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Summary: AU. Cursed to an eternal sleep, only to be awaken by a powerful witch, Aria wakes up to find that the world had changed drastically from the one that she used to know. Feeling out of place and lost in the current world, she holds on to the only familiar things she knows. Her magic and Marcel, the only remaining person she knows from the past. Klaus/Fem!Harry

Pairings: Klaus/Fem!Harry Potter

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Message from Home

"If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger."
― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

"You won't believe who I just saw earlier," The dark skinned vampire said as a greeting, brown eyes gleamed in excitement as he stared at the raven haired woman who was currently reading a thick book.

"You should tone down your excitement a bit, Marcel. It makes you look like a kid," The raven haired woman replied calmly, her hand shifting through the page of her book slowly. The dark brown haired teenager who sits beside her snorted at that, a gleam of amusement filled her blue eyes at the mention of the vampire being a kid.

"Wait until you hear it. It won't surprise me if you will get excited as well," The self proclaimed King of The French Quarter of New Orleans huffed.

"Oh? And who it is that manage to make you this excited, hm? Is it the lovely Miss O'Connell? Finally managed to get her attentions?" Emerald eyes turned to look at the dark skinned vampire teasingly.

"Go ahead, tease me about it. But no, it's not her. It's Klaus. It seems like he is finally back into the city,"

Emerald eyes narrowed in irritation immediately as she locked her gaze towards the brown eyed vampire, "If this is another one of your joke, Marcel, let me tell you that I don't find it funny at all."

"No, no. Not joke at all. I really saw him." Marcel said immediately, trying his best to placate the raven haired woman's raising ire.

She looked at him silently as if to ascertain his honesty before she sighed softly once she had found it. "So he finally returned back, eh? After all this time? I wonder what makes him return to here. He isn't the kind of person who just come for a visit after all,"

"Anyway, aren't you even going to see him? After all, the two of you were close with each other," Brown eyes looked curiously at the still seated raven haired woman. He knows about the relationship the two of them share with each other after all but also doesn't want to upset the emerald eyed woman with it, knowing how much anger she holds whenever that particular subject was brought up.

"No need. Whatever it is that happened between the two of us had ended the moment he and his family left New Orleans ninety two years ago. For all he knows, I'm already long dead by now killed by Mikael. Besides, the fact that he didn't even try to find out over what had happened to me means that he never cares at all of me despite what he likes to say."

"Do you think that perhaps Mikael lied to him and told him that you already dead?"

"Even if Mikael indeed lied to him about that, Niklaus should know better and try to find the truth himself. The fact that he doesn't only proves how much of the so called love he has for me," She said flippantly.

"So the Originals are in the city now?" The beautiful dark brown haired young woman who had stayed quiet up until this time asked.

"I'm not sure about that. But since I have seen Klaus in here, it's best to presume that the rest of his family is also nearby or around here as well." Marcel pursed his lips in contemplation at the thought of his city being full with the Mikaelson's family.

"Then I take it that we will have a reunion of our so called family soon. Do treat our guests with respect and the best hospitality you could offer, Marcel. After all, I'm sure it's been a while since the last time they went back home." A vindictive smile crossed the raven haired woman's face.

Arian Mikaelson nee Peverell watches the vampires from Marcel's trusted group lift the coffin which currently holds the body of a daggered Elijah silently. Emerald eyes unconsciously observe each curves and line over the coffin that she had known so well. It's been a long time since she last laid her eyes on the familiar coffin. Back then, she had accompanied the Originals in their run from Mikael. From one place to another, she had been there with them until New Orleans.

Emerald eyes narrowed in anger at the thought of being left behind while the people she had called family had fled. She still remembers that particular day clearly as if it just happened yesterday. The terrors that Mikael had brought along with him when he arrived in New Orleans have completely shattered whatever little of peace they have and left everything in ruins.

The dark blond haired patriarch of the Mikaelson's family had been ruthless and vicious in his quest of finding all his children. And when he saw her there that day in 1919, he had smiled viciously at her before he put that cursed necklace on her neck thus cursed her into an eternal sleep which could only be broken if a powerful witch lifted it off of her.

