Nick slowly woke up from his slumber at the annoying sound of his alarm clock. As he shifted to turn off the alarm, he felt a large throbbing pain in his head. Both of them. He yawned and got up slowly. He was drowsy, and rubbed his temples. Why did his head hurt so much?... "MY BUNNIES!" He shouted, remembering last night's unfolding.

He looked around, seeing they are no longer with him. He got up, thinking were they might have gone as he panicked. And then, smoke. The smell of smoke hit him. "M-maybe it wasn't them! Maybe i-it's Zootpia was just bunt to the ground! Yes, that must be it!" He said, hoping it might be true. He rushed to the window and opened the curtain. The light hits his eyes and he sees his worst nightmare. Zootpoia is well and alive. Damn.

Quickly he runs out the door and down his staircase, hoping his bunnies haven't hurt each other. Or his apartment. As he reached the living room, he spotted on of his friends out of the corner of his eye. "What's going o-." He was quickly cut off by the sight of a full moon… Shaped like a heart… It soon disappeared when DAT turned around. "Nick! Finally recovered from last night~?" Nick didn't hear a word, he was too distracted by the bunny wearing nothing but an apron.

As he slowly came back to his senses, he saw Busty and Pancake standing behind DAT. They were still wearing their cloths. "Good morning Nick!" They all said in unison smiling. Before he knew what was going on, they pulled him of the ground and sat him to a chair. As he looks around and sees his kitchen is a mess. Smoke was drifting out the window, eggs lying around broken, spice bottles spilled over. "J-just what is going on here?" He asked in confusion.

Much to his surprise, each of the three bunnies pulled out a plate of food each, and brought them to his face. They each had a different type of food(?) on them. "We thought we would make you breakfast, since you are letting us stay at your home." Pancake said as she blushed a little. Nick looked in their eyes and he just couldn't help be just smile. They just seem happy. "Thank you." He said.

Pancake brought her plate in front of him. It was eggs and bug sausages. It didn't look half bad! She looked on with enthusiasm as he picked up a fork and took his first bite. He chewed down on it, tasting it's somewhat tasteless flavor. He could still tell it was eggs, but just a little. He chewed it some more. And again. And again. And again. By this point he realized it wasn't breaking down. He wondered what was going on, and then a thought came to him. He blew out of his mouth and the food came out like a bubble until it popped. Pancake had somehow turned eggs… into bubble gum. "Um… I-interesting texture?" Pancake moved to the side, her ears drooping in defeat.

Next came DAT, whom was still half naked. She placed a plate of- OH DEAR GOD. Nick looked at the unknown food stuff in front of him. He wanted to ask what it is, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings. Luckily, he didn't have to. "I hope you don't mind having carrots and fish for breakfast!" So that's what this spawn of Satan is.

Once again, he brings a fork down to his food and cuts a small piece with a knife. He shakes as he brings it up to his mouth. He bit on to it and the flavor hit his tongue, his eyes shot wide open. "It's not that bad!" He took another bite. "The texture is nice and soft." He said taking the juicy, but somewhat tangy flavor. DAT giggled and said to him, "Thanks, I'm good at pounding meat!" Nick stopped for a moment and looked at her, and took his semi-last bite. "Just one question, what is this tangy flavor? I hardly have any spicing in the cabinet." He asked. She leaned in closer to him, her seductive smile in her face. What she whispered in his ear made them drop and he stopped with a look of dismay on his face. "Me~." She said. He put down fork with his last bite and just stared blankly at the table.

Last, but not least we have Busty! She placed a bowl of what looks like black, burned porridge in front of him. "O- oh, oat meal?" He asked, with an all too obvious fake smile in his face. "Actually, it's French toast!" She said with the most cheerful voice he has ever heard. He made a groaning sound as he looked back to his meal. He picked up a spoon and slowly, visibly shaking, brought it to his mouth. As soon as he did, He started coughing like a chimney. He could taste it was French toast, but it was so full of ash he could hardly breath. "He-het smaakt goed! He-heel goed! Wa- Wat is dit?! WAAROM SPREEK IK IN NEDERLANDS?! IK KAN NIET SPREKEN IN NEDERLANDS!" The food was so bad that Nick started speaking in Dutch uncontrollably.

By the time they had got Nick to stop speaking in a language he doesn't even know, they had returned to the station. As they had walked through the door, all eyes were on them. The few officers that had seen them the day prior had said Nick came back with extra sexy bunnies, but nobody really believed them. Nick mostly ignored them, he was preoccupied trying to ignore Busty's bouncing. He was also far too tiered for what happened earlier that morning. They had to smack him with a dictionary to get him to speak English again.

As they walked towards the front desk, they saw Clawhauser working on… some sort of contraption. He had his back turned to them, so he did not see them. As they got closer they saw a large bucket on top, filled with doughnuts. They gave each other confused looks and kept on walk towards him. "Hey.. Ben. He asked, making the large cheetah's ears perk up. "Nick, Judy! That you guys?" He asked, still not looking at them. "Uh, yeah. It's us. Say, uh… Whatchu got there?" Nick said. "Oh this? Just watch!" "He pulled up his seat and sat in. He leaned back and pulled a rope, around 3 dozen doughnuts fell into his mouth. He turned to them, with a big smile on his face, just filled to the brim with the tasty treats. "Thaadaah!" He said with muffled excitement. He looked closer to his friends, he smile turned into a face of shock, as his doughnuts fell on the table.

The three Bunnies standing behind Nick smiled sheepishly at their friend. "Hey Ben!" They said at the same time. He just stared at them. Nick snapped his fingers in front of his face. "Benny? Yoohoo!" He didn't seem to respond. Nick made one finale attempt to bring him back to earth and reached for his limited addition, ultra-rare, diamond encrusted Gazelle mug knockoff. Before his hand even touched it, Clawhauser grab him. "Nick, before you do something you'll regret, can you tell me why there are three different sexy version of Judy behind you?" He asked, letting go of Nick.

Nick rubbed his wrist where the cheetah had grabbed him. Who know he had such a good grip? He looked back to his friend and answered his question. "Well. Long story short, she touched a voodoo amulet when we were investigating a robbery and this was the effect." Ben looks back at his friends doppelgangers, and gave them a bit of a smile. "Well, nice to meet you!" He said with glee. "Likewise, Ben!" They said simultaneously.

Pancake looked at the clock and saw they only had two minutes before they're late. She grabbed Nick by the arm tugged a bit. "Nick, we need to go!" Busty Jumped onto Nick's back. "ONWARDS!" She said excitedly. DAT grabbed onto Nick's other arm and started tug him along with Pancake. "Come on, Nick! I can make the seat even more comfortable~!" Nick looked back at Clawhauser and mouthed out 'HELP MEEE!' As he looked at Nick getting pulled away, he said to himself, "That fox is gonna get eaten alive."