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The small group of Darling, Cerise, Blair and Maddie all sat around a small secluded table within the castleteria. They were all silent, not one of them wanting to break the silence due to the fact that once one of them did, they would have to talk about what they just witnessed, not ten minutes ago.

Darling swallowed down some saliva, moistening her dry throat. She felt guilty over leaving Raven to fend off Apple, but then again, who was she to get involved? She sat, staring at the table, her back straight and rigid and her hands neatly folded on her lap. It was the perfect poster of a perfect lady. This was a defense mechanism of sorts to her when she was nervous. By reverting back to her old teachings of a proper princess when she was a child, it tended to help calm her down. Though calm her, it did not. She still wasn't sure that she should have walked away from that scene. 'Did I do the right thing?'

Cerise had her head down, the blush that had formed upon her cheeks still a fully present stain. She sat hunched over, with her head tilted down, her red hood fully covering her face. The sounds she heard from that room continued to replay in her mind like a broken record. She let out a low growl, completely annoyed by it and the fact that those sounds sent pleasant shivers down her spine. 'My gosh! Am I a pervert?'

Blair stared into space. Her breathing was slow and calculated and her poster was a bit more relaxed then Darling's and Cerise's. Though her mind was a jumble of questions and frazzled thoughts. 'Huh…I knew that Apple really likes Raven…but I didn't know her feelings went that deep for her. Judging from her flushed cheeks and swaying body…well she looked down right drunk. Drunks don't tend to lie, so Apple was doing what her true desires wanted her to do. But what does this mean? Dose she love Raven? That girl would definitely be good for Apple. She keeps her grounded. Reminds her of what life is truly about. They would make a good couple. If Apple dose love Raven, what's going to happen to her fairytale?'

Maddie was the only one out of the group who was completely fine with the whole scene that she had witnessed. She sat quietly; within the uncomfortable silence that group had brought to the innocent table. She didn't particularly enjoy the silence, but she figured the girls could use a few minutes to process. She already had her tea set out and while the group lay in their silence dished out tea cups to each of them.

Her little dormouse pet popped his head out of her dress pocket and jumped onto the table, going right for the closes tea cup.

Maddie leaned her head down next to the little mouse and gently nuzzled her cheek with his. "I think they need some of my specially made, calming nerves tea." She whispered to him with a small giggle, quietly enough so that only Earl Gray could hear her.

The room began to slowly fill with groups of students, all looking to fill their bellies before they headed back to their rooms for the night. The noise that that started went unnoticed by said group.

Maddie took off her hat and pulled her trusted teapot of its opening. While she balanced the bottom of it off her index finger, she filled each cup around the table. "Drink girls." She ordered gently. "It'll help with your nerves."

There it was; the silence was now broken from Maddie's statement.

Each girl wordlessly reached for their tea and took long sips out of them, eager to prolong the next conversation. Maddie sat quietly and patiently waiting for the group to gather their words.

Cerise was the first to put her cup down. She took a deep breath and lifted her head up so that her eyes were now visible. There was a question that had popped into her head while she was in her thoughts and she was ready to ask it. Her curiosity getting the better of her conscious and begging that she asks it.

"Girls...isn't Darling suppose to be Apple's one true love? You know since she was the one who woke Apple up from her cursed sleep?" Cerise asked, her gaze landing upon the future knight.

Darling sighed, feeling her annoyance sparked by the question. Her shoulders slumped when all eyes turned to look at her. She shook her head slowly. "No, I waking Apple up from her cursed sleep only means one thing." She stated.

Blair kitted her eyebrows in confusion. "What dose it mean?" She found herself asking.

"It means that Apple is a lesbian." Darling answered simply.

That did nothing to quell the confusion the group, minus Maddie had. She stared at the princess expectantly, waiting.

"Better explain that." Maddie said, taking a sip of tea.

"Alright, I'll explain to the best of my abilities. Now first things first, did any of you know that Apple has been betrothed to Daring since the day she was born?" Darling started asking the girls at the table around her. She locked eyes with each girl, patiently waiting for them to answer.

