Tadase has just got transferred to Seiyo high, and just when he thought his life would become better, he realized that the school he was transferred to is a school for delinquents. Following his first day, He had this fateful meeting with a girl who was the leader of the certain delinquent group of the school that is known as 'Five Powers'. Whatnot, was it his stupidity or his charm that lead to his near death, he doesn't know, but with her confessing her interest in him– he is sure that this girl was going to become his death.

Nonetheless, slowly but surely he finds himself falling for her as she, unknowingly, shows him all of the sides of her.

But, the twist? A certain male member of her group already has his eyes set on her, and he was sure he wasn't going to give her up, certainly not to a mere newbie like Tadase. Even if it meant to take her by force, she was his and only his.

"No matter what Amu, I'd not let anyone come between us,"

"Even if I were to lose you to him, I will continue loving you the most,"

"You are mine, You heart, body and soul... Everything belongs to only me,"

"But... How can I choose if I love both of you...? Then again... I don't even know what love exactly is...,"

Just who will be the 'one' for Amu?

Author's note

And this is the short summary of the story. The idea randomly popped in my mind and I found it interesting enough so... I decided to give it a try.

The updates would be totally random, meaning – I'll update whenever I feel like, it may take a year or month or just few days. So you are warned. Next chapter would be a prologue, and then would be 1st chapter.

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