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Chapter 10:

In the last chapter of "The Demon Dragon Slayer":

Normal POV

Natsu felt the need to turn back all of a sudden and when he did, he saw Ashley standing right behind him with a content smile on her face.

"What happened?" Natsu asked and Ashley just ignored him and grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers together.

Natsu just shrugged his shoulder at that before the two walked towards the hotel under the night sky.

Normal POV

"So you two were out the entire night walking through a festival and didn't even bother informing us about your whereabouts whatsoever?" Wendy asked sternly with her hands on her hips as she glared at both Natsu and Ashley who were both kneeling in front of her. Behind the blue haired female was Ruby who was currently lying down on their bed.

It was only a few minutes since the two had return from their nightly outing and as soon as Wendy caught their scents, she pounced on them like a cat and immediately demanded that they tell her where they went and so on. The brunette couldn't help but laugh as she recalled the shocked and horrified look on Natsu's face when Wendy appeared in front of him.

"Geez Wendy, cut them some slack." Ruby said as she got up and suddenly the Angel Slayer's glare was pointed at her, causing the brunette to raise her hands up in defense.

"I mean if you think about it, you wouldn't be like that if you were the one in Ashley's place, right?" Ruby sent a smirk at the blue haired girl who immediately blushed at the comment from the Dragon Slayer.

"S-shut up Ruby! You would too after all." Ruby merely shrugged at this as Ashley got up.

"Come on, Wendy. We didn't do anything, we were just out and having a blast, weren't we Natsu?" Natsu nodded his head with a smile.

"Yeah it was, we can go out to another one anytime Wendy if you want." Wendy blushed at the offer as she meekly nodded her head, as Ashley smirked at seeing the flustered look on the Angel Slayer's face.

"Someone's embarrassed." Ashley teased as she sneaked up on her as she wrapped her arms around the girls gut, causing Wendy to jump at the sudden contact.

"Ashley, don't touch me!" Wendy hissed as she tried to get Ashley off of her, but due to the Dragon Slayer's strength and tight grip, she managed to hold on with a smile on her face.

The of course managed to cause Wendy's…ahem, assets to bounce, causing Natsu to have a massive blush on his face as he turned to the other direction.

"Hoh, is someone getting embarrassed over that?" a teasing tone asked as he felt someone wrap their arms around the back of his neck, pressing their chest against his back, causing his blush to become redder.

Of course, due to their high senses when it comes to Natsu, both Ashley and Wendy stopped their argument and turned to the direction where they saw Ruby giving the Etherious a bear hug.

"Get off of him!" Both growled as this caused yet another argument between the three girls as Natsu sighed in relief as he sneakily exited the room and entered his own room.

'Well that was definitely fun.' Natsu thought to himself.

'Well, it's good to see you having a great time Casanova.' Natasha teased as Natsu smiled when he heard the female in his head.

'It's been a while since you last spoke, what's up?' The Etherious asked and could feel the female shrug her shoulders.

'I guess if you must know, I've been resting. After all, I have been asleep throughout your entire journey and was only woken up after your former guild discovered that you were E.N.D.' Natasha said and Natsu frowned at the mention of the Fairy Tail guild.

He imagined them to stick by him regardless of him being a demon or not, but he appeared to be wrong after all. The Dragon Slayer could still remember the hateful glares he received that day. But he knew the truth, he knew that they didn't want to kill him because they hated him, more like the opposite. They wanted to do so because they were afraid of him, or more likely, afraid of E.N.D.

Fear that one day he might awaken his demonic powers, fear that he might go on a rampage and kill every living thing on Earthland.

Natasha could sense the sadness in Natsu and frowned a bit.

'Hey, we're in this together. Wherever you go, I go, don't go thinking otherwise.' Natasha said and Natsu smiled at the comfort that came from behind the words.

'Thanks, I really appreciate it.' Natsu said before he yawned and stretched his body.

