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Jacob was not happy. The trip had been rather annoying, with the tail pulling that he had received. The girls had never asked why he had it, they just went with it. Meaning he felt a jolt every time they pulled it. It didn't hurt, but for some strange reason it felt pleasurable. When the girls had found that out, there was no stopping them. And they ended up not being the only one pulling his tail when they found out.

When they finally got there, Jacob didn't even care that Alice didn't put the illusion over him. She made herself look human, and that was all that mattered. Truely, the amount of shits he gave at that point was zero. He got some odd looks, but the townspeople just shrugged and continued with their day. Jacob had saved the town, and so they could overlook his strange getup. However, they did notice the four monster girls that were being led into the town center by him, and rather soon there was a somewhat large group following the six.

Jacob stopped when they had gotten to the town center, and turned to the girls. "I think you have something to say to the townsfolk." The four girls looked shamefaced, and apologized over and over to the townspeople. Jacob prepared to protect the girls if they were attacked by the mob, but it didn't come to that.

The townspeople, almost all of which were silhouettes, were all rather chill about it, in Jacob's opinion. However, there were townspeople who did want to punish the group because of what they had done, or at least the dragon pup for being the leader. Jacob was about to speak up on their behalf when the Owner of the inn spoke up. "It seems like they are sorry, so why not forgive them? They must have had it hard." After she spoke up, a silhouette of a man spoke up. It was the owner of the weapons shop. "These bandits didn't actually do much. We were just scared because there were some more powerful monster races among them."

Jacob relaxed. It looked like it would not come to blows. In the end, the girls were given actual jobs. That way they wouldn't have to turn to a life of crime ever again.

"That was unexpected. So these humans were able to accept monsters?" Jacob turned to Alice, and saw that she had an impressed look on her face. "Well, these people seem to have the same way of viewing monsters as Vale did in viewing Faunus. They are accepting, so long as the monsters don't do anything particularly illegal. The first place we went to, however, seemed kind of like an Atlas type place. The prejudice runs deep there, and I don't think that they would be accepting of these girls at all." He shivered at the thought, and then straightened. "Anyways, there is some honey we need to procure."

As he turned to head out, he felt a tug on his sleeve. It was the dragon pup. She was grateful for what Jacob had done, and handed Jacob a beautiful, if stolen, gem. It didn't seem that special, though it did seem valuable. Jacob turned back to Alice, who had a thoughtful look on her face. "That thing in such a place… I do not want a human to misuse it…" She paused and then continued, "Well, as long as the blue one and red one are not here, it should be fine." Jacob got the vibe off of her that she didn't want to tell him about the gem, so he shrugged and put it in his bag.

As Jacob and Alice started to leave the town, they heard a familiar voice. "Just as I suspected!" Jacob froze, hoping it hadn't noticed him. But no such luck, as when he turned, there was Amira, in all of her hideous glory. A lone tear fell down Jacob's face as he said, "Oh god, why did you come again?" The face changed to annoyance, then changed back to whatever her normal expression was. "Of course I came again. I am the surprise true heroine." "When did you become the heroine? Don't joke around like that." Alice looked like she was about to have an aneurysm at the lamia's everything.

"Actually," the lamia lamented, "a wicked wizard turned me into this ugly sight. If I get a hero's kiss, I will turn back into my princess form." Jacob looked at her, and said "I would rather have been raped by everything we passed on the road in quick succession, excluding the worm girl, than kiss the hideousness that is you. Also, you made that up." Amira clicked her tongue as she sighed, looking like a dastardly plan had been foiled. "You saw through it." Jacob then turned, and sprinted full speed out of the city. He sprinted and kept going until he was all tuckered out, and then he continued sprinting. When he stopped, he noticed Alice had kept up, and wasn't even winded. He rolled his eyes, and asked, "Is, *huff* she gone?" "Yes, she is gone." Alice sounded annoyed, but Jacob didn't care. He had just wanted to get away from the unfortunate lamia as quickly as possible.

"Anyways," Alice said, with a determined look in her eyes, "We must go help happiness village. It would be a disaster if I couldn't have any more Ama-Ama Dangos." Jacob rolled his eyes, asking, "Do you think about anything other than eating?" Alice's eyes flashed with anger. "I think about raping men who annoy me."

After that, the traveling to Happiness village didn't take too long. They did fight a bee girl, making Jacob wonder who makes the honey for the villagers. He shrugged it off, and continued down the path to happiness village.

Happiness village was rather quaint. It didn't have half as many houses as Illiasburg, and Jacob also noticed that there were beehives, fields of crops, and horses around the village as well. Since he hadn't seen any fields while walking, he was guessing this was one of the few places they get food from on this island. There were women working with the crops and beehives.

