Three Bunnies, One Fox

Chapter 1

It was a quiet day at the Zootopia. The animals were heading to work, the children are playing, the birds are….. Where are the birds? Oh, right. There aren't any. Any ways, let us head down to the ZPD. Almost all of the officers are in their seats. Except for a Fox and a Bunny, who seem to be running a bit late.

As chief Bogo walked in the room, all the animals started their ritual of banging on the tables. "Alright, alright! QUIET! " The cape buffalo shouted at the officers. " Things have been quiet around here mostly, so nothing hard for today. McHorn, Francine, patrol in Savana Central. Fangmeyer, Wolford, Undercover work in Rain Forest District. Hopps, Wilde,-…" Chief Bogo stopped when he noticed his two prized officers weren't present.

He looked around there one more time. "Well, looks like they'll have parki-." Just then, the two missing officers burst through the door and rushed to their seat. They both smiled nervously at their chief, glaring at them. "You two better give me a good reason not to put you on parking duty for a week." Judy opened her mouth and meekly squeaked out, "W- well sir, i-I was busy doing stuff." Nick smirked. "I'm stuff." If Judy's face could say something, it would probably be too graphic for this story.

Chief Bogo groaned as the other officers laugh at the situation. "He's just trying to embarrass me, sir. That's not the real reason." "Then what is the real reason, officer Hopps?" Judy sighed. "My family was over yesterday. And I had to clean up the mess that was left behind." Bogo felt nothing but empathy for the little rabbit. "Oooo. I see. Well, if you're up to it, I have a robbery case down in Tundratown for you." The rabbit perked up and took the file from Bogo's hands. "Of course we are sir! Come on, Nick!" She ran out the door. Nick got up and followed.

Bogo called out to him. "Wilde, if you do something like that again, I swear I'll *beeeeeeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beep* with mustard until you *beeeep* *beep* and rip off your *beep* so you have to *beep* sideways." Nick just smirked at his superior. "Totally worth it."

Outside, Judy wait for her partner in her cruiser. So she can kill him. How could he just say that in front of everyone?! They aren't even dating yet! 'Did I just say yet? Yes, yes I did. Why would I say that? It's not like I'm in love with him. Nope not even a little bit.' Nick Entered the cruiser and sat in the passenger seat. "Hey there, fluff." He was greeted with tiny fists of fury. He laughed a little in amusement. "Easy there, carrots! I was only joking!" Judy was still mad. "How could you say that?! You embarrassed me in front of the whole team!" She was pouting and puffing her cheeks as she turned the car on and started to drive.

As they drove away from the station, Nick took the folder with their case in it. "Admit it, you found it funny." She had to admit, it was hilarious. Not that she would tell him. "Uh, Carrots, have you read this case report yet?" "Not yet. Why?" "It says the store that was robbed is a voodoo shop."

Judy froze for a minute as she took a glance at her partner. "A voodoo shop? Like, shrunken heads and such?" Nick leaned towards her and showed her the report. She saw and confirmed it was indeed a voodoo shop they were heading to. It was somewhere in an alley way.

As they drove into the snow of Tundratown, they continued to drive until they got to the street and started to look around. They spotted a red store with a broken window. A sign above says "All Seeing Iris' voodoo shop".There were some kids playing around in front. They saw them and waved to Judy and Nick. They got out the car and walked to the front door. Before they can knock, the heard someone call out, "Who is it?" The duo looked at each other. Judy replied, "ZPD, officers Hopps and Wilde." The door knob turned and opened. It doesn't seem like there is anyone behind the door. They entered and saw a female bat at the counter at the other side of the store. "Hello. It is nice to meet you." The two entered and heard the door closing behind them. There was still nobody there.

Our hero's looked at each other and walked towards the counter, as they looked at all the… oddities. Yep. It was definitely a voodoo shop. "Hello Miss…" Judy looks at the file one more time. "Iris. What a pretty name." The old bat smiled. "Why, thank ya, shugga'! So, you two here to investigate this robbery?" Nick reached the counter and replied. "Yes ma'am. Can you tell us what happened?" The old bat got out of her chair, and started walking up front. With a white cane in hand.

