Hello. This is my first fanfiction. I know, great game to choose for my first one. I thought that it might be easy to make one on this, considering the way the game was. If you want to see my OC's bio, it is on my page. I am not sure how this will turn out, but I am hoping that it will go well.

It had started out as a normal day at Beacon for Jacob.

It had been turning into a beautiful spring day, where the birds were singing and the flowers were blooming. He woke up early, per usual. He normally woke up much earlier than the rest of his team, as he had been conditioned to do when he was in the white fang. Jacob then proceeded to do his morning warm-ups, which included stretching, push-ups, sit-ups, and running. After all this he went back, and took a quick shower.

When Jacob got out, his teammates were all starting to wake up. Jacob grabbed his backpack, as well as all of his weapons. Jacob then turned to his teammates and cheerily said, "Good morning!" to which his teammates replied with grumbled curses about Jacob being a "Damn morning person." Jacob laughed at this, and headed outside. While outside, he started to look around.

He enjoyed life in beacon. As it was currently, he had been accepted, even with his dark past. At least he had been accepted by his team. He hadn't told many other people about his time in the terrorist group known as the White Fang, and he felt like the people didn't really need to know. The information was not necessary to the current situation, except for his teammates, because he needed to know they trusted him, and as their leader, the group needed to know that he trusted them. It was a give and take kind of relationship, but it worked out in the end.

Jacob heard a voice behind him say his name. "Jacob!" It sounded calm, but had a joyous undertone. When Jacob turned around, he saw the headmaster, Ozpin. Apparently, with the sun coming out just over the horizon with a magnificent shine, even the headmaster could not hide all delight of how wonderful this day was. Jacob acknowledged the headmaster with a nod and said, "Hello headmaster. Why are you out so early on this spring day?" Ozpin said "I am just taking a morning walk. I could ask you about the same thing." Jacob smiled and said, "It is a habit of mine for a long time that I wake up early, do some warm-ups, and just stop and smell the roses for a short bit." Ozpin nodded, and then said, "Oh yes, I wanted to give you a small mission, which shouldn't take more than just you. I saw some sort of yellow mist just outside of the Emerald Forest. Maybe you could quickly run over there and check it out for me."

Jacob decided to check it out, and quickly rushed over to the area of the emerald forest that he had been directed to. There was a strange mist in that area. It wasn't a normal color, which would have been white. It was more yellow, like Ozpin said it would be. From his smell, though, Jacob could tell that it was not poisonous. There was also some sort of power imitating from it, as if it was pulling Jacob towards it.

With his curious nature, Jacob decided to go into it. He pulled out his twin katanas, and started walking into the mist. After he stepped ten steps into the mist, he felt like there was something very wrong with this mist. He turned to run out, but when he took the first step back, his foot did not contact the ground that had been behind him. It contacted nothing but open air, and the thought that something was definitely wrong flashed through his head.

Then everything went dark.

Congratulations! You have made it through my first chapter. This seems rather short. At least it does to me. I will write more in later ones, as this is just an introduction to the story. Send me anything I could do better, and I will try to do so. Anyways, till next time, I will bid you all adieu.