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Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Romance, Fantasy

Summary: AU. Cursed to an eternal sleep, only to be awaken by a powerful witch, Aria wakes up to find that the world had changed drastically from the one that she used to know. Feeling out of place and lost in the current world, she holds on to the only familiar things she knows. Her magic and Marcel, the only remaining person she knows from the past. Klaus/Fem!Harry

Pairings: Klaus/Fem!Harry Potter

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The Violet Hour

"Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime."
― Mineko Iwasaki

"You shouldn't be too hard on him," She said calmly while her right hand took down the hairpins in her hair.

Niklaus moved from the doorway into the bedroom and started to undress. The two of them moved in a graceful rhythm. Blue-green eyes glanced up from removing his cufflinks to look at his so-called wife who was sitting in front of the vanity mirror, a slightly curious look on his face, "Who? My dearest brothers or Marcellus?"

"Either. But especially Marcel and Kol. I know that Elijah is patient enough to take your brand of nonsense unlike the rest of your siblings. Marcel is just a kid, he isn't used to your sometimes volatile behavior, unlike your siblings and I. And as for Kol, you shouldn't treat him that way. He is still your brother no matter how much you argue with each other." Aria pointed out, emerald green eyes stared disapprovingly at Klaus' reflection in the vanity mirror.

"The more reason for Marcel to learn early. It's better if you don't coddle him too much, love. He is a boy and he needs to know how to defend his own self. As for Kol, you know how unpredictable and aggressive he is. There are far too many times that he has done things which caused conflict with my agendas." Klaus said nonchalantly, smirking at the disapproving look his wife sent at his reflection through the vanity mirror.

"I don't coddle Marcel, Niklaus. There is nothing wrong with showing him that there are still those who love him genuinely even when his own family refuses to treat him like a proper human being. And even if Kol is quite short-tempered and can be somewhat unreasonable at times, that doesn't mean it's okay for you to treat him that way. He is still your brother and he deserves better than you repeatedly daggering him whenever he has done something that upsets you." The petite woman frowned as she removed the final hairpin and her raven hair spilled down her back. Klaus was only in his pants when he walked behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Well, I have you for those, haven't I? You are always the nicer one between the two of us, darling." He whispered gently against her ear as his hands gathered her raven hair and ran his fingers through it.

"Besides, you are far more suitable than me when it comes to showing compassion and things like that," He continued, watching as strands of her hair slipped through his fingers like water. "You are always the best part of me."

"You speak as if you are completely incapable of showing compassion. You know better than to listen to what others' say about you, Niklaus. They don't know you like I do."

Klaus quirked up a small smile, blue-green eyes stared fondly at Aria. "You are one of the few who know me well enough, love."

Aria stood and seemed to glide towards their bed. She removed her robe and laid it on the chaise lounge. With the moonlight drifting in and illuminating her pale body, her slow and careful movements, and her long raven hair, Klaus couldn't help but admire his wife.

"Do you have any plans for what are you going to do tomorrow with Marcel?" Aria asked as she slipped under the covers.

"Yes," He replied and laid beside her. "I was thinking of taking him to the bayou. To introduce him to the wolves."

Aria was silent for several long moments though Klaus knew that his wife wasn't asleep yet.

"I don't like it when you bring Marcel with you to handle your business," She said finally. "He is just a child. And it's dangerous."

"He needs to know if he wants to survive living with us."

"I won't forgive you if you hurt him," Aria said and turned towards him, emerald green eyes looked at blue-green eyes solemnly. "You brought him to me and I intend to keep him safe with us. You know how I feel about hurting children."

Klaus turned onto his side and reached out his hand, smoothing her long raven hair behind her ear. "I will make sure he returns back to you in one piece," He said calmly. "You know I don't like upsetting you. And I always keep my word with you."

Emerald green eyes stared at him with an inscrutable gaze. Klaus kept his face open and relaxed, something which he only did when he was around Aria. The raven haired witch sighed softly and turned onto her back.

"There are times when even you break your own words," She whispered lowly.

"I know," He answered back softly, "but not if I can help it, darling."

Aria closed her eyes before asking once again, "You will make sure that he will be safe with you or as safe as he could be while being around you at least?"

"I will try my best to ensure that Marcellus returns back to you in one piece."

"And you will take care of him?"

"Of course," Klaus whispered and leaned forward to kiss her gently.

Aria stood still in front of the door, emerald green eyes stared at the mahogany door in front of her with an unreadable expression on her face. If she closed her eyes, she could still see it clearly. Everything that had happened behind the door. All the memories that she had shared with Klaus, with her husband. She remembered it all. There was no doubt that if she pushed the door open, she would find the room just like how it used to be. She knew better though. Nothing remained the same. And even if the room behind the door remained the same, it was different now. Everything was different.

"Aria? Are you coming?" Blue eyes stared at her guardian inquiringly.

Turning her gaze away from the door in front of her, Aria smiled a little at her so-called ward. "Yes. Have you found your room yet?"

The young witch nodded her head enthusiastically, a wide grin on her face as she tugged the older woman toward the so-called room. "Here. Oh! And I have picked the room next to me for you. It has an adjoined door so it's easy for me to go to your room and vice versa."

Smiling at Davina's enthusiasm, Aria looks around the room as she hummed.

"So? How was it? What do you think?"

"It's alright."

"Alright? Just alright?" Davina pouted at Aria's reply.

Emerald green eyes crinkled in amusement at the put off look on the younger witch's face before she quickly reassured her young charge, "I'm joking. I like it. Thank you for choosing my room for me, Davina."

And just like that, Davina immediately brightened like the sun. "You're welcome. Anyway, I'm going to unpack in my room for now. Just shout if you need help with anything, okay?"

It was so easy to please the young woman that it saddened Aria a bit. To think that Davina's own mother was ready to sacrifice her own daughter like that, never mind the fact that Davina would be resurrected again afterwards. No one ever came back the same again after they experience death. Aria knew that the best. "Sure. You do that. I will unpack my things as well," The raven haired witch murmured her assent.

Aria immediately turned back her gaze towards the room her young ward had chosen for her. It was one of the empty room that was rarely used. She knew this room. It used to be for the guests although they didn't have a big amount of them, there were some people who came and visited them from time to time. Elijah's business partners, an acquaintance of Kol, one or two of love-struck men who adored Rebekah, and a few of Niklaus' civil competitors.

But as far as she remembered, none of them ever used this particular room. Not wanting to delve further into it, Aria shook her head to clear her mind as she started to unpack her things and rearrange everything in the room. If she was really going to use this room, the least she could do was change it so it would suit her taste more. Her magic had been quite volatile lately that she had to rely on using a normal way lest she cause a major disaster. She was in the middle of contemplating whether it was better to use the Victorian styled drapes already in the room or if she should choose another new and simplistic one when she heard voices from Davina's room. Thinking that it was probably one of Marcel's men, Aria paid it no mind as she continued rearranging the room.

"What are you looking for?" Hazel green eyes stared inquiringly at the dark brown haired young woman. She was thinking of getting to her room to stew about the unfairness of Klaus' treatments regarding her kind when she accidentally took a wrong turn and came across the opened door of the room, which apparently belongs to none other than the powerful young witch.

"My violin. I must have left it in the house that Marcel kept us in," Davina answered absentmindedly, too caught up in her search to realize that she wasn't talking to her guardian at all. It was only after she looked up from one of the boxes that she realized that she wasn't talking with Aria but Hayley instead.

