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The room was still unmoving, excluding the surge of magic that continued to swirl around Raven. The group of girls stared at their witch friend and said witch continued to stare right back at them. Her glowing purple eyes unnerved the girls and as her eyes began to narrow, the tension in the room filled so thick, it could be cut with a knife.

The group of four girls dared not move. Even Madeline, Raven's closest friend felt a bit unsettled. This Raven didn't sit right. Not completely and she hesitated to step forward.

Darling steeled her nerves and squared her shoulders, taking a brave step forward. "Raven…? Did you drink that whole bottle of hard cider?" She managed to ask, though her voice held a slight quiver to it.

Raven didn't answer right away, instead choosing to turn to the vanity next to her and set down the bottle. She gently licked her damp lips, savoring the apple taste that still lingered. "I think…" She started as she turned her gaze to look upon her friends. "After everything I've been through today, that I deserve a drink. Don't you girls think so?"

"Alright Raven, now that you've had your drink, you should probably lie down and relax." Darling said soothingly, trying to coax the witch to calm her magic down.

There was just so much power to it. It literally made the air in the room thick. The girls felt like their bodies were twice as heavy and the simple act of standing was proving to be more difficult then it should have. Raven was so nice most of the time that they completely forgot just how much power she had. They were all lucky that she wasn't following in her mother's footsteps.

"Let me make you some tea. It'll help with the dehydration that's going to settle in soon." Maddie said with a soft tranquil smile.

Raven hummed softly, appearing as if thinking upon the girl's words. "No." She stated firmly letting her magic surged and beat wildly.

All four girls flinched and even Darling took a step back. However Maddie held her ground. She even took it a step further and pulled her hat off her head. She reached in, her eyes not leaving Raven's and pulled out a tea pot.

"Raven, please, have some tea." Maddie said sternly, yet pleadingly.

"Hmm…Raven…" A mumble sounded throughout the room.

All eyes landed upon the sleeping princess.

Raven turned her head to see Apple shift her body on her stomach and settled back to sleep. Another moment and she whined, her sub subconscious feeling the dread within the room. Raven instantly lowered her magical pressure. She smiled when Apple didn't wake up, but simply pull a pillow close to her and hug it close to her chest. "Raven…" She mumbled again, this time her lips curving up into a smile.

It wasn't until Apple let out a loud snore did everyone relax.

Apple's intervention caused the tension in the room to lesson considerably. It let the four girls take in a breath. They turned to look back at their witchy friend, who took a much longer moment to stare at the laying princess.

"You should go lie down next to Apple." Blair said. 'I can't let her leave this room. She looks positively evil right now. If she escapes, who knows what will happen?! We don't even fully know kind of drunk she is.'

"Hmm, alright." Raven mentioned casually, her eyes still not leaving Apple.

The group of girls let out a collective sigh as relief began to fill them. They let out another breath and smiles began to spread across their faces.

"But not yet." Raven further said smirking, crushing her friend's hope.

Their face's fell and they gulped loudly. Waves of panic befell upon the four girls.

"No, there are a few things I've been dying to try for the longest time, but I've just never gotten the chance. When I first came to this school I had to pick one. Good or Evil? There was no in between and everyone pushed me to be evil, when I didn't want to be. I never got a chance to experience any of the pleasures of the gray aura." Raven explained bitterly turning her gaze to look upon her friends. She scowled deeply, but as soon as it was there, in an instant, it was replaced with another smirk.

"But now after drinking all that alcohol, I just can't find myself caring about all that. Oh don't get me wrong." She shrugged. "I'm well aware that I'll probably regret whatever trouble comes to my mind when I leave this room, but like I said, I just don't give a flying fuck. So let's see what's fun out there." She said excitedly as she took a step forward.

Darling and Maddie both took heroic steps forward, blocking the witch's path.

"We can't let you do that." Blair said determinedly. She too took a step to help block the path.

"And why is that?" Raven asked raising a thin eyebrow.

"Because we don't know what kind of drunk you are and with your kind of power, it makes you incredibly dangerous." Cerise finished. She too took a step forward to block the pathway. Her body had tensed and she focused her eyes solely upon Raven, opening up her senses and readied herself for whatever Raven might try doing.

"Mmm…?" Raven hummed, gently tapping her chin with her index finger. "You know? That's a good question. I too wonder just what kind of drunk I am."

The witch allowed her magic to surge and the power that vibrated off of her body caused the pictures on the walls to shift and rattle. Apple's mirror clattered against the wall and a long jagged crack to appear down the middle.

