AN: Decided it's time to try and make a 2nd story. I'm still new to this so if this story sucks, I apoligize, and I won't stop you if you leave. Still whatever mistakes I make, I can learn from them and improve in the future.

This story takes place pretty much in the middle of XCOM 2's story, and to RWBY's story, so SPOILERS AHEAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Rated T for blood, language (possible gore, if so, ratings changing to m), other stuff


Summary: What starts out as a smash and grab mission, turns into a whole new adventure for a young Australian grenadier. After ending up a different world filled with blood thirsty monsters, and terrorists, he must now instead of liberating a planet, protect it with his life. Can his old team get him back to Earth and liberate the planet from Advent? If so can they do it with the help of this world's Huntsman, and Huntresses?

takes place on volume 1, after initiation

"Normal talk"


"Alien Language"

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Welcome to Remnant

OC Bio

OC Name: Crimson Miles

Height: 5 ft 11 inches

Nickname: Shellshock

Class: Grenadier

Rank: Lieutenant

Class Abilities: Blast Padding, Demolition, Heavy Ordnance

Squad: Bullshark Squad, 2 Grenadiers (Miles is one of them), 1 Support (Medic), 1 sharpshooter, and 2 Rangers (One quipped with Magnetic Rifle, other equipped with Magnetic Shotgun)

Age: 18

Nationality: Australia

Weapons/Armor: Magnetic Cannon. Advanced Grenade Launcher, E.X.O. Suit

Camoflauge: Armor Camo: Red, Orange, Wild Pattern, Weapon Camo: Crimson Red, Tiger Pattern

Weapon Upgrades: Advanced Repeater, Advanced Extended Magazine

Equipment: advanced grenades (or plasma grenades), Medikit (in case the Gremlins can't reach him), Rocket launcher (E.X.O. Suit), Shredder Rounds

Physical Appearence: Hair Color: Dirty Blond, Hair style: Simple Short, Eye Color: Cobalt, Skin Color: Caucasian, Head Prop: Boonie Cap, Upper Face Prop: None, Lower Face Prop: XCOM Bandana, Face Paint: None, Tattoos: Electric Alien, Navy Colored, Right Arm, Scars: Brow, and Cheek Slash, (I'm not sure how to describe his face or his EXO Armor props, so i'll use the numbers for their desc. Ex: Arms: 4, legs 2.) EXO Armor Props: Arms: 4, Legs: 1, Torso: 0, Facial Hair" None

Biography: Joined the XCOM Resistance in 2035 when he was 17, Proved he had a knack for explosives on his first sabotage mission after he rigged an advent APC to explode, catching three Advent soldiers, 1 officer, and 1 viper in the blast, later earned an obsession with explosives over the next few months, and nearly killed one of his squadmates by accident when he turned grenade happy. Central and the Commander now gave Bullshark Squad orders that if Miles suddenly turns explosive happy, they are to take cover immediatly, or (if entering a civilian center for vip extraction) disarm and/or apprehend him to avoid unnecessary casualties, or collateral damage. Despite the obsession, he's one of XCOM's valuable soldiers. Miles is mostly deployed on sabotage missions, or deployed to target Avatar Blacksite Facilities, and in the event of an Avenger Attack, is placed on the defense against Advent forces.

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Location: Indonesian Islands, Psionic Network Portal, 8:27 PM, Local Time

(Third Person POV)

In one of the many Indonesian Islands stood an Advent Psionic Portal that lead to God knows where. Upon retrieving intel from the Advent Network, after hacking the retrieved Codex head that nearly destroyed the Avenger, The XCOM Resistance was able to locate the portal site, that may lead them to the Location of the Avatar Project, giving humanity the edge it needs to take back Earth, and prevent a mass genocide.

The mission was simple, move in, clear the area of all threats, secure the portal, and get the hell out. However, the instant an XCOM team named Bullshark Squad made it to the Island, the mission almost instantly went to hell. Upon Arrival, the team had to go up against 2 heavily armored turrets, four Advanced Soldiers, two Advanced Officers, one Advanced MEC, and two Codex.

The teams specialist, and leader, Captain Landon 'Patch' Evans, a tanned 27 year old male from Argentina, short curly brown hair, brown eyes, with orange colored armor (Digital Camo), managed to hack the two turrets, giving the team an edge, but that still didnt prevent the near death situation of an Irish ranger named Jessica 'Rabbit' Black*. who was sent flying into a tree after an MEC launched a mortar volley towards the squads position. The explosion would have killed her, if she wasn't wearing a nanoscale vest, but she was still sent into a bleedout stage, and needed medical assistance fast. Luckily, Patch's Gremlin MK II had the revival protocal installed and revived Rabbit.