"So just go get it," Hayley replied easily without missing a beat.

"I can't. It's not safe for me out there."

Hayley stared at the young witch with an unreadable expression on her face before she drawled, "Funny. I was under the impression everyone was afraid of you."

"The witches are after me." Davina said exasperatedly as if Hayley was completely slow not to grasp that fact.

"You mean that crazy witch Agnes? Yeah. She tried to kill me too. The thing is, she is dead. Elijah killed her," Hazel green eyes stared at the so-called powerful witch in front of her as she nodded her head in acknowledgement at Davina's reluctance over facing those pesky witches.

Blue eyes widened in disbelief at what she just heard, completely hesitant to believe Hayley's words. "But… Agnes was the last living elder. If she's dead, then I'm fine. Marcel would've told me."

"Maybe he didn't want to lose his secret weapon against the witches."

"You're lying," Davina said quickly, refusing to even think that Marcel would lie to her of all people.

"Why would I lie to you?" Hayley raised an eyebrow at the accusation, a challenging glint in her eyes.

"Because you want something from me. Everyone does."

The female werewolf thought for a minute before she nodded her head in agreement at Davina's assessment, "Do I want something from you? Yeah, Davina. Actually, I do."

"Thanks to your friend, Marcel, most of my family is cursed. They're stuck in their wolf form except on a full moon. Now, I'm smart enough to know that every curse has a loophole, and well… you're the strongest witch I've ever heard of, but I wouldn't lie to you to get what I want. I'd ask you. I guess that's the difference between Marcel and me," Hayley continued heatedly, hazel green eyes narrowed in anger at the thought of how her kind was being cursed unfairly before she left Davina in a huff lest she did something she would regret later.

Davina was still brooding over what Hayley had just told her about Agnes' death when a familiar voice startled her out of her thoughts, "Looking for something?"

Blue eyes lightened up at the sight of her vampire friend as a small smile crossed her face. "I figured with you vacating, the house would be a safe zone. Found this there," Josh continued as he showed her the violin she had been looking for.

"It was dangerous for you to come back, Josh." Davina said softly as she approached the vampire and took the violin from his grasp.

"Yeah. Well, what are friends for or whatever?" Josh shrugged casually, dark brown eyes stared at Davina fondly.

Davina laughed good-naturedly at the others' words. There were only a few people who were completely genuine around her which was why she cherished Josh's friendship so much.

"Hey, what did Hayley want?" Dark brown eyes looked inquiringly at the younger witch.

"Do you trust her?" Davina asked him back seriously.

"I don't know. Why?"

"She told me about a witch being killed. An elder, but I don't know―" Davina started before Josh cut her off.

"Oh yeah. Crazy Agnes? I heard about that. Elijah went all berserker on her crew. I guess it was super gross, just like, heads and guts, blaagh." Josh nodded his head quickly before he scrunched up his face at the thought of the gore that probably had happened. Brown eyes stared confusedly at the stunned look on Davina's face as he continued slowly, "What? You hate the witches. Except Aria of course."

"Hayley was right. Marcel is just using me. Josh, I can't stay here. I'm not gonna be their puppet. You have to get me out of here," Davina said slowly, blue eyes looked frantically at her friend.

"Okay. But what about Aria? Is she coming with you?" Josh said quickly, trying to reassure his friend that he would go along with whatever plans she has.

"Aria… did she know about any of this too? Did she also lie to me?"

"I don't know? I mean, how about we ask her about it first?"

"Ask me about what? Oh and hello, Josh." Aria peeked her head up from her room, a small smile crossed her face at the sight of the young vampire.

"Did you know about it? Did you know that Agnes is dead?" Blue eyes turned to look at one of her guardians aside from Marcel in trepidation.

"She is? I meant dead that is… where have you heard this?" Emerald green eyes looked from Davina to Josh in surprise at the sudden news.

"You really don't know..." The younger witch whispered in realization at the utter confusion in Aria's face, "Marcel is lying to us. He didn't tell us that Agnes is already dead."

Emerald green eyes locked with blue eyes for a moment as if looking for something before the raven haired witch nodded her head, "Alright. What are we going to do now? Do you want to wait until he returns and ask him directly?"

Davina shook her head, blue eyes stared determinedly at the woman who had done so much for her, who had protected her even when she barely knew her. "No. I don't want him to lie to me again. I want to leave. I refuse to be used as their puppet. Will you come with me?"

The former Harvest Girl knew that there was always the possibility of Aria refusing her offer but even so, she couldn't stop herself from asking the older witch to come with her. After all, Aria was the only person she could trust with her life now, the only person she knew who genuinely cared for her without any ulterior motives or hidden agendas. There was nothing that the petite raven haired woman wanted from her except for her company.

"Okay, but where else are you gonna go?" Aria nodded her head firmly, emerald green eyes clear of any hesitation as she accepted Davina's offer to run away.

"You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to know the obvious. Our secret weapon has escaped. And apparently she saw fit to take my wife with her too," Klaus stated, blue-green eyes stared at the window absentmindedly before he locked his gaze with the dark skinned vampire across from him.

"She wouldn't just leave. She knows the witches want her back," Marcel insisted, completely firm in his belief that there was no way that Davina had went off on her own willingly. Not long after he said that, Elijah appeared from around the corner just as Marcel turned towards him.

"Her violin is missing. She may have left of her own volition," Elijah said calmly.

"What did you say to Aria in the attic? She refused to say anything about it out of some misguided attempt to save you because she still cares for you even though none of you deserve her. How do we know you didn't take her and Davina?" Marcel asked heatedly, brown eyes looked accusingly at the hazel brown eyed vampire.

"I have no idea where Aria and Davina are, or why they ran away. Can I suggest you take a step back?" Elijah answered calmly though his hazel brown eyes glinted threateningly at Marcel in warning.

Brown eyes stared at the brown haired Original for a moment before turning away in a huff. "I can assure you I have absolutely no desire to see Aria and that child come into harm's way. Davina has suffered enough with this Harvest ritual nonsense. And Aria also has enough with everything that has happened to her," Elijah continued.

"That child, to whom you refer so affectionately, is the most powerful witch in New Orleans. If she's fled, what's to stop her from destroying us? In fact, destroying all we've worked for? Not to mention Aria is with her and you know how she is. My wife is capable of unimaginable things. And let's not forget that Aria is vindictive enough that she won't hesitate to destroy us if she feels we deserve it. No, if Davina is not a friend to this family, then she is our enemy." Klaus pointed out.

Brown eyes locked with blue-green eyes seriously as he stated, "Davina is a friend, Klaus."

"Well, let's hope so. Lucky for you, I know how to get her back. Follow my lead," Klaus drawled as he walked out of the living room to find the one who would help him find his missing wife and her wayward charge.

Marcel turned to follow the dark blond haired vampire when Elijah stopped him, "You know how Niklaus operates. If he perceives a threat, he can become quite ruthless. It won't affect Aria because whether he likes it or not, Niklaus always has a soft spot for her. However it's a different matter entirely with Davina. This does not bode well for Davina.

"I'm not going to let anybody lay a finger on her," Marcel said solemnly.

"Nor will I," Elijah replied seriously.

"No. We can't involve Camille in this, Davina. I have asked her to leave New Orleans and stay far away from this whole thing, there's no way I would drag her back into this." Aria said calmly as she rebuked Davina's suggestion about asking for Camille's help.

