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Midday morning and the sun was just high enough to cast a warm glow across the whole grounds of Ever After High. A light breeze blew through the tall trees, green grass and through all the opened windows, while fluffy clouds floated listlessly in the bright blue sky.

It was Saturday. A day for social interactions. A day for fun and frolic between the students. Homework was either finished or to be put off till the last minute. In all it was a beautiful day.

Most students were outside, enjoying their youth, the fresh air and abundance of nature. This of course meant the dorms were barren.

That is to say, all accept one lone girl, Raven Queen. Instead of being outside, she chose to be inside of her room.

She sat on her bed, crossed legged and lightly hunched over, guitar in arms and her fingers upon the strings.

She had a few of her dark purple pillows pressed against her lower back that were wedged perfectly between the headboard and her spine, adding to the comfort and to delay whatever back pain she may have later due to her being in that position for the last four hours.

She had been plucking the same cords and strings of the same short melody for the last forty-five minutes, willing her fingers to memorize the tune; to the point of muscle memory. She quietly hummed the same tune as she played, a soft smile etched upon her lips.

She loved this. The quietness, the tranquility, and the placid air of the dorms when alone was around soothing.

It was the perfect time to practice and she planned to take full advantage of it. She had wanted to get this new song she wrote prefect, for the next school band practice.

At that moment, the tranquility was broken when the door of the room swung open and the elegant voice of Apple White drifted into the room.

"I'm home!" She sang happily.

Raven blinked, her concentration broken by that velvety voice; that sent pleasant chills run up along her spine. The witch smiled, her fingers stilling upon her beloved instrument and tilting her head back up to the entering girl.

"Hey Apple. Welcome back."

The princess smiled beautifully and walked over to her side of the room over to her vanity. In her arms held a square, gift wrapped box. She set the packaged down onto its wooden surface and sat down onto the chair that was perched in front. The box was wrapped in golden paper and topped with a red bow.

"What do you have there?" Raven asked curiously, stretching her neck a bit to get a better look at the package.

"My mother sent it to me." Apple said simply taking a moment to marvel at the sublime craftsmanship of the wrapping.

After a short moment, she turned back to her roommate. "Have you been here all day?"

Raven nodded her head, her smile widening. "Yeah I've been practicing. I've almost got this song completely memorized. Want to hear it?" The witch asked, a spark of excitement traveling through her body at the prospect of playing in front of an audience.

Apple let out a giggle and nodded her head. She left the present and walked over to her bed and took a seat. "I'd love to hear it."

Raven's face lit up at the other girl's words and took a firmer hold of her instrument, tilting her head back down. A wave of elation began to fill her.

Apple had been a lot calmer lately about the whole fairytale story and all that destiny crap. In fact over the last whole month, Apple hasn't even brought any of it up. She just seems to be enjoying being a proper teenager in high school. It's been a great month and the two have never been closer.

Raven slowly began to play, letting the nervous excitement overcome her, but as she played the melody, her love for music began to spread through her soul and as the notes carried through her fingers, her passion did too.

Sensual sounds of a song that was filled with love resonated into the air.

Apple found her eyes closing, cutting off one of her senses to better focus on the other. Only a few seconds of closing her eyes, the sound pierced itself into her mind's eye and pushed her into a journey.

Apple found herself in a huge field of trees; apple trees to be exact. Huge round bright red apples hung from their branches. Each tree had thick wide trunks that were firmly rooted into the ground. Roots that intertwined into the soil and thick lush grass, creating a bed of sorts. It was right in front of the princess and she didn't hesitate to walk over to it and lay down upon it, right under the shade of the foliage.

She glanced up into the tree. This tree was different from the others. Not only was this by far the biggest in the whole orchard, located right in the center of the field, but its leaves were different. Instead of green, like one would most likely see in an apple tree, these were violet in color. Slowly as she gazed up at them, a few strays began to fall and float down to her.

"So beautiful." She mumbled transfixed.

As the leaves touched her face, she could feel just how soft they were. They didn't feel like normal leaves. They felt just like silk, and calling them pedals sounded much better then calling them leaves.

