exceed, he slammed Natsu into the wall, making the Dragon Slayer to cry out in pain.

" Natsu!" Happy cried as he flew towards his partner.

Natsu had some bruises left and right, after all Makarov was a Wizard Saint while Natsu was not.

Natsu slowly got up and ducked just in time to avoid another attack from Makarov.

" Gramps, why are you doing this?" Natsu asked in shock and in pain.

Makarov seemed to ignore him yet again as he used his Titan Magic to make his arm huge.

" Happy!" Natsu called out and the Exceed flew to his rescue as he helped him into the air.

But as they were in the air, they had to avoid a few attacks.

Natsu looked around and saw the majority of the Guild attacking him. Including his teammates and friends, Gray, Lucy, Erza, Lisanna, Mirajane and more.

" Guys, why are you doing this?" Natsu asked.

" We don't need to explain to you demon" Gray growled as he used his Ice Make Magic and shot towards Happy and Natsu.

It landed a direct hit on Happy's wing and it caused Happy to release Natsu.

Natsu was falling but with the help of his fire he was able to land safely on the ground.

But Happy wasn't so lucky as he landed unconscious on the floor.

" Happy!" Natsu cried out before glaring at his guild mates.

Everyone glared back at him as Natsu looked at them.

" Why are you guys attacking me? I did nothing wrong?" Natsu cried out but it didn't stop anyone from firing their attacks at Natsu.

Natsu had to duck under while using his Fire Dragon's Roar to block out some of the attack.

Natsu used his super enhanced reflexes to duck under in the nick of time as Erza slashed her sword at where Natsu used to be standing.

Natsu sent a flaming kick at her direction as he jumped back.

He was surrounded by his friends.

" Damn this is really bad" Natsu commented, seeing the position that he was in.

" Take this! Heavens Wheel Armor!" Erza said as she was covered by a bright light before she was then covered by a plated armor that covers her chest, with a large metal flower over it, and she wears a billowing skirt that has metal plating in the upper area. Her stomach and neck are uncovered, and she has large metal wings that appear to be made of blades, as well as a wing-like headpiece.

" Blumenblatt!" Erza said as around 100 swords surrounded her.

" Dance my blades!" Erza said as she fired her swords towards Natsu.

Natsu avoided a few and destroyed more with his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist but got scratched by the rest.

Natsu's hand was bleeding and the Dragon Slayer's previous wounds were not making it better for him.

" It's time to finish you off! Ice make Lance!" Gray then got into his Ice Make form before he created and aimed the lances towards Natsu.

Natsu closed his eyes awaiting for the pain but after a few seconds he didn't feel it.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw Wendy in front of him.

" Are you okay, Natsu-kun?" Wendy asked as Natsu got up.

" Yeah, thanks Wendy" Natsu said as Wendy smiled at him.

" It's no problem." Wendy replied.

" Wendy what are you doing with him?" Makarov asked her in shock while Wendy glared at him.

" Natsu's not him, and I will believe in Natsu no matter what!" Wendy shouted back.

Although Natsu was happy at what the blue haired Dragon Slayer said, he was also confused.

" What are you talking about?" Natsu asked as Makarov turned to him.

" This is what we're talking about" Makarov replied coldly as he threw a book at Natsu.

Natsu caught the book and the front of the book read " Etherious's created by Zeref"

" And what does this book have to do with me?" Natsu asked.

" Just read it" Makarov said.

" Natsu-kun, no!" Wendy shouted but it was too late as Natsu began scrolling threw the page until he reached the last page where his eyes widened in shock and horror.

" No.. that's not possible" Natsu said in disbelief.

" But it is, and now that you know, won't you let us destroy you?" Makarov asked coldly.

Happy, confused walked up to the book and read it, he too was shocked at what he read.

Demon: E.N.D

The strongest demon ever by Zeref, is also the brother of Zeref. Is the Guild Master and creator of the Guild Tartaros. Has killed many beings such as humans and dragons in the past. This demon's true name is Natsu Dragneel.

Happy then looked at Natsu in shock but shook his head, he wouldn't care what Natsu is. As long as he is Natsu, he would stay with him no matter what.

Makarov then extended his hand to grab Natsu but could only grab the air.

Makarov then looked up and saw Happy carrying him.

" Grr" Makarov attempted to attack both Natsu and Happy in the sky but Wendy used her Sky Dragon's Roar to stop him.

Makarov was sent back and was about to hit the wall but Laxus came in time to help his grandfather.

" Looks like we need to destroy Wendy before we can eliminate Natsu, gramps" Laxus said as Makarov narrowed his eyes at the two Dragon Slayers.

" It would appear so" Makarov said.

Laxus then ran as fast as lightning and got behind Wendy.

" Sorry about this, Wendy" Laxus said and was about to knock Wendy but Natsu struck the Lightning Mage with a fiery fist.

" I don't care what you guys think of me but hurt Wendy, and you're dead" Natsu growled.