"Damn…that's the second mirror of Apple's I broke." Raven sighed.

She glanced back to her friends and saw the fear that was clearly shown within their eyes. She immediately called back her magic and clammed herself. She frowned sadly. She looked over to her best friend Maddie and held her gaze. Unlike the other's the mad girl didn't hold a look a look of fear. It was more like a look of unease. It unsettled Raven non-the-less. She stuck out her bottom lip and tilted her head down a little, knitting her eyebrows together. She now resembled a lost kitten.

Maddie stared at Raven incredulously and intently; as if reading into her soul. She was one of the one's who knew Raven best, who trusted her and always supported her in everything she did. And you know what?! This is going to be included.

She lowered her serous gaze and replaced it with her carefree smile. "Alright Raven! You wish to go out and experience the gray area? Then you may!" Maddie said brightly.

Raven relaxed her body and slowly walked over to her best friend; bringing the mad girl into a warm tight hug. "Thank you." She then leaned in next to her friend's ear and whispered something lowly.

Maddie blinked once, her lips twitching, before letting go of the witch and unfolding into a series of giggles over the whispered words.

"What?! No, we can't turn her loose!" Blair screeched.

"We won't be able to stop you, right Raven?" Cerise asked as she too took a step back. She wasn't stupid, there was no way she could take on the power she felt.

"No, you won't." Raven said, stepping away from the mad girl, her smirk back in place.

"Well I can't let you go out." Blair said with a firm frown. She stretched her arms out, her hands outstretched and wide.

"And I'm worried about what you'll do out there." Darling said and took a defensive stance right at Blair's side. 'She's out for mischief and this could ruin the kind image she's worked so hard to obtain.'

Raven sighed. "That's a shame."

The witch walked forward to either the two who in turn to their credit didn't flinch or yield. They even stared right back into the witch's eyes. Determination meeting a cool confident gaze. Raven stopped right in front of Blair and lifted her hand up. She fisted her hand loosely and pointed her index finger and middle finger together.

Blair narrowed her eyes but made no motion of moving.

Ever so lightly, Raven tapped Blair's forehead only once. An outpouring of magic traveled from the tips of Raven's fingers and unabashed entered the princess's body. It stared from Blair's forehead and transferred all throughout her body. Blair felt tingles all over her body. The presence filled and soon she felt her legs go numb and buckle. She gasped falling onto her hands and knees.

"Blair!" Darling yelled and moved to reached for the sleepy princess before she too felt a tap to her forehead. In an instant she too fell onto her hands and knees.

"What?! What just happened?" Darling yelled in slight panic. She tried to move her legs, but found that they wouldn't budge.

"I froze the nerves in both of your legs. Don't worry its temporary and should wear off in about sixty minutes." Raven said simply.

"Where did you learn a spell like that?" Cerise asked amazed.

"Oh, when I was little, my mom force-taught me a multitude of evil spells. This was one of them. I didn't even know I still knew this one so well. I guess magic is like riding a bike. Once you learn how to do a spell and control it, you know it forever." Raven said with a shrug. "Anyway, see you girls later. Take care of Apple for me."

The witch reached down and patted both of her friend's heads before stepping around them and walking out of the room.

The dorm room drew back into the quietness before Blair groaned out in utter annoyance. She shifted her body so that she was sitting on her bottom. The princess looked over to Maddie and Cerise and glared at them.

"Why didn't you two stop her?"

"Because I don't want my legs paralyzed." The hooded girl answered coolly.

"So what do we do now? If Raven does anything too evil, then everything she's worked so hard for will be ruined." Darling asked as she too shifted her body, sitting on her bottom.

"Oh I know the answer to that!" Maddie said happily, raising her hand high.

The mad girl took her hat off and reached inside. She shifted around and pushed in deeper all the way up to her elbow.

"…no…that's not it…" Maddie pulled out a coco-clock. "Not it either…" She pushed the clock back in and continued to rummage. She then pulled out a piece of a ceiling chandelier. Hey I was looking for that." She pushed it back into her hat and thrust her arm in even deeper, right up to her shoulder. "I know it's in here somewhere…ah ha! There it is!" She said happily.

She tugged at the inside of her hat and quickly pulled out a round table. A tea set, complete with two cups of tea, were already set and resting upon the table as she placed it onto the floor next to Apple's bed. Maddie took a hold of the kettle and began to pour tea into both of the cups.

