Chapter 2

"How come you never told me you played" Judy asked,feeling slightly smug.

"Well,to be honest" he said while scratching his head just behind his ear. " I don't like the thought of someone thinking that I'm sensitive or girly."Nick was looking down at the floor clearly embarrassed,his cheeks tinned redder than his fur.

"I won't tell anyone...if its any constulation I think that its..sweet"

The tip of Judy's ears also turning pulled them down...again

"What did you want anyway carrots."

Nick was clearly trying to change the subject.

"I came to tell you that chief bogo has given us the week off as a way to say thank you for completing that case"

They had just finished working on a big case that had all of the other officers stumped,but like always they were not intimidated by the vast victim list.

"I tried to say no but he is isisted and I know that you would have killed me if I didn't take it" the grey rabbit stated.

"So,if you want we could go on a vacation to bunnyburrow,then I could take you to meet my we could sleep in my old room..SEPERATLY though"

"No expensive hotel,sounds good to me,what's the catch"he said with caution.

"well,we would have to share a house with my siblings ."

"That's fine,how many you got"


"That will be…"nick said but was stopped mid sentence.

"Hundred"judy stepped back kinda expecting him to blow up.

After a couple of minutes he finally spoke up.

"That's ok,I guess" he stamamered still shocked how Judy could have survived in a house like that as a kid.

"But one question how are you even alive I'm surprised you could survive like that?" He questioned.

"Well I was the third oldest out of them all,so I got my own room but most have to share. You do get used to it after a while."

"One thing do you parents know that I'm a fox?"

"Not exactly, but I don't care what they think about you being a fox because your my fox and my fox only"

She said as she flung her arms around him and did what nick could only describe as being squeased to death.

She let go and skipped toward the door

"We are leaving first thing tomorrow,so get packing"she called,still skiping

"Sly bunny" he called back at her.

The words "you bet cha" could be heard from just outside his apartment door.

He chuckled to himself and thought "this will be fun."