Cerise and Maddie's eyes widened at the question and their jaws hung down in their shock.

Having been Apple's friend since they were children, Blair was the only one who, besides Darling didn't look surprised. She'd known about the betrothal for quiet some time. She let her eyes linger down to her cooling tea. Apple never mentioned the betrothal, though she was always excited about her fairytale, she tended to leave out that particular detail. Blair always figured that Apple merely convinced herself that, that detail never existed.

"But…what about true love's kiss? Isn't that the only thing that can break the poison apple curse?" Cerise asked.

"Well, that's how the original spell worked way back with the first Snow White, Evil Queen, and Prince Charming, but back then, the spell wasn't rehearsed and the poison apple really was meant to kill Snow White. Nowadays, our fairytales aren't a surprise for us, but planned out through the years. And as well all know true love doesn't work quiet like that. In reality we don't choose who we fall in love with. We can all agree on that right?" Darling asked, taking another pause to sip her tea.

Collective nods motioned around the table in agreement.

"Well in saying that, there would be no way that every single Snow White born would fall in love with a prince charming. Knowing that, royal families took actions to prevent any Snow White from falling in love with…well and I really hate this word, but I guess it would be commoner so to speak." Darling made quotation marks with her fingers when she said the word commoner. She even added an eye roll at the end of her statement; making a clear indication of her disgust for that word.

"But, why? Why prevent someone from finding their true love?" Maddie asked. That was the biggest thing she never understood with the royals. Her home, Wonderland, wasn't like that. People, even their own queen, married whoever they wanted, which was probably the reason of the wide diversity of people there.

Blair scoffed bitterly. "It's a big and almost normal thing amongst the larger royal families. It's to keep the blood pure. It's a very old tradition and though it is slowly fading away, the concept is still being practiced. The White family and even a number of charming families are still huge supporters of the practice. However, I'd like it to be known that the White family mainly does this, not for the pure of blood, but for the fairytales they represent. So the White family would want the future Snow White to marry a prince charming for the soul purpose of their tradition. Nothing else." Blair explained, a deep frown etched on her face.

She thought to her own parents. Though they weren't forcing her to marry a prince, they had hinted and not so subtlety, that they wanted her to marry into money. The mere thought left a nasty taste in the back of her throat. She reached forward and took a sip of tea to wash back the taste of her own thoughts.

The group was silent after that; the information sinking in, though Maddie and Cerise who previously did not understand the full concept of royal marriage.

"Darling, dose your family practice that?" Cerise asked.

The future knight shook her head. "No. My parents are well aware of the dangerous effects that inbreeding could lead to and since they are still a charming family, they realize that mixing genes from other families is important. My only requirements for marriage are, my partner must take my last name and I am to produce offspring."

"Hmm but you still have requirements for marriage, huh?"

"Yes." Darling said with a nod of her head. "Anyway, to keep the tradition of Apple's fairytale, the spell that the Evil Queen casts was tinkered a bit, so that only someone from a Charming family can break the spell."

"So, it's all a stage performance?" Maddie asked, her eyes narrowing ever-so-slightly.

Both Darling and Blair nodded their heads solemnly.

"Ok, that makes sense for the most part. I don't agree with it, but it does make sense. So since the spell isn't based on true love, but based off a family blood line, why didn't Daring's kiss work when Darling's did?" Cerise asked.

"I've got this part." Blair said to Darling, patting the young knight's shoulder. "This is how the spell works. You start with an apple, obviously. Red is most often preferred due to the story, but it's been green at times depending of the Snow White's preference. Second you cast a simple sleeping spell upon it. Third is an illusion spell, mixed in with a little dark matter magic. This simulates the apple turning black and given a rotten look when bitten into. Forth step is a drop of blood from the charming family selected. It didn't matter witch person she got it from. Between Darling's brothers and herself; their entire DNA is similar enough for the spell to work. The fifth and final step is a little…well…it's down right wrong. It's an attraction spell." Blair swallowed down a lump of anger that flared. She always hated this part of the story that was always conveniently cut out to make said story look good and pure, when in reality it was sleazy and abominable, but it was the god-awful truth.