"But she is our only way out. She knows New Orleans well enough that she could help smuggle us out of here," Davina insisted, blue eyes looked pleadingly at her guardian.

"No. We will find another way." Emerald green eyes locked with blue eyes firmly before she turned her attention towards the young vampire who had remained silent all this time. "Josh, could you do me a favor and check if there is another way aside from the main street which will lead us to the outskirts of the French Quarter?"

"Sure. I will check if the coast is clear," Josh agreed easily, not wanting to add more tension between the three of them. Once she was sure that Josh had gone, emerald green eyes stared at her ward with fond exasperation as she sighed softly, "It's not that I don't see the merits in your idea at all, Davina. But I don't want to involve any innocent bystanders in this matter. I can't allow any more casualties when it comes to Niklaus."

"You know that even if you try to protect others from him, he will still drag them into this. Both you and Marcel have said it yourself that he is a callous person who won't hesitate to use any means necessary to get what he wants." Davina pointed out, blue eyes stared at her so-called guardian and mentor with conviction.

She knew that what Davina had said regarding Niklaus' characters wasn't wrong at all. Her own husband was callous like that and no matter how hard Aria tried to protect all those innocent bystanders, eventually they would get dragged into this matter if Niklaus wanted them to. "You're right... Niklaus isn't above of using your own weakness against you if it could give him the upper hand."

"Then what should we do? You don't want to bring Camille into any of this but we are stuck in here for the time being while I'm sure Klaus and Marcel must have noticed that we are gone by now."

The older witch massaged her temple lightly as she closed her eyes. Just like what Davina had said, there was no doubt that they must have realized they disappeared already by now. And knowing Niklaus, it would only be a matter of time before he thought of checking the house for both Aria and Davina. "We can't stay here. This will be the first place they check. As soon as Josh is back, we are going to move again to the church. It should be empty now considering Kieran must be with Camille."

"Most of the Quarter is shut down right now, we'll have to walk and blend in with the crowd to avoid attention. It helps that the sun is taking forever to go down," Davina suggested.

"Yes. The Annual Casket Girls Festival will help us to blend in with the crowd no doubt. Let's look for some masquerade masks and antique wedding dresses. Hopefully, we can find one that will help us blend in with the crowd perfectly." Aria grinned half-heartedly in an attempt to lighten up their situation.

"Don't worry, you have me with you. I will choose a great dress for you," Davina said teasingly.

Rolling her eyes in fake exasperation, Aria scowled playfully at her so-called ward. "I have great taste too, you know."

"Well, with me by your side, I will make sure that you look amazing." Davina declared confidently, a small grin on her face.

Aria shook her head in fond exasperation at the look on her ward's face. It was good to see some optimism in the younger witch's face during their escape. After all, with everything that has happened now, panicking was the last thing that Aria wanted. They needed this to work.

'It has to work or else.' She thought determinedly.

Nonetheless, there were some things they needed to do first to make sure that nothing would go amiss. Thinking of some spell work that she knew could work for temporary protection, she immediately listed off what kind of stuff it could work on. "We should make a protection amulet for Josh," She said once she was sure she had found the right spell and the stuff it could work on.

"A protection amulet?" Davina tilted her head, her eyes gleaming with curiosity and interest.

"Yes. Usually a protection spell would work, but considering we are going to go far away from here, a protection amulet would be a safer choice."

"How do I do it?" It's good to see that their tight situation didn't diminish the eagerness within Davina to study everything she could about her magic and ability. Honestly, Aria could say that the younger witch was one of the best students she ever had barring Iréné. Speaking of Iréné, Aria really should find out more about what had happened with the sweet siphoner after she was cursed.

After making a mental note to do so once they were all away from New Orleans and from Niklaus' vicinity, she immediately returned her attention back to show Davina the right way to do the spell. They would need everything they could get if they wanted to come out of this unscathed and with minimal damage. And Aria would make sure of it, because that's what she did. Protect the people she loved.

The moment Josh returned back from combing the best route for their escape, Aria handed the note, where she had written her phone number, to the young vampire. "Here, you will need my number to keep in contact with us. Also," next, she handed him a small amulet she had asked Davina to make for the young vampire. "It's not the daylight amulet, but it would work to protect you and to warn me or Davina if somehow you need our help. Although I really hope it never comes to that."

Dark brown eyes stared at the emerald green eyed witch in disbelief and gratitude, "That's-... wow! Thank you, Aria."

Aria smiled at the elation on the younger vampire's face. It had been a while since she last saw another look so happy at her magic, even Niklaus had stopped showing his elation regarding her magic after some centuries together. She didn't realize that she had missed the feeling until Josh. To think that she would miss seeing the joy in Niklaus' face whenever she used her magic, apparently there were many things that had been lost within their marriage as time passed by. Perhaps it was really impossible for them to reconcile their marriage.

"Davina will call you the moment we are across the border. You should quickly get out of New Orleans too the moment the sun goes down," Aria continued seriously.

"Promise you will meet us as soon as it gets dark out?" Davina said again as she hugged her friend tightly.

"Yeah, don't worry about me. Just don't let them find you," The dark brown eyed vampire murmured his assent. How Aria wished she could take him with them too but it would be too conspicuous for the three of them to wander out together. And the fact that Josh practically couldn't do anything during daylight would only hinder them too.

After making sure they had everything they needed, and that Josh would be fine after they left, Aria and Davina wasted no time moving out of the house. Dressed in another dress complete with mask just like everyone else, the two of them blended inconspicuously with the crowd. The two of them walked hurriedly down the sidewalk. The pair looked around the crowd cautiously, not wanting to get any attention while also keeping their guard up.

"There are people everywhere," Davina stated.

"Just keep walking, no one knows it's you. As long as you behave as if nothing is wrong, no one will pay any attention." Aria reassured her young ward quickly.

"Aria-" whatever it was that Davina was about to say was stopped as the two of them spotted Klaus walking ahead of them, looking around the crowd like a vampire on a mission. "We have to get off this street," Aria said hurriedly as they quickly steered away from the side street towards the church.

Marcel sighed heavily. When Aria and Davina had agreed to move to the Abattoir with him, he had been relieved. Thinking that with his two important people there, he could watch the two of them better. But then it all went down the drain when he found out that as soon as he stopped paying attention to them, they went missing. Brown eyes looked around the crowd in the hope that he could somehow spot them, but to no avail.

"Kieran is gonna call me the moment he returns back from sending Camille off," He said towards Elijah as the hazel brown eyed Original approached him.

"Ah, you two look rather cozy." Klaus commented as he approached the two of them, not giving Elijah the time to reply to the dark skinned vampire.

"Hardly, I was just telling Elijah how we're wasting time." Marcel frowned at Klaus' lack of reaction to their situation.

He would like to think that among the three of them, the dark blond haired vampire would at least show some worry over the missing witches, and yet, here he was showing no care whatsoever. He wondered if Klaus really didn't care about Aria or if he just hid it better than any of them. After all, it was clear that Aria still meant something for Klaus from the way the Original hybrid fought so hard to make sure the emerald green eyed witch stayed with them in the Abattoir.

"You don't like festivals?" Klaus asked teasingly, blue-green eyes alight with mischief.

"I don't see why not? Who doesn't love a street fair?" Rebekah asked back, approaching the three of them calmly.

Blue-green eyes regarded his little sister casually, "Sister, come to help us find our stray?"

Rebekah raised her eyebrow at the question as she answered calmly, "We can't let your secret weapon get in the wrong hands, can we?"