"Uh, miss. Are you…?" Nick tried asked, not really sure how to say it politely. She turned her head in his general direction. She might not be able to see him, but he can feel her eyes on him. "What? Blind? Of course I'm blind, stupid! I'm an old bat! Now come on, before I die of old age here." She tapped her white cane one the ground, navigating her way.

Nick and Judy followed her into a back room, as they avoided trying to knock anything over. Judy wondered where they were going. "Uh, Miss?" "Just call me Granny Iris, sweety." "Yeah, um. Granny Iris, shouldn't we be checking out the crime scene?" Granny Iris turned around, almost hitting Judy with her cane, but she ducked on time. Unfortunately for Nick, he got smack and stumbling backwards and falling, almost breaking some merchandise. "You better not break anythin', otherwise will have anothah crime scene!"

Nick nodded quickly. "Anyways, nothing upfront was stolen. Trust me, I checked." It didn't really help their enthusiasm. "They broke into the back and trashed the place. Stole my most valuable items, too." Judy perked up when she heard of the stolen item. "Well, Granny Iris, if you can give us a description of the item, we might be able to track it. Officer Wilde, take notes, please!" Nick took out a note pad, and the duo's signature carrot shaped pen/recorder. Judy waited with a smile the description and details so she can get into some action. "Well, it is a rare and legendary Dragon Penis." Judy regretted getting excited. "A fire breathing lizard schlong." Nick said as he scribbled on his note pad. She stepped on his foot and he yelped in pain.

Judy's ears drooped and she sighed, still with a smile on her face. "Um, Granny Iris." "Yes, shugga?" "Um, I know these things are important to us girls, but…" Granny Iris began to laugh hysterically. "Girl, I like! Ya got spunk!" She continued to laugh as Nick got back on his feet, leaning his head on top of Judy's. "Nah, sweety. That ain't a toy! It is an actual artifact!" Judy stared blankly at her for a moment.

"So, this is the actual dick of a fire breathing dragon we are talking about?" Asked the fox, as he watches the elder gets her composure back. She hits him on the head and said, "Didn't yo mama tell ya tah listen when ya elders are talking?" Nick rubbed the top of his head. "But yeah. It's the real deal. It about two feet long. Has a dull shade o' gold, but shines brightly like fire in the light." Nick scribbled on the note pad once more. "Could you describe the shape?" He asked. "It's a dick, what do you think it looks like?"

Judy still could not fathom the fact she has to report this. She has to tell every other officers that she went searching for a dragon penis. And if she didn't, Nick probably would. "Well, Granny Iris. Do you mind if we look around for clues?" She asked. The old bat nodded in response. "Great. I'll look around back here. Nick, you take Granny Iris back to the counter, and see what you can find there, okay?" Nick nodded and escorted Granny Iris out. "As long as you don't smack me again." "Hmph. Don't make me want to."

Judy smiled and shook her head. 'Old people just don't seem to like him.' She looked around to see where to start. She figured the dragon shrine was the best place to start. She made her way over the rubble, heading to the shrine. Once she got there, she saw there was a picture of a golden dragon, surrounded by talismans. The center peace was a wooden box, roughly 2 feet long. It seemed broken. Judy opened it and saw the cut out in it. This thing was almost as big as her! She backed away slowly and slipped. She bumped her head against a shelf and a small box fell off.

She heard it clank and open as it hit the ground. She rubbed her head and picked up the box. She looked at it and noticed it's empty. In the corner of her eye, she spots a small wooden talisman, just big enough to fit in the box. She reached out and pick it up, but as soon as her hand touched it, she was surrounded by a cloud of smoke.

Nick was looking around in the broken glass, when a small boom from the back room got his attention. He looked back and felt his heart sink as he saw the smoke. The one thing that went through his mind; Judy. He ran into the back room, not noticing the Granny Iris getting out of her seat and heading in there herself.