"The last spell is to help the future Snow White fall for her prince charming. Now I want to mention that the attraction spell is overly basic and won't make Snow White fall in love, but it does help considering their marriage happens right after." Blair finished with a sigh.

Cerise growled at those words and Maddie dropped her happy-go-lucky attitude, in favor of a more sullen one.

"I had realized it after Daring's kiss failed to work." Darling picked back up. "The attraction spell ended up backfiring on my brother because deep down inside of Apple's heart, she's not attracted to males at all. It's the main reason she never had a problem with him dating other girls. We actually just got lucky that there was a girl born amongst this generation of Charming family. That's why my lip contact worked. After Apple bit into that poisoned apple, the spell bonded with her and it rejected male lips, but when a female's lips instead made contact, the antidote was released and she woke up. In reality this whole poisoned apple thing has nothing to do with love. So there is nothing going on between Apple and me. I am not her prince charming." Darling summarized.

"Wow…" Cerise mumbled after a moment of silence. "That's…" She started, though her brain couldn't find the proper words to formulate.

"Very underhanded." Maddie finished instead.

Darling and Blair nodded their heads once again in agreement.

The group went back to their tea after that, taking small calming sips. It may have been dinner time but food was far from their minds at that moment. This conversation they just finished wasn't one that any of them wanted to happen.

"So…what was wrong with Apple? I've never seen her like that before." Darling asked attentively.

"Oh that? She was drunk. I could smell the alcohol on her. Not sure how she got it, but she did." Cerise answered.

"You girls don't think Apple would…" Darling swallowed the fear in her voice. "…rape Raven or anything…right?"

"No, no, I don't think she'd got that far. She's way too reserved for that. She probably just wants to use Raven as a human pillow or something." Blair said.

"Are you absolutely sure about that?" Darling further asked.

However before any other girl at the table could formulate any other questions, Blair's mirror phone blasted into their ears, causing everyone at the table to jump in surprise.

Blair fished her phone out of her purse and answered the devise.

"Blair! That goodness you answered!" The current Snow White, Apple's mother screeched out of the tiny speaker. Her face was panicked and stressed. "I can't get in contact with my daughter!"

Blair gazed down at her phone while the three other girls gathered behind her so that they too could look at the phone over the princess's shoulders.

The sleepy princess held a hand up to her phone. "Mrs. White calm down. Apple is fine." 'Drunk and probably driving Raven mad with her antics, but fine.' "What's wrong? Why do you need to get into contact with her so bad? Did something happen?"

Snow White paused for a second and took a deep, calming breath to compose herself. "My assistant accidentally sent Apple the wrong package. Instead of normal apple cider that he was suppose to send, he sent her my special hard cider. Girls, you have to stop her from drinking any." The older woman gasped, her panic leaking into the end of her words.

"Too late!" Maddie supplied with a bright smile.

"Yeah…she's already drunk." Cerise said flatly.

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! I'm too late! Girls, you have to go and keep her contained!"

"Why?" Darling asked, another spark of worry igniting.

"Don't worry; Raven is with Apple as we speak. Your daughter is well taken care of. Our friend Raven won't let anything harm Apple." Maddie said happily accompanied with a giggle.

"Raven is with her? Alone?! No, no, no! Raven is in complete danger! My daughter can't be alone with another girl!" Snow White yelled franticly.

"Why?" Blair found herself mirroring Darling's question.

Guilt began to slowly fill the girl's bodies. Thoughts of rights and wrongs banged into their thoughts and they all realized that they probably shouldn't have left Raven to fend for herself. Some friends they were.

"What happens to Apple when she's drunk?" Blair asked hesitantly. "Apple wouldn't go all the way, right? Just some over the clothes touching…right?"

"All of her inhabitations are let loose. She completely looses all self control and her sense of right and wrong. You all have to hurry and stop her before she does something really bad to poor Raven! This has happened before! I know what I'm talking about!"

"Wait?! This happened before?" Darling asked.