'I'm sure you're tired after everything that happened today.' The pink haired female said and Natsu couldn't help but nod his head at the truth of those words.

'Well, today's been one heck of a busy day that's for sure.' Natsu thought before he literally dropped onto his bed, not even bothering to lie down properly, but a thought did pop up in his head.

'Where's Happy?' Shrugging the thought off, the ravenette decided to just sleep off his problems and God knows that he has a load of them.

The Next Morning

Natsu then yawned loudly, rubbing his eyes tiredly since he just got out of bed, as he arrived at the hotel lobby.

"Morning." Natsu greeted tiredly to the girls that were huddled over which piqued his curiousity since all three of them love their own space which was quite weird to see them go against it.

"What's up?" Natsu asked in confusion as they turned to him as they allowed him to see what they were looking at. In the middle was Happy and for some odd reason, the Etherious could see clouds of depression over his head, causing him to sweat drop at the sight.

"So…, what happened here?" Natsu asked as Ruby shrugged her shoulder.

"Well, since we were all busy doing our stuff yesterday, I accidentally trapped Happy in one of my crystals yet again and released him out early in the morning and then he began to whine that the author forgot about him and something along those lines." Ruby stated as if it were normal as Natsu turned over to his best friend and placed a hand on his head.

"Are you alright, buddy?" Natsu could definitely feel the Exceed sulking even more at said question.

"Of course not, I'm not getting a chance to shine at all, and I said that I wanted to assist you in your battles. How could I do so if I'm clearly being forgotten?" Happy asked and Natsu chuckled and rubbed his head.

"Come on Happy, you're not forgotten. Besides, you were able to avoid most of the attacks at Fairy Tail and not many people could say that." Natsu said with a smile.

"You don't need to help me in all of my battles Happy, I can clearly fight on my own. As long as you're there to support me, and that should be more important." A smile then found its way to Happy's face as he looked at his best friend.

"Aye sir!"

The others watched the scene between the Etherious and his partner with a smile on their faces.

"He truly is one of a kind, isn't he?" Ruby said and both Ashley and Wendy nodded their heads at the same time. Despite both of them disagreeing at many things, they could definitely agree on things relating to Natsu.

"With his kindness, you'd never expect him to be a someone reborn as an Etherious." Ashley said fondly with a smile on her face.

"Fairy Tail called him a demon, someone heartless, but they were always too blind to see all the good Natsu has done for everyone." Wendy added.

Soon, Natsu approached the group with a smile on his face and Happy riding on his shoulder.

"So, where's are we meant to go next?" Natsu asked and Ruby took out the map before examining it. It took her a while before she pointed at a specific spot on the map.

"Next up is the Calvary Mountain." Ruby said with a groan, causing Natsu to look at her confusedly.

"Is that place bad?" Natsu asked getting a nod from the brunette.

"Definitely, not only is the peak extremely high up but there are tons of monsters living in said area too." Ruby said as a determined look appeared on his face as he smirked, "I don't see the problem with that."

Ruby gave him a cold stare, which caused Natsu to drop his smirk.

"It may not sound bad if it weren't for thick mist surrounding the place." Ashley then snapped her fingers.

"Ah, I remember they called the mist the "Illusionary Mist" since there was a battle between Dark Elves and the Feys, both magical creatures that were said to have wiped out centuries ago, in the mountain. The battle got too heated and the Feys were overwhelmed by the numbers of the Dark Elves and the only way to escape was by casting a powerful magical spell that would cause people who were trapped in the mist to hallucinate. And the Dark Elves were trapped there to die." Ashley explained and Natsu nodded his head in understanding.

"Is there any alternate paths to the desert?" Natsu asked and Ruby shook her head in response.

"Well then, I think our answer is clear as it is." Natsu said as he looked at them seriously.

"If any of you were to feel that it's going to be dangerous, you can stay if you like." Natsu said and all he got were scoffs from the females.