There's no doubt in her mind that Mikael would love to kill her if he was able to, but unfortunately, the Original Vampire Hunter had been one of few people who knows about her immortality and powers. Which is the reason why he had chose to curse her into an eternal slumber instead back then. It was really fortunate that Marcel had found her body and saved her before she was burned in her sleep by the townspeople who have thought she had died.

"Aria," the soft voice of her protégé snapped her out of her reverie.

"Is there something that you need, Davina?" A fond smile crossed her face as she turns to look at the young woman who she had thought as her own daughter.

"Are you alright? I mean he is like your family, isn't he?"

"Don't worry about me, sweetheart. I will be fine. Besides, even though Elijah is a family, he also left me back then. There's nothing wrong in letting him stay asleep like this for a while,"

"I wish they leave soon. None of them belong here," The petite dark brown haired witch muttered sullenly.

"As much as I want the same thing as you, my dear; knowing Niklaus as much as I do, he won't leave this city for a while until he found out what he is looking for. Or gets what he wants. He is persistence like that. Besides, this city used to be his home as well as much as I loath to admit it. So, we can't really drive them out of here." Aria smiled reassuringly at the other witch as she takes Davina's hand and squeeze it gently. "That doesn't mean we can't try though,"

"What do you think he will do next? I doubt he will just leave Elijah in our hand far too long," Marcel said suddenly, interrupting both witches.

"If I wasn't wrong in my assumption, there is no doubt that dear Rebekah will come to the city as well. After all, she always loves Elijah the most. Speaking of it, how's your control over your magic now, Davina?" The older witch inquired her protégé calmly.

"It's getting better now due to your teaching. There are still times when it's too much for me to handle but I do what you said and learn to keep my focus whenever I use it," Blue eyes gleamed with excitement as the young witch stared back at the raven haired witch.

"That's good to know. Because while they are staying here, I won't be able to use my magic freely like before in case Niklaus notices it which means, we have to rely on your magic for a while." Aria hummed in approval as she looked apologetically at Davina.

"That's okay with me. You have been helping me a lot with my magic anyway,"

"Davina is right, Aria. You have been awake for only eight months now, no need to push yourself too much. You should go around the city and learn all the new things you have missed all this time. You know what, I will even take you to meet with Camille tomorrow if you are free." The shaven haired vampire added.

The raven haired woman smiled at the offer as she looked at Marcel. The fact that the vampire had even went as far as offering to introduce her to the woman he was currently pining warms her heart. "Thank you, Marcel. But I don't think I could accompany you tomorrow. In fact, shouldn't it be a date between you and Miss O'Connell? I wouldn't like to intrude the two of you."

"You won't be intruding at all, Aria. But fine. Just tell me whenever you want to go out, okay? It's been a while since you and Davina go out of this place,"

"I know. It's for Davina's safety though. Until I could find out the best way to protect her safety, it will be safe for the two of us to remain here. Besides, with Niklaus in here, I don't think it's the best idea to wander around the city."

Both Davina and Marcel stay silent at that, knowing what the raven haired woman had said was right. They have no choice but to play it safe for now. At least, until they figure out what is it that Niklaus Mikaelson is after.

The sound of Davina's gasp and her thrashing on her bed alerted Aria immediately that something is wrong as she quickly shakes up the younger witch to awake her. The younger witch gasped in surprise as she immediately woke up from her sleep, blue eyes locked with emerald eyes in panic. "Marcel. Something is coming,"

The young ancestral witch quickly get out of her bed and approached the blank canvas in the room she shares with Aria. Her hand takes one of the charcoals and starts to move rapidly across the white canvas, making a quick drawing as she focused her magic on helping Marcel from whatever trouble he is in at the moment. Aria looked at her young charge in worry as she stands beside her, emerald eyes watching Davina sharply in case the other witch needs her help.

"No!" Davina shouted suddenly before she gathered her magic to counter whatever spell that is holding Marcel now. For a moment, it seems like Marcel is going to be alright as a small smile crossed the young witch's face when all of sudden she groaned and fell limp to the floor.

