Flash Of Pink

"What the hell is this place?"

Tadase could only gape at the scene going on about before his eyes. He blinked— once, twice— to check if it was actually reality or just his mind playing games at him. He was proved otherwise, indeed a reality.

Punches and kicks were thrown at one another, everyone — probably students — were acting as if they were trying to kill each other out of a fit. The room didn't look like an average auditorium at all, the walls which were probably once painted in a pleasant shade of grey, now were adorned with graffiti. From what he noted, students were indeed trying to murder each other as they were even throwing chairs. It was surprising that they didn't use any sharp objects like kni— when he saw a boy, probably younger than him by 3-4 years, zooming his pocket knife at a girl.

Wait– a girl?!

Tadase's eyes widened in alarm.

"W-Woah! No!" Without a second thought, Tadase tightened his grip on his bag and dashed over to the scene at his full speed, ready to block the attack of the psychotic boy with his bag.

He saw everything around him moving in slow motion, even his own movements were awfully slow.

He felt his legs glue to the floor.

Then he saw the impossible. The girl, who he thought was nearly at the brink of her death, blocked the attack in a manner that he didn't thought anyone could. He was no exception.

It was as though she had anticipated the move because she easily avoided the attack and — sherbet eyes widened in awe — smashed her elbow into the side of the boy's skull, spot on at that the soft spot high on the temple.

"Gya–!? Y-You bitch!" The light blond haired boy howled in pain. By this time the girl was already preparing her next move, almost landing a powerful hit across his face while he recovered, but the boy, too, was fast. He threw her off balance with one movement of his feet, it was very pathetic move but it worked on his part, however next thing that happened threw him off.

She managed to slap her right palm down on the boy's face, shattering his nose. The bone-crushing sound was distinct and very real. Tadase scrunched his face, the scene was revolting and almost funny, but he only thought it was insane.

And before the girl fell on her back, she got an hold of his loosened tie and pulled him down with her. But before he landed over her, she pulled back and banged his nose with her forehead. He cursed loudly in pain, but grew limp so the girl pushed him off her. He fell on the floor at his side, holding his face, squirming in his place. He had his mouth open but no noise came.

Tadase had to blink owlishly. He didn't expect her to fight in such...manly manner? He felt his stomach churn uncomfortably. Is she even a girl?

"Ouch...it looks bad." He grumbled under his breath, eying the groaning boy in the floor.

"Wow, Amu, you look horrible. Whatever in the world happened to your fighting spirit?" Tadase watched as a boy approach the girl. She still had her back turned to him so he was unable to see what she looked like. But when he processed the words, Tadase froze in shock. What did he say? She wasn't in her top form?! Was he blind? She had just knocked down a guy, who aimed knife at her, with just few old moves.

Tadase's eyes flickered to the boy. With his chestnut hair in the disheveled state, he flirted away with the girl. The crimson-eyed boy wouldn't be surprised if he was a sportsman, envy stabbed his heart when he noticed the boy's physique. Looking around, he realized everyone had long stopped getting on each other's throat. For what reason, he didn't know, but he was only glad that no one picked a fight with him.

"Get out of my way, shrimp," Was that a growl he just heard? Before he could make space for whoever asked him, he was roughly shoved aside.

"E-Excuse me..." Tadase pulled the boy back by his shoulder. He was rather tall, Tadase noted. When the boy turned to him, an angry glare sliced through him. Tadase was forced to shut up when he opened his mouth to give the boy a piece of his mind.

His cold gaze travelled with unnerving thoroughness when he studied the blond haired boy.

"What was that?" He only arched a brow in question. Shoving his hands into the pockets, the boy turned to him, his glare only sharpening. A corner of his lips dropped slightly. Oh, he was angry, wasn't he?

Tadase resisted to wipe the sweat off his forehead. Was the place this hot when he first entered?

"U-Uh...I...you...you pushed me...b-but it is alright! You may go..." Tadase stammered, his eyes just as uneasy as his tone. The boy, however, didn't move from his place, much to Tadase's dismay.

"I've never seen you around her before. Newbie, are you not." It wasn't a question. Tadase wanted to roll at his words. What was this guy, a supervisor?

Tadase nodded, hesitantly. He noticed his lips quirk up at his response. A smirk? Really now. The boy adjusted his headphones around his neck and his hood fell in the process. Tadase cocked a brow in surprise. Maybe he was wrong. This is a girl? Tadase dragged his hawkish gaze down his long, lavender hair that appeared that flow down his frame like dark river.

"Very well. You don't mind fighting me, do you?" The boy offered, his smirk widening ever so slightly as words left his lips. The flaxen haired boy broke the contact and inventoried his surroundings.

They got to be kidding him. Everyone's eyes were on him. He didn't realize it before but they were surrounded by students, all eying him with crudely insulting stare. Did they actually think that he'll lose?! Damn them all.

"...do I have to?" Tadase swung his restless gaze sideways. He needed to be as quiet as possible. He didn't want to get into a fight on very first day of the school. What will happen of the scholarship he had been working his ass on for 4 years?! He couldn't afford to risk a fight.

"Why, are you scared that you'll lose the fight?" His voice had a taunting edge. Hearing this, Tadase's eyes narrowed to stits.

Damn him.

"No. I'm not interested in fighting, is all." Tadase tried his best to keep the anger off his voice. He wouldn't want to give the girly boy the satisfaction of provoking him. He failed.

"Oh yea? Or is it because you are sure you will lose?" A sliver of emotion in those cool eyes darkened. He smiled, the friendliness in the action didn't reach his eyes.

Tadase felt his resolve crumble. His jaw set, lips in hard line and his expression closed up. That moment, Tadase decided he hated the guy. Although the boy didn't say anything to set him off, more off than he already was, it was his eyes. They were laughing at him. And so were the audience.

"Fuck this. If you want a fight, I'll give you one." He declared, sherbet eyes blazing like torch.

"That's more like a good boy." He chuckled. Tadase clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Nagihiko!" His view got obscured by a flash of pink. His mouth suddenly went dry, eyelashes swept up and he blinked.

"There you are! I thought you promised you'll watch me fight Hikaru!" He heard her complain, her voice — soft and silvery — seemed to ring loudly in his ears. A girl was hugging the other guy, who, at the moment was his opponent. When his gaze cruised her figure, he realized what the pink flash was.

"What are you waiting for, in here?"

The girl had her hair colored in pink. Like honey, they dripped over her shoulders, gently but perfectly. His eyes then fell on the hood she was wearing, it looked familiar to him.

"What? Are you serious? Is he that good?"

Fight with the boy — Nagihiko? — was the last thing in Tadase's mind when she turned to him, leaving the side of long haired boy.

Their eyes locked like magnets. Sherbet and Gold. Tadase briefly thought they made quite a pair, colours that is. She was very pretty, just like cheery blossoms.

"Are you going to fight Nagihiko?" She eyed him, with eyes as dispassionate as bullets. But her tone was lacing with sheer curiosity. Tadase pressed his lips firmly, they felt too dry. Was the temperature in the room really that hot?

He figured he nodded, because her eyes shone with sliver of emotion. It was gone, just as fast as it appeared.

He thought he couldn't be happier that his hands weren't sweaty. She held her hand out for handshake. His eyes lit up, like fireworks.

"New student, right? I'm Amu," The girl smiled – no, it was a wry smile. Tadase blinked once, then twice and thrice. What was that?

"I want to fight you instead."

Indeed. What the hell is this place?

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