The tea that she poured looked a little different then normal tea would. It was clear and water-like. However, unlike that thinness water held, this liquid was a bit thicker and held a slight white tint to it.

"We're going to wake Apple up and let her deal with Raven." Maddie said simply.

The mad girl poured the second cup. Immediately after the cup was filled, her dormouse pet popped out of her front pocket and jumped onto the table, going straight for the second cup.

"How are we going to do that? Apple's out like a light." Blair said.

"With this!" Maddie declared holding the first tea cup in the air. "The Hatter Hangover wake-me-up Tea. Specifically designed to wake a passed out drunk and instantly cure a hangover, while also hydrating the drunk. My dad told me he created this tea while he was in Wonderland University." Maddie explained excitedly.

The girls all took a moment just to stare at the overly excited girl. They were for the moment back into being stunned into silence. There was no way that cup of tea could do all that, right?

'Just what kind of person was Maddie's father in collage?' The three girls thought in unison.

"Cerise and Darling, can you help prop Apple up and Blair, open Apple's mouth. We need her to swallow this tea so she can wake up." Maddie said gesturing over to the passed out girl.

"I still can't move." Darling said.

"Oh yeah! Almost forgot about that. Then it's just me and you Cerise! Come on prop Apple up for me please."

"Um…yeah, sure." Cerise mumbled. She was still in a bit of shock, having just witnessed a small portion over just what Raven was capable of and the fact that Maddie's father created the most perfect tea for a hangover. Nevertheless the hooded girl walked over to Apple's bed.

'This isn't going to be a fun night.'


The sun was midway through its setting process and was casting dark oranges and reds in the sky. A few of the brighter stars were already beginning to show. It would be night in just a short hour.

A number of students had already eaten their dinners and had turned into their rooms for the night, starting their nighttime routines.

Slowly Raven stalked outside the boy's dorm, her mind working in the ideas over what she should do with her new found gray freedom. She stopped coldly in her tracks when she heard a very familiar annoying screech of a voice. That shrill, squeal of a yell seemed to be trying to string a words together in a song while…what was that? Oh yeah, that sound was water. Too bad that soothing sound had no chance of drowning out that horrible voice. That poor, poor shower head.

Sparrow Hood. That boy had no business singing.

Wait…wait. Raven knew that song. It was an old favorite of hers. How dare he butcher that song!

Raven glared darkly her eyes glowing a deep violate. Then with a flick of her hand, a string of purple magic swirled and sparked.

Suddenly the shrill voice turned several octaves higher simulating much like a screeching cat as Raven magiced the hot water away leaving only biting, artic cold.

"Oh so cold! Cold! Cold!" Sparrow yelled.

Raven heard stumbling limbs before a curtain was ripped and a loud thump of something falling to the floor sounded. The witch covered her mouth to stifle her laughter.

"Oh my! That was so much fun! I know what I'm going to be doing tonight." She said gleefully as she began to walk away from the boy's dorm.


Cerise lifted and propped Apple up, using one hand to cradle the princess's head and her other to pull Apple's chin down, opening her mouth. 'So help me Apple, if you bite me, I'll bite you back and my teeth are sharper.'

Maddie leaned over the passed out princess holding the cup of special tea and pressed it to Apple's lips. Gently she tilted the cup and let just a little of it slip past the princess's lips.

As the liquid touched the pink tongue, Apple stirred ever-so-slightly from her sleep.

"It's working." Cerise chimed, impressed.

Maddie smiled, tipping the cup a little more, letting more of its tea pour into Apple's mouth. As it moved down Apple's throat, the princess stirred once more. The mad girl tipped the cup just a little more, seeing Apple's throat work in swallowing now. Once the last drop left the cup, Apple opened her eyes.

"Wow…" Cerise marveled.

With jaws hanging open, Blair and Darling stared in wonder, seeing their friend sit up in her bed.

Apple looked around the room confused before focusing on her friends. "Girls…? What's going on?"

"Apple, we need your help. It's Raven." Maddie said.

Apple perked up immediately, her face now deathly serous. "Tell me everything."


"Oh baby, don't you know I suffer? Oh baby, can you hear me moan? You caught me under false pretenses. How long before you let me go? Ooh you set my soul alight. You set my soul alight. You set my soul alight. Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstars sucked into the super massive." Raven sang excitedly, the words flowing through her voice softly.