"Davina!" The raven haired woman quickly propped the younger witch's body before she hit the floor. "Are you alright?" Emerald eyes looked worriedly at her young charge.

"Marcel! He is in danger now! Aria, I don't-... I don't know if I able to help him or not..." Blue eyes locked with emerald eyes in fear.

"It's alright. You have done all you can for him, he will be alright. I would know if something happens to him, remember? And if something does happen to him, those witches will pay for it." Aria reassured the dark brown haired young woman softly, her eyes show a menacing gleam at the thought of Marcel getting hurt before she helps the younger woman up and walk her to the bed. "Come on, let's get you to the bed. You need to rest after using so much power. Let us wait for the news from Marcel, okay?"

Davina nodded weakly as she let herself being taken to the bed by the older woman. The raven haired witch summoned a glass of water wandlessly and nonverbally before she handed it to the young ancestral witch. "Drink this,"

Davina drink the water slowly, both of her hands trembled in fear at the thought of Marcel. Aria who sees this immediately takes the younger woman's hands in hers and squeezes it gently. "It's okay. Everything will be alright,"

The two witches stay that way quietly, both of them are too lost in their worry over Marcel. Before blue eyes turned to glare at the coffin in the corner of their room suddenly. The young witch stood up from her bed and walked towards the coffin, her hands lift up the coffin lid slowly, startling Aria out of her thoughts. "Davina? What are you doing?"

"It's because of his family. If only he and his family don't come to here, everything will still be fine."

"Davina..." The older woman quickly get up from the bed as well and approached her young charge. She hugs the young woman from behind to calm her down. "It's okay. We will get through this together, okay? In fact, I will help you on finding the way to kill them to reassure your mind."

"You really will do that? Aren't they your family as well?" The young witch quickly whirled around, startled blue eyes locked with a pair of emerald eyes.

"They are my family and will always be my family. But you are also my family, Davina. You helped me by lifting off the curse that Mikael put on me. Besides, both you and Marcel are the one who stay with me when they just left me all alone."


Before the two of them could discuss more about it, Marcel suddenly barged into their room, startling the two witches. Blue eyes filled with relief at the sight of the dark skinned vampire as Davina quickly approached Marcel and hugged him. "Are you okay? I was so worried."

"Thank you. Whatever you did, I felt it. You helped me," Marcel replied, brown eyes stared gratefully at the young witch.

"It was the old ones, wasn't it?" Davina asked, blue eyes stared inquiringly at the vampire.

The raven haired woman approached the two of them as she also looked inquiringly at Marcel, wanting to know if Niklaus was the one who had tried to harm the shaven haired vampire. "Is it Niklaus?"

"Actually, Klaus is the one that saved me tonight. I'm gonna make things right. Starting off by giving him his brother back." Marcel answered, brown eyes looked at the two witches in happiness as he quickly walked towards the coffin.

"No." Davina shook her head quickly as she whirled around, stopping Marcel in his track.

"What? Davina―"

"No. You said the old ones were dangerous." Brown eyes turn to stare at Elijah's daggered form silently while Davina walked towards Marcel. "I won't give him back until I know how to kill them." The two of them stared at the daggered Elijah silently, brown eyes turned to look contemplatively at the young witch beside him.

"I will help Davina on her research, Marcel. You shouldn't hand over Elijah easily to Niklaus like that. Let Niklaus wait for a while before we return back his brother to him," Aria piped up as she walked towards the coffin and looked down towards the noble vampire she called as family.

"If Niklaus really is genuine on saving your life tonight, there is no harm in letting him wait for a while before we return Elijah back to him. Unless he has an ulterior motive by saving you tonight." The raven haired witch added. "I agree with Davina on this. Let him wait for a while before we give Elijah back to him."

Davina crouched down in front of the coffin, her hand gripped the dagger slowly before she pulled it out of Elijah's form. Blue eyes stared at the silver dagger in her hand analytically before she stabbed it down again on Elijah's body. Marcel walked inside the room silently, brown eyes staring at the young witch who is busy thinking of a way to kill the Original before he turned his gaze towards the other witch in the room. Aria was currently bending down over a thick book, her long raven hair was being pinned up to keep it away from obstructing her gaze.

