Chapter 8.

"Well,we better turn in for the night." Said the tiny bunny as she gave a great big yawn and stretch.

"Ya right there fluff." the droopy eyed fox answered. He looked down to his right to the also droopy ears that were joined to his new fiancées head.

"Yous kids to get to bed you have to be up early in the morning." Stu,judy's father had 's face had twisted from tired to confused.

"Why?" She asked.

"Well, tomorrow your mam and I are taking you to look at dresses and nick to look at suits and I know it's early but there is a big sale on." Bonnie had was happy but slightly shocked at how early they were getting their clothing but could not help but smile at the thought of Judy in a wedding was feeling the same however was a bit worried if nick was ready but saw his glowing smile.

"Okaayy see you in the morning!" She exclaimed as she walked towards the living room and Mrs hopps' living room was floored with a fluffy,like them,cream carpet . t It was topped with a rouge barktorian the corner there was a very large TV I guess for all the kits to see.

"Ya sleeping down here fox?" Judy had turned to face him he had been thinking about their special day.

"Yeah,sorry about that." The young fox had sprung out of his seat and traced Judy's tracks that she was had followed her up two small spiral staircases.

"Are we nearly there yet carrots, I feel like I have just climbed Everest. " he asked getting more tired by the second.

"Aaaaand yes." She told him,she opened a door to a sparingly large room.

They stepped inside an shut the door "It's been years since I've been in her I haven't changed a single thing since I left school." She bright blue walls accompanied by violet the far corner pearched a also blue drum kit and an electronic guitar Nick had noticed this and was very interested he went and picked it up a strummed it.

"Woah nick shh my bro and sis are in bed!' She exclaimed nick immediately replied" oh fox sorry I forgot. " nick was worried that I he had women them from their sleep.

"Got cha , I was just kidding we got this room sound proofed when I got my drums.." Her voice contained a small turn to her with an annoyed face much like a child after they get cold when there mam told them to but they didn't.

"You can sleep on the bed and I will sleep on the floor,it will be like camping. I'm just gonna get changed. She walked into to en-suite that pearched in the corner of her room and closed the door,leaving nick alone with his wandered around her room, it was like seeing a movie thrrougj her child had plonled himself onto her old white cabin bed, on the adjacent wall was her class photos all the way through primary and then a photo from year seven and a photo of her from year nine then another class one in year eleven(last year). On her reception photo she was stood in the middle with a big chessy grin and badly brushed/cut fur . you could even see where she had tried to scribble her face out. At that precise moment she emerged from her en-suite, she was wearing gray and black legging like trossers and a top with her favourite childhood cartoon,spongebob

Judy liked these PJs but was a bit sceptical to wear them as they came from barkmart a international store that's clothes were manufactured in sweatshops.

"Right ,YOU, CHANGED ,NOW!" she ordered with a stern voice she did this as she knew that it was going to be hard to get him to sllep , after all evolution or not foxes were naturally nocturnal. After nick huffed and closed the door it was now Judys turn to do the thinking. She really wanted to JUST share a bed with him as soon they were gonna be despuatly wanted nick to ask did not at all feel comfortable doing it herself. She pondered up to her bedroom door and locked it tight she liked her privacy very much then ploded along and made her airbed® and curled up in knew that the next moment were going to be had appeared from behind the door wearing only a pair of Simpson® bottomes,this made Judy shiver.

He like Judy had walked up to the bed this time and snuggled into turned the light of from a little remote control at the side of her pillow when she said to nick

"Night FIENCÉÉ ."

"Night future wife he replied.

Five minutes of scilence had passed between them . Nick ,who was staring up at the glow in the dark stars that covered her ceiling, took a big breath and sighed.

"Fluff,you still awake?" He asked

"yeah why !" She answered.

"I would be a very crappy husband to be if I let NY wife to be sleep on the floor soo… come on share thus bed with me" he commanded her. She did as he said and mussled her head into his neck,fur against fur felt very plelasent for the both of them

"Goodnight Nicky."

"I won't bite ." he recalled

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