She roamed the campus area, looking for her next victim. She had decided on what she wanted to do with her night and the excitement she found in it bubbled inside of her making small giggles escape her parted moving lips. Her hands shook and her fingers rubbed at each other. Her magic thrummed against her core, begging to be released.

Pranks. Good, old fashioned pranks. That's what she was going to do with her time.

It something she was never able to do, knowing she'd be labeled evil so quickly, should she even attempt at such a thing.

She walked silently, wondering on who she should prank next. Raven soon found that her steps had led to the teacher's office building. She stopped and gazed upon the prestige walls. Slowly as the cranks in her head turned the face of her next victim formed in her head and she smirked. The witch then let her steps from once again with a new goal in mind.

"You set my soul alight. Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstars sucked into the super massive. I thought I was a fool for no one. Oh baby, I'm a fool for you. You're the queen of the superficial and how long before you tell the truth? You set my soul alight. You set my soul alight."

The song died in her throat when she approached her target. She looked up at the window to the headmaster's office. Her lips turned upwards sinisterly as she took a moment to simply gaze. A multitude of thoughts and ideas began to run through her mind.

'What to do? What to do?'

She wondered for a brief moment if the large man was even in his office. It was a Saturday and almost evening now. There was only a slim chance that the man was in there.

'Good.' She thought. 'Wouldn't want to risk him getting injured in anyway.'

Raven glance around her, making sure that she was alone. Not seeing anyone around, she strained her ears, listening in for anyone who might be close by. Still nothing but the sound of nature.

She gave a little nod in appreciation turning her gaze back over to the window. She lifted her hand, flicking her wrist to and fro. Magic bolted out of her hand and straight at the window. The purple smoky mass seeped its way into the cracks of the window's edge and slipped inside.

Raven waited for a couple of seconds before taking a few steps back and counted to ten.

"3, 2, 1 and boom." She finished pointing at the window.

Bang! The window exploded outward, sending shards of glass and pieces of wood tumbling onto the grass.

Raven smiled gleefully and let out a chuckle before a small amount of a dark brown substance began to seep out of the broken window. It started out as a tiny blob, but quickly grew from tiny to colossal in only three seconds. It lurched out of the window falling onto the grass in a splat. The brown mass continued to expand throughout the room. The displacement of books being pushed off their shelves was heard. Wood splintering and breaking sounded. It rose higher and higher into the room; the mass now filling the whole window, pushed its way out, joining the rest onto the grass.

Raven laughed, taking a moment to admire her work before stepping around the broken glass and brown glob, continuing on her way.

"You set my soul alight. Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstars sucked into the super massive. You set my soul alight. Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstars sucked into the super massive. Super massive black hole. Super massive black hole. Super massive black hole."

Once the witch was completely out of sight a wide grin formed out of thin air and soon following the smile, Kitty Cheshire's body phased into existence. She took a moment to stare at the brown growing blob, along with the broken glass in astonishment.

Did innocent, goody-two-shoes, so-not-evil Raven do this? Were her eyes deceiving her?

Kitty leaned in a little more and took a good look at the substance. When she did, a scent rose to her nostrils.

"Its…chocolate pudding…Raven just filled the headmaster's office with chocolate pudding." She mumbled to herself.

A mere second later and the feline burst out into a hysterical laughter. Her body doubled over and she wrapped her arms around her sides in her mirth.

"Oh this is rich! I never knew that girl had it in her!" She gasped out. "Oh my gosh! I have to see more." She stumbled forward, now in a haste to follow Raven.

She pushed herself past the glob of chocolate pudding and calmed herself just enough to from a proper grin. She then fazed her body out of existence leaving only her grin in place for a moment before it too disappeared.


Apple, having brushed her teeth, to rid herself of the faint taste of cider that still lingered on her tongue, fixed her smudged lipstick and straightened out her wrinkled clothes before running to the door-less entrance of her room. There was no need to be an absolute mess, right?

Right on her heels were Maddie and Cerise, eagerly following the princess.

It was unfortunate that the three had no choice but to leave Blair and Darling behind. Through considering the two couldn't follow even if they wanted to, it was an easy decision. Besides, the two only had an hour before the spell would wear off anyway and it wasn't like they were in any danger.

"We'll join you as soon as we can." Darling called out to the retreating group.

"Be careful! Raven's drunkenness seems to be unpredictable." Blair yelled after.

"Don't be too long or you'll miss all the fun!" Maddie sang back happily, giving the two a small wave.

Cerise chose to linger for a few more seconds and turned to face the two princesses' left. She held up her hand to them, her palm facing up in a stopping motion. She then smirked.