The group had already left their table and walked quickly to the doors that led to the exit of the building, keeping in mind not to rush so much, less they draw a crowd to them and have to answer awkward questions.

Snow White sighed deeply, almost as if the memory were causing her pain. She lifted her hand up and pinched the bridge of her nose. "When she was younger…about seven, she got into my hard cider and got drunk. We were vacationing in the Bahamas in our summer home for a few weeks. She made friends with a few of the local kids…well after she drank my cider, she sped off and…" Another sigh escaped the older woman's lips as the memory came full force. "And she kissed every single girl she came across. She ended up attaching herself to this one pale, raven haired girl and just wouldn't let her go. It took me, her father and several of the servants to rip her off of that poor traumatized girl. Listen that girl looked a lot like Raven. Please! You need to go protect that witch! Now!" She ordered.

"We're leaving now. Don't worry Mrs. White, we'll take care of Apple and save Raven." Darling declared.

"Please do and please check in with me when this is all over. I'm worried for those girls."

"Yes main." Blair finished and hung up her mirror phone.

In only a few seconds, the girls were safely outside of the castleteria and away from prying eyes.

"Run, run, run. Run!" Blair wailed, taking off in a full sprint.

She was quickly followed by the other three girls with Cerise quickly taking the lead using her superior speed to practically outrun the girls.

-/- (Thirty Minutes Earlier.)

Raven let out a long desperate whine when she saw the door to her freedom shut right in her face. She blinked, a shiver of horror running up her body. She was frozen in her shocked despair, still lying upon her belly when she was dragged back inside of her room.

The witch blinked her eyes once again when she was faced with the back of Apple's ankles. Raven heard the lock click and she swallowed. The princess turned, her back facing the door now and giggled sinisterly down to the helpless girl.

"Good. Now we are back to being alone."

Raven slowly moved her eyes up, traveling along Apple's long sculpted legs, to her lean tight thighs, covered by a slightly rumpled skirt. The witch felt her arousal stir within her as her eyes continued their journey up, gazing upon a thin waist and soon perfectly round oh-so sublime pair of breasts. She swallowed once more, less she began to drool over this wondrous sight. Her eyes went passed elegant shoulders; passed a refined neck; pausing for a moment to admire those magnificently divine lips and finally to those damnable radiant eyes. Eyes that were currently smirking down and holding that same predatory gaze they had before.

"Enjoying the sight?" Apple teased.

Raven jerked herself out of her stupor and jumped to her feet. She held her hands out on front of her in mock defense and slowly began to back away.

"A-Apple…please…" She begged.

"Oh Raven," Apple soothed gently. "Don't worry about anything. I'll take good care of you and I'll make sure you feel the greatest of pleasures." She said taking a few steps forward.

'Greatest of pleasures? You don't know what your doing either!?'

'Don't need experience when you've got confidence.' Another voice argued with the witch's mind, completely dismissing her. 'Just give in Raven. Stop denying yourself and Apple.'

'Oh ancestors! My own mind is betraying me now! Stop! Please stop!'

The witch gasped when the back of her legs hit something soft and solid. She completely lost her balance and fell back onto Apple's bed with a small bounce.

"Just where I want you." Apple whispered and pounced forward right onto her witch.

The princess straddled Raven's hips and firmly pressed her lips onto the other girl's.

Raven moaned out into their lip lock and instinctively kissed back. She eagerly opened her mouth allowing Apple's tongue to enter and slide against her own.

Apple's wild hands began to move. Slowly and firstly along her shoulders and down her arms, moving to the witch's ribs and creeping to her stomach. They reached their perfect destination and cupped Raven's breasts kneading them tenderly. She let her thumbs press down onto hardening nipples and moved them in circles.

Raven felt her defenses weakening. Her sense of worry and fear over what was going to happen later began to crumble and her teenage hormones took the peddle of her mind, pressing onto the gas to go forward. Her rational mind had lost.

Liquid heat ran through her veins and pooled into her abdomen. She moaned out into the kiss.

'I…I can't…I can't fight this anymore.'

Those were her last coherent thoughts before she wrapped her arms around the girl on top of her.