Jacob continued walking, but stopped when he noticed something odd. "Why are there only women tending the crops? Where are the men?" He examined his surroundings more carefully, and then exclaimed, "Where are the men, period?" He could only see one male, who couldn't even be considered a man. It was a little boy, about eight.

Suddenly, a woman walked up to them. "A traveller? And a young one at that? I am sorry, but we don't have anything to entertain you with. Due to our shortage of manpower, we are short on happiness honey as well." Her voice was not unkind, it was more remorseful. Jacob tilted his head, and asked, "Why are there…" A scream rent the air. Jacob turned just as he saw a little boy being lifted into the air by a part human part bird hybrid.

Without thinking, Jacob sprints at the bird girl. She had red hair that grew purple at the ends, and brown and white feathers. All but her upper body and head were birdlike, and the only pieces of clothing she wore were straps across certain parts of her body, including her breasts, thankfully, and a rather nice jewel encrusted gold necklace.

When he got close, he yelled out, "Drop the boy!" The harpy examined him for a few seconds, then she released the boy, licking her lips. "Alright, I'll let the boy go. Instead… I'll kidnap you!"

The boy seemed to just be standing there, watching the harpy and Jacob. Jacob looked at him, and said sharply, "Scram, kid. Inside a building, now!" The kid jumped, and scurried off. Jacob started to draw his weapons. The harpy giggled. "You are much nicer than that little boy. I'll take you back to my nest and we will make lots of children. Or, we can start making them right here…? Now, be a good boy and make lot's of children with me!" Jacob felt his face go slack, and he said in a dumbfounded voice, "I will just give up to a random person raping me when hell freezes over." Jacob rushed forward and tried to swing at the harpy, but the harpy flew away. "That's just wrong!" "Why is it wrong? I am flying with my own wings." Jacob sighed, and said, "That isn't what I ment! You should not be able to fly with wings that small, unless you weighed very little. Also, your wings don't even look like they are the right shape to fly with them. You are going against science!" The harpy looked dumbfounded. "There is something called magic in this world. Anyways, it is time to mate!"

She rushed forward, Jacob being just able to get out of the way before she tackled him. While he dodged, Jacob brought down his sword, slashing the harpy across the back. The harpy yelled out and turned into an asian brown flycatcher. The small bird flew off towards the east. Jacob put away his swords, breathing a sigh of relief. The villagers came out, thanking him. He nodded politely, noticing an elder woman who stood out from the rest of the villagers. "Who are you?" Jacob asked politely. "I am the village chief's wife. I am the acting village chief, however, since my husband has been taken by the harpies."

Suddenly, Alice was right next to him. "Can you really call yourself a village chief if you barricade yourself inside a building when a child is being taken?" Jacob looked at her, and nodded, "A chief is supposed to lead, but then, nobody else tried to help either." Silence reigned, and when Jacob looked back at the villagers, they were all staring at the ground silently in shame. Jacob leaned over and whispered to Alice, "Was I too harsh?" Alice looked at him, and shook her head. "They should have at least tried to help." Jacob sighed. "Well, I came from a place where the strongest person I know is a woman two years older than me. She can shatter walls with a single punch."

The elder coughed, and said, "Well, here human women are much weaker than men. So, I am sorry to impose, but I would like for you to do us a favor." Alice laughed. "Here it comes. Humans forcing their own problems on others." The old woman's face flashed with anger, but then it went back to calm. "As you can see, there are no men left. That is because they were all taken by the evil beings known as harpies." Jacob looked at Alice. One of her eyebrows twitched, but she said nothing. The elder continued. "With no men, our village will fade away. Please hero, can you get rid of the harpies and return peace to the village?"

Alice opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by Jacob saying, "I shall get them to bring the men back to the village." The women looked doubtful, which caused Jacob to ask, "How many travellers have been sent to eradicate the harpies?" The elder looked hesitant to answer the question. Alice looked at them, and said, "Too many, apparently. You," she turned to Jacob, "are too helpful. You love biting off more than you can chew. Soon that will get you killed."

Jacob rolled his eyes, and said, "Yes mother." He then turned, and started to head east. After he got out of the village, he turned, and saw Alice looking at him quizzically. Jacob sighed, and asked, "What do you wish to ask?" "Why are you helping the village? They sent multiple travellers to their deaths, and decided to not tell you about it before you forced them to. They are not any better than the harpies." "Jacob nodded, and said, "I know that. Do you think I would massacre a town of harpies because a town of humans asked me to? No. However, the main reason I want to do this is so a peaceful solution could be reached. I don't know if the next one they sent would be as likely to think that way. But yes, I do think that many humans are scum of the earth." Alice looked at him with a tiny bit of respect, then it went off of her face almost immediately. Jacob continued, sighing. "Anyways, isn't it about time for you to disappear?" Alice nodded, and without another word, she slithered away.