After what seemed like hours fighting, the team managed to get past the first group of enemies, and upon reaching the portal, the team had their first encounter with a Gatekeeper, along with fighting an additional three Advanced troopers, two Vipers, two MECs, and one Sectopod. The Advanced Troopers were easily dispatched but soon the Sectopod, along with the Gatekeeper made everything go from ok, to absolute hell.

Soon after destroying the Troopers, the Gatekeeper's shell opened up revealing it's true self, but did so to revive to dead soldiers, flanking the team, and forcing them to turn their attention to the zombies.

The Sectopod took advantage of the situation and launched a plasma blast towards the group. Although it missed almost everyone, the team's second ranger, Johnathen Garry** took the blast directly and was killed instantly, turning whatever was left of his body into a charred state.

The teams Marksman Andrea 'Bullseye' Dover**** swore loudly, seeing her fellow squadmember die and fired 3 magnetic sniper rounds into the sectopod. The first 2 shots dented the armor, while the 3rd shot hit home, and smashed into the Sectopod's core, resulting in a loud explosion, one that impressed the teams two grenadiers, one specific grenadier thinking he just saw Christmas come early, but the two of them quickly reverted back to a serious expression and refocused on the enemy. The Grenadiers names were Crimson 'Shellshock' Miles (AN: read bio above), and Daniel 'Panzer' Hans***, the both of them equipped in E.X.O. armor equipped with rocket launchers. Although they were saddened and angery that their fellow comrad was just slaughtered, they had to eliminate the nearest threat first before they could grieve. Little did the squad realize, that they were about to suffer another supposed casualty.

! #$%^&*()

(Crimson POV)

Crimson shifted uneasily in the small barricade he was forced to use as cover, which didn't really help at all, considering that the Gatekeeper's plasma beam could just shoot right through it, something he almost fell victim too twice.

"Shellshock, move up and flank the two vipers northeast from your position! ¬°Ahora!" Patch yelled in his Spanish accent into the radio.

"On it mate, but if this gets me killed, I'm gonna haunt you!" Crimson said in a thick Australian accent.

Crimson moved up near the portal and took cover behind another barricade, right behind the two vipers, and unleashed a magnetic volley on the both of them, ripping apart one viper, while badly wounding the other.

A nearby MEC noticed the attack and began firing upon Crimson pinning him down, while the other was focusing on Bullseye.

"Ah bloody hell! This one's got me pinned i can't move!" Crimson yelled into the radio.

"Verdammt... hang on Crimson I got him!" Panzer said before he stepped out of cover and launched a grenade at the MEC duo, causing the both of them to lurch back as the grenade went off on impact. Before they could attempt another attack, Patch fired upon one of them and scored a headshot, killing an MEC, while rabbit moved up and sent a shoptgun blast directly into the second one.

Crimson decides to move up, but the second he begins running past the active portal, the Gatekeeper notices his attempt to move and fires a plasma beam at him.

The plasma beam then hits the ground in front of Crimson, and hits the very edge of the portal. The force of the blast knocks Crimson off of his feet, and to his team's horror, he was falling back first INTO the portal.

The last thing Crimson ever heard and saw from his squad before he disappears is Panzer yelling his name and Rabbit attempting to run towards the portal with a look of horror on her face, only for Patch to hold her back.

! #$%^&*()

(Location Unknown, Time Unknown)

(Crimson POV)

Crimson felt like he got hit by a train, upon falling into the portal he had lost conciousness and ended up on some unknown part of the world. Wherever that portal sent him, it didn't give him a first class pass in comfort. All it gave him was a massive headache, and make his body feel like he was just electrocuted. The first thing Crimson noticed was that he was lying down in a field of grass surrounded by tree's with crimson (if this is a pun, then NO PUN INTENDED!) red leaves. After laying on the ground and staring up at the sky for what felt like hours, he slowly got up, even though his muscles protested, he ignored it, knowing he suffered worst injuries then electrocusion. Crimson then looks around for his weapons and notices that his grenade launcher and magnetic cannon are all here, along with the rockets in this E.X.O. suit. However, upon checking his radio, he finds it completly blown apart, and irrepairable, and must find a new one. After a quick ammo check, Crimson picks a random direction and moves on hoping to find a resistance cell with a working radio to he can let his squad know he was alive and active. Little did he know that there was a set of blood red eyes glaring nastily at him behind a set of bushes, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, or did he realize that he was not on Earth anymore.