"Stay." She commanded and after another second, snickered and she too ran out the door.

Blair grumbled, her face sneering. "That's not funny!"

"…it's kind of funny." Darling said with a smile.

"Oh, don't you start too." Blair hissed angrily.

Apple ran down the hall of the door, heading right for the exit, with Maddie right behind her and Cerise quickly catching up.

"So how are we going to find Raven? She kind of got a pretty good head start on us?" Cerise asked, passing Maddie and in turn running along side of Apple. 'I could just sniff her out, but that may put me in a weird situation.'

"Simple. We just follow the magic." The princess said, her face contorting into full on determination.


Raven continued to stalk her way around campus. She was itching for some more students or teachers to prank. It didn't even have to be pranks. Just so long at some of this oppressed peace was disrupted.

She moved with stealth, her body shifting from shadow to shadow, less she be detected. There was no use in getting caught so early in the game. She hadn't even fully gotten started yet.

The witch turned a corner and caught sight of the charming brothers, Daring and Dexter. She stopped and dunked behind a large tree, hiding herself. She took a moment before peering behind the tree's bark listening in to what the boys were talking about.

The two were leaving the dining hall and looked like, from the direction they were walking, heading back to their dorm rooms. They were also bickering about something, though Raven was too far to make any detailed words out. However Daring seemed to be talking smugly, no doubt bragging about his looks or his charm and it seemed to be really annoying Dexter.

Raven frowned at that. Daring shouldn't be teasing or putting down his brother like that. It wasn't right for siblings to act like that. Plus Dexter was a dear friend of hers and a boy whom she even tried dating a couple of times. Perhaps she should teach the older charming a lesson?

Raven moved slowly from behind the tree and stalked her way towards the two. Even she new it was better to get a better view on the whole story versus just acting out over something that could have been completely harmless. That goes without saying that she too only wanted to hear what they were arguing about. As the witch was within earshot, she sunk herself down low, hiding behind some shrubs.

Dexter was frowning and practically fuming, his face getting increasingly angrier and redder. His poster became tense and his nostrils flared.

"Of course Raven and I are exclusive! We already went out on a full on date!" He yelled.

Raven's frown deepened in displeasure. One official date was not enough to base going steady with. Though she did feel a pang of guilt for the boy. She briefly thought that she had led him on with that date, but even she had to admit that the whole experience was awkward. At the time she was still struggling with her feelings for Apple. That date was suppose to prove to her that she indeed, liked boys and could date Dexter. It did not. In fact, the date showed her just how comfortable she was with Apple.

Anger welled up within the witch. How dare he? Dexter had no right to declare something that intimate. She narrowed her eyes just a bit. That boy shouldn't go spreading rumors like that and Daring shouldn't be goading his brother into saying those things either. She needed to teach them both a lesson.

Raven's frown switched back over into a smirk. She lifted her hand up and pointed her index finger to the two boys. The tip of her finger glowed purple before two thin worm-like tendrils of magic swished out of her fingers and onto the grassy floor.

The tendrils moved like snakes stalking their pray, moving to the two charming boys. They were too fast to be noticed and as they moved, even they stuck to the shadows the blades of grass provided. Within only a fraction of a second, they were upon the two.

The first took Daring, while the other took Dexter.

The first slithered up behind Daring's back, traveling up his pant leg and along his spine before stopping right at the base of the back of his skull. It stopped, wiggled a bit before fusing with his head. His eyes glowed for a moment, before a purple haze covered them.

The second slithered over to Dexter, though instead of traveling up along his back, they worm-like tendril went into his pant leg and merely fused along with the skin of his ankle.

"Ow…" Dexter hissed at the pinch it felt along his right ankle and lifted his leg up, pushing his pants aside a bit to scratch at his skin.

Daring scoffed and pulled out his signature mirror. "If you want the girl, my dear brother, then all you have to do is be more like me." He said with a smirk as he lifted his mirror up and gazed upon his reflection.

Daring then yelped in terror and quickly tossed his mirror away. "What is that hideous creature?!" He yelled out panicked. The prince then reached into his other pocket and pulled out another mirror.

Same as before, he gazed at his refection and screamed in fear. "What's going on?!"

Daring quickly ran over to the nearest puddle and looked at it. Once more, he saw a balding monster, with blue eyes, pimpled reddened skin and a toothless smile, looking back at him. "Ah! Get it away!"