Jacob walked into a clearing. It was rather expansive with what looked like a few large trees with multiple tree houses in them. There was a larger house at the top of the largest tree, which is where Jacob guessed the leader would be at.

He had entered without being noticed, but when he got near to the tree he heard some fluttering, and a young voice asking, "Sis, is that a human?"

Jacob turned, and it was two young harpies, one that looked thirteen, and the other that looked eight. Neither of them had pants, and both of them had what looked like leather sports bras. The younger one had red hair and wings, while the older one had brown hair and wings. The younger one looked at him quizzically, and the other one said, "Yes, it is a human, sis. Though, I haven't seen this one before. I wonder why he has those ears and that tail…"

The younger harpy looked up at her sister. "I want to mate with this boy." Jacob made a disgusted noise. "Really? They start this early?" The older girl glared at him, and then replied "Yes, they actually start even earlier. Anyways," She looked down at her sister. "If you like him sis, I will help you get him. First you need to weaken him."

Jacob sighed, his annoyance plain on his face. "You are way to young. You look cute, but come back when you are ten years older." He turned, but the young harpies wouldn't leave well enough alone. He pulled his hit, but it still caused her to reel back from the hit. It wasn't enough to seal her, but it caused pain. After that strike, the younger harpy got a very worried look on her face. "You meanie! Don't kill my sis!" Jacob looked at the pair, and exploded. "WHY AM I THE ONE WHO ALWAYS FEELS HORRIBLE WHEN IT IS MY OPPONENTS WHO ARE RAPISTS?"

After that outburst he looked around. The harpy sisters had fled, obviously scared at the person screaming at them. He sighed, and started heading towards the large tree again.

At the base, he looked up. He wondered why there was a walkway leading up the tree if the people coming and going were harpies, who could fly. He shrugged, and started to step on the walkway up. "Do you need something from my house?" Jacob turned towards the voice, which had been accompanied by a fluttering of wings.

Before him was a harpy that had to be the queen. She looked too beautiful to be anything else. She had sky blue hair and light pink wings. She also wore a crown, a necklace, and bracelets on her wings. Jacob raised his eyebrows, and said, "I wanted to discuss why the men are getting taken away. I want this to be as bloodless as possible." The queen laughed. "You think that humans and monsters can live peacefully together, kitsune boy? We are kidnapping men because we cannot live peacefully with humans."

Jacob tilted his head, and asked, "What did you just call me? Kitsune? What is that?" The harpy blinked, confused at how someone could not know what a kitsune is. "A kitsune is a fox monster. You look exactly like one, and you have the scent of fox on you, meaning that you might actually be a kitsune. However, you do not have any monster energy in you, and men cannot be monsters.. I wonder how you can exist?" Jacob sighed, and said, "Maybe because I am not a monster. I am a faunus. They are part human part animal hybrids. Anyways, are we going to reach a peaceful agreement or not?"

The harpy queen smiled sadly. "I am afraid we cannot reach an agreement on this matter." Jacob nodded sadly, and then he perked right up. "Wait a second, if you are a more powerful monster, that means I can do something again!" He took out his scroll, and started to play bully on his scroll.

-Cue theme music-

The harpy queen looked confused, but didn't respond to what Jacob just did. Instead, she paid attention to him pulling out his two swords. "Pulling a sword on a queen is a rather large crime. The punishment for that crime is rape." Jacob rolled his eyes. He had known that was coming. It was depressing how he had gotten used to his enemies wanting to rape him.

Jacob got the first swing in, slashing the queen across her middle. The queen raised her eyebrows. "You have more skill with the sword than any of the others who came before you. But you will fail, just like they did." With that, before Jacob could dodge, she grabbed his groin with her talon. Jacob was afraid she was going to rip it off, because that is what talons kind of do. However, her talon gave a twist, which for some reason filled Jacob with pleasure. Jacob flung himself back, horrified. He redoubled his efforts to strike the queen down. He swung both his blades in an overhead arc, slicing the harpy queen again. However, that left an opening that the queen exploited. She tackled Jacob to the ground, and rubbed his dick in between her boobs. Jacob slashed at her face, causing her to jump back. Jacob stood up just as he saw the harpy queen open her wings invitingly, while standing completely still.