A sense of calmness overcame her and she felt so much at peace at that moment. She prayed that it would never stop.

Images of her and Raven laughing happily together invaded her mind and her heart swelled with heat. It was practically intoxicating.

Unfortunately and way too soon for Apple's liking, the song ended and the princess's inner dream world faded, ending her wonderful journey. Apple slowly opened her eyes, back in her room now and with Raven looking at her expectantly.

The princess was breathless. Never before had a song affected her so much. She took a moment to gather oxygen into her lungs and brain before she spoke.

"That was wonderful." She whispered and small flushed smile resting on her lips.

Raven blushed and her own lips burst into a wonderfully adamant smile. "Thank you! It's not perfect yet. The ending is still a bit choppy and I don't have any lyrics to go with it yet, but its getting there."

"I thought it was perfect." Apple said and after a moment of thought continued. "You'll make a wonderful musician one day."

"Really? Thanks. That means so much to me coming from you." Raven said happily.

The two continued to share a tender stare before Raven's own cheeks broke it and she blushed. She cleared her throat. "I'm going to keep practicing. I'm hoping to get this song perfect by the end of the day."

"Oh yes. Go ahead. I'll not disturb you. I checked out a book from the library last week anyway and I was hoping to start it." Apple said, standing from her bed.

Raven gave a nod and turned back to her instrument. It had only been recently that the witch realized her attraction to her roommate.

Before, she had only thought them as close friends, sisters even. That was when the dreams started. Sure she was an avid dreamer and tended to remember almost all of them. She also tended to dream about Apple quite a bit, though she dreamt about all her friends, Apple's presence lingered in a majority of them.

At first it was just normal dreams; adventures as a pirate in the wide open sea, flying magic carpets in the deserts and searching through the deepest of magical forests. Most of her dreams involving Apple were mostly about freedom. Freedom for the two of them. Living lives that had no fairytale destiny attached to their blood.

It wasn't until about two weeks ago that her dreams started becoming more suggestive; more erotic and much more adult-like.

They started with a kiss. A small chase kiss over a dream of a simple studying together. Yes, not all her dreams were a wild adventure. Some of her dreams tended to be quite and rather boring.

Then the next dream she had was of them taking a walk into the enchanted forest. They were holding hands and enjoying the warm sun that peaked through the leaves in the trees. The birds chirped and sang happily. Their songs sounded like they were sung specifically for the two of them. Then again, they probably were considering the dream belonged to Raven.

The moment of calmness passed quickly when the princess suddenly turned and pinned the witch to a tree. She pulled the surprised girl's hands over her head, holding them firmly in place. Her eyes had turned predatory and she kissed the witch passionately. She didn't stop there. She pressed her leg in between Raven's legs to spread them and loosened one of her hands from their hold. Raven felt the princess smirk against her lips and she couldn't help but whimper out. The jolt of pleasure that shot through her caused her legs to buckle and if it wasn't for Apple pinning her to the tree, she knew that she would surely fall to the dirt ground. Apple loosened one of her hands and let it travel down. That same wondering hand ran along and over her breast moving south, were it took a handful of the fabric of her skirt and pulled it up. It then tenderly touched her thigh moving closer to its prize. Raven shuttered in anticipation.

That's when said witch woke up.

Raven remembered having to run to the bathroom to take a cold shower after that dream.

Her last dream happened just last night in fact, went much in the same way. This time, the scene took place on a deserted beach. They were already naked at that point, though it wasn't awkward in anyway. The sound of the waves and that same warm sunny rays were so vivid, she could still feel the heat and even still hear the sounds of the sea.

The witch had her eyes closed before she felt a comfortable weight upon her. She opened her eyes and was greeted with the wondrous gaze of Apple White filling her vision. She smiled softly as they both leaned in for a kiss.

The kiss turned heated quickly and the princess's hands began to wonder. They reached to stroke her sides and let her fingers glide over warming skin and sliding to the sides of the witch's breasts. She giggled when she heard a gasp and cupped them tenderly, fondling them. She kissed along Raven's neck and pressed her body close against the witch's. Raven moaned out, helpless under the princess's ministrations.