Klaus smiled in amusement at her reply as both Marcel and Elijah turned to stare at him, "For the record, we are moments away from retrieving her."

Hazel brown eyes locked with blue-green eyes seriously, "I recognize that tone of voice, Niklaus. Clearly, you have some diabolical machination. What is it?"

Smirking at his so-called older brother, Klaus walked away and approached the shaggy dark brown haired violinist who was talking with his friends. Placing his hand on the young man's shoulder, he said casually as he compelled the unsuspecting young man. "Timothy, might I have a word?"

Josh wandered around the house anxiously, dark brown eyes looked around the room as if he expected Klaus to jump out of the closet and kill him. "Aria! Hey, it's me. Again. Stalking you. Heh. Look, just really need to know where you guys are so I can meet you before the sun comes up. Again."

Just after he hang up, his phone beeped. Staring down at the unknown number which was trying to call him, the young vampire answered the call slowly. "Uh, hello?"

"Joshua, my most disappointing minion. I suspected you wouldn't answer the call were it from me," Klaus greeted.

"Klaus, hey. What up? Guess what, I just moved to Turkey. Weirdly, they don't eat turkey here. Go figure," Josh rambled quickly, completely caught off guard by the call.

Klaus replied calmly, "You're lying. In fact, Marcel and I were just chatting about your failed double agent status, and we've surmised that you're likely still in town and in the company of friends ― the two angry witches."

"Nope. Nope. No witches here. Totally digging Turkey, though."

"Are you really going to leave Davina's fiddler soul mate, Timothy, alone with me? Oh, Josh. What would she think of that? I assure you, I just want to talk to her. Tim and I will be at the compound. I really do hope she comes home soon." The dark blond haired vampire continued before he hung up the phone.

Knowing he had no choice but to call Aria and wish the older witch would answer her phone this time, Josh quickly dialed her number again. He really hoped this call wouldn't go to another voice mail considering Klaus' threat. "Josh? Sorry I missed your call." The sound of her voice caused him to sigh in relief.

"Oh, good you finally answered. Aria, we have an emergency! Klaus just called me and told me that he has practically taken Tim hostage."


"Look, I didn't want to tell you, but I know Klaus, which is something that I assume you also know. If Davina doesn't show up, he'll kill Tim."

"We'll think of something. Make your way to the Quarter. Stay hidden. We'll text you when we have a plan." Aria replied back calmly before she hung up the phone.

She turned around just in time to look at the panicked look on Davina's face as the younger witch quickly walked out of the church.

"I have to go," Davina said quickly, passing the bewildered Aria.

"Davina, wait." The raven haired witch called out, taking the blue eyed young woman's wrist gently to halt her.

"I can't let Tim die." The dark brown haired witch said solemnly before she gasped out.

"What's wrong?"

"The witches."

All of sudden, the door of the church got blasted open as the witches walked toward them while chanting their spell. Unprepared by their sudden appearance, it was really lucky that Aria managed to put up a magical barrier to protect herself and Davina though it didn't stop her from feeling the strain of holding the barrier. Blue eyes turned to look at how much strain her guardian was under; staring at the pale look on Aria's face angered her. Aria had done a lot of things for her and to think that she would get hurt only because all she had done was protect Davina; the dark brown haired witch screamed. She lashed out her magic at the four witches. She levitated all of them including Sabine, then wasted no time to snap their necks with her magic. The witches fall to the ground, dead.

"Aria?" Davina touched her so-called mentor gently just in time for Aria to diminish her magic.

Emerald green eyes locked with blue eyes as Aria smiled reassuringly at the scared young woman, "I'm okay. Let's go get Tim."

The two of them rushed off to the compound, Davina looking like an avenging entity with how fast she walked, while Aria tried her best to keep up with the young woman's pace. Aria understood perfectly how scared Davina was. After all, if their positions were reversed, there was no doubt that she would also do the same. Still, Aria would make sure that Davina wouldn't do anything that would cause herself to get hurt.

"Hey, it's just me. Don't, like, melt me." Josh said quickly when he all of sudden pushed them to the side with his vampire speed.

"What are you doing? You're supposed to be hidden." Davina said quickly, widened blue eyes looked at her vampire friend in disbelief.

"Yeah. So are you, remember, but you're kind of working that whole "girl on a mission" look that makes me nervous. Are you sure that you really want to mess with, the baddest dude in all of history?"

"He messed with me when he took Tim. I'll kill him, all of them." Davina glared angrily.

"Davina, Originals can't be killed." Josh tried once again.

"Maybe they can. I have so much power, I've never felt anything like it before. It's growing, gathering inside me. I'm strong, Josh."

"If you kill them, then―" Josh started before he stopped, dark brown eyes stared at the determined look on the younger witch's face for a moment.

Aria knew exactly what the younger vampire was thinking. She knew perfectly what would happen if Davina managed to kill Niklaus and as much as she wanted to see her so-called husband get hurt, she knew that killing him wouldn't solve anything. Still, she also understood the rage that Davina felt for all of Niklaus' machinations.

"What?" Davina prompted the wavy dark brown haired vampire impatiently.

"It's okay. I will do something," Aria said calmly, breaking the tense atmosphere between all of them as she locked her eyes with Josh. "I will take care of it. Don't worry," She continued reassuringly.

"Okay. If you're gonna do it, don't hold back. You hit them with all you got,"

Davina nodded her head at her vampire friend before she walked away from him. Aria stared at the young vampire and smiled wistfully at him, "Don't worry. I will make sure nothing happens to you."

"Can you really do that?" Josh asked quietly, too scared to hope for something that wasn't certain.

"I can. I know the way. So don't worry. It will be fine," The raven haired witch replied confidently before she left Josh and caught up with the retreating figure of Davina. Josh sighed softly as he stared at the retreating figures of the two witches.

"That was very sweet, not telling Davina that if she kills Klaus, you die too, very noble. Though I'm sure Aria knows it too. Problem is, if she goes after my brother, she'll be the one who ends up dead. A very unnecessary end to an already tragic story. And despite Aria's help, I don't think she can handle both my brothers and Marcel at the same time. Perhaps, you'd like to help me help them." Rebekah said, startling Josh out of his musings to find the blonde haired Original standing behind him.

"Where's Rebekah gotten off to?" Klaus asked absentmindedly, blue-green eyes looked around for his sister as he walked down the stairs.

"It's not Rebekah that I'm concerned about, and how can you be so certain that Davina will come?" Elijah replied, following behind his brother.

"One might think you've forgotten what it's like to be in the grip of an all-consuming infatuation. She'll come." Klaus smirked at Elijah's question as he reassured his older brother.

"Are the maudlin theatrics absolutely necessary, Niklaus?" Elijah asked, hazel brown eyes stared at the young man perched on the beam.

"Ha! It's a fair point, Timothy, play something a little more upbeat, please." Klaus replied in amusement, blue-green eyes also stared at the young violinist. "That's a good lad."

Brown eyes stared at the young man perched on the beam as he walked into the compound. "Took you long enough to spread the word." Klaus commented, staring at the dark skinned vampire.

"Have you met his nightwalkers? Not the brightest assortment." Elijah added calmly as the two of them approached Marcel.

Marcel grinned wryly at the jab, choosing to ignore it and focusing on their current problem instead. "All that matters is I got it covered. When Davina and Aria get here, you two need to let me do the talking."