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(Beacon Academy, Headmasters office)

(Ozpin POV)

Professor Ozpin held an emotionless demeanor on his face as he read the students files, studying what skills they learned before coming to beacon. Ozpin knew he had his work cut out for him in training the next generation of hunters and huntresses, he also knew that he let two students bypass the rules to get into beacon. Specifically one Ruby Rose, and one Jaune Arc.

Ruby Rose had proven here skills to get into beacon after stopping an attempted robbery at dust shop named From Dust Til Dawn, showing off he rather impressive fighting skills with her scythe/sniper rifle hybrid weapon, Crescent Rose. Although she is only fifteen years old, Ozpin decided that she was ready to become a huntress in training and asked her if she wanted to attend beacon. Ruby agreed, and is now leading her own team named RWBY. The next student he let bypass the rules was Jaune Arc. Jaune Arc had wanted to become a hunter ever since he was a boy, but unfortunatly, he had failed his exams at Signal and faked his transcriptions to get into Beacon. While Ozpin noticed this, he dismissed it believing the young man had the potential to become a hunter, and gave the young hunter in training a chance.

'This will be an interesting year indeed' Ozpin thought to himself, but his thoughts were soon interupted when an alarm went off on his scroll. Ozpin checked his scroll and found out that the security perimeter around Forever Falls had been breached. Raising an eyebrow he turned activated one of the hidden cameras in the forest and saw a rather intersting figure.

The figure appearing before the camera appeared to be a red colored sleeveless armored, masked individual about six feet tall, and appeared to be male as well. The armor appeared bulky but strong, Ozpin happend to notice the robotlic limbs supporting the individual's arms and legs, along with the gauntlet on the figures left wrist, either because the armor's too heavy, or because said figure has physical disabilities. Ozpin was intrigued by the bulky looking, yet advanced weapons said person was wielding. The one in his hands appeared to be some kind of cannon, with four barrels on it, with an oversized magazine on the right side of it, and on the figures back appeared to be a bulky grenade launcher, however, Ozpin failed to notice that the gauntlet was actually a rocket launcher.

Ozpin zoomed in on the individuals face, and noticed the symbol on the figures bandana. the symbol appeared to be a shield with a large X surrounding a planet behind it, the words "Vigilo Confido" printed above it.

Ozpin decided to meet this individual in person, knowing that he was in Grimm territory and most likly didn't know it.

Before leaving his office, Ozpin Informed Glynda Goodwitch that he had an errand to run, and that he would be back in an hour, and had her take over the academy for the time being. Ozpin then headed straight for Forever Falls to meet this man.

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AN: Done! hopefully this is an OK beginning to my new story

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* = Jessica 'Rabbit' Black: Hair Color/style: Orange, shoulderlength hair wrapped in a ponytail, weapon: Magnetic Shotgun equipped with superior laser sight, advanced stock, Armor: sage green predator armor with classic camoflauge,skin color: white, eye color: Hazel, Head prop: Recon Hood, Nationality: Ireland, Rank: Sergeant

** = Jonathen Garry: Hair Color/style: brown, buzzcut, Weapon: magnetic rifle equipped with reloader, and Advanced Hair trigger, Armor: Indigo blue frost camoflauge predator armor, skin color: white, Eye color: green, Head prop: Plated helmet 1, Nationality: Canada Rank: Corporal

*** = Daniel 'Panzer' hans: Hair Color/Style: Black, short and curly, Weapon: Magnetic Cannon equipped with Advanced Laser Sight, and advanced auto loader, Armor: E.X.O. suit equipped with flamethrower, purple colored with blots camoflauge, skin color: Brown, Eye Color: opal blue, Head prop: XCOM cap,Nationality: Germany, Rank: Liutenant

**** = Andrea 'Bullseye' Dover: Hair color/style: darkbrown, long and wavy, Weapon: Magnetic Sniper Rifle, equipped with advanced scope, and advanced repeater, Armor: Skeleton Suit w/ lightgrey coloring and digital camoflauge, Skin Color: Brown, Eye Color: amber, head prop: none, Nationality: USA, rank: Captain

I don't know when i will be able to post another chapter for this story or my other one due to Finals, but hopefully I can get a new one out soon! PEACE!