Daring then began to run away, screaming in hysterics and waving his arms around wildly. "Get that monster out from my mirrors!"

Dexter stared at his brother's retreating form in puzzlement. "Um…Daring?"

Before he could voice any of his worries though, an itch appeared on his ankle. He reached down and scratched, but as soon as he did, another itch came to his knee, then to his thigh. The itch spread quickly, all over his body. The boy scratched and scratched, but with every part his nails hit, the itch only seemed to spread. Dexter whined pitifully, falling onto the floor and rubbing his back against the dirt.

"Oh ancestors! What's going on?!"

Raven chuckled and backed up ducking herself back behind the building from where she had come from. "That was actually pretty fun. Don't worry Dexter, Daring. The spell will wear off later." She said happily in between her giggles. "Now who's next?" She asked herself before remembering to resume her earlier song.

"Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstars sucked into the super massive. Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstars sucked into the super massive. You set my soul alight. Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstars sucked into the super massive. You set my soul alight. Glaciers melting in the dead of night."

Once the witch was safely gone, Kitty grinned her way into existence. She was high up on one of the roofs off the building. She held her hands over her mouth in an attempt to stifle her growing laughter.

"Oh that was fantastic Raven. Who knew she could do pranks on her fellow students too? Serves them right though." The feline gasped out. She took a moment to admire the fading form or Daring and the writhing from of Dexter while she composed herself. Once she was able to grin without her laughter getting in way, she quickly fazed herself out, eager to follow that witch.


"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Maddie cooed excitedly bouncing in her running steps. She waved her arms up and down, almost as if she were flapping, getting the attention of Apple and Cerise. She gained speed and passed the two. "I'm sensing some madness close by! This way!" She directed giggly, pointing at the teacher's building.

"Lead the way!" Apple announced, a jolt of hope filling her. 'Please be there Raven.'

'Please don't do anything stupid Raven.' Cerise thought, staying quiet as she followed close by.

Maddie ran inside the double doors of the large structure and headed right for the headmaster's main office. That's where she stopped cold in her tracks, gaping wide-eyed at the scene.

Apple came up behind her, her jaw dropping in shock. "What…the…"

Cerise's sense of smell was overwhelmed by that sweet scent of chocolate. "Damn…" She cursed.

The headmaster's door was completely destroyed, smashed outward into the hall by the mass of weight the chocolate put upon it. The door was in dismemberment and only half was seen. The other seemed to be buried under the glob of pudding that still continued to leak out.

"Is that…?" Apple hesitated, not wanting to finish her sentence.

"Yup!" Maddie started joyfully as she reached her hand forward, sticking her finger into the glob. She then stuck that same finger into her mouth and hummed merrily. "Yummy, yummy, its chocolate pudding!"

"Oh thanks goodness." Apple muttered.

"Raven did this, didn't she?" Cerise asked tilting her head and peering inside the ruined room.

The inside of the room was in complete chaos. There wasn't an inch of area not covered in thick pudding. It dripped off the ceiling and leaked out the window.

"She pulled a prank." Apple stated in slight astonishment. She too gazed into the room.

"And it's a pretty good one too at that. It's going to take a long time to clean all this up." Cerise said.

The three were quiet for a minute before it was broken by Apple bursting into laugher.

The two moved their gazes to the princess, Cerise in shock and Maddie joining in with her laughter.

"Aw! Raven is so cute!" Apple said in between laughter.

"You think this is cute? How so? I mean it's a good prank, but well I don't understand." The hooded girl asked taking another look at the scene. Fully taking it all in, she cracked a smile and even let out a soft chuckle. This was by far the best prank she had witnessed. And considering her dislike of the headmaster, thought it fitting for the large man. She really wanted to see the look on his face when he would see this.

Apple took a bit longer, gathering some much needed oxygen into her lungs after she contained her bout of laughter. "I had found out by accident when the evil queen posed as a student. Raven actually really enjoys a few pranks every now and then, but she always stopped herself because she doesn't want that evil label to be placed back onto her head. It's just so nice to see her so uninhibited enough to just enjoy a good prank." Apple explained fondly.

"Yay! Come on! Let's go see what other things Raven's doing!" Maddie chipped in, leaping over the pudding and continued on her way.

Apple's smile widened and she too leaped over the pool and quickly followed the mad girl.

Cerise took one last look at the mess. "You are so cool Raven." She praised and jumped over the mass, following the other two.


Continue in Part Two. The song: Super massive Black Hole by Muse.