"Sucker is resilient. He is like a cockroach in a suit. Doesn't matter. Time to give old Elijah back to Klaus anyway." Marcel commented, a small sigh escaped his lips at the thought of returning Elijah back to Klaus.

"You asked me to figure out how to kill the Originals. I'm not done. Silver dagger hurts them, but that's it." Davina said tiredly, disappointment clear in her tone as she admitted that she hasn't find a way to kill the Originals.

"Davina, we have been through this. Klaus saved my life. I owe him one. Since he wants his brother back―"

"Tonight is the annual Dauphine Street music festival. I want to go. Please,"

Aria looked up from her book, emerald eyes watch the two of them silently. She had known the reason why Davina is determined to go tonight since the young witch had confided to her about it. And Aria already knows what kind of answer Marcel will give to the younger witch, still, she also knows that there is no way that Davina will just back down easily for this matter.

"The whole point of you being up here is so you are never spotted out there. You know what's smack in the middle of Dauphine Street ― Sophie Deveraux, pain-in-the-ass witch, and you know what the witches will do to you if they find you." Marcel said calmly, trying to reason out with Davina.

"But you control the witches. Make her go away. Marcel, it's one night." Blue eyes looked pleadingly at a pair of brown eyes.

"I said no." Marcel rebuffed as he turned away from the younger witch.

"I will be there with her, Marcel. So just allow her to go," Aria interjected the two of them before the situation get worse. Marcel halted his steps and turned to stare at the older woman who he respects deeply. "I will go along with her to keep her safe. You could even introduce me to the lovely Miss O'Connell if you are feeling worry over the two of us. So let her go for tonight. I will make sure nothing happens to her,"

Knowing he couldn't win against the two of them when the two witches are in agreement with each other, Marcel sighed heavily before a resigned smile crossed his lips. "Fine. I really couldn't say no, could I? I will bring Camille along then. You three are really gonna hit it off."

Davina smiled in glee at the thought of being able to go out tonight while Aria just shakes her head in amusement at the look of happiness in her young charge. She only hopes that she won't encounter Niklaus when they go out tonight. But knowing her luck, she doesn't count on it.

Blue eyes look around its surrounding in excitement, before the owner of the said eyes turned to look at both of her guardian. Aria smiles in amusement at the look of happiness which crossed Davina's face. It was clear how much the younger woman had missed being outside like this. She really should find a way to completely protect her young charge quickly against the others ancestral witches soon. Glamour charm could only do so much and it will be unfair for Davina to behave as if she is a different person when what's left of her life is her own self. So no, not glamour then. Protection charm also couldn't protect her forever either.

She really should find the most effective way to protect her from those witches. The feel of a larger hand squeezing her hand gently snapped her out of her thoughts as emerald eyes glance up at the owner of the said hand. Brown eyes looked fondly at the raven haired witch, a small smile crossed his face at the look which crossed Aria's face.

"Hey, it's okay. She knows how much you try your best to help her. And I'm also here to help the two of you. Don't be too hard on yourself," The self proclaimed King of The French Quarter of New Orleans said reassuringly. "For tonight, just enjoy the music and have fun. The two of you have been holing up in the attic for a while anyway."

"Thank you, Marcel. You know if it's not for you, I―"

"Now, none of that. You have done a lot of things for me as well, Aria. You are like a family for me," Marcel shushed her up quickly, cutting her off before she could finish her words. "Just enjoy the night and don't think of heavy thoughts, okay? I will make sure that Klaus or Rebekah doesn't see you and Davina."

"Okay," The raven haired witch nodded.

After Marcel introduced the two of them to Camille O'Connell and left them, the blonde haired young woman moved from her seat and approached Davina, green-blue eyes stared at Davina playfully. "So what's his name? Hot guy with the fiddle,"

The young witch smiled shyly as she fidgeted a bit, "Tim. I knew he would be here. He always performs at these kind of things."

"How long the have you two known each other?"