"Give me your best shot. You are too pathetic to hurt me." The queen harpy was egging him on, like she wanted him to attack her. Jacob blinked, and stood straight up. "Fuck you, no. Nobody does something like opening themselves up for an attack unless they have an ace up their sleeve, and I am not going to walk into a trap." The queen harpy looked annoyed, but put down her wings. Without warning, she tackled Jacob to the ground again, but this time she had pulled down everything protecting Jacob's dick, preparing to put him in. "Rejoice. Someone like you gets to mate with the queen."

Jacob flipped out, slashing wildly at the queen. The queen lept away, but not before getting hit multiple times. Jacob stood up, and saw the queen spreading her wings again. However, Jacob smiled. "Here is a tip. If you are going to counter someone," He let the chain holding his swords together completely out, and then swung it in an arc, hitting the harpy queen from fifteen feet away, "make sure they can't hit you from a range other than up close and personal." The harpy queen looked shocked, and fell to her knees, defeated. "How could I… Fail?"

With the harpy queen defeated, Jacob put his swords away and turned off the music. Suddenly he heard a multitude of women's voices coming from the forest. All of the women from the village were charging out of the forest towards the harpy's trees.

Jacob stared in shock. "What are they doing here?" He asked that more to himself than anything. The queen harpy sounded sad. "I see. The villagers came to rescue their men." The women surrounded the queen and Jacob. Jacob heard sounds of confusion coming from the trees, and when he looked up, harpies were sleepily flying out of the houses, confused. "Anyways," Jacob looked at the queen, "you going to return the men?" The queen harpy shook her head. Jacob shrugged, and turned away just as he heard a man yell out, "WAIT!" The voice sounded ancient. Jacob turned, and saw men coming from all of the different houses. Jacob saw instantly that they were trying to protect the harpies, which made Jacob want to puke. Not because he disliked harpies, but because he now was thinking that the thing he hated the least here was the harpies. He sat down about a foot away from the queen harpy as the men started to come towards them.

The men were all instantly recognized by the females, and so the men of happiness village started to greet their family and wives from happiness village. Jacob knew what was coming next. "Mark!" a mother said, "You're safe! What did they do to you?" Mark looked nervous, and then he put his arm around a scared harpy. "M… Mother. Let me introduce you to my wife, Piana." He then motioned to a young harpy. "And this is our daughter, Pipi." The young harpy flapped her wings and looked at the woman with adoring eyes. "Grandma?"

Jacob looked at the queen, and asked in a tired voice, "All of them got a bad case of stockholm syndrome?" The queen looked confused. "What is stockholm syndrome? None of them are sick..." "Stockholm syndrome is where a person who was kept prisoner starts to like their captors. Anyways, what was your reasoning for doing all this?"

The queen sighed. "There are no male monsters, as I said before. Thus, we have to steal human males to breed with. And since human's hate monsters, what choice do we have?" Jacob looked at the villagers who were taking this almost in stride. He smiled, and looked back at the queen. "I think that this actually was the best course we could have taken. All's well that ends well, I guess." He looked over at Alice, who shrugged and gave her own two cents. "I guess that this turned out well, but it will not always turn out this way. Sometimes there is too much hatred, and the two races will not be able to coexist. And I ask you, Jacob, what will you do then?"

Jacob looked at what was happening in front of him. "In my life, I have learned that the people you hold a race with are not always people who you should help, and people who hold a different race than you are not always the people you should hurt. It all really depends on the circumstances."

Jacob started to nod off in the middle of the talks. They went on well into the night, and there was nothing he could say or do to help with this issue. Alice had told him to stay out of it, for this was an issue they would have to resolve on their own. In the end there was a simple agreement of men for help beekeeping and farming. Jacob grimaced at the thought of men being basically cattle, but he stayed out of it.

Jacob kept from partying it up as well as drinking himself silly, but he did a small bit of dancing with a few people, including the harpy queen. It was pleasant, but he made sure that it didn't get anywhere past dancing.

Alice also got to eat quite a bit of honey. Jacob had a taste, and it was really good, but Alice ate multiple jars of the stuff. Jacob had the most fun that night that he had had in a while. The night ended with Jacob going to sleep content.

The next morning they said goodbye to Happiness village. Jacob kindly refused to stay there, saying he had to find a way back to his home, and so he didn't really want to settle down.

After he left, he decided to not go back to Illiasberg. He didn't think there was anything else there for him. He sighed, and looked at the map. Illias port was the next place. Illias Village, Illiasberg, Illias Port, Illias is God Damn full of herself. Jacob sighed, looked at Alice, and said, "Next stop, Illias port. Lets hope we have a less shit time than we have previously.

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