"Well, I'm sure you'll have your chance." Klaus said amicably as he walked pass Marcel and greeted both Davina and Aria, "Hello, love."

The dark blond haired Original smirked at the sight of the two witches as he pointed his arm towards Timothy to stop his playing, "Silence is golden, Timothy. Thank you."

The young man stopped his playing at the command as he stared at Klaus before he turned his attention towards the women who have just walked in, "Davina?"

Blue eyes widened at the sight of her crush perched on the beam dangerously, "You got me here. Now let him down."

Aria looked up to stare at Timothy. Timothy looked quite bewildered with everything that was happening, though he stayed very still in his place. There was no doubt that Niklaus had compelled him to do so to ensure his safety and Davina's obedience. To think that he would involve children in this matter. She stared at him silently, at the man who was her husband, the man she loved and continued to even after everything.

"Niklaus, let him go." Emerald green eyes glared at the dark blond haired vampire.

Blue-green eyes shone with amusement as Klaus smirked at his dearest wife, "Well, first, we have to have a little chat about Davina returning to the fold. And for you to stop with this silly notion in your head about leaving me."

"Semper et in saecula saeculorum," Aria said, emerald green eyes regarded her husband bitterly. "Still... you abandoned me. So much for your wedding vow."

Blue-green eyes narrowed at the mention of his past mistake. Even without her reminding him of it, he knew perfectly how much his abandonment had hurt her. After all, he had spent thirty years of his life raging at the world for her death because he had thought that he had lost her forever. Nonetheless, now that he knew she was alive and well there was no way that he would let her slip out of his grasp ever again. She was important for him and if it means that he had to lock her up to keep her safe, he would do it. Even if she would resent him for it. Not again. He couldn't lose her again now that he remembered how it felt like to have her back within his reach.

"What did I say, Klaus? I got this." Marcel hissed to Klaus before he looked at Davina, "D, what happened? Why'd you take Aria and run? Talk to me. Hey, I can make it right."

"How? By threatening my friend?" Davina challenged, blue eyes glared at the man whom she used to trust in anger.

"Actually, that was my idea. Apologies. I've been known to go too far to make a point, but I do always get results." Klaus answered, blue-green eyes stared at the angry teenager unapologetically.

Davina smiled mockingly at Klaus, "You pretend to be so confident, but I know the truth. You're afraid everyone can see what you really are ― an animal." She moved her hand as the sound of Klaus' bones breaking echoed around them. The dark blond haired hybrid screamed in agony as his bones break one by one which then prompted both Marcel and Elijah to move to help him only to be stopped by Davina's magic as she put the two of them down. "A beast. Why don't you show us your real face?" The dark brown haired witch hissed as she brings up Klaus' face and forced him to change into his hybrid state.

"Davina," Aria said softly, unable to continue looking at the tortured look on her husband's face and hearing the sound of his pain any longer. Hearing the plea in her mentor's voice, Davina let go of her hold on Klaus as the Original breathed heavily from the pain. As much as she would like to completely subdue Klaus and cause him more pain, she knew how much looking at Klaus' pain hurts Aria. It was only because of that reason did Davina stop.

"Enough. I have had enough of all these power plays you are trying to show, Niklaus. We are going to leave New Orleans whether you like it or not. So, I suggest you let go of Tim now before I make you let him go." Aria said softly, emerald green eyes stared down at her defeated husband.

"Not until you promise not to leave," Klaus groaned out, blue-green eyes locked with emerald green eyes stubbornly amidst the pain.

"Fine. We will do it my way then," Aria shook her head in disappointment as she non-verbally summoned the young man's violin which also caused Timothy to be summoned along with it. Blue eyes glistened with tears at seeing her friend and so-called crush safe as she quickly approached the young violinist and hugged him tightly.

"Davina, how did you do all that?" Tim asked lowly, his body trembling slightly from everything he had seen and experienced. "How did I even get here?"

"I'll explain everything. I promise," Davina said reassuringly as she let Tim hug her and caress her cheek.

Aria stared at the two of them wistfully, before she cleared her throat. "We should go,"

"You don't have to do this," Elijah suggested, trying his best to placate the witches.

"Elijah," Turning her gaze towards the one person she had thought wouldn't lie to her, all Aria could feel now was hurt.

"Listen to me," Elijah pleaded.

"You said you would let me make my own choices, has that changed?"

"No, but―"

Davina didn't let him finish his sentence as she immediately made him choke on his blood. Aria turned her gaze towards her ward as she raised her eyebrow, "Was that really necessary?"

"He was just going to feed us another lie. Besides, you said we should go." Sighing softly at the reply she was given, Aria simply shook her head in resignation. She turned her attention towards Marcel next, staring at the dark skinned vampire who she had helped raise and watched him grow up. He had grown from that innocent brave little boy into this man who was more and more like Klaus as days passed by. Despite being better than her husband, there were times when Aria couldn't help but draw the similarities between the two of them. "We are going to leave New Orleans and you can't stop us. So you should let us go."

"And where would you go? You know that there's no way Klaus will stop looking for you. If you stay with me, I will protect the two of you." Brown eyes looked at his mother figure pleadingly.

"And how would you protect me? By lying to me?! I trusted you. I loved you, but you were just using me to stay in power. You don't care about me." Davina cut off, her voice trembled with so many emotions as she stared at the shaven haired vampire.

"You're wrong."

"When you lost to Klaus, you handed us over like some trophy. Maybe I should boil you in bronze."

Brown eyes stared earnestly at the angry teenager in front of him, hoping that she could see the sincerity in his eyes. "I care. I took you in like you were my own blood."

Blue eyes glistened with tears as she locked her eyes with Marcel, wishing that Marcel wasn't lying to her. Wishing that what he said was the truth. But before she could give him her reply, he groaned out in surprise and pain as blood bloom out from his chest. Rebekah pulled the wooden stake away from his chest as Marcel toppled to the ground.

"Come on now, love. Don't tell me you were falling for that. Isn't it time for us girls to have a chat?" Light blue eyes stared at the young witch in front of her with a raised eyebrow. The blonde haired Original looked around at the damage Davina had caused as she commented, "Now, that is impressive, and well-deserved, in my opinion. Now, before you turn on me, I have a surprise for the two of you."

The sound of footsteps alerted the two of them as they turned to see Josh smiled uncertainly at them. "Josh, what are you doing? Get out of here." Davina said quickly, blue eyes filled with worry at the sight of her vampire friend. Using her vampire speed, Rebekah grabbed Josh's throat and started choking him as she lift him up.

"What are you doing?" Josh gasped out as he struggled against Rebekah's hold.

"Rebekah, stop it!" Aria shouted.

"Now, if I were Klaus, I would rip Josh's head from his neck, feed it to a nightwalker, and that would be the end of your friend." Rebekah continued casually, light blue eyes stared at the two witches apathetically before she let go of Josh. "But hurting people is such a boyish thing to do, like how Klaus compelled your fiddler over there, and while I am many things, I'm certainly not my brother."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Seems to me the two of you are the ones holding all the cards, but you don't know who to trust. I've just proven that you can trust me." Rebekah shrugged, looking at the two witches seriously. "Now, I'd like to show the two of you one more thing. Won't take long. You can bring your friends."

Aria stared at the light blue eyed vampire for some moments before she sighed softly and nodded her head in agreement. "Okay. But don't think that I won't stop you if you try to do something like that again."

"I know. Trust me, I'm not going to," Rebekah smiled wistfully at her friend and sister-in-law.