"Since we were ten. I had to leave school, and I didn't get to say good-bye, so I was just hoping to talk to him tonight." A bright happy smile appears on Davina's face as she continued to watch her childhood friend playing the violin on the stage.

Aria moved from her seat and approached both Davina and Camille, emerald eyes watch the two female fondly before she touch Camille's shoulder gently. "How about we get some drink?"

Green-blue eyes locked with emerald eyes for a moment before she nodded, "Sure. Do you want anything to drink as well, Davina?"

The dark brown haired young woman shakes her head in negative, blue eyes stay locked at the stage. Aria chuckles at her young charge's behaviors as she turned to look at Camille, "Young love. Come on, let just grab some juice for her. I'm sure she will feel pretty thirsty as well later."

Both Aria and Camille walked to the bar and ordered their drinks before emerald eyes turn to the woman beside her. "So Miss O'Connell, you are really as lovely as Marcel had told me." Aria smiled kindly at the blonde haired woman.

"Thank you. And please call me Cami." The blonde haired woman replied.

"Then you should call me Aria,"

"Aria, I'm sorry if this sounds rude but I never see you around before. And Marcel never mentioned you to me either," Green-blue eyes looked curiously at the raven haired beauty beside her.

"Ah, that's because I live with Davina, you see. And Marcel is quite a worrywart. He doesn't like to talk about me or Davina that much especially because I was quite unwell before," Aria answered.

"Are you alright now? I mean if you were unwell before, is it alright for you to be out here now?" Camille looked worriedly at the petite woman.

"Nah, I'm okay now. Besides, Marcel told me that I need to go out to have a fresh air every once in a while after being holed up far too long in my room." She waved her hand dismissively as she reassures the blonde haired woman. "Anyway, let's go back to Davina before she looks for us." Aria continued as her hands grab both her drink and Davina's juice which the barman had placed in front of them.

When they returned back to Davina, the young woman was looking around the bar frantically.

"Davina? Are you okay?" Aria asked as she hands the juice to the young witch.

"I am. I'm just looking for Tim. He should be around but I haven't seen him since earlier." The dark brown haired witch replied nonchalantly, blue eyes still looking around in hopes of catching the sight of her childhood friend.

"Well, he couldn't have gone far. He just got offstage a minute ago," Camille said to placate the young woman.

Davina sighed softly as she shakes her head, "It doesn't matter. This was a stupid idea anyway."

"No, it wasn't. Davina―"

"Just forget it," Davina said briskly as she quickly turn away from them. Aria looked worriedly at her young charge before she gives an apologetic look at Camille and quickly walk after the young woman, completely missing a pair of blue-green eyes which widened at the sight of her.

Klaus shakes his head to clear his thoughts. There is no way that she is there as well. After all, she is already dead by now. That was what Mikael had told him when they met and that was exactly what the man had reminded him about before Klaus killed him. He had failed her. He had failed protecting the only woman who had accepted him for who he is and loves him despite all his misgivings. And as much as the thought hurt him every time, he has no choice but to move forward. There is no use to dwell in the past too long.

He is here tonight for one purpose and one purpose only. He couldn't get distracted only because he thought he had seen a glimpse of the woman he had lost in the hands of Mikael. He quickly approached Camille and slipped a piece of tissue paper into her hands and told her what to do before vanishing out of sight once again. He is here for Davina which is why he will focus only on the young witch for tonight.

Davina walked into St. Ann's Catholic Church along with both Aria and Camille nervously. Blue eyes stared nervously at the sight of her childhood friend's back. She could see Tim who is waiting for her at there. "I can't do this," She shakes her head, blue eyes turned to look at the two women in nervousness.

Camille smiled encouragingly at her as she pushed the young woman's back softly while Aria simply muttered "good luck" to her. The two of them watch Davina approached her childhood friend slowly. Aria and Camille sit at the back of the church, emerald eyes stared fondly at the two teenagers while her companion locked her gaze sadly at the bloody picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Finally noticing the sadness which emitted from the quiet woman besides her, Aria turned to look at her companion.