Apple groaned out happily and shifting her hands again. She grasped onto the fabric of Raven's dress and began to tug at it, loosening the buttons and even popping some off. Raven as well, followed Apple's example and reached behind her princess, taking a hold of the strings connecting to the corset Apple wore. She pulled with practiced hands for when she helped Apple dress sometimes and began to free them.

The garment loosened enough for Apple to push it down her witch's shoulders, revealing that pale skin to her. She trailed kisses along Raven's neck and began to taste the skin that was available to her. She began to grind her hips along to Raven's in her need for more.

Raven pulled the string fully loose and pulled the corset open, running her fingers along Apple's spine, raking her nails along the flesh.

The friction that was ignited sparked and sizzled between the girls. Their breaths were short and labored and bodies ready for that next step. Arousal and sexual tension rose and their hearts began to melt together.

Then, all of a sudden, Apple's ministrations stopped and the girl slumped forward putting her full weight onto her witch's body.

It took a moment for Raven's sluggish mind to realize that her princess stopped moving. "Apple…Apple?" She gasped out, her breaths still heavy with want and need.

Slowly and gently she pushed the girl off of her and turned over to gaze at her princess. Her left eye twitched.

Apple had just passed out.

Raven's mind reeled back."What?! You pass out now?! Right after I finally give into you?" She whined in anger.

Her magic flared and instantly the lamp at Apple's desk exploded in a mass of purple and glass. She wanted to cry in her desperation. She pressed her face into the mattress and muffled her screams. Try as she might, she couldn't be mad at Apple. Not fully. She was a victim of the alcohol and plus Raven loved this girl too much to be mad at her. The alcohol simply ran its course and caused Apple's body to shut down.

"Cold shower…need…cold shower." Raven gasped out as she stood off the bed, but when she did, her body crumbled to the floor.

Now, due to the affects of her body's stimulated nerves, her legs felt much like jelly and walking on them was nearly impossible. Her body was buzzing with need. Raven groaned out in annoyance as she began her pathetic crawl to the bathroom.

"I'm going to make those girls pay for not helping me."

Raven didn't even bother removing her cloths when she climbed into the tub. She didn't trust her own hands to not roam her body and finish what Apple had started. Opting instead to just turn on the cold water. She felt herself take a sharp intake of breath when she felt the icy cold upon her head and back. It helped. Her body cooled and the buzz slowly resided to the back of her mind where it could be easily ignored. She could feel her legs again too.

She spent a few minutes in that water before she was able to feel normal again. She stood, turning off the water and stripped her clothes off, leaving them in a heap in the tub. She grabbed Apple's towel and dried herself off, relishing in the girl's scent. She breathed in when she left their shared bathroom and walked over to her dresser. She glanced over to Apple still snoozing and sighed once more. With a small shake of her head, she quickly dressed and tossed the towel onto her bed.

She found herself angry. Really, really angry. How dare her friends leave her? How dare Apple pass out on her and how dare Apple's mother send her daughter hard cider?

Her eyes fell upon the unopened bottle.

"I need a drink."


Blair, Cerise, Maddie and Darling finally reached their destination of the broken doorway; the hooded girl leading the pack. All girls except Cerise were out of breath from the long run.

The wolf girl didn't even bother to knock. When she reached the door, she lifted her leg up and slammed her heeled foot into the wooden surface. The already weakened door gave way easily, the force of the kick splintering the wood even further and making a long crack in the middle. The hinges that held the door popped loose and the wooden broken surface fell back into the room.

"Raven! Are you ok?" Darling yelled out as all the girls piled into the room.

Once they were inside, they stopped dead in their tracks.

Bitter, icy fear gripped at them and they froze in it. They stared, terror-stricken at the sight of Raven standing at Apple's vanity, holding an empty bottle of cider.

The witch's eyes glowed an eerie purple and her magic blazed around her chillingly. Slowly the witch turned her malicious gaze over to her friends. The witch smirked.

"Welcome girls. You're a little late to the party. Apple's already passed out, but I'd be happy to entertain you all." Raven slurred.



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