Ah, what a great day. The birthday party that her friends had planned was wonderful and the whole town showed up. Even Neil, which was to her amusement. The animal dealer always did hated parties. However Rio was glad that he came.

Rio had gotten great gifts from her friends. She had gotten everything that she could ask for, plus something that her boyfriend said that he'll give her later. She has been seeing Allen for a while now, almost a year, so she was curious what else he had for her.

"Happy birthday Rio!" Her friends told the farmer as they left her farm house.

"Yeah happy birthday." Neil had said as a after thought.

"Thanks!" The farmer said as she shut the door, Allen still in her house."Allen?"

"Ready for your gift, Princess?" The stylist smirked, walking towards her.

"Okay, however I don't see anyth-" The next thing she knew, Allen had stopped her with his lips. "What are you doing?"

"Giving you your gift," He said simply, moving onto her neck, her earlobe, back down to her neck, before locking lips with her again.

Getting the hint, she blushed, throwing her hat who knows where before grabbing onto her boyfriend's shirt as he kissed her madly. It has been a while since they had sex, which was disappointing for the farmer.

"And let me guess, I can't return the gift?"

Allen smirked, resting his forehead against hers."Nope."

"Good." Rio said as she locked her door, Allen pressing her against it. "I've missed this." She added as they kissed. Rio wrapped her arms around Allen tightly, trying to take his shirt off. Allen had no trouble with the farmer's clothing, however Rio did helped him a little. it wasn't long that they were on the farmer's bed, Allen on top.

"I'll go nice and slow, it really has been a while since we've done this."

"Just do it already. I want you inside me."

Allen just smirked as he kissed her. Rio wrapped her arms around him once more as he put him inside her. it didn't hurt as much since they done it before.

"Allen." The farmer said his name, not wanting to stop. She really had missed this body contact between them. "Let's do it again. Right now. I'm not tired."