She should have guessed. When Rebekah said that she wanted to show them one more thing, she should have guessed that the female Original had meant the Garden. Marcel must have shown this place to Rebekah too. After all, knowing Marcel, it didn't surprise her at all that Rebekah also knew about this place. The five of them walked into the Garden with both Josh and Rebekah holding the lanterns to light up their way.

Tim looked around the place anxiously; his blue-green eyes darted from one corner to another as if expecting something or someone to come out and jump onto him. Dark brown eyes took note of his erratic behavior, "Oh, don't worry. They're not really dead, just really hungry." At the disbelieving look the young violinist shot at him, Josh trailed off apologetically as he winced. "...and I'm not helping."

"You think my brother Nik is awful? Marcel learned from the best. This is how he treats his so-called friends who betray him. Most of what these poor souls did is no worse than what Josh did." Rebekah explained while all of them looked around the Garden, taking in each vampire who was either bricked into the wall or buried in cement in the ground and left to desiccate. "Take Thierry, for example. He was Marcel's most trusted friend. Klaus tricked him into breaking one of Marcel's rules. Marcel knows this, and yet he keeps Thierry locked in here day after day, suffering."

Aria knew about Thierry. She knew the reason why Marcel still kept him in the Garden even though he knew about the other vampire's innocence. Even so, it was not her place to say Marcel's reason to Davina or even Rebekah. Because as much as she trusted Rebekah and cherished both Josh and Davina, she had raised Marcel, and she had thought of him as if he was her own son. Therefore, as much as she wanted to defend him and explained his reason to them, she didn't do so. Because it was not her place. Besides, Rebekah was doing this for Davina, and after everything that had happened, the young witch deserved to know things that had been hidden from her. Even if it was not from Aria considering she didn't want to take any sides in this petty war.

"This is insane." Tim said in disbelief, looking like he wanted to get as far as possible from there as he opened the water bottle he brought along with him.

Aria stared at the water bottle in suspicion before she took it away from the young man. Blue-green eyes looked startled at what she did. She simply smiled at him, "Thank you. I will take that from you."

"Why are you telling me this?" Davina asked slowly, blue eyes looked at the blonde haired vampire in confusion.

"Because you need to know who you're dealing with, who you can trust." Rebekah answered easily, staring back at the younger witch with conviction.

"And what is your reason for telling me?" Aria asked, just as the light blue eyed Original turned her attention towards the raven haired witch.

"I just want us to trust each other again. I miss you, Aria." Light blue eyes looked pleadingly at the petite raven haired witch.

Aria could see Rebekah's sincerity in her gaze, the blonde haired Mikaelson really did want her trust. It was easy to believe her, it was easy to return back to the easy camaraderie and sisterly bond they have with each other. Even so, after everything that had happened, Aria was hesitant. Because despite Rebekah's sincerity, despite her desire to fix things between the two of them, all of it could be ruined anytime. And with how complicated Aria's marriage with Klaus was, Aria didn't want to get hurt again only because Rebekah would choose her own family over her. She couldn't give the other the answer she was looking for now, because truthfully, even Aria didn't know if she could take that leap of faith anytime soon.

She looked away from those earnest light blue eyes to look at Davina. Her ward looked so distraught, her blue eyes looked around the Garden with uncertainty as if she still couldn't believe that Marcel could do something like this. And knowing how Marcel behaved around her, Aria wasn't surprised that Davina had a hard time of accepting this side of him. Tim approached Davina as he quickly took her hands in his to reassure her, "Hey, hey, it's gonna be okay. I mean, you're gonna be all right. How about you drink first?"

Davina turned her gaze to stare at her crush as Tim motioned Aria who was still holding the water bottle she had taken from him before. Aria smiled reassuringly at the distraught witch as she walked towards her, "He is right. It's okay. You won't be alone in this, you know. Though I'm sorry but I'm really thirsty, do you mind if I drink first?"

"No, it's okay. You could drink it." The younger witch shook her head, a small smile crossed her face at Aria's question. Aria gulped down the water bottle, making sure that she drinks all the water. It's true that she was really thirsty but aside from that, she has the feeling that she has to do this.

"Davina, both you and I have been lied to and taken advantage of by Marcel and Klaus. Maybe together, we can get a little payback." Rebekah continued, trying her best to convince the younger witch to see her view.

Aria sighed in relief before she coughed up, her hands immediately move to her chest. It was like someone had doused her body with oil and lit her literally on fire. She gasped out, trying to breath but it's like all her pipes was being stuffed. It hurts. She heard Josh's panicked voice as he called out the others, she wants to reassure them but she could barely talk as she gasped out for breath.

"Aria?" Davina sounds scared, as she touched the older witch's shoulder gently.

Blue-green eyes stared at her guardian with fear in his eyes as Tim holds his throbbing head. The young man groaned out weakly as he mumbled, "It was Klaus. He made me do it. I didn't even know what I was doing. It was supposed to be for you but―"

But Aria had taken it out his hands. She had literally taken the water bottle which her husband had probably poisoned to kill both Davina and Tim and drank it all down. She had taken the poison for them. How ironic. To think that she would literally die because of Niklaus this time around.

"The drink. Klaus poisoned the water," Rebekah stated, figuring quickly what was the cause for Aria's sudden illness.

Emerald green eyes looked at her so called friend smiled bitterly at the deduction before she turned to look at Davina. Scared blue eyes looked back at her, there's no doubt that the young woman was terrified now. Aria wanted to hug her, to reassure her but she knew it wouldn't do anything to change the fact that she was being poisoned and dying from it. She coughed again, her chest constricting with pain each time she did it.

Rebekah cursed lowly under her breath, the blonde haired Original knelt down beside Aria as she sliced her wrist open. "Drink this!"

Aria shook her head, emerald green eyes looked determinedly at Rebekah as she croaked out a weak "no". Light blue eyes glared at her sister in law as she holds her wrist closer to Aria, "You need to drink this before it's too late."

"No. Don't―... I don't want―" Aria bit out as another cough wrecked her body.

"Uh.. Pretty sure that doing what she said would have the chance of helping you here," Josh added helpfully.

"No. No matter what happen, I'm not going to―... just no." She wheezed. "I'm not going to take that even if it's the only chance I have. D, you have my permission to stop her if Rebekah tries to―"

"I get it. Aria, don't talk. You need to breath, please―"

Another cough and this time something dripped out of her mouth. She brought up her hand only to see red blossom vividly on her trembling hand. Blood. She was coughing up blood now. Was it her blood? Was she bleeding internally too now? She vaguely heard the sound of her name and cursing coming from Davina and Rebekah before her eyes fluttered close and she knew no more.

When the three of them finally regained their consciousnesses, it felt like being submerged from the bottom of the ocean and resurfacing, gasping out for air. Marcel groaned out as he stood up from the floor. Brown eyes looked around to see the damage that had been caused and found that the place was abandoned aside from the three of them.

"Well, isn't this monumentally awkward." Elijah deadpanned.

"Rebekah, where are you?" Klaus barked, already on the phone with his whimsical sister.

"I'm with Davina and Aria, and Aria's dying because of your treachery." Rebekah hissed with as much as venom as she could instill in her voice as she replied.

"What do you mean Aria is dying?! Just what happened? You were supposed to look after her!" Klaus growled, blue-green eyes flashed dangerously at the thought of his wife in such condition.