Slowly as arousal filled them, Apple began to move one of her hands downward.

Once again, that's when Raven woke up.

She remembered the never leaving blush that accompanied her that day.

Raven snapped herself back from her memories and back into the present. She shook her head to help rid the blush that she knew was forming on her cheeks and focused on her guitar. She moved her fingers to start strumming on the strings, getting herself back into the groove of practicing.

Meanwhile, Apple walked back to her vanity and back to her packaged present. She had previously forgotten about it in favor of listening to Raven's song. Though now that the lock, the song had on her was broken, her curiosity of what was inside was sparked once more.

Slowly and still quietly she opened the wrapping and opened then the brown box. Inside were two bottles. She pulled out both and set them down next to the box, reading the label.

"What did your mother give you?" Raven asked, concentration broken, when she heard the gift being opened.

"Homemade apple cider." Apple answered, also taking out four bubble wrapped wine glasses that were also in the box.

"Sounds delicious."

"Yes. Would you like a glass?"

"In a bit. I still want to finish this song."

Apple nodded her head and poured herself a glass. She took a long sip, her tongue playing with the taste. It was sweet with a slight bitter after taste. She found it pleasing as it spread warmth through her throat and belly.

"Mmm…" She hummed, downing half of her glass in her second go and refilling it again. She then took her glass back to her bed and laid down upon it, leaning her back against her many pillows. She set it down upon the small table next to her bed and opened her top drawer. She took out an old worn book and set it in her lap, flipping it open. She picked her glass back up and settled herself in her a relaxing afternoon.

Only ten minutes passed and small giggles began to sound from Apple's side of the room.

At first Raven paid it no mind but when the giggles increased in sound, she stopped her strumming and looked over to the other girl's bed.

"Apple…? I never knew you to read comedy books." Ravened asked, amused.

"It's…its not." Apple said between laughs, laying the book onto her chest, getting some control of her laughter. "It's a romance novel."

"Is it like super cheesy?"

"No!" Said wheezed out, taking a couple of deep breaths to calm her mirth. "The first few chapters are well written and thoughtful." She said, her words beginning to slur.

"Then why are you laughing?" Raven asked, now completely confused.

"I don't know, but right now, my head is just…swimming. I feel just so good!" Apple moaned out. She slid down her bed and stretched her body out across her bed. She sighed delightfully and let out another moan.

Raven was taken aback by the action and of course the moan that followed said action. She swallowed thickly, a pleasant shiver running up along her spine and causing her to visibly shake in her seat. She blushed a shade of red, the same as Apples lips and sat there, shell shocked, confused and a little excited at the sight of the princess's spiraled out body.

The witch's imagination sparked and created a vivid dream-like scenario of where she stood from her seat; walked over to the other girl's bed and stripped her clothes. Or something along the lines of walking over to Apple's bed and the princess quickly pulling her down, shifting their position and pinning the witch onto the bed. Staring at her with predatory eyes.

'Whoa, whoa! What am I thinking?! Stop it dirty thoughts! Go away!' She all but screamed within her mind. She shut her eyes tight, willing those wicked thoughts away and took a couple of deep calming breathes, less Apple notice.

When she opened them back up she could see Apple stumble out of bed. She wobbled and swayed back to her vanity, carrying her empty glass. Her movements were sluggish and she swayed as she walked.

Raven's eyebrows knitting together in concern as she placed her guitar to her side. "Apple…are you ok?" Raven asked, swinging her legs off to the side of her bed and making to stand up.

"I'm completely and utterly fine! Better then fine. I'm hextactular!" Apple answered in a full slur.

The princess took a loose hold of the opened bottle and poured herself another glass, the contents swirling with her swayed movements, the liquid just barely spilling over the rim. Thankfully none did and Apple lifted the glass back to her lips and instead of a small dainty sip, she chugged it all down in one go.

Raven's eyes widened, her jaw falling open. She walked over to stand at Apple's side. "Alright, what is this stuff you're drinking?" She asked, but made no motion to take the girl's glass. Instead, she grabbed the closed bottle of cider.