" Hmph tough words for someone who is about to die" Laxus commented.

" Not a chance" Natsu commented back as his light his entire body on fire.

" Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu then shot out a torrent of flames from his mouth at Natsu.

Laxus managed to block the attack with his fist, just as Natsu was about to attack Laxus, he was struck from behind.

Natsu looked back to see Gray standing behind him with his Ice Make form.

Natsu then clenched his teeth in pain.

Natsu then shot himself back by shooting fire from his fist, knocking Gray back.

Gray then coughed out some saliva as Natsu kicked him in the gut, sending him back.

Juvia then trapped him in boiling hot water but Natsu broke free of it and shot out a torrent of flames from his mouth at Juvia, causing Juvia to cry out in pain.

" Lightning Dragon's Roar!" Laxus then shot out electricity from his mouth at the Fire Dragon Slayer.

Natsu, turning back to see the electricity heading for him, closed his eyes and explosion covered him.

" Natsu!" Wendy screamed out in worry as she used her Sky Dragon's Roar on Lucy and Erza before she ran towards Natsu.

Once the smoke cleared, Natsu was on the ground, panting heavily and his body was quite bloody.

Wendy and Happy both ran towards him in worry as Wendy attempted to heal him but he stopped her.

" Natsu-kun?" Wendy asked as Natsu smiled at her before he got up again.

" It's time to end this!" Natsu yelled out as his entire body was lit on fire and electricity surrounded his body.

" Roar of the Lightning Flame Dragon!" Natsu then shot out a huge blast of flames and electricity from his mouth at Laxus and the others.

Natsu began panting heavily and once the smoke cleared his eyes widened in shock when he saw runes in front of Laxus and the others.

" Damn it" Natsu said before he fell unconscious.

" Great, he's on death's door. Let's kill him!" Jet said as he rushed towards Natsu before Wendy shot out a blast of air from her mouth at Jet, sending him flying.

" Happy take Natsu-kun away from here" Wendy instructed as Happy gave a " Aye sir" and took off while carrying Natsu.

" Wendy, why are you helping him? Didn't you read that book? He's a demon!" Makarov stated as Wendy glared at him.

" And who gave you that book?" Wendy asked as Levy came out.

" It was Zeref himself who gave me that book, he asked me to give it to Makarov" Levy stated as Wendy gritted her teeth.

" That bastard" Wendy muttered under her breath.

" Now answer our question, Wendy!" Makarov shouted at her.

" Because Natsu never was the one doing it" Wendy stated as Makarov and everyone was confused at what she had said.

" What do you mean?" Makarov asked.

" I don't know everything but he was took from his parents by Zeref and that bastard turned him into a demon" Wendy stated angrily as she recalls her past.

" And how would you know about that?" Gray asked curiously.

Wendy smiled as she then glowed brightly.

After a few minutes, she looked extremely different.

She now looked 20 years old. Her hair was now longer that reached her butt, her chest grew much bigger, her skin was fairer and the things that make her look different was the white angel wings on her back.

Most of the guys looked at her with lust their eyes while the rest looked at her in shock.

" Who are you?" Makarov asked in shock as Wendy smiled.

" My name is Wendy Marvell, Dragon and Angel Slayer, but most importantly I am Natsu' lover" Wendy stated as everyone was shocked at what she said.

" Well future lover" she stated again while some were shocked at what she said the others were in shock at what she previously stated.

" Oh and before I forget" Wendy started as everyone snapped out of their shocked state and turned to her.

Wendy then gave a cold, hard glare to everyone who flinched as they saw.

" Natsu was innocent and you will definitely regret what you did to him, and my warning is prepare" Wendy said before she left the guild.

" Master.." Mira started but Makarov cut her off.

" Don't listen to her, END will be gone soon, and the world will be better off without him" Makarov said while and everybody nodded their heads, and although Mira nodded her head, she felt as if they made a mistake.

With Natsu

Happy then crashed in the forest after his magic ran out, dropping Natsu on the ground.

Natsu was on the ground, conscious.

' Damn it hurts' Natsu thought as he turned to see Happy panting.

' Happy, I'm sorry that you're hurt because of me' Natsu thought as a lone tear fell from his eye.

Natsu then caught the scent of someone in front.

Natsu quickly got up, although he was in pain, and got into a fighting position.

Natsu then caught sight of a female who looked no older than him with long black and blue hair that was tied in a ponytail and her left eye was covered by her hair, She was wearing a long black kimono with a tint of blue at the bottom of her kimono that reaches her knees, her kimono was able to hide yet reveal her cleavage at the same time.

This was a beauty that every man would sought for, but Natsu was not like most men.

" W-who are you?" Natsu asked cautiously while the female smiled sadly.

" I guess you did forget me, but I guess it is to be expected" the unknown female said before looking at Natsu.

" I'm a person you've met before in Tenroujima Island. My name is Acnologia" the female now revealed as Acnologia smiled lovingly at Natsu.

End Chapter

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