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3rd POV

The guppies were on their 5th week of school, much has past after they reunited with Gil, of course feelings as well. The Latina couldn't deny it anymore, after the constant questions, teasing, and threatening (from Deema of course) her feelings came back. She looked at the mirror, a small sigh escaped her lips. She really thought she got rid of her feelings, she really thought that this crazy yet adorable boy-no man was out of her life for good. For the past few weeks her relationship or friendship with the boy is blossoming, some say he liked her, she thought it was complete bull. The guy was famous, thousands adore him, hundreds wanted to be him, dozens hate him, yet he's just one person.

His personality has changed a bit, when they were younger he was more clumsy and funny, others say he wasn't the brightest but it didn't matter to her. Now the Gil she spend time with for a bit was almost very new the more she thought about it. Of course his appearance changed, a lot. Which she didn't really mind, the man was very well built and very handsome. But the little things stood out to her, like his laugh, smile, and most importantly eyes. He doesn't laugh like he used to, no it was more of a low chuckle kind of sexy. His smile change, he didn't smile with his teeth, he usually smirk or grin, and when he smiles it looked force or hesitant; fake even.

Lastly his eyes, that's what stood out to her the most, they looked so...dull. His eyes wander, no longer sparkling with curiosity, instead pain and hurt. It was something she hates, he hid so much emotion she wonders when was the last time he talked to someone about his problems. What was more interesting was when we talked or asked about his career or his parents, he instantly narrowed his eyes and tells us "Don't wanna talk about it," he's hiding something for sure. But the question is what is he hiding? She doesn't want to jump to conclusions or think the worse, so her only answer is time. She waits, and waits, until he's ready to speak.

Molly was in her room, waiting for a call to go outside from Oona. It was Friday afternoon, they just got out of school an 2 and a half hours ago, but each guppy have to do things once they leave school, Deema had basketball practice, Oona had Art, Nonny had poetry, Goby had basketball as well, she had choir and dance, while Gil had to meet with his manager. She just arrived home 25 minutes ago, checking up on Mia and if the house wasn't on fire like last time.

She remember every detail that happen that day, it was in freshman year, the gang (excluding Gil) came to her house, they were celebrating her birthday. Her mother wasn't there because of work, along with her father. Oona and Nonny were baking something, while her, Deema, Goby, and Mia were watching some tv. Apparently Oona and Nonny got distracted and when the alarm went off, it scared the living hell out of them. When they ran to the sound of the loud beeping they saw Molly's stove and kitchen on fire. They panicked a bit, well Nonny did because he blamed himself. After 15 minutes or panicking and Deema yelling "We're gonna die!" Over and over again, Oona who seem to be the only sane one put the fire out.

That happen two years ago, a group of 14 to 15 year olds couldn't take out a simple fire. But she was 16 turning 17 in December. She was the 3rd oldest, Goby was the 2nd oldest and Gil was the oldest. Deema was the 3rd youngest, Oona was the 2nd youngest, and surprising Nonny was the youngest yet he was probably the most mature one from the group.

*knock knock*

Mia peeked her head in her sister's room. "Molly your friends are in the living room waiting for you." She said as she open the door more. Mia was 12 years old, she looked very similar to Molly, the only difference was she was shorter and more outgoing.

"Alright thanks Mia, tell them I'll be there in a few" she told her sibling. Even being 4 and a half years about they had a good sister relationship.

"Ooo who's the cute guy with the blue hair? Is he single?" See what she meant, she was a 12 year old asking if someone older than her had a boyfriend. They had a good relationship most of the time.

Molly scowled at her sister "Mia first off he is way older than you, and he's very famous" she smirked a bit, "Also he is TCB, you know the famous rock and pop star, the one you always listen to" now it was Molly's time to smirk as she saw her smug face change into shock. Before Molly could say something else; her sister dashed down the stairs. She was curious how her sister didn't fall, and how she didn't notice that TCB or Gil was in her house. She had posters of him everywhere in her room, she even join the his fan club website. Huh she thought Gil must be wearing some disguise if my sister didn't notice him before.

She walked down the stairs, and like she predicted her sister was gawking over Gil, asking variety of questions. She swore to herself she heard her say if he was single of not. She chuckled at Gil's expression he look absolutely horrified, he turned to her and gave a her a pleading look one that read "Can you please get your sister off of me, this is absolutely weird as hell" She nodded but took a quick picture of the two, one that can be use for future bribing and blackmailing.

"Alright Mia let him go" she scold at her sister with a tiny bit of amusement. The girl gave a small pout but reluctantly done so, Gil took a deep breath, relieved that he was finally able to get air.

He chuckled a bit and turn to Molly. "Took you long enough " He smirked a bit "for a second there I thought I had to go and get you" that struck a nerve. He remember how when they were younger Molly hated when they called her by her last name, when the boy found out it was his job to tease her and always introduce her by her last name. Her reaction was amusing to him and he was always satisfied when she did some sort of action to his teasing.

The girl fumed she was going to stick out her middle finger to him but since her sister was there she just stuck her tongue out at the boy. However he wasn't going to get away with this, she knew that her sister when she was born always liked Gill (for some reason), even had a small crush on the boy, Since he was also her favorite artist it add to the girls major crush. She smirk a bit "Well Gilly or or TCB I remember you always dragged to get to school" she heard a loud squeal, ah the sound of victory.

Mia was now over the boy again asking questions like "Your really Gil Gordon!" or "I love you even more!" The boy sweat drop he lost this battle, curse the girls younger sibling. He look back at her mouthing a touché.

"As amusing as this is we really should get going" Goby chuckled, "We don't want to be late to the movie now do we." The others nodded their heads in agreement as they walked towards the door.

"Bye Mia, behave and if mom or dad asks tell them I went out with friends, just please don't mention Gil." Molly told Mia. The younger one rolled her eyes at her sister, she was being dramatic, sure she likes to talk about what happen with friends and family but she was loyal and responsible.

She push her sister out the door "Yea yea I know the drill, plus I'll let you tell them yourself about Gil." Before the older girl can say anything else, the front door was shut with a loud slam. A sigh escaped her lips as she walk to the Gil's vehicle, instead of his motorcycle there was a 1969 GT mustang.

"Ready to hop in Molly?" The blue hair boy asks her. She nodded and enter the vehicle, going to the direction of the movie theater.

"No motorcycle this time?" She asks Gil with slight disappointment. She was getting use to riding with him on his bike and feeling some of his muscles as well. He chuckled a bit and stop at a red light. He turned to Molly a smirk plastered on his face.

"You seem disappointed, what you miss wrapping your arms around me?" He chuckle a bit, he won't admit it but he sure as hell missed it. He purposely did hard turns just so she can hold on tighter and move closer to him.

She huffed blushing a tiny bit "Yea right, you drive like a maniac" she denied. She loved when he drove crazy it gave her a better reason to hold onto him and be more closer with him.

The boy smirks and idea pop into his head he might get hit later but it was worth it. "Really?" The girl gave a small huh. The minute the light turned green he sped off, getting the reaction he suspected the girl beside him screamed as they sped to the theater.


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