"Cami? Are you okay?" She asked the other woman quietly.

"Have you ever thought the reason of why someone could do a pointless brutal thing? A good man, an aspiring priest just goes on a killing spree out of nowhere," The blonde haired woman answered, her green-blue eyes looked forlornly at nothingness.

"Cami. You know, in my life, I have seen quite a lot of things. The world is a rather harsh place. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes people become bad because circumstances make them,"

"But he is a good man. He didn't drink, he didn't do drugs."

"You seem to be well-informed on the matter. You knew him, didn't you?" Emerald eyes looked at the woman beside her in understanding as Aria turned her body slightly to face Camille.

"His name was Sean. He was my brother, my twin actually. I can't sleep. I dream about what happened, and I hate it. I hate that I couldn't help him." Green-blue eyes welled up with tears as the blonde woman answered her.

"Sometimes, we must face our own demons alone. There's nothing much we can do to help unless to remind them that they still have us,"

"What if someday his demons become mine too?" The blonde haired woman asked quietly, her voice was nothing but a desperate whisper.

Emerald eyes locked with teary green-blue eyes. But before Aria could give the other woman any reply, she was cut off by a very familiar voice from behind her.

"Thank you for bringing her here, sweetpea. But you should go now, I have some business I should attend to."

She knows this voice. In fact, she had been dreaming of nothing but this voice while she was cursed in her eternal slumber. Whirling around in her seat, emerald eyes meet with a pair of startled blue-green eyes which looked like dark blue. There standing right behind her is none other than the man that she had tried to avoid all night. The one who she always loves even after all this time. The one person who also had left her for ninety two years.


"Aria," Blue-green eyes widened in surprise at the sight of her, of the woman he had thought he had lost a long time ago. The woman who is his wife.

"It's been a while, dear husband." A bitter smile crossed the raven haired witch's face as she memorize the look of surprise on his face.

Authoress' Notes: I really couldn't resist the temptation of writing another story with this pairing. Honestly, this idea had been bothering me since last night and I just feel like I have to write it if only so it could finally leave my mind. So here it is, another story of Klaus/Fem!Harry. At first, I thought of giving the same name for Fem!Harry in this story but then I changed my mind over it. Since even though the personality of my version of Fem!Harry in here will be more or less the same like in the Dreams and Disasters, my version of Fem!Harry in here will be a bit darker than the grey Fem!Harry in Dreams and Disasters.

Also, the background story for Fem!Harry in this story will be a lot different than the one in Dreams and Disasters. Which is why I decided to give her a different name as well. The reason why I decided to name her "Arian" in this story is because I want to give the Fem!Harry in this story a name of Welsh origin though her name is actually stems from Welsh mythology, Arianrhod the goddess of fertility, rebirth and the weaving of cosmic time and fate. The last aspect of her nature is contained within her name which means "silver wheel" or "round wheel," suggesting her importance in the cycles of life. I just thought it suitable for Fem!Harry in this story of mine due to her status as Mistress of Death.

As for Arian's appearance, her physical appearance is about 20 or 22 years old just like in my other stories. Anyway, the one who I pictured to play my version of Fem!Harry in this story is either Olivia Mennie, India Eisley or Emily Browning. Honestly, I could only think of the three of them as the suitable actresses for my version of Fem!Harry but I'm probably just being biased in here. To those of you who haven't known yet, I also write a crossover of Harry Potter & Vampire Diaries which called Dreams and Disasters the pairing is also Klaus/Fem!Harry. If you are interested, go read it and leave me a review of it. I would like to hear your opinion over it.

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Next Chapter: Can't Live Without You

"Aria. We thought you have died," Hazel brown eyes stared at the woman who is his half-brother's wife, the woman who his family had thought had already died.

"Elijah. It always nice to see you well. And yes, about that... didn't bother to check on it, don't you?" Emerald eyes looked warmly at the brown haired Original before it hardened in contempt. "I thought you are better than Niklaus at least, but it seems like I was mistaken in that. Just like him, you don't even try to find me or even what remains of my body if I'm really as dead as what Mikael had told you and our so called family."