"Natsu, I can clearly say for all of us here that, if it weren't dangerous from the start we wouldn't be here as it is!" Ruby said excitedly getting nods from both the Dragon and Angel Slayer.

Natsu then smiled at them appreciatively before turning over to Happy who gave him a determined nod as well, "Well then, let's head off!"

"Yeah!" they all shouted in unison.

With that said, the members of the Dragon Jaw guild then took off towards their destination towards the Calvary Mountain, not knowing that their journey there is easier said than done.

(Line Break)

"So, can anybody tell us where we are currently?" Natsu asked as he stared at the vast amount of snow up ahead of them. All parts of nature such as the trees and bushes were covered in white, though it was hard to tell since there was also a blizzard blowing at their direction.

"F-from the looks of it, we're currently at Snowpoint Forest, a cursed forest where the temperature never decreases and the snow never melts no matter what season." Ruby said as she hugged herself, trying to warm her body up.

"Huh, that's interesting." Natsu said, not even affected by the cold air surrounding the air whatsoever.

"Yeah, though might I say that we're going to many places that are considered to be too dangerous for any mage to walk through." Ashley said, also not affected by the coldness.

"I do agree with that." Wendy said as she pulled the jacket closer towards her.

"W-well, this is the only way to get to our destination without the use of transportation." Ruby then sneezed, her nose and face turning slightly red at the coldness.

Natsu then took off his cloak and wrapped it around the brunette who blushed at his action, not that he would know it was a blush anyways.

"T-thanks Natsu." Ruby said as she took a sniff of the cloak, inhaling the scent of charcoals from it.

'It smells just like him.' Ruby thought to herself and obviously this didn't sit too well with the other two as they stared at Ruby jealously.

"Well then, let's get going!" Natsu said as he took a step towards the forest, however, before taking any more steps forward, he heard a cry nearby.


"What's wrong Happy?" Ashley asked the blue Exceed as he held onto Wendy's shoulder in fear as he pointed at the direction of the nearby bushes.

"Are you sure Happy? We haven't seen a single life since coming here." Ruby said, however before the Exceed said anything, there was slight rustling in the bushes causing the group to be alert.

"How is that even possible? I didn't detect any coming close to us whatsoever." Ashley added as Natsu narrowed his eyes, seeing slight movement nearby.

"Clearly this thing is using the scent of the forest to his advantage." Natsu said as they huddled over, looking at their surroundings warily.

"Be careful, he's hiding in the bushes." Natsu whispered, getting nods from the girls as they waited for their enemy to attack. Not even a minute later, a figure then shot out from the bushes towards Natsu.

Without even batting an eye, Natsu then sent a punch at the figure, sending it crashing into a tree as this allowed everyone to see the identity of the figure.

They were shocked when they saw a small bipedal lagomorph with black fur and long, frayed ears. The figure then rubbed its head painfully as it stared at the four Dragon Jaw members looking at it.

This caused the small being to yelp in surprise as it tried to run away, but instead it crashed into the tree and fell to the ground once again.

This caused all four humans to sweat drop at the sight as Natsu grabbed the being by its long ears.

"Ahh, he's going to eat me! Help!" The being cried out as it struggled against Natsu's strong hold on its ears but in reality, Natsu wasn't even using much strength to grab onto it.

"Alright, calm down." Natsu said with a glare, but that definitely didn't reassure the strange creature, in fact it made it even more scared.

"Natsu..." Everyone sweat dropped as Wendy walked up to the two and gave the small creature a small and gentle smile.

"You don't have to be scared of us, we're not going to hurt you." And after one look from Wendy, Natsu sighed and released his hold on the creature.

"Thanks a lot miss! You're so much better than that scary man!" the creature said as he pointed at Natsu, getting a growl from him as everyone else chuckled at this.

"So, who are you?" Wendy asked curiously as the small creature puffed out his chest proudly.

"My name is Garoujin and I'm an Ice Hare, it's nice to meet you all." Garoujin greeted them with a smile on his face.