"Snow White's Special Cider." She started reading the bold top lettering. "Special…?" Raven asked to no one in particular, considering Apple was busy licking the rim of her empty glass.

Raven stared at the blonde for a moment. That delicate pink tongue made Raven's heart jump. She chose to ignore it, less her mind wonder to the gutter recesses of her brain. She swallowed down some saliva into her drying throat and turned the bottle around to read the back contents.

"Let's see here…apples, filtered water, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla extract, orange peel slices, rum, grated nutmeg…wait, wait! Rum makes up fifteen percent of this cider!" Raven gasped out, her jaw once more dropping.

'Why? Why would Apple's mother send her hard cider?! No! That would be nonsense. Apple's mother wouldn't do that and I don't think she's the type to just send it as a joke…that's something my mother would do. Alright it's a mistake then. Best option would be to get Apple to bed and probably get her to drink a few glasses of water too. I wonder if she drank enough to get a hangover…?' Raven reasoned with herself.

She set the bottle back down onto the vanity and turned to look over to her roommate only to see the blonde pouring herself yet another glass. Raven gasped, her eyes widening. "Apple, stop!" Raven screeched. 'How many glasses has she had?!'

Stop, the princess did. Apple paused her pouring as she turned to look at her roommate. Her eyes were glassy and her cheeks flushed from the alcohol. "What?" She asked. Her body swayed back and forth at this moment. "Oh!" She exclaimed her lips quirking up and a smile spreading across her cheeks.

"Help yourself to a glass. There is still plenty left and it's really yummy!" Apple said with a wide smile, holding out the opened bottle for the other girl to take.

'Plenty left in the unopened bottle.' Raven thought sarcastically, gazing at the nearly empty bottle. "Ah, no thanks Apple…I'm good."

"Aw!" Apple pouted. "Come on! Its hextacular! It's a little bitter, but it leaves your tummy real warm." Apple explained. She took a step forward and stumbled a bit over her own feet.

Raven rushed forward on instinct, her hands reaching forward to catch the falling girl from a face plant. She wrapped her arms around Apple's waist, letting the princess fall onto her chest. Miraculously not a drop of cider had spilled from the bottle or the glass.

"Apple, are you alright?" Raven asked tilting her head a little concerned.

It took a moment for Apple's mind to register what just happened. She blinked a couple of times and soon a wide smile spread across her face at the warmth of the arms surrounding her. She let out a content sigh and rested her head onto the witch's shoulder.

"Oh, my knight in shinning armor has saved me!" Apple purred against that same shoulder.

Raven's body froze. She willed it to move; to right the princess upright and take that alcohol away from her. But of course, her teenage hormones weren't listening to her rational brain.

"Wait…that's not quite right. You're definitely not a knight. Hmm, let's see. How about my witch in stylish clothing? Hmm yeah that sounds much better. I always did love your style you know." Apple babbled, her words still coming out in slurs.

"You do?" Raven found herself saving. She searched her brain for any knowledge of drunks. 'Lets see...I remember my father once told me that a drunk could never lie…so Apple is telling the truth. She really does like my clothing style.' Raven thought as she tilted her head and peered down at the blonde hair leaning against her shoulder.

"Yes. You know. I like everything about you?" Apple said softly, rubbing her cheek against the witch's and sighing contently.

"You do?!" Raven blurted her same question, her eyes widening at the other's statement. Her heart began to hammer in her chest. 'Ask her! Ask her about her feelings towards you? Tell her your feelings! Ask her out on a date! Do something! Do anything else other then asking that same dumb question!' Her mind screamed at her in a deep hateful scold.

Raven swallowed thickly, taking a deep breath to try to calm her nerves. She closed her eyes to mentally prepare herself for what she was about to ask. 'Ok you idiot! Stop wasting time and ask her out on a date!' Raven opened her mouth tospeak but was immediately cut up when Apple jerked herself upright and out of her hold. She blinked, caught off guard.

