I woke up to my alarm ringing, argh I never was the morning person. Today was the first day of my junior year in high school. I was pretty excited, not only because it's the first day of school, but I get to see all my friends from the bubble guppies. Well everyone except Gil, after the guppies disbanded, he left going to big bubble city.

I missed him very much, he was my best friend, and my crush. But over the years my feelings for him get less and less. I was losing hope, doubting he'll come back.

I signed, forgetting about him for a while. I quickly got dressed putting a t-shirt with jeans and black vans. "Molly hurry up you're going to be late for your first day back!" My mother yelled from the kitchen.

"Coming mom!" I yelled back. I go to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, I didn't use make up, my mother said I never needed it. I quickly finish and went downstairs where I was greeted by my mother. I saw her at the kitchen preparing food.

"Hurry Molly, don't want you to be late on your first day back." She said as she handed me a waffle. "I know mom I won't be late, thanks for breakfast, tell dad and Mia I said bye." I told her as I walked out the door.

I walked down the porch when I notice that someone was moving in next door to me. Who could that be? I wondered. I would have went to go ask but i have to meet the others, another time perhaps.

As I walked to school I felt like something is going to change. Was i sick, No. Was i in danger, No. I just don't know what.

-time skip-

I was now in front of Bubbletucky high, as I continued to walk, I heard a voice that got my attention. "Hey Molls wait up!" I heard my friend, Deema, say.

I stopped at my tracks waiting for her to come to me, I soon realize that all the guppies were behind her too.

"Hey Deema, hi guys." I said waving at them. "Hey Molls, did you heard there's going to be a new kid today? You won't believe who!" Goby said.

Now this is interesting, we've been wanting a guy to join us for quite some time, and Goby being very excited must be something good.

"The One and Only Turbo charged Boy!" He exclaimed, and that ladies and gentlemen made my day. I am a BIG fan of TCB, i love his work, he writes pop, rock, solo's, and the best part is he's my age, he's just AWESOME! I might have a tiny crush on him but then again almost every girl in the world does. (a cookie who can figure out who TCB is)

We continued to walk to school getting our classes, we have the same home room which is music. Than again we were the best at music, since we practice since we were younger.

As we walked into class we crashed into the person I least like, Miranda, then again she is a bitch. "Looky here looky here, well isn't it the bubble dorks" she spat, as her group of friends giggled.

"Aww look at that you're spreading rumors about us. At least you're not spreading your legs now, huh?" I hissed back. She looked offended, the guppies all had smirks on their faces.

"Whatever's Milly this isn't over, we'll be back." She said as she flicked her hair, her posey following behind. I hate it when she doesn't say my name correctly, I mean come on it's so simple Mo-ll-y, You see a child can do it.

The bell rang, "Let's get to class." Nonny said, we nodded and went to class, we're not "late" since it's the first day. So we have a pass I guess, as we walked by our teacher, Mr. Leon, let us passed. He's a cool teacher, he helps a lot and likes to goof around a bit as well.

As I looked in the class, I saw her, well that changes things. I also saw Devon, he's the schools player, he always had eyes on me. Trying make me his, but each time he got punched or kicked where it hurts.

"Hello class, if you do not know me already, my name is Mr. Leon. This year we'll be focus on singing with instruments. You may choose your group, it has to be at least 5-6 people by the end of the week." He explained.

Me and guppies looked at one another, nodding that will be in a group with one another. Well another great year, I thought.

There was a light knock on the door, the principle came into our class, Mr. Steal. "Hello juniors, I wanted to introduce you to a new student that will be joining you for now on." This must be the TCB! Ahhh i can't believe he's going to be in the same class as me, I thought.

He gestured the boy to come in, as the boy walked in he had amazing blue hair, crystal clear blue eyes, and he was a caucasian because of his skin color being very light. As he went to where the principle was at, there were several of girls screaming, saying he was cute and handsome, even Miranda looked interested in him, then again he is famous.

As he reached the front of the room he looked up smiling a bit, he seems familiar for some reason,I thought. We ended up making eye contact, he seemed to smile a little more. I blush a little quickly looking away.

"Everyone I'll like you to meet Turbo Charged Boy."

"Welcome Turbo charged boy, I'm Mr. Leon, I'll be your homeroom and music teacher. I've heard a lot about you. It's great to have you join us today." He asked,

"Thank you , but please call me Gil, Gil Gordon" He said smiling. What did he just say, TCB is GIL GORDON!? I looked around and saw the other guppies, jaws dropped, and their eyes seem to "pop" out.

My favorite artist, is my best friend, My favorite artist is my best friend, MY FAVORITE ARTIST IS MY BEST FRIEND! I swear i'm going to faint, not only did i meet TCB i found out he was my best friend!

"Well Gil," Mr. Leon said. "It was nice to meet you, please take a seat anywhere around the room." The blue haired guppy smiled as he walked towards a seat. Coming closer and closer to me. He ended up sitting next to me, in front since i was a lead singer.

He smiled at me giving me a small wave, i felt heat rise on my cheeks as i quickly waved hi back. As soon as class started again, i zoned out. I mean who wouldn't? Your favorite song writer just happened to be your best friend AND crush from 1st grade. Class fled by, i was still thinking about some things, but i soon snapped out of my thoughts when someone tapped my shoulder.

I looked up to see the one and only TCB, Gil Gordon himself. "Excuse me but um i have no idea where my classes are, and since you're the only left in the class, can you help me find my next period?" He asked while rubbing his neck.

I probably look like an idiot just staring at him, i snapped out of my daze, "Yea sure, can i see your schedule?" "Sure" he handed me his schedule, "Looks like you have physics it's right near my class, I'll show you where to go." I said.

"Thanks." He said smiling a bit. We walked through the halls, they were empty since we're late. As we got to his class he spoke, "Thanks again." Than he continued to walk to class.

My heart shattered he didn't seem like he didn't know me. I turned around walking to my next class, until he called me. "By the way." He started, I turned around to face him, we were about 7 feet away from each other,

"I can never forget you Molls."

Sorry fellow readers but i must stop it here! I really hope you guys enjoyed this new book i'll be writing. It's mainly about GOLLY but i'll add some DOBY and NOONA as well. Anyways thanks again guys I'll try to update as much as i can but since i'm about to graduate 8th grade i might update every 1-2 weeks. Thanks again guys please R&R and i'll talk to you all later!

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