"Well, excuse me for not knowing that you were planning to kill Davina, and somehow by some sort of accident it was Aria who took the poison instead. Now, just tell me how to cure her because Aria practically threatened me if I as much as force fed her with my blood." Rebekah drawled viciously.

"Vampire blood wouldn't work. The poison that I compelled Timothy to give to Davina is quite potent. It's just a matter of time for her. She wasn't supposed to take that poison!"

"You diabolical bastard! They're children. If it's not for Aria, I would be staring at two dying children here. And we could've dealt with Davina fairly."

"There is no dealing with those who threaten us. Davina sealed her fate when she stood against me. And Aria wasn't even supposed to take that poison, that was her choice not mine." Klaus hissed.

"Good grief! Have you heard your own self?! Do you even care about her at all?! You say that as if Aria being a collateral damage was something inevitable." Rebekah was practically yelling at her phone now, light blue eyes glared at her phone as if she could strangle her brother through it.

"I never meant for any of this to happen! But she kept fighting me! She doesn't want me in her life or anywhere around her! She made it clear perfectly, repeatedly!"

"She is your wife! She is your wife and our family too! And you should have tried harder! Is this how you treated her to show her you love her?! How could you?! Do you think Aria is like you? I don't care about your paranoia, but Aria is my friend too! We knew her from when we were just children!"

Marcel and Elijah, who had remained silent from the start of the conversation, immediately moved towards the dark blond haired Original. Without wasting any time, Elijah plucked the phone away from his brother's hands while Marcel was holding Klaus back. "Rebekah, it's me. Where are you right now?"

"We are at The Garden. Elijah, I don't know how long I can watch this, what should I do?" Rebekah answered quickly, a bit of panic and fear tinged her voice at the sound of Elijah's voice.

"It's okay. We will get there, just make sure that Aria doesn't die before we get there, okay?" Elijah soothed, trying his best to remain calm before he hung up the phone.

Hazel brown eyes turned to look at his hostile brother blankly as if he was still surprised at how ruthless Klaus could be at times. How he wished he could just hit Klaus and be done with it even if doing so wouldn't fix anything. Although, apparently Marcel had no such reservations, as the dark skinned vampire wasted no time hitting Elijah's brother. "How could you?! It's Aria! Damn it! Of all people, you are the last person I thought would hurt her but here you are proving me wrong again. Is this how you treat the only person who loves you despite knowing how undeserving you are of it?!"

"She has made it clear that she doesn't want anything to do with me! She cares more about you than me!" Klaus finally yelled out. It was probably petty and downright childish of him but he couldn't help it. Aria had been the only one who accepted him wholeheartedly, he had always known that he would have his wife on his side no matter what happened. That was why losing her had been incredibly hard for him. To find out that she was still alive all these years only to face the fact that she wanted nothing to do with him. He couldn't stop the resentment he felt whenever he saw Marcel being close with her when he could barely get one feet within her presence without her glaring or looking emotionlessly at him.

"And it was within her right to be that way after everything she had to endure because of you. If she dies, you can forget about our truce." Brown eyes glared heatedly at the hybrid before he pushed the other away and stalk off to the Garden.

"Honestly, brother... I don't think Marcel would be the only one you should watch out for if Aria doesn't come out of this ordeal alive." Elijah added before he too leave the blue-green eyed Original to catch up with Marcel.

Rebekah bit her lips unconsciously, light blue eyes never once leaving the body of her sister in law. It annoyed her immensely to feel so useless like this, to be unable to do anything but watch as the woman she loved and cherished like her own sister die slowly. To think that there was nothing she could do at all when Aria needed her the most. Both Davina and Josh were way more useful than her. Davina had been chanting under her breath since Aria lost consciousness, the young witch trying her best to keep her so-called guardian in the living world.

Even Josh had taken Tim out of there and moved him to a safe place, knowing full well that it would dangerous for the young man to stay considering that Klaus and the others would be there soon. 'Elijah will be here soon. Elijah will know what to do.' She thought frantically. Because if even Elijah couldn't help them save Aria, there was no doubt that everything would fall into chaos. Rebekah didn't think her volatile brother could take Aria's death for a second time although this wouldn't have happened if not for Klaus' paranoia. Honestly, Rebekah would be the first one to hurt her brother if they lost Aria just because of his paranoia.

The sound of rushed footsteps snapped Rebekah out of her thoughts as she turned her gaze to see Marcel running towards them in hurry followed by her brothers. "How is she?" The dark skinned man waste no time kneeling beside Davina, brown eyes stared at Aria's pale complexion in dread.

"She has been unconscious for several minutes. I have tried to keep her body from shutting down completely but I'm losing her fast. What should I do? I don't know any spell to use that would help her!" Davina answered frantically, blue eyes looked at Marcel with so much fear, as if the older man held the answers she was looking for.

"I brought my mother's grimoire," Elijah stated, giving the grimoire to the distraught young witch. "Perhaps you can find something there?"

"We don't have so much time! Isn't there anything that could neutralize the poison?" Rebekah turned to stare at Klaus who had been standing frozen behind Elijah at the sight of his dying wife.

"The point of the poison is to be lethal and incurable, so it can't be neutralized," Klaus growled, blue-green eyes flashing with anger.

"How unfortunate it is then that Aria was the one who took it! If we lose her because of your paranoia―"

"Shut up! Both of you, shut up!" Davina yelled, having enough of the screaming match between the Originals. "You're not helping Aria by arguing with each other!"

Klaus gritted his teeth as he moved toward Aria, toward the woman he had pledged his life to. The woman who shouldn't have been dying because of his actions. He knelt across Davina and Marcel, taking Aria's left hand in his grip. He could hear the sound of her weak heartbeat, how each beat grew fainter and fainter. "My blood." He mumbled slowly, blue-green eyes locked with the young Harvest Girl across him. "Take my blood. You should try to give her my blood."

"No." The blue eyed witch said quickly, not even moving her gaze from Aria's body. "Aria asked me not to give her any bloods and I won't."

"Even if it's the only possibility we have to save her?! What if it works?!" Klaus growled viciously.

"It won't work! Because you have made damn sure that it won't work so it won't!" Davina yelled back, blue eyes looked at the dark blond haired Originals with hatred even when she had started crying from the fact that she couldn't save the only person who genuinely cared for her well-being.

No. He didn't wish this to happen. He didn't mean for this to happen at all. This couldn't happen. He couldn't lose her again. He didn't care even if she looked at him with contempt and derision as long as she opened up her eyes again. He didn't care whether it was Davina, Marcel or even his siblings who yelled at him as he shook Aria's body slowly to wake her up. Except his wife didn't respond and simply shook with the motions, limbs lifeless and unmoving. And when he shook her again and got no response and he lost the sound of her weak heartbeats, something came apart then and there. Something that felt like denial and desperation and even more regret and rage when Klaus asked Aria to open her eyes, to please, 'please open your eyes, please look at me, yell at me, look at me and scream at me I beg you, please. Please.'

But Aria didn't respond. She didn't open her beautiful emerald green eyes.

Klaus wondered if it was possible for your heart to shatter into a million pieces, if he would ever be able to move on from this kind of pain. If he would be able to live the rest of his life with the knowledge that this time, this time he was the one who was responsible for killing the woman he loved.

Up until he heard the sound of a heartbeat, which doesn't belong to Davina, beating rhythmically.