"Oh!" Apple gasped, the cider inside the cup swishing its contents, though still holding inside. "You still haven't tried this apple cider yet. So will you? Please?" Apple begged. She widened her eyes and jutted out her bottom lip in a puppy dog pout.

Raven's heart melted from those big blue eyes and oh-so-mesmerizing eyes staring at her, pleading with her; sparkling with such sadness. They were such beautiful bright eyes; so filled with life and love? Wait love? Her heart felt like it was on an extreme rollercoaster of emotions.

'I haven't even done anything wrong and I feel guilty. How messed up is that?!'

Raven couldn't look away now. Her eyes were now caught in Apple's special magic force. Her defenses were being taken down, one by one…no wait that sounds too slow; her defaces were being blown away by dynamite. Yeah, that sounds much better.

'One sip. That's it! I can't loose anymore control over this situation. Or else something bad is going to happen.'

"Ok." The witch agreed. "I'll have one sip, but then you'll have to promise me, you'll lie down and rest after. Ok?"

Apple beamed. "I promised." She crossed her heart with the cider bottle.

Raven let out a sigh of emotional exhaustion, but couldn't help the smile from spreading across her lips. She reached out and took the glass from the princess and brought it up to her lips. She took a sip. It was faint, but she could definitely taste the alcohol in it. Then again, her nanny used to slip her small sips of wine when she was little at family gatherings. She wondered for a brief moment why Apple herself couldn't taste the alcohol. 'She's probably never tasted a drop before now, due to her whole pure future Snow White image.'

Apple cheered, bouncing up and down in her spot.

The witch lowered the glass and leaned over, setting it onto Apple's vanity. She then reached over and took the empty bottle out of Apple's loose grip and placed it down next to the glass.

"Alright princess." Raven teased. "Time for you to lay yourself down. You promised."

Apple stopped her bouncing and whined childishly. "Aw, but I don't wanna!"

"But Apple, you did promise." Raven lightly scolded. She giggled softly. 'She's so cute. I better take care of her carefully. I'm still not quiet sure what kind of drunk she is…but if based off what I've seen, she's a happy, bouncy, drunk.'

Apple continued to pout, but never-the-less, she did nod. However instead of turning to walk towards her bed, she took a step forward and wrapped her arms around Raven's neck. "Carry me." She ordered and jumped into the witch's arms.

Raven gasped out, rushing her arms up to hold the princess in a bridal style hold. She blushed a deeper shade of red then even that of Apple's name's sake. Her hormones raged once again and made her blood pool into her abdomen. 'Stay calm! Keep control of yourself!' She took a deep breath, expanding her lungs to their full capacity before, slowly letting the air out of her nose.

She walked over to the bed, not trusting her voice. She gently lowered the girl onto the bed, but when she lifted herself back upright, Apple wouldn't loosen her arms from her neck. "Ah Apple?" Raven squeaked. "You can let me go now." 'Oh gods, she smells so good!'

"No! You smell too good." Apple whispered as if reading the girl's mind. "Lay down with me." She ordered once more. She leaned her head a bit so that her lips were right against Raven's ear and blew warm air into it. She could feel the shiver that went through her witch.

Apple didn't let the girl speak before she yanked down hard onto the witch's neck. She flipped the witch onto the bed to sprawl on top of her. The blonde then did something that was previously thought she'd never do. She smirked. "You are just too cute Raven."

Raven's 'fall' onto the bed, landed with her face planted in between the blonde's breasts. Her mind swam and her lower regions throbbed. The witch's mind filled with a jumble of curses and praises.

Apple let out a giggle when she felt the visible shiver that ran up along her witch's body. She felt the tensed and quickly heating up body pressed against her and slowly, shifting her hand a bit, still not fully letting go of her hold, ran her fingers through the girl's hair.

"Hmm, you know Raven…" Apple spoke sensually. "Your body feels really good against mine."

"Holy ancestors!" Raven muttered. She didn't know what to do. Should she try to move away? Stay there where Apple and herself wanted to be. 'Oh please, don't let this be a dream. Apple is so comfortable. Wait…wait! I can't stay here! Apple isn't in her right mind right now! I'm taking advantage of her! What in the cursed hell is wrong with me?! Get a hold of yourself Raven!' The girl argued with herself.

