It would have been a great day today if hadn't been for the past events of the week. Weirdmaggen two. Bill Cipher's sister had somehow gained a physical form and a way into reality. She was very different from Bill she didn't turn people to stone or gold. She had people captured by her

Henchmaniacs and had them executed right in front of their families. She had caught Dipper and his sister when they sacrificed themselves for their Grunkles. Wendy had seen them tooken to her castle of weirdness to be executed. Turns out she found out about the twins lumberjill friend who just happened to be on her way to try and free the twins. "Go capture the girl! Like they say the more the merrier!" Bills sister laughed wickedly. "No

please don't! Leave Wendy alone!" Dipper screamed hoping Bell would be reasonable. "No since it seems like you love her so much I insist on you to be able to see each other!" Bells sister said with an evil smile. "Your just as bad as your brother!" Dipper yelled. "Aww thanks!" Bell said in singsong voice. "I will break ever bone in your heartless body!" Dipper screamed. "You don't wanna mess with me Pine tree I see everything!" Bell boomed. Dipper spit in her eye. "Eww! Human DNA! I'M POISONED!" Bell screamed rubbing her eye. "Wimp." Dipper coughed. "That's it I'm bringing your little friend here personally and torturing and killing you right in front of her!"

Bell screamed and with a snap of her fingers she was gone. "What are we gonna do Mabel?" Dipper asked. "Mabel?" Dipper asked again. "Shush! I'm playing interdemensional cards!"Mabel said as she was playing cards with a weird sign. Typical Mabel. "Really?" Dipper said face palming. "Shhh!" Mabel said again. "I'm back and brought your friend!" Bell announced holding a struggling Wendy. "I will make you regret ever being born!" Wendy yelled as she thrashed around trying to escape. "Ha your funny!" Bell said laughing. "Shut up!" Wendy screamed biting Bells hand. "Ow! Are humans teeth supposed to be that sharp?" Bell yelled. "No I sharpened them myself!" Wendy said biting her again. "Ok time to get to the

execution!" Bell said with a snap of her fingers she had a beheading table ready. "I'll spare you shooting star! You will be my personal arts and crafts person!" Bell said keeping Mabel in chains. "As for you pine tree I will

behead you!" Bell said. Wendy burst into tears she couldn't stand the thought of never seeing his brown excited eye's open again never hearing his excited voice echo through the air again or...then she realized it she was in love with Dipper! "No don't kill him!" Wendy screamed as Bell was about to kill Dipper. "And why should I spare him?" Bell asked. "Because I'll let you kill me instead. And you have to let the twins go." Wendy said bravely. The twins looked at Wendy in shock. "No don't do it Wendy don't make bad deals!" Dipper yelled. "I'm sorry Dipper I have to." Wendy said her eyes watering. "Why?" Dipper asked. "Because this." Wendy said and then she walked up to Dipper and kissed him. Leaving Dipper speechless. And Mabel wishing she had caught that all on camera. "I'm ready." Wendy said looking at Bell. "Just make it quick please." Wendy said her eyes watering. "Oh and you guys tell my family I love them and I love you Dipper." Wendy said. Then Bell snapped her fingers and Wendy dropped to the ground

dead. "Wendy!" Dipper wailed crying. "Dipper we can't do anything. She's dead." Mabel said tears in her eyes as well. "The best we can do is escape and win this war. Not die." Mabel said to her brother. "I don't want to I want Wendy back!" Dipper screamed. "We have to leave we'll take Wendy's body with us so she can have a proper burial." Mabel said motioning for them to go. "Fine." Dipper said teary eyed still. Dipper picked up Wendy's body bridal style she felt so cold. "I will avenge you Wendy. The twins ran to the shack quickly and found all the survivor's sheltering their. "Dipper! Mabel! Wendy..." Soos drifted of as he saw his friend dead in Dippers arms. "Wha...what happened to Wendy? Dudes." Soos asked his stomach performing flips. "She sacri...sacrificed herself for me!" Dipper said starting to cry again. "What killed her?" Ford asked "Bell." Dipper said

growing angry at the thought of that brat. "Just as bad as her brother." Ford growled. I'm going to slaughter that monster!" Dipper screamed. "We have to let him kill Bell if he's ever to be satisfied aren't we?" Mabel said. "Yup." Dipper said. "You guys we need to talk come here into the kitchen. Except you Dipper." Ford said motioning for them to come into living room. "Why?" Dipper asked still fired up. "Because." Ford said. "Fine." Dipper growled and stomped up to the attic. He then fell asleep. "Dip...Dipper." A soft voice called. "Wendy?" Dipper called hopefully. "Dipper!" Wendy said joyfully running to Dipper. "Wendy! Oh my gosh you don't know how much has happened I had the craziest dream! Bill's sister caused another apocalypse! And you died for me and Mabel and..." Before Dipper could

finish Wendy cut him off. "That wasn't a dream and right now your asleep . Were in the dreamscape." Wendy said looking at Dipper sadly. "No! It can't be real!" Dipper yelled at Wendy. "It's real I just wanted to tell you thank you for showing me the impossible actually is possible and for being so loyal and sweet and loving and remember what I said I love you. I wish I could see you again after this but I can't put you in danger and I need to find my

way out of here to my mom." Wendy said looking Dipper in the eyes. "Wait don't go! Please!" Dipper yelled as everything started fading. "Goodbye Dipper." Wendy said her voice echoing in his head. "Wendy!" Dipper yelled as he woke up. "Dipper are you ok?" His family asked looking at him. But alls he could do was cry. "Hey were going to go now and gather survivors." Mabel said looking at her brother gently. "Be careful." Dipper choked out in between tears. "We will." They said. Later that day Dipper saw something outside something he wanted to kill. Bell. "Hey Pine tree! If you want your family to live you will come out here!" Bell yelled. "Deal." Dipper said

depressingly. Dipper walked outside. "Release them!" Dipper yelled. "No!" Bell laughed. "We had a deal." Dipper growled pulling out a gun. "Well deals off! And what's that supposed to do tickle me?" Bell laughed pointing at the weapon. "Oh we'll see." Dipper snarled shooting the gun. Then Bell was gone. " killed her." Ford stuttered. Dipper didn't reply he was looking at the sky deep in thought. "Your avenged Wendy." They heard him say before he went inside.

From now on I'll try and update once a week.