Hayley was staring at her phone, waiting for more news from Sophie. The witch had hung up on her after the pregnant werewolf insisted that she couldn't help her any further to find the bones of Elijah's dead ex. She sighed heavily, wishing not for the first time that Klaus wasn't such an over protective bastard, that he had to assign bodyguards to follow her around. She wished she could do something aside from just waiting for the others to return back. Just when she was pondering calling Elijah or Rebekah, she was hit by an unimaginable pain.

She groaned out as she quickly wrapped her hands around her abdomen protectively. The two bodyguards which Klaus had assigned to her quickly approached her at the sound of her pain. "Call Klaus now!" She yelled out at them amidst the pain.

"What?!" The sound of Klaus barking from the other side of the phone reached her ears as one of the guards handed her the phone.

"Get yourself back here, because the witches must have done something to me again!" Hayley grunted.

"What do you mean with the witches doing something to you?" Klaus growled.

"Because everything was fine but then I felt like I was being roasted from inside out now!" The olive skinned werewolf bit out.

"I―" But before Klaus could retort her back, she was greeted by the familiar voice of Elijah. "Hayley,"

"Elijah? Where's Klaus?"

"My brother is a bit preoccupied but rest assured that we will return back soon to the Abattoir. For the meantime, tell me is the pain still hurting you now?"

Hazel green eyes widened slightly as she feels the lack of pain when she was sure that her body felt like it was literally on fire earlier. "Hayley? Are you still there?" Elijah's voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Yes. I'm here. It's... it has disappeared. The pain, I meant. How is it possible?" Hayley answered dubiously.

"I see. Don't worry, we will return back soon. We will talk about it later," was the only thing Elijah said to her before he hung up the phone.

She was back in the train station again. This was her second time visiting this place after she returned back from England. The first time she came to this place, her life changed entirely. And when she was trapped within her mind and memories because of Mikael, she had no way to find reprieve in this place. She walked around the empty station silently, wondering if she would meet anyone.

"Mistress," The slight chill was all the warning she got before she heard the raspy voice of Death beside her ear.

"Death," Emerald green eyes turned to stare at the large skeletal figure in a billowing black cloak, surrounded by a misty fog.

"You're not supposed to be here. You should go back immediately," Death said calmly, though there was a hint of urgency within his monotone voice.

"What? Why?" Aria tilted her head to the side in confusion, feeling confused over Death's statement.

"Go back now before it's too late. You shouldn't be here, not when you carry another life within you." A skeletal finger touched her forehead before everything turned black once again.

It all happened so quickly.

One moment Klaus was kneeling there, making sure that he hadn't misheard the sound of a new heartbeats which didn't belong to Davina. The next second, he could hear the steady beat from Aria's body in his arms. Aria was gasping, her shoulder arching up from where she had been a lifeless marionette in Klaus' arms. Her emerald green eyes were wide open as she tried to breathe.

Klaus didn't think twice and immediately soothed his wife, something which he never did in front of others. "Easy there. Slowly. Take a deep breath slowly. Just follow the sound of my voice, love. In... two... three... four... and out, in... two... three... four... and out."

Once she had gotten her breathing under control again, Aria locked her eyes on the one who had been holding her only to be greeted by the sight of her husband.

"Hello, love. Finally decided to wake up, hm?"

"Niklaus," Aria whispered softly, emerald green eyes locked with blue-green eyes. For a moment, she felt like she could forget everything that had happened between them, that they could start over all over again but then the ringing sound of Klaus' phone snapped her out of her musings. Klaus glanced at the name flashing on his phone for some minutes.

"You should answer it." Aria said weakly.

Knowing he couldn't ignore it any longer, Klaus answered his phone as he growled out at the person on the other end. Aria closed her eyes as she heard Hayley's voice from the other end of the phone. Right, the hazel green eyed werewolf was probably still at the Abattoir now. For a moment there, she forgot about the pregnant werewolf who was waiting for Klaus to return back to the compound. Looking around, she finally noticed that everyone was staring at her with mixed expressions on their face. Shock, disbelief, relief and happiness. It was at the sight of Davina and Marcel huddled close to each other not too far from her that made her ache.

The two of them looked wrecked and she was the one who had caused them that fear. "Marcel," Aria called out, her hand reaching out for the son she had raised. Marcel wasted no time as he took Aria out of Klaus' arms, holding her close to him and Davina, even when Klaus was glaring at him for taking Aria away. Knowing his brother's divided attention, Elijah immediately took his phone out of his grasp as he replied to Hayley.

"Give her back," Klaus growled, his hands reaching back to his wife's body in Marcel's arms.

"Don't touch me," was all she said as she flinched away from his touch as if he had struck her.

For a few moment, blue-green eyes filled with sorrow as Klaus stared at his so-called wife, though he quickly turned his expression into a nonchalant one. "Good to see you are fine enough to refuse me, darling."

Aria averted her gaze away from him, as if she couldn't stand the sight of him any longer as she mumbled weakly at Marcel who was still holding her within his arms, "Please take me home. I want to go home..."

"I got you, Aria. It's okay, I will keep you and D safe." Marcel murmured softly as he tightened his hold on the woman who had been his mother figure. Without even acknowledging the others, he took both Aria and Davina out of the Garden.

Blue-green eyes stared unseeingly at the tomb in front of him. The tomb which held nothing but the empty coffin of the woman he loved, the woman he had pledged all of his eternity to, the woman who he would have given the world to and he couldn't even bury her properly. From when they were children, she was his friend first, then his partner, his lover and finally his wife. She had always been there for him. Through all the hardships, his moments of rage at the world, his bloodthirsty moments, she was always there. Even through everything he had made her go through, she had been a constant presence in his life. A warm presence which reminded him of safety and home, giving him that sense of belonging which he could only get from his own siblings.

And now he had lost her. Because of who he was, because of what he represents, he lost her. Of all the people he had lost, of all the heartbreaks and pain he had suffered, nothing could prepare him for this. Losing her was like losing his entire world. As if she was the only one who had been holding him all this time, a constant link to this world. Therefore, now that he had lost her, he was adrift in a world that kept refusing him at every turn. Klaus didn't remember moving, didn't remember when he had slid down onto the ground and touched the cold tombstone. Despite that lapse in memory, he was holding the tombstone in front of him as if it could ground him.

"I love you." He whispered, feeling tears spring unbidden to his eyes. He wanted to fall apart so badly, wanted to weep and rage at the world for what it had done to her. But she wasn't there anymore to hold him safely, she wouldn't be there to comfort him and pick up all his pieces. She wasn't there. And he had no one but himself to blame.

"If you were here now, you would probably laugh and tell me what a sap I am." Klaus' laugh was more of a sob than anything else as he turned his head toward the cold tombstone. "I love you, Aria. I don't know what to do with myself. What should I do? Darling... you... you are my world. I miss you. Fuck. I'm not... I'm not ready to lose you."

He pressed a kiss to the stone, "Everything good about me came from you. You are the only one. The only one."

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Next Chapter: Where Paths Meet

"Poor Marcellus," A voice drawled, startling them to turn toward the door. There, walking toward them as if it was an everyday occurrence, was a tall man in white suit. "You remain always in the shadow of your father. Climb out from beneath it, will you, so you can die like a man?"

"Aria, you need to get out of here now. Don't look back. Just go!" Marcel barked, his gaze locked on the man across them steadily.

"I think she should stay. I prefer an audience, and I'm about to put on quite the show. Besides," brown eyes filled with recognition and malicious interest turned to look at her now. "I would always love to meet with the famous Lady Mikaelson."