Raven planted her hand upon either said of the princess's ribs to steady herself. She then waited. She knew that Apple in her drunken state wouldn't be able to hold her tight hold for long. She'd pull away when she could.

"You know, I'm so happy that we're still roommates." Apple whispered.

"Still?" Raven wondered out loud.

"Well…after my idiotic decisions of letting your mother out of the mirror…ah! That whole week was a nightmare. I was a terrible person and I almost ruined our relationship. I was weak and I gave into both your mother and mine. Raven…if it's any worth. I'm so, so sorry." Apple confessed, with a small sniffle.

Raven couldn't help the warm smile that spread across her face. Apple didn't know it either, but she too was just too cute for her own good.

"It's alright Apple. I already forgave you…and I understand where you were coming from. Well at least part of your decision. I know that you idolized your mom and I respect that. I may not understand it but I respect it, but…what I do understand is the pressure you are put through with having a famous mom. So don't worry about it Apple." Raven explained softly, gently rested her cheek against the girl's chest.

Apple didn't say anything for a moment before she gave a happy thank you.

Apple's eyes began to droop and the alcohol in her system began to run its course and filled her with dizziness. She breathed in steady, her mind still swimming and along with the warm body on top of her was pulling her into a steady slumber.

When the princess's arms began to loosen, Raven sighed softly, pulling herself up off of the blonde and out of her hold. Her body instantly felt cold when she stood back up onto her feet.

"Alright Apple…now that you're lying down, I'll let you rest…"

It took a moment for Apple's mind to register what just happened, but when she felt the cold room and the lack of weight on top of her, she instantly whined. "What are you doing? Get back on this bed." She ordered.

Raven swallowed thickly, fighting with her libido to get back onto the blonde. Those musical words shook her to the core. She bit her bottom lip hard, letting the pain wash over her and snapping her mind back into place. She backed a few steps away from the bed.

"I don't think that'd be wise Apple. I'm going to get you some water. It'll help sober you up." The witch said with a small bashful smile before turning and walking a few more steps away from the bed. 'Distance…put distance between yourself and Apple.'

She turned around and halted her movements when she heard the bed shift and creak.

"Apple…" Raven started as she began to turn back around to face her roommate. "What did I say about-" Her words died in her throat when she caught sight of the blonde.

Said girl had shifted her body on her bed in those few seconds. Apple leaned on all fours, her back arched and her arms on the bed, making her behind stick up into the air. Her eyes held a predatory gleam and her lips showed a dangerous smirk. She was ready to pounce at any second.

"A-Apple?" Raven stuttered, shaking now. Excitement and fear swelled within her belly. Her hormones begged her stay while her mind screamed at her to run. 'Oh ancestors! She's a teasing, flirty and happy drunk! Maybe even a horny drunk too! Someone help me!'

"Well, my dear sweet Raven. If you won't come to me, then I'll just have to go over to you." Apple spoke sensually.

"N-Now Apple…think about what you're about to do…you're drunk and you're obviously not in your right mind. Go-" Raven started to speak but was quickly cut off when the princess pounced.

Apple used the springs in her bed to propel herself forward, right onto the stunned girl who thankfully was within pouncing distance. She tackled the witch right onto the wooden floor and straddled her slim hips with her hands on either side of Raven's head.

The witch found her body once again frozen. She would have preferred it if her body had panicked, so she would push the girl away. At least this wouldn't hurt the princess's feelings. Raven's heart hammered in her chest, but her body still felt as if it were paralyzed as she gazed up into bright blue eyes.

Apple purred, letting out a giggle. The sound was pure seduction to Raven's ears.

"Got you!" She sang happily, her smirk turning wicked. "Now I have you just where I want you. You're all mine, my little witch."

Raven squeaked, her throat clinching up. 'Move damn it! Get away! She's going to molest you! It doesn't matter how much you want this, you're in real danger now!'

Apple leveled her face along with Raven's. "You are so beautiful, Raven. Truly the best person I know. Oh how I've wanted to do this to you for such a long time." She said, before she leaned down.