He looked around in the smoke and called out her name. "Judy! Judy, where are you?!" He was beginning to panic. The smoke stared to clear up as he coughed a little. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots a small blue and grey body, lying on the ground unmoving. He quickly Jumped towards her and held her in his arms. She was breathing, thank god.

He shook her a bit. "Judy." No response. He tried again, only to be greeted by a light groan. He shook her lightly once more, hope in his eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and blinked slightly. Her vision was blurry, but as soon as it focused, she saw her fox looking down at her. "N- Nick?" She said, her voice sounding weak.

Nick smiled and laughed with relief. "Yes, Judy. It's Ni-." Nick was cut off guard, by a small grey rabbit pressing her lips against his. Even worse, he could swear he feels her tongue in his mouth. She pulled away, her tongue coming out. She looks into his shocked eye with lustful ones. "Hello foxy~" She sang in a voice that only knew one song. Lust. Nick pulled his bearings back together, trying to comprehend what's going on. He looked down at Judy. "J-Judy? W-w-w-what's gotten into y-y-you?"

Judy cocked her head to the side and looked at him with a playful pout. "What's wrong? Not good enough? How about this~?" Judy pull his arms back and placed his hand on her ass. Wait. Nick squeezed a bit. 'This is definitely not Judy.'

Something soft landed on Nicks head. He looked up to see… Judy?! And with tits?! "Hey there, Nicky. Looks like you've been having some fun without me~." She said in a flirting manner. Both bunnies had their arms wrapped arounds his neck. One from behind and one from in front. "Wait, whats going on?!" He shouted, scared and confused and strangely turned on.

"That's what I would like to know." He heard a THIRD voice say to him. He looked to his left and saw one more Judy. This one looks like the real Judy too! No big boobs, no big ass, why is she angry? She stomped her way towards Him, with eyes aflame. "WHY DO THEY GET ALL THE ATTENTION, NICK?!" Wait, what? "WHY DON"T YOU SHOW ME ANY LOVE?!" She leaped onto him knocking the other bunnies of.

She started to pound her paw on his chest. It didn't hurt, and was kind of cute. 'Okay. It's Judy. But angrier.' He thought to himself. He needs to calm her for. "Aaw, look. Pancake is getting jealous!" Said the big breasted rabbit with amusement. The bunny on Nicks chest quickly got up and looked at the other angrily. "What did you say, you bimbo-zilla?!" She asked. "Woah, easy there! She might need some syrup to cool herself down!" She giggled.

The 3 bunnies began to bicker. Nick, had no idea what to do. What was going on? Why are there 3 Judy's? And why were they all so different from the original. Granny Iris walked in, hearing the 3 arguing voices. "What's goin' in here?" She asked. Nick ran up to her and started to panic and say… something. She couldn't quite hear it. Something about boobs, ass, pancakes, and 3 rabbits. Wait, 3 rabbits? She thought there was only one. She thought for a moment and realized what has happened.

"That is enough!" She shouted, with an echo. The 3 bunnies stopped and look at the elderly bat. She walked in their direction, as they quivered a bit. She walk past them and pointed her cane to a small wooden talisman. "Did ya touch this here, bunny girl?" The three Judys nodded their heads, not sure if she can tell. "MMhmm. This is a multiplying talisman. It splits the first person to touch it into 3 different personalities of themselves." She picked it up with her cane and placed it on the table.

Nick was slowly starting to understand what was going on, but he didn't like it. "Granny Iris, There's gotta be a way to reverse this! Being with 1 angry bunny was hard, 3 will kill me!" The 3 bunnies glared at him for a moment, before turning their attention back to the bat. Granny Iris used her cane to locate the answer. When she found it, she pulled out an old scroll. "This here is the manual for it. It is very old and the only copy I got." She opened it and it immediately disintegrated. "Well, that's that, I guess."

Nick felt his heart sink. His only way out of this, was destroyed. Granny Iris looked at them and said. "Well, go on, get! I can smell the hornyness ! The musk is bringing bad juju!" She pushed the 4 out the door. Nick looked back and saw her float backwards, as the door closed on its own. He looked at the 3 bunnies. All were looking at him with different looks in their eyes. Nick, was in for a loooong ride.