"Are you a resident of this forest?" Ashley asked as she bent down to pet the creature, causing it to purr in content as he nodded his head.

"That's right, though it is strange to see humans like you wander around this place. What brings you here anyways?" The Ice Hare asked curiously as Natsu decided to step in.

"We have a destination that we want to reach without using any mode of transportation and this way is the fastest way there." Natsu said as Garoujin nodded his head in understanding as he looked at the blue Exceed hanging on the Etherious's shoulder.

"Oh, and what are you?" Garoujin asked as he levitated up, shocking everyone in the process, looking at Happy directly in the eye.

"My name is Happy and I'm an Exceed!" Happy greeted as Garoujin smiled.

"It's nice to meet you!" with that, the two shook hands with one another as everyone sweat dropped at the two's newfound friendship after just a few minutes.

"Well it's nice to meet you Garoujin, but we need to get going." Natsu said as everyone else nodded in agreement causing Garoujin to pout. He was beginning to enjoy their company as well.

"Alright then, I'll see you guys next time." The group then entered the dense forest as Garoujin waved at them, watching as their retreating figures became smaller and smaller before they were eventually out of sight.

Garoujin stood at the exact same place for a few seconds before he immediately chased after them.

With Natsu

"When I offered to help with providing heat, this wasn't what I had in mind." Natsu thought with a sweat drop, as Wendy and Ruby were holding onto his arms while Happy rested on his back. Since Ashley was immune to the cold as well, she didn't need Natsu's help, thought that didn't stop her jealousy from rising as she stared at the two females on Natsu.

"Well, you don't seem like you're complaining though are you?" Ruby teased causing Natsu to blush slightly at her words since she was right in a way. Wendy on the other hand was enjoying the heat emitted from Natsu, her eyes closed with a peaceful smile on her face as she thought back to the first time she had held to Natsu, though she would have preferred if she had been in her true form than in the body of a thirteen year old.

"So, do you think you can find the way out of here?" Natsu asked the bluenette as she took a sniff of the air before she shook her head.

"For some odd reasons I'm unable to, there isn't any wind here, that or the air currents are being blocked somehow." Wendy said as Natsu placed a hand on his chin.

'There can't possibly be a blizzard is there isn't any wind, then that only means one thing…'

"This isn't a normal snowstorm." Natsu said as Ashley, Ruby and Happy were confused with his words but Wendy knew what he was talking about.

"I see, so that's why there's no wind in control of the storm…" Wendy muttered to herself, but the others heard this but were still confused.

"Could you guys just tell us what you know? You're not making any sense!" Ruby shouted.

Natsu then began explaining about the lack of wind in the area and how a normal snowstorm would require the wind in order to travel through the air and that something or someone is in control of the storm.

"I see, that also makes it harder for us to use our enhanced sense of smell since the scents move through the air." Ashley said as Happy looked horrified as he pointed at Natsu.

"Ahh, Natsu grew a brain! Everything in the world is changing, black is white, up is down! Help!" Happy shouted, overreacting as Natsu growled at his partner while the rest giggled in amusement.

"So all we need to do now is find whatever's causing this storm and we can leave!"

"However, are you going to even get that chance?" a deep voice echoed from within the forest which caused everyone to stand their ground, looking for the source of the voice.

"Who are you?! Show yourself!" Natsu shouted, getting an amused chuckle in response.

"If you insist." A bright light then covered the area, forcing them to cover their eyes die to its intensity.

When the light died down, they lowered their arms and saw a figure standing in front of them.

The figure had spiky black hair, red eyes and a scar under his right eye, he also had long, pointy ears, the figure was wearing a red armour along with a black cape. Though the one thing that made him stand out most was the giant red gauntlet that covered his arms.

"Perhaps I should introduce myself seeing as you have stepped into my home." The figure said as he bowed down with a smirk on his face.

"My name is Judeka and it's time for you to meet your end."

End Chapter

Fairy Tail Dialogue

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