The princess lowered herself, letting her bright red lips ghost over Raven's purple ones before fully pressing them together.

The kiss was sweet and tender. Raven was astonished by how much love was behind it. Apple's lips were soft, much softer then the most delicates of cloth and much fuller then they looked at first glance.

'Does this mean that she likes me back?' Raven thought.

The thought itself caused her chest to swell with and the love that Apple had for her seemed to just be pouring into Raven's very soul.

The witch kissed back, letting her eyes slip closed, allowing herself to fully enjoy the kiss. Raven could taste the apple cider upon the princess's tongue as it dominantly pushed itself into her mouth. She could even taste the small trace of alcohol that also still lingered. Slowly the blonde's tongue traced the inside of the other's mouth. Though it did start slowly, held back by the sheer inexperienced of the act, it soon grew in confidence and a battle began.

Raven, who too was also inexperienced, was all too glad to let Apple win and lead. The pleasure that began to build caused her to moan out through the kiss.

Apple broke away after another moment and giggle, panting out slightly. She gazed down at the flushed witch before raining small tender kisses all over Raven's face, planting red lipstick marks all over the girl's face and neck.

Raven's mind swam with the new sensation. She had never felt this way before. It just felt so right. The witch reached her hands up to wrap around the princess's back and ran her fingers along the seams of Apple's dress. The princess moaned.

That's when big bad reality sunk its cold hand into Raven's mind and smacked it hard. Her eyes snapped open and a rush of panicked guilt beat out the pleasure from her stomach.

'What in the hell are you doing to Apple, Raven! You are taking advantaged of a poor drunk girl! She's going to hate you now! If you weren't evil before, you are now!' Raven's mind screamed at her.

She took a firm hold on the princess's shoulders and all but ripped Apple's upper body away from her.

"Apple stop! You're drunk! This isn't you at all. Please, get a hold of yourself." Raven screamed, begging.

Apple blinked her eyes slowly, her own mind in a complete fuzzy mess of alcohol induced pleasure. So the rushed push away didn't completely register to her for a good minute. She gazed down to her witch confused and tilted her head off to the side cutely. "What's wrong?" She slurred.

"Because when you come to her senses, you'll end up hating me!" Raven said with short pained breaths.

She took that moment of Apple's confused state of mind to scoot out from under her. She crawled back a few steps and wrapped her arms around herself, taking a few more deep breaths to calm her hammering heart. She hadn't even noticed all the red lipstick kiss marks all over her face and neck.

"I…I should go…"

Apple snapped her attention back into reality and frowned, looking completely devastated at her witch's words.

"…go get you some…COFFEE! Yeah that's right, coffee should help you with the alcohol in your system and I'll get you some food too! How about some a couple of apple fritters? It's all on me?" Raven quickly refined her words. That look Apple gave her made her feel lower then even the earth worms in the ground.

Apple's expression turned quickly from devastated to annoyed in a faction of a second. "Oh no, you're not going anywhere! If you try to leave…" Her expression once again changed into a seductive wicked one. "I'll just have to stop you."

Raven swallowed, that pit of fear once again gripping at her. 'Danger! Danger!' "Now Apple, you stay away from me until you're fully sober!" Raven said trying to sound demanding. Too bad her words came out more desperate then anything else.

Apple stood to her feet, her movements surprising steady and took a step forward. Her arms lifting up, ready to grab a hold of the scared witch. "Now about we play a little game? You try to run and I catch you. Now when I do catch you, I get to do whatever I want to you. Got it?" Apple prompted, taking another step forward.

"Apple-Ah!" Raven yelped as the princess leapt forward.


Blair, along with Cerise, Darling and Maddie walked down the quiet hall, their voices filling the otherwise quiet hallway. They were laughing and chatting casually.

Maddie, as the group walked, casually reached into her pocket and pulled out a fully filled cup of tea and let out a happy sigh, sipping at the steaming liquid. She giggled when her little dormouse pet Earl Gray popped its head out of the cup and took a sip himself.

"You think Apple and Raven are in their dorm?" Darling asked.

"Apple is definitely in her room. She told me earlier that her mother sent her a package and she was dying to go pick it up. She also wanted to get to that novel I had recommended her last week." Blair explained glancing over to the girls at her left.

"And Raven's been in her room all day, practicing her new song." Cerise chimed in.

"Great. I hope we can get them to join us for dinner." Darling said.

"I'm sure they both will. Raven doesn't tend to eat much when she gets into her practicing modes. And Apple will make sure our Raven eats a proper dinner, so she'll definitely join us." Maddie explained watching her little pet take another sip of tea.

As the group neared the door that belonged to one Apple and Raven, Cerise stopped in her tracks. She tilted her head a little to the side, when her wolf ears caught the weird, almost banging sounds that were coming from that room. Trails of giggles, yelps and…was that panicked heavy breathing sounded into her eardrums.

When she stopped in her tracks, the other three girls also stopped.

At seeing the concerned look pass the hooded girl's face, Blair kitted her eyebrows together in her own worried look.

"Cerise, is something wrong?" The sleepy princess asked.

"I hear something…but I'm not sure what it is?" She answered.

"What do you-" Darling asked, her words getting cut off by a banging sound.

The door to the room they were headed too suddenly swung open violently, making its back, slam hard against the wall behind it. It practically made the wood splinter and the wall quiver.

Raven stumbled out in a panicked haste, before being immediately tackled back onto the floor, knocking the wind out of her. The witch fell onto her face with Apple taking a firm hold onto her roommate's hips.

"Got you! Now you're mine to do with as I please!" Apple declared in a downright evil tone. She quickly got back to her feet and, not letting go of the girl's hips, began to pull her witch back inside to claim her prize.

Raven huffed deeply trying to gather proper oxygen into her windless lungs. She stretched her arms out in front of her and began to claw at the carpeted floor, whining out in a fearful tone. Her eye then caught sight of her stunned friends near her doorway.

"Girls, help me! Apple's not in her right mind! Get her off of me, please!" The witch pleaded.

Apple ignored the group and continued to pull, using surprising strength to drag the girl back into their shared room. No matter of clawing Raven tried could deter the determined princess. Once she fully managed to get Raven back into the room, she stepped right over her to peak her head out of the door, while taking a hold of the now damaged door handle. She stared scarily, her look ready and willing to kill at that moment.

"Interfere and you all die." She said boldly before slamming the door shut.

Seconds passed.

Then a minute.

Then a full two minutes passed.

Three of the four girls stood with shocked faces and wide opened jaws. Except Maddie who instead had a knowing smile upon her cheeks.

"Should…should we do something to help Raven…?" Darling asked attentively, swallowing hard.

Blair snapped herself out of her stupor and shook her head, giving a loud clap of her hands. "I'm out!" She declared turning and strutting away.

Cerise pulled her hood tighter around her ears. She could fully hear the sounds that were coming from that room. "I…I'm not in the habit of getting involved in that matters of the heart or couple's problems." Cerise said while turning and quickly jogging to catch up with the retreating princess. She had tilted her head down to cover the blush that popped up along her cheeks.

"Girls! Raven was begging for help!" Darling gasped out desperately. Her head shifted to look between the door and the two girls, while her knightly mind fought with her to save that damsel in distress.

Maddie patted Darling's shoulder and smiled tenderly. "When a wild apple tree grows outside of its orchard, it's best not to stifle its roots." She riddled and gently pulled the future knight away from the door.


"Raven is fine. She is well capable of handing this situation. Plus all those red lipstick marks on her face only say that Apple is finally expressing her feelings for Raven properly." Maddie explained.

Darling took one last worried glance at the door and heard a muffled moan. She jumped, her cheeks flushing red and began to hurry along.

Maddie stopped for a moment and turned to look at the door. "Good luck Raven, Apple. It's about time." She said fondly, turning herself and catching up with the group.


Author's notes: A second bonus chapter is in the works.

Hope you all enjoyed my newest story for my new favorite ship. I love writing about drunken people.